Vampire Wings Side Story: All I Need is You

Wildcat slide between the writhing dancing bodies feeling the touch of warm skin and heady perfume of beating blood surround him. His instincts screamed at him to sink fangs into all the luscious flesh around him but he keep a tight reign on them as his mind skated over the surface thoughts of those around him. Searching he looked for someone that wanted, needed him if only for a few moments that he in turn needed them. Unlike his Master who sought out the danger of disruptable, dark, and the downright evil of society to punish and twist with pain and memories Wildcat sought something far different. He wanted purity, sweetness, and most of all desire. Instead of rending a victim’s body with fangs, and pain, and memory with nightmares he provided a very different experience.

His mind slowly slithered around the wild inebriated minds to come to an halt at an unexpected find, even as he felt a hand grope his jean covered ass catching his attention briefly. He turn to a massive mountain of a man more suited to his Master’s taste than his. He turned away tossing his long scarlett hair over his thin shoulder in distaste trying to find the body connected to his future victim. A large tan arm curled around him pulling him to the chest of his now unwanted admirer.

“Come on sexy, lets dance and I’ll show best ride in you life after,” rumbled a lame come on in his ear as he felt hips thrust against his lower back..

Wildcat snorted even as he yielded to the embrace. He felt the arm loosen as he turned looking up at his captor with a lazy smile.

“A ride, hmm,” he murmured to low to be heard over the blasting music as his hand snaked up, sharp nails tracing pulsing beating blood vein of man’s neck.

The man leered down at him even as a massive paw cupped his small ass, yet again. Wildcat suddenly grasped the man’s neck pulling him down with strength that surprised the muscled giant as he let go of this target with a grunt.

“How about you ride me?” Wildcat asked in a lazily tone that belied the sharp pinprick of red that flashed over his cold sapphire eyes.

The man pulled away as Wildcat let go washing the man’s mind with a hazy fog and compulsion to go home. As annoyed and tempted as he was to leave nightmares of rape in the man’s mind he withdrew more intent on his own victim. Turning he left his would be rapist behind and once again began to slide through the mass of dancing bodies.

He picked of the thread of thought of a young man who wanted to be home and yet desperately wanted to be right where he was. Drawn to the despair and need Wildcat found what he was looking for in the slightly overweight young man with most lustrous chestnut hair Wildcat had ever seen. He held his hand out and took the slightly clammy hand pulling the man up into arms. He wrapped an arm around the wide waist as he guided his dazed blushing victim out into the dance floor.

He could tell by the hesitant moves and chocolate colored eyes that darted nervously that the man was very uncomfortable. He grasped the soft warm flesh near him as he brought their bodies together feeling the heat of the man’s body seep into his own cool skin. Wildcat let his mind float as he slowly surrounded his victim with praise and soft words of the man’s beauty despite the few extra pounds. He could feel the victim in his arms relax, his movements became more free and smooth. Wildcat could feel the man’s hard length against his own body as they danced lost to the others around them.

Wildcat yielded to his victim with a sensuous grace as his hand caressed expose skin finding those places that sparked desire. It wasn’t long before he found himself being lead back to the darkened booth which was first a hiding place of loneliness for the young man and now was retreat of desire. A set of plump lips press hesitantly to his at first, then with more confidence. Wildcat let his had trace the path down the man’s soft body to the button of his pants. Nimble fingers quickly undid the button so his hand could slide into the dark black trousers finding the already leaking member.

Letting the kiss flow between them for a while he gradually pulled away to travel down the round jaw to the fleshy pale neck nuzzling as his fangs descended into soft very tender skin. He heard a small gasp as the cock in his hand gave a jump. Sinking both fangs and mind into his victim he let the blood flow rich and coppery into his mouth as deep complex feelings of want, desire and need flowed into his now gasping victim.

In that moment everything fell away and the only thing left in Wildcat’s world was the young man that gasped and twitched in his hand as life giving blood pulsed into him. His mind saturated his victim’s with the feelings of being the center of his partner’s world. Wildcat offered freely in the brief span as he drank the heady experience of owning and belonging that the lonely man had so wanted but never received by another. A taste of what a future could hold for him if he put himself out there instead hiding in the dark.

Wildcat felt the the cock pulse in his hand shooting again and again up on expose white stomach even as he regretfully pulled his white fangs back as licked and kissed the small puncture wounds closed before sliding down to lick the cooling spend from the still trembling stomach. He rose to gently kiss his rather dazed victim softly blurring the memories of his first orgasms with another man yet leaving him with memories of being needed and desired for himself. He wrapped the newly found confidence around the young man even as Wildcat disengaged himself. He threw his mind out yet again finding what his sought easily enough. Within a matter a seconds a very willow blond man slide into the space Wildcat had just occupied.

He looked down at the now cuddling couple and sighed softly wishing that his own problem could be solved so easily.

Wildcat slipped into the castle silently as he divested himself of shoes and shirt feeling more comfortable without the clothing as he wondered through the only home had known. He knew his Master would know that he had gone out without him but he had need the time away not only to feed but think. He needed to be away from the deep depression and pain that surrounded his Master. Above all else he didn’t want his Master to know how skilled he had become at using his powers.

It had only been two month since he had awoken to find his fangs sunk in his Master’s wrist trying desperately to pull all the blood from the man’s body. He had only been able to pull away when the vision of his Master crying tears of blood with dark black wings outstretched as if to take flight struck some deep part of him that cried out to stop. He still did not know where that voice had come from but now he was bound by the blood in his body to the man who had created and mourned him at the same time.

He had no memories of the man he was before he was turned, the man that his Master had desperately loved. He wished he could be that man and he wished the phantom of that man had never existed at the same time. He hated to see his Master look at him so forlornly, searching for even a spark of the man Wildcat use to be, and would never be again. Yet he liked himself the way he was now he couldn’t imagine liking to fight, and be reckless to the point of insanity. He would never have a deep firey passion of his namesake. The fact that his old self had forced his Master to turn him by recklessly speeding with a motorcycle appalled him now. Yet the orignal Wildcat thought nothing of it at or at least he wouldn’t have if he had survived.

He idly brushed his fingertip against a cold window over looking a now dead winter garden sightlessly lost in thoughts as he wander down the darkened halls. He knew soon his Master would ask that he take the man’s life and drain all the blood from his body. Each day as Wildcat grew stronger in his powers his Master’s interest in life waned. As each day he proved that the man of his Master’s heart would never return, the spark of life died a little more. Yet Wildcat wanted his Master to live even if he was bound by him. It wasn’t love but a deep need inside of himself that called out to Aziral, his Master. Perhaps was the last call of the original Wildcat that had been lost in the transformation from human to vampire.

He turned from the window and silently walked into his Master’s chamber to see him seated in an antique chair by a full length mirror reflecting his dark beauty. Wildcat climbed up into his Master’s large lap feeling the cold hard muscles against his now blood warmed body as he curled his finger in the long black ebony hair fall over his Master’s shoulders.
“You are so strong now. Wildcat promise me something?” came the deep whisper of his Master’s voice.

“What Master?’

“Never fall in love, guard your heart carefully,” came the broken reply as he felt a tremor run through the arms around him.

Wildcat shook his head slightly bringing a finger up to the full lips to stop the painful words.
“You loved me once, didn’t you?” Wildcat asked with a spike of jealous yet tempered with a compassion that came from deep within him.

“Yes,” his Maser said simply.

“I promise Master,” Wildcat replied softly, know with a certainty it was a promise meant to be broken if only to heal both of them.

“I want you to drink from me, Wildcat, until I no longer exist,” Aziral commanded his black eyes closing as if he couldn’t bear to look at him any longer.

“I don’t want to,” Wildcat answered with defiance as pain pricked him at the rejection of who has had become. That death was preferable than he was.

“Don’t you want to be free?”

“No,” Wildcat shook his head in denial at the thought.

“The Wildcat I loved would wish it and I wish it. You know how to survive in this world now as a vampire, I want you to set both of us free,” Aziral explained as his arms tightening around him.

“So you can fly? But then why do you cry?”

“What are you talking about?” his Master asked confused.

“You want your black wings, but you cry when you get them. I remember this from before, it is the only thing I remember,” Wildcat said feeling the memories that didn’t belong to him crowd his thoughts.

“You mean from your previous life, but that isn’t possible,” Aziral said stunned.

“I remember you with black wings crying tears of blood. It is confusing because I remember it with all these emotions that aren’t my own,” Wildcat said with a shrug uneasiness filling him.

Wildcat could feel his Master stiffen, his arms now like painful band encircling him as he squirmed. He could feel his Master going through his mind, that he opened completely to him. He saw flashes of Aziral on his knees in front of Wildcat sucking him to the root as a warm spray of water cascaded down on them. He saw his own hand threaded in wet dark hair pulling the vampire up even as fangs sunk deep into a invitingly exposed neck and finally on the tail of a blinding orgasm a vison of his Master with wings. The love, shock, and confusion of those feelings churning in Wildcat.
“Drink Wildcat,” his Master commanded in a chocked voice as his mind and blood bond force Wildcat to obey his Master’s wish.

Wildcat felt his fangs dig into the hard planes of his Master’s neck and he did want came naturally, he submitted. He bent to the will to his Master’s bidding instead of breaking and with it felt the place for escape.

“Aziral, I can’t give you your wings yet,” Wildcat murmured in Aziral’s mind as he feel the power ebb away with the flow of blood into him. He couldn’t let this man die not without him as well. They were connected together not just by blood but by a man that had died but still some how lived with inside him, his name sake the true Wildcat.

“Come and forget with me until we are both ready to fly together. Be my master and my slave for the sake of the man who loved you and who left within me the strength and passion to keep you alive,” Wildcat commanded as he felt his power grow stronger and stronger and his Master’s blood became his own.

He could feel Aziral slipping away, his mind fading as he pulled his fangs from the offered neck feeling a pain sharper even that when he was born surge through him at the denial of the primal need to kill, to devour the soul of the vampire in front of him. He could feel the bond snap between leaving a hole deeper than he thought possible. He had lost his Master, and gained his freedom to chose his own way.

“Forget with me because the only thing I need Master is you,” Wildcat whispered as hot blood tears slide down his face. He offered up his wrist to the dying vampire making the same choice his own master had made as he swept five hundred years of memories including those of him from the vampire’s mind.


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  1. Hello there Amber. Thank you for posting this short story. Wow, the descriptions in this are phenomenal. I have read a lot of vampire fiction of an erotic nature but this is by far one of my favorite. I hope you continue to work on this and maybe expand on it into a book. This is great and keep up the good work :) .

Thank you for your comment ^_^