Chapter 5 Serving the Baron

Tir awoke to find himself not in the harem, but still in the King’s bed. Looking around confusedly, he noticed that the sun was shining brightly through the open window. He vaguely remembered waking up when the King crawled into the bed late into the night, but instead of wanting sex had simply curled up around Tir and gone to sleep

He had heard that the King sometime slept the night with one of the harem girls, but he could never recall hearing it happening with one of the boys. It was said that the girls that had the privilege of sleeping through the night with the King were always strikingly similar to the only woman the King had ever loved, the mother to his heir who had died many years ago.

“Ah, so you are awake, little one,” the King said as he entered the room fully dressed, a first for Tir to ever see.

“Yes, Master,” Tir said hesitantly.

The King came over to the bed and leaned down, kissing the boy gently. He then backed away slightly to look down at Tir as if he were trying to determine something. The King shook his head as he sat down on the edge of the bed.

“What is it with you boy?” the King said, almost to himself.

Tir remained silent, not knowing what the King was thinking. He was sure that as long as the Baron was not there the King wouldn’t be into any rough play, but that didn’t mean that he wouldn’t let Esper punish him if he displeased the King.

“You have pleased me a lot lately, but you seem uninterested in the jewelry I give you. The girls squeal in delight at such trinkets, even Simeon seemed at least pleased with such things. You, on the other hand, don’t even seem to notice,” the King said, leaning back on his hand.

“I love your gifts, your Majesty,” Tir stammered.

“No you don’t. I can tell when you lie. People lie to me everyday, I’ve learned to tell. Maybe next time I’ll have the Baron teach you not to do that,” the King said teasingly.

“I am sorry,” Tir said, looking down, not knowing what to say.

“For lying, or for not liking the gifts?”

“For both.”

“Well you should be sorry, lying to your King, but still, that is what everyone does. So what do you want, if not jewelry?”

Tir remained silent, not daring to voice anything that he truly wanted.

“Come, boy, there must be something that you would like.”

“Could I be allowed to go to the library during the evenings?” Tir asked hesitantly.

“The library?” The King asked in surprise. “What do you want to do there?”

“I am bored in the harem and I miss reading,” Tir said hotly, forgetting once again who he was talking to.

“Watch your tone, little one, or I will call the Baron here now,” the King said sternly with a frown. He looked at the boy intently for a moment before he continued.

“You can read, I am shocked, most of the harem can’t. You’re not some poor commoner or slave like the rest of them. There must be a story behind you, little one,” the King said, holding out a hand to touch the boy’s face, his frown softening slightly.

“Very well. I will see that you are taken to the library at night. I doubt that there will be much jealously over that request. For today you will serve the Baron. Go back to the harem and get cleaned up, then Esper will take you to the Baron’s chamber,” the King said as he got up.

Tir’s eyes widened slightly as he realized for the first time he would be servicing the Baron alone. A mixture of lust and fear began to circle in him, and he wondered what was in store for him. Hastily he went out the door and followed a waiting eunuch back to the harem.

The others had already left for the gardens, leaving Tir alone with several servants to attend him. It wasn’t long before Esper waddled up to him, sweating profusely. Without saying a word he grabbed Tir by his upper arm, propelling him up off the stool that he had been sitting on while having his makeup done.

Tir was wise enough not to say anything and followed along behind the man. Esper panted as he reached the door of the Baron’s chambers on the opposite side of the palace. Tir had secretly hoped that he might be taken to the dragon pens, since he had heard the Baron say he slept there, but realized that it foolish hope.

Esper knocked on the door and the Baron answered shortly, wearing only his customary skin-tight black pants. Esper instantly backed away from the door and bowed in fright at the dark expression on the man’s face.

“What do you what?” demanded the Baron in a cool voice.

“The King commanded that this boy be brought here, but I totally understand if you don’t want such a disrespectful and clumsy harem boy to serve you,” Esper fawned as he smiled spitefully at Tir from his bowed position.

“Disrespectful, hmm? I believe this it the King’s favorite. I wonder if he would call the boy disrespectful or clumsy. Are you perhaps trying to mock the King’s taste in boys?” the Baron asked, his eyes narrowing as all of his attention focused on Esper.

Esper paled viable and began to stammer out a denial that the Baron quickly cut off.

“I shall offer you a choice. One, you can come into my chambers and take ten strikes with a paddle, or two, I shall tell the King of your words and attitude,” the Baron said as he stood in the doorway, hands on his hips, looking down at the cowering eunuch.

“I will submit to your discipline,” Esper groveled, fear viable in his eyes.

Tir watched in first amazement then in glee as Esper was forced into the Baron’s chamber. At the very first strike of the large square wooden paddle, Esper squealed in pain. By the second strike he was begging for mercy. Tir looked down at the man, disgusted that he had so little pride. Tir was sure that it hurt, but the punishment had just started. By the time the tenth strike had landed, Esper’s whole weight was being supported by the high stool he leaned over. He continued to blubber loudly as snot and tears ran down his fat face.

The Baron lifted him off the stool, his muscles flexing, and he half dragged the man to the door.

“Leave Tir alone from now on, or I will not only reapply this punishment, but involve the King as well. Keep that firmly in your small mind from now on,” the Baron said unemotionally, pushing the man through the door and closing it firmly.

Turning, the Baron looked at Tir, his brows furrowed. The Baron walked up to Tir and picked him up as he yawned. Tir found himself carried into the inner room, where a large bed stood. The Baron threw him into the bed and crawled in himself.

“I am still tired. Be quiet and let me sleep. We will play later, after I have rested and gotten the image of that fat blob out of my mind,” the lean man said as he curled up on the inner side of the bed and was soon asleep.

Tir sigh and stared at the ceiling of the room. It had been an incredibly strange morning, from his conversation with the King, to Esper’s punishment, and finally the Baron now sleeping at his side. Tir had joyfully watched Esper being punished, but he also knew that the man would never cease to blame Tir for it. Tir winced at the thought of getting into trouble and being given over to Esper for punishment. He knew if that ever happened Esper would take today events out of Tir’s skin.

Still, Tir had been able to avoid trouble for the most part so he could sneak out of the gardens during the day. After today he would only have one day left before he could go and see Ebony and Drake. Ebony had mated, and Tir guessed that was the reason Drake had asked him to stay away. Tir knew if he was allowed into the gardens tomorrow he would go to see the pair. Curiosity about the Baron and Drake was eating at Tir, and he knew better than to question the gorgeous man sleeping next to him. Drake, on the other hand, would answer his questions, Tir was sure of it.

Tir tried to find a comfortable position since his body felt stiff from lying around so much. Finally giving up, he sat up and looked over at the sleeping Baron, who had rolled over to his back in his sleep. The man looked younger and certainly less frightening asleep. Tir felt his own member stirring at the sight of the half naked man lying before him. He wondered when those bright green eyes would open, and what would happen when they did

Laying back down he tried to sleep, but no matter what he tried his body wouldn’t cooperate. After an hour he looked again at the man who continued to sleep. He knew he shouldn’t, but unable to stop himself he slipped quietly out of the bed and began to explore the room. The bookshelf held an assortment of books on science and surprisingly folklore. Fearing to wake the Baron, Tir left the chests and wardrobe alone and continued to wander around the large room.

A glint of scarlet caught Tir’s eyes and he wandered over to a high enclave in the wall, where a glittering statue of a scarlet dragon stood. Tir gaped at the beautiful representation of what could only be the Baron’s dragon Feras. Its colors were a striking red and black, with emerald eyes that captured Tir. Its body was much more wiry and thin than Ebony’s, and Tir concluded that the real Feras must be smaller that the female.

Without a thought for what he was doing, Tir stood on his toes to reach out and touch the statue, as if by someway he could touch the real dragon.

“What are you doing?” Came a harsh voice from behind him.

Tir jumped in surprise as his fingers just touched the statue. The delicate piece of work came crashing to the floor, shattering into a million pieces at Tir’s feet. Tir’s face drained of color instantly, not only because of the anger he knew he would face but the destruction of what could only be a priceless work of art.

Tir turned to face the Baron, unable even to stammer an apology. The man was already out of the bed, stalking towards Tir, anger apparent in his face.

“Why did you get out of the bed? Maybe that man was right, you are clumsy,” the Baron said as he grabbed Tir’s upper arm and dragged the boy out of the room, throwing him over the stool that he had punished Esper on.

“I am sorry,” Tir whispered. “It was so beautiful, I didn’t think.”

“No you didn’t. You often don’t, do you,” the man said, his eyes glittered as he stripped away Tir’s clothing.

Picking up the paddle he had so recently used on Esper, the man walked behind Tir and slapped the paddle in his hand. Tir felt the hard wood of the stool grind into his stomach as he wondered when the first blow would fall. The minutes dragged by and the Baron continued to pace, Tir squirmed a little, uncomfortable at the position and uncertain why the Baron had not struck him. Finally, Tir turned to look at the Baron only to see him almost smiling as he swung the paddle down on Tir’s provocatively upturned naked ass.

Despite his best intentions Tir yelped in surprise at the stinging pain inflicted by the innocent looking piece of wood. Tir immediately understood why Esper had been sobbing so badly, and he gulped at the thought of what the Baron would do to him. Closing his eyes he felt the sting of the second blow but managed to stay quiet.

“Oh, the brave one, are we? I guess I will just have to punish you with more strikes than I intended.”

Tir suddenly realized that there was no anger now in the man’s voice, which puzzled him. Instead, he heard the same seductive voice that appeared in his sessions with the King. When the next blow fell Tir did not try to hold back as the unbearable sting seemed to increase and spread across his ass.

“That’s better, let me hear your remorse for disobeying me.”

“Please, I didn’t mean to break it. I love dragons, I just wanted to see what the scarlet one looked like more closely,” Tir gasped between the strikes.

The next two blows fell in quick succession as the Baron put his full force behind them. Tir couldn’t contain the tears that began to fall as the fire spread across his punished ass. The Baron continued to strike him, Tir’s sobs becoming harder and he couldn’t hear the Baron’s sarcastic scolding.

Suddenly the Baron stopped, although Tir continued to feel the extraordinary pain flow through him. The Baron walked over to him and Tir vaguely wondered what the Baron would do next, shuddering at the thought of yet more punishment. He felt warm arms gather him up and carry him into the bedroom again. The Baron sat down in a large, comfortable red chair and stroked Tir’s soft chestnut curls as Tir sobbed into his naked chest.

It wasn’t long before Tir managed to get his tears under control again enough to notice that under his punished flesh was a very hard region on the Baron. Once again, despite the pain, Tir felt his own body responded to the attractive man. The confusing mixture of pain and lust began to flood into Tir as his tongue flickered over the exposed nipple next to his face.

“Feeling better, little one?” asked the Baron as Tir continued to explore his chest.

Tir felt a warm hand begin to fondle his own erection that had sprung up at an alarming speed. Looking up into the wild green eyes, Tir boldly began to kiss the man, seeking out the warm tongue.

The Baron stood up and carried the very naked boy to the bed and laid him down on his stomach. Tir looked the man almost hungrily as the lean man stripped himself and quickly covered the boy. Tir gasped in pain and tears sprang to his eyes as the Baron spread his inflammable ass and slowly penetrated the boy.

“Yes, I love the feel of your hot skin,” the Baron growled.

Tir whimpered at the pain and pleasure as the Baron slowly began to thrust inside of him. Every time the Baron pushed deep inside Tir felt pressure on his punished flesh, making the pain stream through his slight body, yet he also felt the pleasure of the ridged organ as it ground against him.

Tir began to moan and gasp as the Baron picked up the pace, growling in his own pleasure at the accommodating harem boy. It wasn’t long before the sight of the scarlet ass and the high pitched moans sent the Baron over the edge, his whole body tensing in pleasure.

After a few moments the Baron pulled out of Tir, and without a word flipped the boy over onto his back. Tir cried out in pain and tears flooded his large violet eyes. The Baron smiled and licked up a stray tear before moving down to the still rigid member.

Tir watched in surprise and pleasure as the Baron skillfully played with his leaking member. Tir leaned back, trying to control himself so he could enjoy the pleasure of the Baron’s tight mouth. The Baron’s tongue moved all over his aching member and as Tir watched the beautiful man he found himself unable to hold back, shooting a copious amount of liquid down the Baron’s willing mouth.

Smiling, the Baron grabbed up the boy and lay down, with Tir resting up against his chest. After a while Tir squirmed uncomfortably, unable to escape the pain of his inflamed regions.

“I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist exploring the room,” the Baron said archly.

“You wanted to punish me?” Tir asked.

“Of course, and you wanted to be punished as well I would say. There are people that enjoy this sort of thing; lucky we are compatible this way,” the Baron said, playing with one of the boy’s curls.

“I am sorry sir. I never meant to break the statue,” Tir said miserably, trying to change the subject.

The Baron laughed and propped himself up on his elbow, looking over the boy to the shattered remains. His green eyes narrowed and suddenly the statue stood exactly as it had before it had broken.

“It is amazing! I am so very glad,” Tir said in astonishment.

“Why? I still paddled your ass raw,” the Baron asked as he lay back down.

“Because it was beautiful, sir.”

“Stop calling me sir. It reminds me of my father; call me Marek, at least when we are alone. If you think that small thing is beautiful, you should see the real thing. That is just a pale representation, it doesn’t even compare to Feras.” Marek said, his love vibrating in his voice, the first time Tir had ever heard such emotion coming from the man.

“I wish I could see him,” Tir said wistfully, without a thought.

“What a strange little harem boy. Most people don’t want to get anywhere near the dragons, with their huge claws and teeth. The King is right, you are very different.”

“You seem different now,” Tir said tentatively.

“Of course, the King isn’t here, and will not be all day today. I plan to take you many times today, little one. But remember I am not that different. I am your Master today and I think your ass should be a good reminder of that,” Marek said as he struck Tir lightly, causing him to gasp.

“Yes, sir,” Tir said softly.

“Yes, what?”

“Marek,” Tir said, looking into the narrow emerald eyes.

“Better. So you like dragons, no wonder I like you so well. Even though they are the cornerstone of this county, in many ways the people still fear them. I suppose it is because of their fierce nature and looks, but they are so much more than beasts,” Marek said, looking at the boy.

Tir nodded, hoping the Baron would continue to talk to him.

“Your eyes,” Marek said, tipping the boy’s face back and looking into the wide violet eyes.

“What about them?” Tir asked.

“They remind me of the dragon Feras has mated with. I wonder if that is another reason I am drawn to you. Things that Feras likes, I like as well,” the Baron mused.

The Baron got up from the bed and threw on a robe, heading for his clothing chest where he began to get dressed. After dressing he went out into the other room. Tir remained in the bed for a moment, unsure of what he was to do until the Baron called to him. Grabbing his wrap he went into the other room to see the Baron writing at his desk.

Tir dressed quickly and stood silently, wondering what was to happen now. The Baron finished and laid the parchment on a table by the door and turned to Tir.

“Come on, my brave harem boy, I will take you to see my dragon Feras. He is most curious about you,”

Tir’s eyes widened in surprise as the Baron walked out the door. Tir ran a little to catch up and follow the tall man’s brisk strides. Tir remained quiet, although a dozen questions were swirling around in his mind. He was afraid to anger the Baron and lose the chance to see yet another dragon.

It seemed to take forever, even though they were walking fast, to reach the dragon walkway that Tir had always snuck down to Ebony’s pen. It wasn’t long before they walked past Ebony’s door and he could hear her chirping behind the door. Tir wondered if Drake were behind the door with Ebony as they walked past. He was determined that the following day if he could he would come and see the black dragon, and hopefully her rider.

The Baron had remained quiet throughout their long walk through the palace and dragon walkway. Tir had to almost run to keep up with the tall man’s long strides and was pleased to see the name Feras appear on the door in front of them.

“Well, it is time to see your first real dragon, little harem boy,” the Baron said as he pushed open the door.

Tir looked around the Baron to see a wiry scarlet dragon nestled in the white sands. Without even thinking, Tir walked into the pen and past the Baron until he stood in front of the wiry dragon. Feras hissed and brought his head down to look Tir in the eyes. Tir examined Feras, smiling when he realized that the male dragon was much smaller than Ebony, but his wings were larger and colors very vibrant. Although Tir loved Ebony, he couldn’t help but admire the wiry vibrant dragon before him. He reached out to scratch the dragon above his eye ridges only to hear the Baron gasp.

Tir turned around to see the Baron staring at him in shock. He felt the scaly head bump his hand, encouraging him to continue what he had started. When Tir remained still, looking at the Baron, Tir heard a small growl that snapped the Baron out of his shocked expression.

“I think that was a command. If I were you I would start scratching,” the Baron said as he closed the pen’s door.

“I am sorry, Marek,” Tir said, hoping that the Baron was not angry.

“I am not mad, just surprised that you would walk up to him like that.”

“I couldn’t help it, he is just so handsome,” Tir replied as he moved down Feras’s neck.

“Well I can’t argue, but I have never seen anyone go into a dragon’s pen like you did. Maybe it is because you aren’t from around here. I have to admit that you intrigue me, Tir,” the Baron said as he walked up behind Tir and kissed his neck.

Feras growled again, and the Baron sighed, walking over to the other side of the dragon. Tir looked at the Baron, puzzled.

“Keep scratching. Feras has commanded,” the Baron said grumpily.

Tir couldn’t help but giggle at the expression on the Baron’s face and was surprised to hear a trilling sound come from Feras.

“Go on and laugh you two, I will get even later,” said the Baron threatened teasingly.

Tir smiled at Marek, and suddenly realized for the first time since meeting the fierce Baron he had seen a different side to the man. He was still somewhat cold and definitely abrupt, but there was more humor to the man than Tir would have believed. Also, there was a kindness lurking beneath the animalistic man that Tir would have never believed until he looked into those emerald cat-eyes filled with love at the site of a scarlet dragon.

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