Chapter 8 Revenge

Toya opened his eyes to see Omaki’s worried blue eyes staring at him, and his long hair tickling his face. Toya blinked trying to remember what had happened. Then the memories came rushing into him as he felt his face grow hot with embarrassment.

“Good I am glad you are awake. I didn’t mean to startle you so bad, I am sorry. It was just a little joke. I thought Oki would have explained to you about my propensity for humor.” Omaki said helping Toya up.

Toya looked around and saw Riva sitting close to him on his other side glowering at Omaki. Relived the he had not done anything to the Blondie Toya wondered if he could salvage anything from the bad situation.

“I don’t understand. What does Oki have to do with this, and do you have footage of …of…” Toya stuttered unable to complete the sentence.

“Well Oki is my good friend and he is interested in you. He wanted to know if you came by. As for the film, yes I do have it but no worries I will destroy it for you. You are important to Oki and he would skin me alive if I didn’t. Don’t worry about it; I am sorry to have scared you so bad.”

“But that means you’ve seen…”

“Well I do like to watch, that is why I built this place after all. Don’t worry about it I like a good fucking just as much as you do. I have been known to be on the receiving end of a whip a few times as well, it is very invigorating, yes?” Omaki smiled trying to sooth the worried Blondie. “Don’t worry about it. I am not going to tell anyone about what you do here. After all, if I went around telling people secrets no one would come here anymore. Believe me I have seen a lot of things a lot more embarrassing than what you have done. I have even seen your pet over there breaking Elric’s arms and Elric crying like a baby. Don’t worry.”

Toya stilled blushed at the thought of anyone seeing what he had done with Riva. He had let himself be whipped but even more shameful was the way he had begged for sex from his pet. Still Omaki’s eyes held only kindness and cheerfulness. Toya couldn’t help but be calmed by it, unable to believe that the Blondie would hurt him.

“Ok thank you.” Toya said as he noticed Riva had come near to him.

“Why don’t you go get cleaned up? You will feel much better, and here.” Omaki said as he handed the Blondie an O-6.

Toya nodded and headed towards the bathroom, as Omaki turned to Riva. Riva remained quiet knowing that if he didn’t behave there might be consequences for Toya. He was unsure of what this Blondie was up to but he didn’t trust him.

“You know he is risking a lot for you. At the very least if anyone found out about what is going on between you two you would be taken away from him and sold to one of the worst brothels, and he would be issued a reprimand from Jupiter and be a social outcast. At the very worst you would be killed and Toya modified.”


“Do you know Yousai? He owns the bondage store in the Pavilion. A long time ago Yousai was like Toya, he was a brilliant man who could do amazing things with computers. He was bright, intelligent, and full of life. He did something Jupiter didn’t like and was modified. He was a good friend and I don’t want to see that happen to anyone else. You were extremely lucky it was Iason who found out about you two. I know him from school and I know he would never turn in another Blondie to Jupiter, but there are many others that wouldn’t hesitate.

“You must always remember no matter what goes on in the bedroom in the outside world you are Toya’s pet, and act the part. No one must ever guess what goes on between you two, for both of your sakes. Jupiter does not approve of abnormalities amongst her Blondies and Toya’s anti-social behavior already makes him stand out.”

Riva looked at the Blondie with wide eyes. He had never realized the danger of what they were doing. He knew there were social taboos against it but he never thought that it would go that far.

“Why would he risk himself then?”

“Who knows? If I would have to guess it is because it is a part of who he is and after meeting someone so perfectly matched for him in desire and passion he can’t deny it any longer. I am not saying you two can’t be together, just always remember outside the bedroom you are a pet, not a Master.”

“Thanks for the advice, but I still can’t like you. This place…”

Omaki waved a hand at him, getting up and pouring himself a drink.

“Don’t worry about it. I understand better than you think. Although I never approved of Elric I never stopped him either. It isn’t my place to, I cater to fantasy here were anything goes. Still for what it is worth I think Elric is a monster. It is people like him that give Yutaku Iman a following.”

Toya emerged from the bathroom fully clothed and looking somewhat better. He went over to Riva to look at his back, gently brushing the hair aside he looked down with a frown at the marks.

“You could use an accelerator,” suggested Omaki.

Toya looked at Riva and he nodded. Omaki tossed the can to Toya and he started to spray Riva’s back. Riva gritted his teeth and clenched his hands hoping it would be over soon.[[ When Toya was done he hand the pet and O-6 painkiller and smiled slightly at him.

“I think we will be going. Shin is probably worried about us by now.”

“Well let me walk you two to the door. I am sorry about what happened, don’t tell Oki, please- I don’t want him scolding me.”

“I will not tell Oki if you don’t,” Toya said quietly looking down.

Omaki laughed,”Don’t worry your secret is safe, you can trust me, as for Oki I will tell him nothing except you came here. He already guessed you were into bondage just not what kind.”

Toya nodded relieved, as they walked out the door. As they walked down the hallway Riva suddenly stopped dead in his tracks and the color drained out of his face as he looked at the man coming towards them.

“Shit its Elric,” Omaki whispered to Toya.

Toya looked at the man striding forward with a cocky grin on his beautiful face. He was dressed in long flowing purple robes, and his long silver hair hung loose except for two small braids on each side, framing his face. The man made a picture perfect site. Toya looked over at his pet, for the first time seeing him truly terrified. Remembering this delicate looking man was the one that not only hurt Riva and made him so afraid, but also hurt Char. Toya decided something must be done to this monster. He turned to Omaki and whispered in his ear. Omaki’s eyes widened a second and then laughed. He in turned whispered something back making Toya’s own eyes widen.

“Very well, it is a deal.” Toya said.

Omaki pulled out a small computer and punched in some numbers then handed it to Toya grinning.

“Your room is still free, have fun.” Omaki said with a wave and walked past Elric toward the elevator.

“Well if it isn’t my old pet. Hello I am Elric,” the silver hair man said extending his hand.

“I am Lord Toya Serinia. Would you like to come to my room for a few minutes?” asked Toya with wide gentle smile. Riva looked up at his Master in shock. Toya put his hand on Riva’s and gave it a gentle squeeze, trying to reassure his pet.

“Why yes I would be delighted.” Elric said with a malicious gleam in his eyes as he looked at Riva.

Riva whimpered slightly and backed away, but Toya kept a firm hold on his hand. Luckily it wasn’t far back to their room as Toya lead both Elric and Riva in. Going over to the vid screen he hooked up the small computer to the monitor and began to play the scene of Elric torturing Riva and Riva breaking Elric’s arm.

Elric stood up horrified at the picture displayed on the vid screen. Shocked he looked at the Blondie.

“What is the meaning of this? Where did you get that?”

“I don’t think you are in any position to be demanding anything Elric. You are going to do what I say right now or I will send this to the channel. I am sure all of your fans would love to see this most intimate look in into the singer Elric’s life, don’t you think? It looks like you are a little small; I think your fans will be disappointed. Don’t you agree?”

Elric stood in place, his mouth hanging open unable to believe the strange twist the day had taken. Looking over at Riva he lunged at the pet only to be knocked down with a blow to the face by the pet.

“Never again you asshole. I will never let you touch me again.”

Toya went over to Riva noticing his pet was trembling. He led the pet over to the sofa and sat him down before turning to Elric.

“That was a very bad move Elric.” Toya growled advancing on the Elite. He roughly picked the man off the floor only to backhand him. “You will never touch my pet again you sick pervert.”

Toya grabbed the man, tearing the robe off of him and chaining him to the wall face forward. Grabbing a pet ring he placed it on the terrified Elite before grabbing a kasey whip with a high number. Wanting to leave marks of his punishment on the Elite Toya opted not to set it for acceleration, sacrificing a little of the pain for the humiliation of whip marks that would scar the flawless skin of the Elite. He let the whip fly with a loud crack aiming for the man’s chest and legs. After he was satisfied with the scarlet and bleeding marks he went to the sobbing Elite and turned him around. Grabbing a huge paddle he laid into the silver Elite gratified to hear each sob of pain.

“Please stop. I will do anything just please.” Sobbed Elric pitifully

“Did you ever stop when Riva begged? Did you ever offer compassion to any of your victims Elric?”Came Toya’s deep, cold voice as he put down the paddle only to pick up a g-strap.

With a loud crack he activated the golden instrument and aimed for the sobbing Elite again. Each stinging blow created a new welt on the white skin of Riva’s former Master as Riva watched in amazement. He had never seen Toya act so brutally and to see Elric begging for mercy made much of his fear of the man fade. He watched as his beautiful Master laid into Elric with such anger. He realized that even when Toya had been angry with him that his Master had held back.

Elric continue to sob in pain and humiliation as he felt he body react to the effects of the g-strap. He now realized why the pet ring had been placed on him as he began to squirm in discomfort.

“What is wrong Elric?” taunted Toya, anger in his voice.

“Please I need….I need to cum. Please.”

“That will be up to Riva,” Toya said as he stopped hitting Elric and flipped him around face forward before going to the sofa to sit next to his pet.

“Is there anything else you what to do to him?” asked Toya quietly.

Riva thought for a moment, he wanted Elric humiliated. Thinking as he looked at the squirming man begging for release he came up with an idea.

“I can give you the number of his boss at the record company. He often joined Elric when….well can you contact him to come pick Elric up? I want to leave him like this for his friend to see.”

“Yes, what is the number?”

As Toya went to call the man, Riva went over to the table and, picking up a rather large rubber toy, he advanced on Elric. Elric’s eyes widen in surprise as Riva approached.

“I am sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you, honest. Please don’t do this.” Cried Elric, his nose running and his eyes red with tears.

Riva reached around and thrust the toy up Elric who let out a load scream at the pain of the toys entry. Riva turned without a word and left to join Toya at the door.

“Oh by the way Elric, if I were you I would keep quiet about all of this, it could get really messy for you otherwise. I don’t ever want to see you again, and stay away from Char too or we will have to do this again.” Toya said as he and Riva exited the room and headed for home.