The Sun and Shadow: Two Hawks Meet

Captain Sunhawk snorted in disgust at all the paperwork piled up on his makeshift desk. The golden haired captain restrained his impulse to just take all of the papers and throw them up in the air. Instead, he got up and walked to the window to look out into the brightly burning city that his mercenary band had taken. Although the city had fallen easily, a streak of bad luck had followed the band, from bad provisions, weather, and of course inhospitable terrain, making the Captain wish nothing more than a beautiful woman and good night’s sleep, in that order. A knock on the door distracted the Captain from his thoughts.

“Enter.” Sunhawk said as he turned away from the window, his golden eyes fixing on his second in command, Ariel, as strode smartly into the room.


“Yes, sir. The city has been subdued. I have warned the men no looting, and to stop civilians as well from looting as well. Rape is going on, but once again I have cautioned the men to not kill too many, and that capturing any for slaves is not allowed on this mission. Mop up should only take about a day or so and we can be on our way. Casualties were light; we only lost five men, mostly to their own stupidly. About twenty men sustained wounds but most are minor and they should be able to move out on time.” Ariel reported, standing at attention, his dark eyes showing no emotion as he relayed his news to the captain of the Hawks Mercenary band.

“Good, at ease. Tell me Ariel, how is the mood of the men? This has been a piss poor job for them, all things considered. If Jarvak hadn’t offered so much up front we wouldn’t have taken this job.” Sunhawk asked as he leaned back in his chair, putting his feet up on the desk.

“They are ready for winter camp. Being able to at least rape the people has helped, since most of the camp followers chose not to accompany us out to this hell hole. The pent of frustration was a little much, especially for the newer recruits who aren’t used to it. There is some grumbling about not being able to take some slaves, since it will be about a month to winter camp. Overall, it isn’t too bad, considering,” replied the wiry second.

“Good, they can take slaves, but only those that are priests or priestesses of the Temple of Mith. Apparently the civilian population is rather put out with their goddess for not living up to the promised victory, so they will not be upset if they disappear. Jarvak is only interested in having the town subdued and ready for him to take over. As long as the people aren’t too unhappy, for a conquered city that is, and it is able to prosper after we leave he doesn’t care what we do. Tell the upper-ranked men they can take captives from the temple, but they better be damn sure they are priests or priestesses before snatching. Also remind them they will have to be sold at Armath or interviewed by one of us before reaching winter camp. There are no slaves at Wintermoon, it is a free city

“That will help. What about you? You look a little upset.” Ariel asked as he looked at the golden captain.

“Just tired of paperwork. It is unreal that just few hours ago I was swinging my sword, chopping up my enemies, and now I am a nerdy little secretary buried in paperwork. It is driving me nuts. I feel like an old geezer sitting here. I should be out doing a little raping of my own, not stuck here going through supply forms. I could kill Tarvas for leaving, he was a damn good secretary, and took the pressure off me,” grumbled the captain, somewhat relieved to have that off his chest.

“Yes but you always said a married man has no place in a mercenary band, even as a non-combatant. Selena is a wonderful girl for him as well.”

“Yeah, I know. I just wish he had trained a replacement, I hate doing all this myself.”

“Well at winter camp you should be able to find someone to take over. Honestly, you look a little frazzled lately. I am glad it is time for a break. Why don’t you go down into the city and I will finish up for you? Blow off a little steam, hmm?”

Sunhawk looked at Ariel with a smile, thankful to have such a good man backing him up. He turned to the door with a nod and went out into the chaos of the conquered city. His men were out in full force, smiling and waving to the tall, muscular captain as he passed them by. He headed toward the Temple of Mith, hoping to find some good sport still there. Sunhawk figured most of his men would avoid the temple, not wanting to anger the Goddess even if they didn’t follow her. The town was big enough that the woman and booze could be found outside of the Goddess’s eyes. Most of his men followed his own tenants of not messing with religion, magic, or crazy people. If he hadn’t been so intent on finding a prime piece of ass he would have looked elsewhere as well. Still, it had been a while since he had bedded anything and he hope to find a nice big busted woman with a tight stomach and a curvy ass.

As the temple came into view he was surprised to see the locals milling around, smashing up the temple and even raping a priestess outside the steps of the temple; so much for honoring the goddess. Shaking his head at the site he stepped over a body of a young priest and skirted around the otherwise engaged couple on the steps to enter the temple.

Most of the place had been destroyed and a few bodies of the priests and priestesses lay around. Somewhat disappointed, Sunhawk went further in and began to feel a slight pulling on his conscience. He raised his head in alarm and began to back away, not liking anything messing with his head, when he felt an even stronger pull. Against his will he followed it through the hallways of the temple and out into a small garden. There, sprawled out on the grass, was a very naked boy covered only by raven hair that spread out down to the middle of his back. Crouching down, he saw a great deal of blood between his legs and knew that this boy had not escaped the rampage of the locals on the temple. Brushing the boy’s hair aside he saw the tattoo of a huge soaring hawk grasping a sword spread out over the youth’s back. He remembered the priests of Mith were tattooed upon entering the service, and that a full back piece would be completed only when the initiate finished his training. Surprised that a boy so young would be a full priest he flipped the young man on his back to see his face. Looking down at him Sunhawk guessed the boy might be about sixteen or seventeen, older than his small frame first indicated. He looked somewhat delicate and fragile laying in Sunhawk’s huge arms.

Sighing softly, Sunhawk picked up the boy. He wasn’t stupid, and guessed that for some reason the brainless Goddess had probably led him to the boy. It was his own fault for trying to find a good piece of ass in her temple, he supposed. Walking back he saw one of his men having fun with a large-chested blonde and he shook his head at his luck. He returned to the headquarters and sent for a healer as he carried the unconscious boy to his room. Before long there was a knock at his door and the healer, Kelas, entered.

“Well, what do we have here. I thought you were into big chested blondies, what’s with the boy?” Kelas asked, smacking his friend and captain on the back as he approached.

“Don’t ask,” Sunhawk said with a groan.

“Well it looks that someone has had a lot of fun with the boy.” Kelas said as he began to exam the boy. Halfway though the examination the boy revived and pulled away from Kelas, shrinking back into a corner of the bed. It looked as though he was screaming, but no sound was coming from him.

Sunhawk walked slowly over to the bed and reached out a hand to the boy. Terrified silver eyes looked back at him in confusion, and suddenly the boy launched himself at Sunhawk, curling up close to him and trembling in fright. Sunhawk gently wrapped his arms around the boy, soothing him with a deep voice, telling him he was ok. After a while the boy relaxed and fell into a deep sleep. Sunhawk put the boy down and covered him up, motioning for Kelas to follow him to the other side of the room.

“Well that is a first, the terrifying captain of the invincible Hawks comforting a young boy. Most people run from you in fear when they see that long scar on your face and the wild untamable mane of golden hair.”

“Shut up Kelas. What is wrong with the boy?”

“Well aside from him being raped and torn open I would say he can’t speak either. I don’t know if it’s from the trauma of what happened, or something else. Otherwise the boy doesn’t have any outward signs of anything wrong. You will not be able to use him anally for a week until he heals, if you intend to kept him as a bed slave.”

“I don’t keep slaves, Kelas, you know that.” Sunhawk growled and then sat down on a chair nearby, motioning for Kelas to do the same. He quickly related how he came to find the boy as Kelas listened intently.

“Shit, this boy has religion and magic written all over him. Dump him, my friend, before you get into any more trouble.”

“That is what I have been thinking ever since I saw his naked ass, but something keeps pulling at me, and those eyes, Kelas. Damn, you would think I was looking at a woman when I looked into those damn eyes. You know me and comforting anyone is low on my list of things to do. I can’t dump the kid, but I am afraid to keep him too. I should have stuck to paperwork.”

“I don’t know what to tell you. I can fix the boy up, but that doesn’t really help you any does it? The boy is a priest, right? So maybe he will want to stay, that would let you off the hook, right?”

“Maybe, I don’t know. I hope the kid can speak, or at least write so I can find out a little about him. We will leave the day after tomorrow, so I have to figure out something by then, or a way to get rid of this feeling I have about keeping him.”

“Well I will go ahead and treat him if you will hold him and keep him still.”

Sunhawk nodded and went over to the bed, picking the boy up and waking him. The boy look up at him frowning slightly, then cuddled close.

“You have to let Kelas treat you, boy, so you can get better.” Sunhawk motioned for Kelas to approach. “See, he is a good friend, now let him help you.”

The boy frowned but got off of Sunhawk’s lap and stood by his side. Kelas began to treat him, explaining what he was doing as he worked. The youth winced as Kelas applied ointment inside of his torn passage and looked up into Sunhawk’s golden eyes. Sunhawk put his hand on the boy’s head, stroking it as the boy closed his eyes, tears sliding down his checks. When Kelas was finished he packed up his equipment and turned to Sunhawk.

“He will need to have this applied every night and morning. If you wish I can come and do it, or you can.”

“Thanks Kelas,” Sunhawk replied as took the ointment with a grimace and nodded.

Kelas let himself out and Sunhawk turned to the boy sitting on the edge of his bed, staring at him. With a sigh he went over to the boy and sat down next to him. Within moments he found his lap full of the boy as he cuddled close to him.

“What is your name?”

The boy looked up and tried to say something, but no words would come out. Looking confused, he tried again with the same results. Sunhawk shook his head and put the boy off his lap, leaning over to the desk where there were ink, paper, and a quill set. Putting the quill in the boy’s hand he looked down. In a neat precise hand the body wrote the name Shadowhawk on the piece of paper. Looking at the name written down on the piece of paper the golden mercenary began to laugh at his fate.

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