The Captain’s Shadow

Sunhawk threaded through the tables filled with his upper-commands sitting and drinking in the inn that they were using as a temporary headquarters. Most of men had come in to take a break from carousing or patrolling the streets, which every one of them had been assigned to. They greeted Sunhawk with cheery waves and invitations to come drink with them, all of which Sunhawk declined with a smile.

He had left the boy, or Shadowhawk, a name Sunhawk still had trouble wrapping his mind around totally, asleep in his bed and come in search of clothing for the boy and food for both of them. Other than his name, Sunhawk had been unable to coax any other information out of the boy. Shadowhawk had only pulled the large man over to the bed and lay down to promptly fall asleep with his head resting in the big man’s lap. Sunhawk had been unable to do anything more than look down at the sleeping boy and wonder what the hell he had gotten himself into. It seemed unlikely that the boy would want to stay in this town, considering the bad feelings about the Goddess of Mith, yet Sunhawk had no need of a priest in a mercenary band. All members of the Hawks had to provide some skill to the band if they were to stay on in a permanent position. It was a rule he had created long ago to keep the group lean and fast, able to move without a lot of baggage, and he could not break it even if he wanted to. He was unsure of what skill a priest could provide, and he also had to wonder how one so young could earn a full tattoo and be a full fledged priest. The boy was a mystery that had dropped onto the unwilling lap of the Captain.

“Hey Captain, join us.” shouted Fezz, a smaller man in charge of outfitting the band.

“Good, I was looking for you, Fezz. Will you send up some clothes to my room for a thin boy about your size?” Sunhawk asked, approaching the table where Fezz was drinking.

“Sure, Merc or noncombatant?” Fezz asked handing the Captain a tankard of ale.

“Noncombatant. Just something simple. ” Sunhawk said, sitting down at the table.

“Found something you like Captain? I thought you only went for the chicks,” asked Joel, another golden haired solider sitting with Fezz

“I don’t know what he is, but for right now he is mine,” Sunhawk said, drinking down the ale.

Suddenly the room erupted in whistles and catcalls. Sunhawk stood up and looked over at the stairway to see Shadowhawk wrapped in the bed sheet coming towards him. One of the men snatched the sheet away from the boy to reveal his white skin, and the whistling increased, as well as the offers to bed the poor boy. Sunhawk sighed a little and went over to rescue the boy before anything serious happened to him. The soldiers parted before him as he quickly walked over to the boy. Taking off his own shirt to reveal rippling muscles and more than a few scars the burly captain dropped his shirt over the boy’s head. The shirt hung down almost to Shadowhawk’s knees as he grabbed the captain’s arm, burying his face into his large biceps.

“Looks like you found a cutie Captain.” came a call from the crowd as the men turned back to their booze and games, realizing the show was over. No one would harm the boy now that they knew that he was under the Captain’s protection.

Sunhawk smiled and led the boy over to Fezz’s table. He sat down and the boy tried to sit on his lap.

“You’re too big for that, take the chair next to me Shadowhawk.”

“Shadowhawk? You got to be kidding, that’s his name?” asked Joel, eyeing the boy.

“Yeah, shocked me too. As you can see I need some clothes for him. Mine definitely aren’t going to fit.”

“You keeping him?” asked Fezz.

“Don’t know what the hell I am going to do with him.”

“Well I think we have something for him to wear. He is a pretty little thing, if you like boys that is.”

“Thanks Fezz. If you could watch him a sec I will go get some food.” Sunhawk stood up and started for the kitchen. He had only to taken a few steps before he turned to find the boy behind him.

“No, you stay here. I will be right back with food, I promise I will come back.” Sunhawk said, pushing Shadowhawk back down into the chair.

“Don’t worry, we will make sure you’re okay,” said Fezz with a smile to the boy, hoping to keep him seated.

Shadowhawk looked up and nodded. Sunhawk sighed and went in search of food. He returned shortly with a plate full of meat pies and a couple of tankards of ale. Sitting them down in front of the boy, he helped himself to one and the black haired youth did so as well.

It wasn’t long before both of them had demolished the plate of meat pies and consumed the ale.

“You two can definitely eat that’s for sure. Where does the little one put it all?” asked Joel, amazed.

“Who knows, maybe he will eventually fill out my shirt if he keeps up like that,” laughed Sunhawk, ruffling the boy’s long hair. Looking down into his eyes, he stareted feeling once again a sense of arousal at the soft, shiny silver eyes looking up at him. Standing up to try to hide his confusion at the emotions flowing through him he headed towards the stairway, followed closely by Shadowhawk.

“Hey Captain!” shouted Fezz over the noise of the room.

Sunhawk turned and looked at the man.

“Maybe you should just call the boy Shadow, since he is always shadowing you around.”

Sunhawk nodded and went up the steps to his room followed by the boy. Feeling contented after stuffing himself he shed his clothes and climbed into bed, trying to shake off the strange feeling he was having for the boy. Shadow looked at him wide eyed for a moment before climbing into bed with the man. Snuggling down next to the Captain the boy sighed softly before falling asleep, unfortunately for the Captain, sleep alluded him.

The warmth of the boy pressing against his naked body combined with the fact he knew underneath the boy’s shirt was smooth, white skin and the curvy ass he had been looking for that day. Trying to put the thought out of his mind he closed he eyes, trying to will himself to sleep.

Shadowhawk stirred in his sleep, pressing even closer to the Captain, his hands resting against the sensitive nipple of the already aroused man. Groaning softly the Captain moved slightly away from the soft, warm boy, reaching down to stroke his growing erection quietly, trying not to wake the youth, afraid of what might happen if he awoke and saw the large erection. He closed his eyes, trying to bring up images of some of the lovely women he had taken over the years, but instead his mind drifted back to the slender boy lying next to him. Frustrated, Sunhawk opened his eyes to find a pair of wide silver eyes staring back at him. With a loud moan the golden captain spilled himself into his waiting hand at the sight of the lovely silver eyes staring at him. The boy remained quiet as he slipped from the bed and grabbed a cloth by the washstand. Walking over to the bed he climbed in and took the Captain’s hand, cleaning it with the cloth. Putting it aside the boy leaned over and kissed Sunhawk softly on the lips and lay back down next to the startled Captain. Soon, sleep found both man and boy as the day’s events caught up with them both.




The next morning dawned early for the Captain as a knock came at his door. Getting up he noticed Shadow was still asleep, sprawled out in the bed despite the loud knocking. He threw on some pants and answered the door to find Ariel carrying a set of clothing.

“Morning delivery.”

“Cute Ariel, get in here.”

“I was curious to see your new acquisition. It is the talk of the camp. I think it is the first time anyone can remember you taking someone to your bed for the night, let alone a boy.” Ariel said gazing over at Sunhawk’s bed.

“Yeah, yeah. Is that all anyone can think about? How are things looking?”

“The mop-up will be completed by midday. The men are all pretty happy at this point, there were a lot of women in this town and some even willing. There probably will not be too many slaves going with us. It seems the locals pretty well gutted anyone in the temple. There are a few civilians that wish to go with us. Most I think we will have to refuse, but there are a couple young men and one woman who will make excellent recruits. All of the fires are under control now and the populace is pretty much staying inside, hoping we will go away.” Ariel said as he took a seat by the desk. “What about you? Last I knew you were looking for a piece of tail, now here you are with a young boy in your bed. You changing sides?”

With a loud groan Sunhawk slouched down on a chair, having a deep feeling he would be relaying his story about the boy more times than he cared to think about. He quickly gave Ariel the run down on the boy.

“Well, whatever Captain. I don’t believe in Gods and such, so I have no idea what happened to you. Still, I don’t think it wise to keep the boy for long. You know the rules, and will you be able to sell him at Armath when the time comes? I can’t imagine we will have work for a priest, and the boy looks a little too small to become a merc. It is up to you, of course, but I think the boy will only bring trouble for you.” Ariel said with concern as he looked up at his Captain.

“I know you’re right. I know it but I am not sure. I am hoping to find out more about the boy today. I still have a day to decide. I doubt I will leave him here, considering pretty much everyone in the temple is wiped out. There are more than a few people that owe me favors; if nothing else I will pull some strings to get the boy a home for a while.”

“Damn, Captain you sound serious about the kid. This is the first time I have seen you go out of your way to help some strange boy, especially considering how you feel about religion and magic.”

“There is something about the kid. I don’t know, it has me confused. Still it my problem. I will find a way to deal with it, I always do. Now let’s get down to business.”

Ariel and Sunhawk talked for about an hour about the dispersal of the troops and patrol rotation. Shadow awoke as the conversation was winding down. He sat up in bed looking at Ariel and Sunhawk, blinking sleepily. Ariel took a moment to look at the boy and soon realized why Sunhawk was so taken with him. The triangular face held a promise of strength, once the young man finished his growth. Soft, inncent silver eyes pierced Ariel, drawing him in for a moment before releasing him. The soft white skin held no blemishes and Ariel could just imagine how it would feel to touch the boy. Although he had always preferred women to men, he could easily see himself in bed with the boy. Ariel truly wondered if the Captain would be able to give the boy up when the time came.

“Well I should get going. I need to see Fezz about re-supply before we head out. Here is the list of the dead. Jean is one of them so we will have to tell his mother once we get back to Wintermoon.”

“Yeah, give me about a half an hour to clean up and I will go out and oversee the last bit of mop up. Have about twenty men gather around noon so we can head over and arrange for the last part of our payment.”

“Sure thing, see you later Captain,” Ariel said with a salute and headed out the door.

“Go over and wash up, Shadow. I don’t suppose I can get you to stay here for today while I go out?” Shadow shook his head furiously.

Sunhawk chuckled. Although it would be a little awkward to have the boy with him, he figured he could get by with it today. Since he didn’t know how long he would truly be with the boy, he was inclined to put up with his clinging for the short time they were to be together.

Shadow finished cleaning up and came over to Sunhawk, smiling.

“I need you to bend over boy. I need to put the medicine inside you. If you don’t want me to I can get Kelas to do it.”

Shadow shook his head and bent over the table, although he could see the boy trembling slightly. Gently as he could Sunhawk applied the ointment, cursing himself at his arousal at the sight of the boy so vulnerably positioned, spreading his cheeks apart for the Captain. He wanted nothing more than to stand up and bury himself into the boy, but he knew that wasn’t possible. When he was finished he stood up, motioning the boy to do the same. Shadow turned around and wrapped his arms around Sunhawk, pressing close to him. Suddenly the boy pulled away and looked down at the Captain’s bulging pants. A frown creased the boy’s face as he reached down to touch the Captain’s throbbing member through his pants. Sunhawk moaned and closed his eyes, trying desperately not to ravage the boy before him. Suddenly he looked down to see Shadow on his knees, pulling down Sunhawk’s pants to free the rigid organ from the confines of his pants.

Tentatively, the boy stuck out his tongue and gave his leaking organ a long lick. Tasting the liquid flowing out of the man the boy began to eagerly lick Sunhawk, much to the Captain’s delight. When the boy took the large organ fully into his mouth and began to suck, Sunhawk growled in pleasure, but it wasn’t until the boy looked up into Sunhawk’s golden lust-filled eyes that the Captain exploded into the boy’s eager mouth with a shudder. Shadow lapped up the Captain’s offering before pulling the burly man’s pants back up and wrapping his arms around the Captain again with a smile. Sunhawk stroked the boy’s hair as he caught his breath, amazed at what the boy had done to him. Finally he pulled Shadow away from him and went over to the washstand to clean up. After he had changed clothes, tied his shoulder length mane of wild hair back, and strapped on his broadsword, he went to the door, Shadow following close behind.

The morning was spent overseeing the men as they cleaned up the dead bodies and moved them to a massive funeral pyre outside the city. The last pocket of resistance had been smashed early last night and most of the armed fighting men of the city had been killed, as Jarvek had ordered. Sunhawk strolled through the city with Shadow following behind him in close attendance. He was surprised that the young man didn’t seem to be upset as many of his fellow citizens were carried out of the city to the pyre, or even when the dead were cleaned out of the Temple of Mith. Only his eyes showed a hint of sadness as he watched the dead being carried away. Sunhawk looked at the boy, wondering what his story was. He had seen mercs on there first campaign show more emotion than this boy did.

At noon Sunhawk meet Ariel back at headquarters. His horse was already saddled and waiting for him. He looked at Shadow and wondered if the boy would be able to ride with him, considering his injury. Sunhawk spotted Kelas and called him over.

“Can the boy ride?”

“I wouldn’t recommend it for long periods. It will hurt him to ride for very long.”

“Well it isn’t too far to Jarvek’s camp. I don’t know what we will do about tomorrow.”

“He can ride in the wagon with me, if you like.”

“That isn’t the problem. It is prying the kid off me that will be the trick.”

Kelas laughed, looking at the boy standing slightly behind the Captain. He looked down at the boy and smiled.

“You feeling better today?”

Shadow nodded with a smile and came out of Sunhawk’s shadow to take the man’s hand in his own for a moment, before retreating back behind the Captain. Kelas laughed again and took off, leaving the two alone. Sunhawk mounted his large stallion and leaned down, offering Shadow a lift up. He settled the boy behind him and took off at a slow trot for Jarvek’s camp.

It only took about a half hour to reach the campsite, but by that time Shadow was more than willing to slide off the huge stallion and get on firm ground. Sunhawk wrapped his arm around the boy and walked up to Jarvek’s command tent after ordering his solider to see to the horses.

Sunhawk waited to be announced and soon was led into the large, maroon tent. Jarvek, a lean, weasel-faced man, greeted him with a smile.

“Captain Sunhawk, it is a pleasure to see you again. You and your men have done excellent work for me. Yes, yes excellent work. Here is the rest of your payment, 500 gold pieces. “

Sunhawk opened one of the sacks and his eyes narrowed looking at the gold. Opening another of the bags a frown appeared.

“This is local currency, our contract specifically states Imperial currency only, Jarvek.”

“Local is the same thing,” whined the man.

“If it was the same thing I wouldn’t have stated it in the contract, now would I? By the way, I can read and I know the exact terms of the contract, since I am the one who had to draw up the blasted thing in the first place. I suggest you don’t play games with me, I have a very bad week Jarvek.” Sunhawk growled, glaring at the wilting man before him.

“I am sorry Sunhawk, it is just a slight misunderstanding, easily rectified.”

“Good, I am glad to hear it. I will be waiting by the horses; I would like to be back to town before dinner, Jarvek. I get grouchy when I am not fed.”

Sunhawk strolled out of the tent fuming at the pompous ass that thought he could get away with cheating him. Shadow ran ahead of him and smiled at Sunhawk, he could sense the boy’s amusement at the way he had treated Jarvek. Unable to help himself he smiled too as he walked back to the horses.

“What’s the hold up Cap.” called one of the men.

“Jarvek thought to cheat us. Don’t worry, he should be bringing our payment down soon.”

“Light a fire under his arse?”


Before long a man came down the hill carrying two large sacks. After Sunhawk counted and confirmed every piece, much to the man’s outrage, Sunhawk mounted up pulling Shadow up behind him. Halfway through the ride home Shadow began to squirm a little. Sunhawk chuckled softly.

“Maybe this will convince you to ride in the wagon tomorrow lit….” Sunhawk’s words were cut off by a loud thunk as an arrow pierced him through his shoulder.

Sunhawk’s stallion shied as he fought to get it under control with a snarl, keeping Shadow and himself on the horse. The men quickly formed a circle around Sunhawk as some of them broke off in pursuit of the archer. Getting his horse under control, he slid off the horse with Shadow dropping down behind him.

“Captain, let us look at it,” Joel said as he pushed Shadow out of the way, but Shadow pushed back.

“No, get it out get it out now, ” croaked a high-pitched voice from the boy as he pushed towards Sunhawk’s side.

Both men looked in shock at the boy.

“Damn it. The thing is poisoned, get it out!” screamed Shadow.

Joel looked at the Captain and Sunhawk nodded. Joel broke off the arrow and pulled it through the captain with one hard pull. Shadow pushed Joel away and held his hand over Sunhawk, and a soft, luminous red light flowed out of the boy’s fingertips and spiraled around the open wound on the golden man’s shoulder. Soon, a black substance started to leak out of the wound, and then it began to close. The red glow faded and Shadow looked at Sunhawk, his soft eyes filled with tears as he fainted in the strong arms of the mercenary Captain.

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