Toya’s Job and Riva’s Displeasure

Riva moodily started out of the window at the pouring rain. Shin had retreated to the kitchen to avoid the pet’s bad temper. Although the two had come to an understanding and even had become somewhat friends Shin had given up on trying to bring Riva out of his bad mood figuring the only person that could brighten the pet was his Master.

It had been two months since Riva had settled into his new home. The first week had been an emotional storm as Riva and Toya had established their relationship. They had finally started to sort things out and come to an understanding then Toya had gone back to work on the security system. Toya left early in the morning and didn’t come home until very late at night. Riva always waited up for the tired Blondie even though it took only moments for him to take off his clothes and fall asleep in Riva’s arms. The only time he was able to spend with the Blondie was on the one day off a week that he took. Toya spent much of those days catching up on lost sleep leaving Riva to gaze longingly at his sleeping form. If he didn’t know how hard Toya was working he would have ravaged the poor Blondie but one look at the dark circles under his eyes and the furrows on his forehead always stopped the pet. The work on the security grid had been done for over a month but Toya had agreed to help Iason on one other project before going back to his old job. Toya had said it would only take a month and Riva had been content at the time to wait for his Master and try to be supportive. Unfortunately that month had turned into six weeks and Riva was at the end of his patience.

Riva had learned from Shin that Toya had always been this way, burying himself in his work and did not spend time on himself. Riva was determined to change that, for himself but also for his workaholic Master as well. It was past time that Toya spent time enjoying himself and opened up a little. Tomorrow was Toya’s day off and Riva had decided it was time to make his displeasure at the situation know. He started out into the rain smiling slightly at what he was going to do to his very naughty Master.

Toya yawned, stretching his arms an smile on his face. He heard the door open and turned to see Iason walking toward him.

“You are finished.” Iason said looking over Toya’s shoulder at the monitor.

“Yes, finally it took me longer than I thought,”

“It was still faster than I thought anyone else could do it. You are a genius when it comes to this sort of thing. I have talked it over with Jupiter and we both are in agreement that if you want to stay on in a permeant position we would be glad to have you.”

Toya’s eyes widened in surprise at that. He was unsure of how to reply, he knew that Riva was waiting for him to finish up this job and would be none too happy if he said he was going to continue. He like the work and found it challenging,. He also had come to enjoy working with his fellow coworkers.

“I am not sure. I love the work, but I haven’t had much time at home.” Toya said thinking of a way to explain why he was refusing the job.

“Your pet probably isn’t happy right?” Iason said with a soft chuckle reflecting on his own situation. Iason noticed with a smile the color rising in Toya as he shifted uncomfortably in the chair. Iason had never said anything about the incident at his penthouse until now, and Toya had almost believed Iason had not understood what was between Riva and him.

“These projects were emergency fixes so you were required to put in long hours. These things are very rare most of the time you probably wouldn’t be working more than about two to three hours a day. That should meet with his approval, I hope. Still, you don’t have to answer today. Take a week and think it over, you need some time off anyway. You work too hard sometimes even for a Blondie.”

“Iason about that night…”

Iason held up his hand stopping the blushing and stammering Blondie

“Don’t worry about it you heard some things from my own pet that you shouldn’t have. I believe Jupiter’s views on this are unreasonable and unattainable. What we do with our own pets in the privacy of our homes should be no ones’ affair but our own, not even Jupiter’s. Our pets were wrong in their actions but I believe we have both rectified the matter, although it seems the punishment seems to have little effect on my own naughty pet.”

“Thank you Iason.”

Iason laughed looking down at the earnest Blondie.

“I think that is the first time you have called me by my name.” Iason shook his head stopping Toya from apologizing

” It is ok, call me Iason. I better get going you have one more visitor before you can leave. You can come in now Oki.” Iason said without turning around

“You caught me. I was just waiting for you two to finish up. You were always good at knowing where people were and sneaking up on people too. ” Oki grinned, walking into the room.

“Yes, well think over what I said Toya. I hope you will agree.” Iason said before leaving the room.

“What was that about?” Oki said putting an arm around Toya.

“He asked me to stay on permanently.”

“That’s great what is there to think about? Now I will be able to see you every day. Omaki has been asking about you too.”

“Riva will not be happy. I promised him that this job would end more than two weeks ago.”

“Well it is now. I know you will not have to work this hard now. Riva will come around after all he has waited for you these last two months. Just spend a lot of time with him this week and talk to him about how important this job is to you. You know it feels a little strange telling you how to woo your own pet, most Masters don’t have this problem.”

“I know, but I did promise him. Still maybe you are right. I think I will take him to the villa this week that way there will be no distractions. I am surprised at how supportive he has been.”

“Hey what about me?” Oki said with wide eyes

“I wouldn’t call bugging me every day to go out with you, helpful Oki, although in your own rather amusing way you helped relieve some of my stress. So thank you.”

“Glad to be of service, but I still haven’t gotten my date.”

“And you won’t. Riva will be angry enough as it is without adding a date with you.”Toya said exasperated.

“Ah, so I have to bribe the pet first. I must start thinking of what he would be interested in, maybe Omaki can help. By the way in all seriousness he does want to get together with us and go out after you have finished with work. You’re obviously booked for this week, but think about it. It is great with Riva, but you will attract less attention if you would stop being so antisocial.”

“Thanks I would like to go out with you two. I talk to you about it when I get back from the villa.”

“Great. You know all kidding aside I think Riva is a great thing for you. I can already see small changes in you for the better since he came into your life. This is one of them I really approve of.” Oki said and he ran his fingers through Toya’s soft upbraided hair.

“I think so too, ”

“Well see you in a week and have fun. I hope you will be able to walk right when you come back.” Oki said with a grin as he left with a wave.

Toya shook his head at his friend as he left for home and his waiting pet.


It was very late when Toya arrived home. He went straight to his room expecting to find Riva there but was surprise to see his room empty and dark. Every night before Riva had always been waiting for him in his bed to welcome the Blondie home and Toya’s stomach fluttered at the thought of why his pet had stayed away.

Slipping out of his clothes he put on his favorite blue silk robe and headed for Riva’s room. He quietly let himself in to see his half naked pet doing pushups in the middle of the floor. His golden muscles flexed and sweat dripped off his tight muscles as worked out oblivious to his quiet Master. Toya felt his tiredness fade and his lust rise as he watched the powerful pet work his muscles. He smiled softly remembering he had the same reaction to Riva the first night they had meet, but unlike that night Toya was determined to enjoy every tight line and curve of his pet this night before falling asleep.

Riva finally finished his workout and noticed his Master leaning against the wall by the door. Unlike the other countless nights he had come home Riva noticed his silver blue eyes gazing at him intently and the very obvious lust protruding from the thin silk robe his Master wore. Riva tried hard to remember he was angry at his Master even though he wanted nothing more than to throw the obviously arouse Blondie down and ravish him, he first was in need of a little discipline. Forgoing his elaborate plans of punishing the Blondie Riva opted to use the old-fashioned spanking, wanting to be able to feel the closeness of the beautiful man as he squirmed on his lap.

Without a word Riva slowed advanced on the lust filled Blondie. He stopped in front of Toya looking into his eyes. Both Master and pet stared at each other for few moments. Toya finally reached up to pull Riva down to his lips, but Riva easily captured his arms.

“You’re late again.” Riva whispered in Toya’s ear before dragging him over to the chair and stripping him. Before Toya had time to react, Riva had him over his knee and had already place the first blow firmly on the up turn ass.

” You said you would be finished weeks ago, but still leaving early and come back late. What am I supposed to do? I have had enough waiting for you. You are going to stop this right now and I mean right now. Every single day you do this I am going to punish you more and more until you finally stop. ” Riva growled put his muscles to good work as his hand came down hard and fast on the squirming Blondie.

Toya let out a whimpering plea for his pet to stop. He was unsurprised by Riva’s anger at his job nor the course that his anger had taken. Although the pain of Riva hand was, terrible Toya couldn’t help but enjoy strong scent of his pet and the deep voice that scolded him. Deep inside himself he once again felt content rise up and intertwine with the pain and lust and his pet continued his assault on him.

Gradually Riva wound down the punishment resting his hand on Toya’s now flaming ass feeling the heat on the recently punished backside. Toya laid limp over his leg almost totally relaxed now that Riva’s hand had stopped it’s decent on him. Riva hands caressed the burning flesh and gradually inserted a finger into the nicely exposed ass before him. Toya moaned softly enjoying his pet’s explorations.

“Are you going to stop working?” Riva asked withdrawing the invading digit.

“We are going to the villa tomorrow and spend the week there.” Toya said quietly sitting up and straddling his pet. Leaning down he kissed Riva hoping to distract the pet from asking any more questions. He desperately wanted to be ridden by Riva and didn’t want to get into an argument over his job yet.

Riva was pleasantry surprised by Toya’s answer and his aggressiveness . He had heard about Toya’s villa, but had yet to see it. Opening his mouth he invited his Master’s exploring tongue deeper into his mouth, as he kneed the shapely red ass sitting on him.

Toya moaned in protest at the rough treatment of his punished area. Riva pulled away from his mouth and began to nibble on his ear his hands entangling in Toya’s long hair. Standing up as Toya clung to him his arms and legs wrapped firmly around his pet as Riva went over to the bed.

Riva could barely contain his lust as he gazed down at the beautiful Blondie who laid on the bed with his leg spread wide and his erection stiff and leaking. Riva cover his Master and penetrated deep inside of him unable to wait any longer.

“I am sorry but I am going to be rough on you. It has been so long since I have been able to take you,”

“Yes, that is what I want, love,” breathed Toya bucking up against the invading organ thrusting into him feeling the desire for Riva spiraling out of control in the Blondie. His mind not able to understand how he could have deprived both of them from this pleasure for all these months.

Riva continued to pounded into the Blondie amazed all over again at the erotic squeezing of his Master’s tight passage. He slowly began to fondle Toya’s hard twitching member, it only took a few hard strokes to bring the highly arouse man to climax as he bucked on Riva’s thrust organ. Toya’s already tight muscles began to squeeze Riva harder and faster bring the pet to his peak as he thrust deep inside his Master.

Riva collapsed on the Blondie breathing hard as Toya lightly kissed his neck and face. He eventually withdrew from his Master’s tight embrace and laid down next to him. Toya quickly nestled up against Riva, resting his head on his chest, and idle fingering the pet’s nipple.

“You are finished then,” Riva asked sleepily.

“The project is done and Iason is happy,” Toya replied evasively.

“Good. I am looking forward to seeing your villa. You have told me about it but I really would like to see it. I am glad we will be going and that will get you away from Oki. Is he still bugging you?”

Toya laid quietly trying to find an answer for his pet not wanting to upset him

“Oki is just a friend Riva. Nobody could ever take your place with me you have nothing to worry about. After all I wear your pet ring don’t I?”

“Yes, still he seems to be very persistent and you are extremely adorable most of the time. He is a Blondie as well.” Riva said quietly.


“Let’s not talk about it anymore, at least right now. This is the first time I have had you in bed and awake for months.”

Before Toya could reply he found the pet sliding down his body electing shivers from the Blondie as pet and Master renewed their bond of love and lust that had begun to slip away.

“Oh is that it?” asked Riva excitedly from the front seat of Toya’s hovercar.

Toya looked over smiling at his pet’s obvious pleasure. They had been driving for sometime since Toya’s villa sat on a rather insulated part of the lake away from most other habitation. That is one of the reasons Toya had paid a huge sum of money for it even though it was rather small compared too other villas’ situated on the Lake Erphanes. Still it was a beautiful four story structure complete with a six spacious bedrooms, a large bath hall and kitchen, an indoor pool, a large living area, and a huge library that spanned all four floors of the villa on the east side of the home. Well-kept gardens surrounded the villa that Toya paid well to make sure they were perfect condition year around including plants that thrived in the winter months in the garden so it was never completely barren.

As they pulled up to the villa Riva bounced out of the car before Toya could even turn off the engine. Shin exited from the back at a slower pace going to retrieve to bags. Riva went around and open the door pulling Toya out of the car and wrapping his arms around the Blondie suggestively pressing his body against his Master happy to finally have time to spend with the man.

Toya smiled up at the pet glad that at least for now he was happy for his ass still burned from the night before. He was also glad that he had sent the servants who usually attended the villa off for the week. He had planned to spend the entire week with Riva and had quickly decided it was worth the inconvenience of having no servants except Shin to ensure their privacy. He had want to try to make up a little for the many weeks that he had spent away from the pet, who had been for the most part been supportive. He was determined to let Riva have his way this week.

“What do you want to do first? A tour of the house?” Toya asked teasingly.

“How about a tour of the bedroom?” Riva asked archly kissing his Master’s lovely mouth.

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