Riva sighed putting down his pencil and gazing at his finished work. The last chapter of his popular manga series was finished and now nothing was stopping Toya and him from leaving Amoi. It had almost been two years since Riva had landed into Toya’s life and turned it upside down. Since that time both Master and pet had grown inseparable, and as the date fast approached when Toya would be ordered to give up Riva both had made plans to leave the planet forever. It seemed almost unreal that within a few weeks their lives would be totally and completely altered. They both would be exiled never to be able to return to their home world. Toya had quietly been planning for their departure for the last six months, arranging for transport and huge sums of money to be available to them as soon as they were off world. Two years ago Toya’s plans might have come under suspicions since the quiet Blondie never did anything out of his routine and spent very little time with anyone being highly anti social. Slowly in the last two years Toya had gradually opened up and become more active in social circle thanks, in large part, to Omaki and Oki.

Riva stretched thinking of the two unlikely friends. At first he had disliked them both. Omaki for being the owner of the hated Taming Tower and Oki a man with more than a little sexual interest in his Master. They both had made a game of wooing the pet over to their side and despite his resistance Riva couldn’t help but fall prey to both of the Blondies silly, humorous ploys. When it became clear that although both men would joke about seducing Toya, but were not serious about coming between pet and Master, Riva’s defenses had crumbled and he had relented on Toya’s friendship with the two. Toya friendship with the two had grown tremendously and all three of them often spent at least one day a week going out and playing together. They had also spent many a weekend at Toya’s or Omaki’s villa in which Riva also accompanied them and got to know more about the two prankster Blondies. They had even managed to convince Riva to share his beloved Master in very hot and erotic foursome that none of them would ever forget. Riva smiled slightly at the thought of the three naked Blondies when he felt a pair of arms wrap around him from behind, and a nibbling mouth on his ear.

“You are done, love?”

“Yes, finally. We can send it off to the editor tomorrow.” Riva said removing his glasses that he wore when working on his manga.

“Good, although I am sure the Oki will be laughing his ass off when he reads the last volume. I can’t believe you use our love life as part of your work.”

“I wonder what my editor would find more shocking, that a pet is actually his writer or that our love life is what it is based on. Well the pair does live happily ever after so let’s hope it is the same with us.”

“It will be as long as we are together. I couldn’t bear to lose you.” Toya said as he moved around to the front of Riva’s chair and sat down on the pet’s lap facing him.

“Well you won’t so don’t worry about it. I love the clothes. Char’s new design?” Riva asked, his hand buried in the flowing aquamarine silks of Toya’s new outfit.

“Yes, I finally relented and told him design what he wanted. My going away gift to him.”

“He is going to be devastated when you are gone. I think you were his inspiration the poor guy; at least he got to make his dreams come true. I think he was always itching to get you into some clothes the accentuated your pale color and feminine body and I have to say these long flowing clothes really do.” Riva said holding Toya around the waist and kissing him.

Riva took his time exploring Toya’s mouth in languid kisses, gently stroking the Blondies back. Eventually both parted looking into each other’s eyes. Riva grinned mischievously, and Toya frowned almost afraid of what was running through the pet’s mind.

“Maybe I should add a few more chapters.”

Toya stopped the pet with a firm kiss that was soon interrupted by Shin at the door.

“Master Oki is on the phone,” Shin said grinning at the two.

“I guess I better get that, and don’t even think of adding yet more of our life to that manga. You’re done remember.” Toya said getting off Riva’s lap.

Riva grinned at his retreating Master, getting up to go out on the balcony overlooking the lake to wait for Toya’s return.

Toya strode through the halls of his villa, his clothes flowing around him. He reached the terminal on flipped it on to see Oki’s frowning face, immediately Toya knew that something was wrong to make his usually cheerful friend so serious.

“What is wrong, Oki?’

“It is Omaki and Iason. Jupiter has summoned them for a whole list of things; they’ve been sentenced to be publicly whipped today, twenty five lashes for Omaki and sixty for Iason.”

“What?! What could they have possible have done to deserve that?”

“It wasn’t just them it was Heiku, Raoul, Xian, and Megala. They were plotting something against Jupiter. You know that Omaki had to give up Aki, since then he hasn’t been happy. I think Iason was in the same situation, Jupiter I think was pressuring him to get rid of Riki. I imagine that is what led to this.”

“We will come back right now.”

“No, it is a zoo in the city right now. Omaki is probably going to stay with Iason, and right now there is nothing any of us can do. I knew you were out at your villa all this week and you probably wouldn’t have heard about it. I wanted you to find out from a friend. I’ll let you know as soon as I hear anything.”

“What about you Oki? I am coming back, my mind is made up. I can’t just sit out here at the villa.”

“Toya, everyone is circling around Eros Tower like vultures. You would never be able to get home with all of the crowds. Just wait a few days; you will not even be able to make it back before the whippings, just stay put. Melian is going to stay here with me, so I will be fine. “

“Are you absolutely sure Oki?” Toya asked worried for both of his friends.

“You are as sweet as ever Toya. I knew I should have tried harder to seduce you pretty one.” Oki said with a sad smile. “I will be fine. I’ll contact you once I hear something. Just stay put, I don’t want to have to worry about you too.”

Oki’s face faded off the screen and Toya stood there shocked, unable to believe what was happening. Shin after overhearing the conversation ran out to the balcony in search of Riva who was leaning on the rail enjoying the soft breeze that tangled his now loose hair.

“The Master needs you, something has happened to Lord Omaki.” Shin said skidding to a halt in front of Riva.

Riva’s eyes widened and without saying anything he ran to the living area in search of Toya, who had not moved from where he was standing. Without a word Riva picked the stunned Blondie up in his arms and carried him over to the long white sofa and sat down with Blondie in his lap. Toya buried his face into Riva’s soft black shirt, cuddling close to him. Riva asked nothing although he wondered what could have possible happened to the devious Blondie. After a while – in a halting voice – Toya explained what was going on.

“Shit, are they completely insane.”

“They’re like us.” Toya said quietly.

“Yeah, and if you tried to overthrow Jupiter I’d whip you myself. That cold bitch doesn’t care anything for our lives and wouldn’t hesitate to destroy them. Iason is her favorite but she thinks nothing about taking away something that is important to him, and now that she has backed him into a corner she is basically sentencing him to death with sixty lashes. It is not worth the risk to overthrow her. They didn’t think about what would happen if they were caught or what would happen to the people they loved seeing them punished like that.”

“I think Iason would have had trouble leaving Amoi since he is the head of the Syndicate. Their lives are here and I know how hard it is to leave. You are right, it is probably impossible to overthrow Jupiter, but it is very hard for a Blondie to leave their home world and their responsibilities. If they had come to me I would have joined them Riva. I love you enough to leave Amoi, but if there was even the slightest chance we could stay and be together I would try to take it. “

“You never told me that before.” Riva said looking down at his Blondie.

“There was no way for it to happen so it was just wishful thinking; it still is. If I have to choose one you are my choice and will always be my choice. It is that simple. It hurts to have to leave, but it would hurt a hundred times more to leave you.”

Riva sighed holding Toya tight; both wishing there was a better solution to their problems. 


Riva let out a loud moan as Toya hit a particular tight muscle as he kneed his pet in the shoulder. After grabbing a little more oil he tackled the spot again electing yet another soft moan of pleasure from his limp pet.

“If you wouldn’t work out so hard, you wouldn’t hurt this much.”

“Mmm, you like me strong and you know it. The only way to stay that way is workout, besides I have you here to loosen up all my sore muscles. Jupiter, but your hands feel soooo good, maybe you should change professions.”

“And I would be his first client,” came a voice from the doorway.

Master and pet turned to see Oki leaning against the door, grinning at the sight of the two very naked men on the bed.

“Oki,” Toya said shocked to see him.

Oki walked over examining Riva, and reaching out to touch the pet’s back.

“Heiku did fine work; I can’t even tell there were any scars on him at all. I am jealous; he looks even more gorgeous now. I almost see why I lost to him.”

“Hey how are Omaki and Iason?” Riva asked turning over and spilling Toya from his back.

“There both fine, although if it hadn’t been for Riki Iason would have died. He took Iason’s place at the twenty eighth stroke. Don’t worry, Riki is ok too.”

“How!” Riva asked shock and a little pale at the news.

“Jupiter stopped the whipping. She materialized in front of Xanthus and said that Riki suffered enough and he was awarded citizenship as an A-class pet for his courage and loyalty.”

“That is amazing, she has never done anything like that before,” Toya said quietly.

“Yeah, well she altered the code too. The thing that should interest you two is that we are now allowed to keep pets for as long as we want to.”

“You don’t mean?” Toya asked his eyes full of hope.

“Yep, you don’t have to leave Amoi anymore. You two can…” Oki was cut off by the two throwing their arms around him hugging him and laughing.

“I wish I got to bring good news to you two more often.” grinned Oki when they let him go, eyeing Toya’s naked body with delight.

Riva punched him in his arm lightly grinning at the blushing Toya.

“Some things never change. How did you know we were leaving?” asked Riva as Toya grabbed up a robe and put it on while handing one to Riva.

“I know you two. Toya wouldn’t sell you so that left him with few options. I am glad for you both and for myself as well. I didn’t want to see you two leave.”

“Come on, let’s go out to the balcony and talk some more, ” Toya said getting up from the bed and leading the two out of the room.


“Come on Toya you know by the time I am through you are going to tell me anyway,” Riva said, enjoying the squirming of his Master on his lap.

“No, not until Oki leaves. It is to embarrassing, you aren’t going to publish that chapter.”

“I don’t think you are in a position to dictate terms right now Toya. If I want to publish that bonus chapter I will, and Oki wants to see it.” Riva said paddling the Blondie with his favorite small green hand paddle.

“Oh stop, that hurt Riva! I am not giving in.”

“Well then we will be here a while,” Riva said swatting the reddening ass as Toya squirmed.

“Come on little one tell me. You know you liked what I did to you in that chapter.”

“Fine, it is in the kitchen in the back pantry under the sugar.”

Riva started laughing at the image of Toya hiding his work in the kitchen. Toya used the opportunity to escape Riva’s grip, running to the bed and burying himself under the blankets. Riva chuckled and put the paddle down heading over to the bed. He peeked under the covers to see Toya turned away from him.

“Go away, I don’t want to talk to you,” murmured the Blondie at Riva.

“Oh you don’t huh? Well I don’t want to talk to you either,” Riva said running a gentle finger up Toya’s spine.


With a flick of a control on Riva’s ring Toya began to feel the effect of the g-wave emissions coming from his pet ring. Curling up tighter Toya tried hard to ignore the pulsing of his manhood and Riva moved away from the bed. Groaning in frustration Toya uncurled when he heard the door open.


“I thought you didn’t want to talk to me?” Riva said innocently.

Before he could completely turn from the door he found he was being picked up by the lithe man and thrown into the bed. Growling Toya joined him, his eyes glowing silver as he ripped off Riva’s clothes, attacking the pet’s sex organ with his hot mouth; sucking and licking the pet in the exact way that turned Riva on the most. Pulling the aggressive Blondie up into his lap he began to kiss him roughly enjoying Toya’s passion as he felt Toya’s nails rake over his thick muscled chest. He was surprised when he felt Toya impale himself on his rigid erection, taking in all of Riva’s length in a series of small thrusts downward. Groaning with delight he felt Toya’s tight passage massage his throbbing sex. Toya moved on top of Riva enjoying his pet and totally forgetting about his most recent punishment as he enjoyed Riva’s hard organ thrusting up into him. Before long be, pet and Master could no longer contain themselves as they reached their ascent; each lost in the sensations that they provide for the other.

“All better now?” Riva asked playful as Toya leaned against his chest.

“No, I don’t want you to publish that bonus chapter.” Toya said not opening his eyes.

“Then I won’t, but Oki still gets to see it.” Riva said kissing the top of Toya’s head.

“Well at least it is something. Next time please choose a sports manga. ”

Riva laughed at his Master’s pleading tone. Hugging him tight glad that his precious Blondie was his forever and they didn’t have to give up their home to stay together.


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