The Hawks

Type: Original Fiction
Status: Work in Progress
Warnings: NC/Rape, Adult Language, Lemon (Graphic Sex), Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Possibly Disturbing
Summary: Captain Sunhawk leader of the invincible Hawks Mercenary group is pulled towards a mysterious young boy as he is looking for some sport in a recently conquered town. Together two very different men will discover the difficulties, hardships, and joys of being both mercenaries and lovers.



Beta reader: ladykryyn

Chapter 1 The Sun and Shadow: Two Hawks Meet
Captain Sunhawk leader of the invincible Hawks Mercenary group is pulled towards a mysterious young boy as he is looking for some sport in a recently conquered town.

Chapter 2 The Captain’s Shadow
Sunhawk first day with Shadowhawk come with a few unexpected surprises.

Chapter 3 Shadowhawk Priest of Mith
Sunhawk confronts Shadow about who he is.

Chapter 4 On the Road
The Hawks move out for Wintercamp and Shadow learns more about his new life.

Chapter 5 Armath
They have finally arrived at the midpoint of their trip. Shadow and Sunhawk take a little time to enjoy themselves before heading to the Guild to take care of Jarvek.

Chapter 6 Settling In
The band of the Hawk finally made it to winter camp. Shadow meets some new friends and learns a little more about Sunhawk’s past.

Chapter 7 Shadow’s Sword
Shadow is settling into life with the Hawk wonderfully except for one problem that has Sunhawk worried.

Chapter 8 Differences
Shadow’s problems multiply when another side of Sunhawk appears.

Chapter 9 Campaign
Spring has arrived and it is time to head out on Shadow’s first campaign. Unfortunately things are not easy for Shadow as the first glimpses of true mercenary Captain Sunhawk begin to appear.

Chapter 10 Betrayal
Shadow worries over the rift that is forming between him and Sunhawk as the seige of Soothbay is about to begin.

Chapter 11 The Two Sunhawks
Sunhawk has done the unthinkable and now his friends try to find out the reason why. Shadow meanwhile pleas for his Goddess’s help to cope with what has happened.

Chapter 12 Promise 
Shadow and Sunhawk try to workout their problems, and Shadow requests something Sunhawk that frightens them both.

Chapter 13 Downtime
They arrive at the city of Keys. Sunhawk and Shadow take a day together to explore the city and reconnect with each other.

Chapter 14 Coming Home
In the aftermath of the last battle of the summer campaign Sunhawk keeps his word to Shadow and comes home to him.

Chapter 15 Hot Spring Surprise
The Hawks campaign season is over early as Sunhawk and Shadow take sometime to enjoy the hot springs.

Chapter 16 Teal
Corrin introduces Shadow’s new exotic teacher.

Chapter 17 The Staff
Day one of training begins, as Shadow learns more about his new staff and Sunhawk as well.

Chapter 18 Priorities
added 8/26/08
Jealousy erupts as Shadow chooses Teal over Sunhawk.

Chapter 19 Jealousy and Trust
added 9/15/08
Teal continues to cause problems between the two hawks as unexpected trouble approaches threatening their relationship.

Chapter 20 Sunhawk’s Choice
added 10/10/08
Shadow must leave Wintermoon and return to the temple, but will Sunhawk come with him or even allow him to leave?”

Chapter 21 Wavering Feelings
added 10/27/08
The journey to Melos is more difficult than they first thought as Sunhawk and Shadow struggle with what this journey will mean for them both

Chapter 22 Altering Past
added 11/25/08
Shadow is on the mend but an old acquaintance of Sunhawk revels a secret about his mentor Daras that shatters the last of Sunhawk’s emotions.

Chapter 23 The Temple of Mith
added 12/25/08
Sunhawk and Shadow head for Melos but they find that the welcome at the temple of Mith is far from warm.

Chapter 24 Waiting
added 2/2/09
Sunhawk finds the waiting for a decision unbearable as he recieves help from unexpected place.

Chapter 25 Shadow and His Goddess
added 2/23/09
The time has finally come to confront Mith, yet the Goddess’s answer makes little sense to Shadow who struggles to understand her will.

Chapter 26 Destiny
added 4/27/09
Sunhawk finds he must face not only his past but the unwanted burnden for Shadow’s own.

Chapter 27 Unfolding Past
added 5/26/09
Shadow gradually begins to here of Sunhawk’s painful past as he stuggles to fine a way to help the man.

Chapter 28 Choosing the Right Path
added 7/6/09
As Shadow confronts his fellow priest his own uneasiness grows about the direction Mith is pushing him.

Chapter 29 Mith’s Intentions
added 8/24/09
Sunhawk contents with his awakening memories as Shadow turns to Duncan for help.

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