Chapter 2 A Dragon and a Belt

Tir turned in surprise at the calm voice coming from behind him. Leaning against the wooden door stood a medium sized man with broad shoulders and a lean waist. He wore a skin-tight leather outfit that left his muscular, golden arms bare except for a golden band that encircled his huge biceps. His long, jet black hair was tied up in a ponytail streaming down the man’s broad back, leaving the dangling jade earring in his right ear visable. What scared Tir and belied the calm voice were the dark black eyes that were unreadable to the boy as they bore holes into him. The black dragon continued to hum and opened one wing to encircle the boy hiding him from the man’s view. Suddenly, Tir heard a deep booming laugh that relaxed him in its joy.

“It seems like Ebony has taken a liking to you, little harem boy. Still, what are you doing here and not frolicking in the garden with the other children?” The man’s baritone voice that seemed slightly familiar.

“I just wanted to see the dragon, sir. I didn’t mean any harm, but he was so beautiful I couldn’t help but want to see one. I seen him circling above everyday so very gracefully. Nothing could compare to him, nothing,” Tir said with passion from behind the black wing of Ebony.

The man laughed again and the dragon lowered its wing and Tir saw the man laughing hard. Tir hoped his laughter meant he was not still angry with him, although he was sure that he was in for some punishment for being caught. Still, he felt whatever was done with him was worth being so close to his dream. The creature was so warm and he couldn’t help be feel happy at the sound of the pleasant hum coming from the dragon. Despite his uncertain situation, his curiosity got the better of him and before he could stop himself he found himself opening his mouth without thinking again.

“What is so funny?”

“Ebony is female is what is so funny. Couldn’t you tell?”

“I have never seen a dragon until I arrived here six weeks ago. I didn’t know, I am sorry, Ebony.” Tir said looking up into the violet eyes of the dragon. Ebony accepted the apology with a long lick of her tongue, which set Tir to giggling.

“What a strange little harem boy.” the man said, almost to himself as he walked over to Tir, turning him around. “What am I to do with you?”

“I am sorry sir,” Tir said quietly, his eyes downcast, realizing that his dream was about to end. The man gently grabbed the boy’s chin, tilting his head up so that he could look into Tir’s eyes. His narrow black eyes widened in surprise and he chuckled again.

“You’re right, Ebony,” the man said quietly.

“You can talk to her?” Tir asked without thinking, excited.

“Mentally yes, although I often answer out loud without thinking.”

“So what does she sound like? Do you hear words or thoughts?”

“You sure are full of questions little one. What is one so curious and bold doing in the palace harem? I bet you don’t fit in too well for all your prettiness.” The man sat down next to the dragon, leaning up against her and smiling crookedly at the boy.

“No, sir,”

“I see her thoughts in pictures in my mind, and feel her emotions; I just know what they mean. Some hear words, others feel emotions, some see pictures, some just vaguely feel what their dragons are thinking, others know exactly. It is different from rider to rider. The best dragon riders are those that can understand exactly what their dragons are thinking, they are the ones most devoted to their partners.”

“So you must be very good,” Tir said, wide-eyed at the man.

“I suppose, for me it isn’t about showing off or winning a tournament. All I care about is Ebony and doing our job the best that we can.”

“What do you do? I mean you and Ebony? I couldn’t hold the other harem boy’s attention long enough to learn much about dragons and their riders. All they wanted to talk about was gossip.” Tir said, exasperated, forgetting that he should be in trouble and that the man shouldn’t be questioned. The gorgeous looking man had a calm, relaxing air about him that had for the moment made Tir forget about his situation and what he was. The man’s easy smile and deep voice that answered his questions made Tir relax even though he should be afraid of what was going to happen to him.

“We patrol the border of the land. Delivery proclamations to various towns, act as judges in small villages, take care of any trouble in the land. I guess we could be called peacekeepers. When Terma goes to war, we fight. Dragons with their fire, the riders with magic and steel.”

“Magic?” Tir asked, highly curious and a little afraid.

“Not all of us, but some. The dragonesses seem to like mages as partners, it seems,”

“Are you one?”

The man stood up, brushing off his pants and looking at the sun.

“You better be going, little harem boy, we will be having company soon.”

“You mean you aren’t going to turn me in?” Tir asked, not daring to believe it to be true.

The man sighed, looking down at the boy who was so full of questions, yet undeniably beautiful.

“No, Ebony has taken a liking to you, and would be most angry with me if I did. I will not hinder you from seeing her, but hear me little one, neither will I help you. I hold no sway over the King when it comes to the palace harem. If you are caught you will face stern punishment that I will not save you from. Neither the King, nor Esper, takes kindly to the harem boys having a will of their own. If they discover not only your disobedience but your interest in anything other then pleasuring your patron, you will be treated harshly. Remember that before you come here again, little harem boy.” The man said with a deep frown, the first one he had truly seen on the man.

“I am Tir,”

“And I am Drake, but you are nothing more than a little harem boy to me. Now go, the healer will be here shortly and he will not hesitate to turn you in,” Drake said sternly.

“Wait, a healer? Is she ok? Please tell me.” Tir asked, forgetting that he might be caught in his fear that something was wrong with Ebony.

“No, she is fine. It is time for her to mate is all, now go, little one,” said Drake, his face softening again when he saw the fear written in the boy’s elflike face. “Now go”

Tir gave one last, longing look at the dragon and a quick bow to Drake before slipping outside of the doors. He quietly snuck back through the long, empty walkways to his hole. It wasn’t long before he was once again sitting down on the bench by the dragon statue. He could have never guessed that the dragon up close would be so amazing, beautiful and kind. Despite her large size, extremely long claws, and huge fangs Tir had not been afraid at all of Ebony. Both her and the handsome man seemed to have an aura around them that put Tir at ease, even though he should have been scared out of his mind. He wondered why the man had truly let him go. It seemed odd that the man had let him go and even implied that Tir could come and see Ebony again if he dared to escape the gardens.

Drake had said that Ebony liked him, and just thinking about it made him smile again in happiness. Tir had to wonder if Ebony was the only one to like Tir. Drake had been an exceptionally handsome man, certainly one the best looking men he had seen since coming to Terma. The only man that could rival Drake had been the Baron in sheer physical beauty. Tir had to admit he would be hard pressed to pick between them; he had to wonder if the dragons picked their partners based on looks. Both men intrigued Tir and aroused him, and he hoped that he would have a chance to encounter both of them.

Looking up at the sky Tir realized that he still had hours to go before the bell would sound, calling the boys inside. He had only been away for a couple of hours and he realized that tomorrow if he went back he might be able to spend even more time with Ebony, and maybe even the friendly Drake. The prospect excited Tir; he looked forward to seeing the dragon again, but he also found himself hoping that he might see Drake again and ask him the million questions that filled his mind. Sighing, he wished that the day was over so the next one could begin.


Tir was woken late in the night by a light slap to his face. His eyes opened instantly to see a large figure hovering over him.

“Come on, the King is calling for you, although I don’t know why,” hissed Esper’s high-pitched voice.

Tir blinked and sat up as Esper pulled impatiently at his arm. Tir got up and followed Esper into the bath hall, where three attendants rushed around him, clothing him and reapplying his smeared makeup. Esper glared at him the entire time, anger apparent in his pig-like eyes. Once the attendants were finished, Esper grabbed his arm again, pushing him through the doors without comment.

Before long, Tir found himself once again ushered into the King’s chamber. Once inside, Esper was dismissed immediately, but not before Tir saw the malevolent glare come from his eyes as he turned to leave. The King sat on the divine, watching Tir, making no comment. Tir looked back, unsure of what to do and still slightly sleepy. He was rather unenthusiastic about being called out of bed so late at night, and knew that this would anger the other harem boys. He wished for once the King would call on one of them instead of him, especially now when he wanted no trouble to interfere with him sneaking out of the gardens during the day. He enjoyed having sex with the King, for despite his age he was still slightly attractive, more so than any of the other council members that called on Tir’s services. Still, the King’s continued fascination with Tir and no other harem boys just lead to problems for him.

Tir couldn’t help but yawn, and as he did he heard a low chuckle come from off to the right. Looking, Tir’s eyes widened in surprise to see the blonde Baron come into the room from one of the doors off to the right, leading into yet another room of the King’s suite.

“It seems your harem boy is a little tired, your Majesty, maybe we should do something to wake him up?”

“By all means Baron,” the King said lazily, shifting slightly on the divine.

“I thought you were not to be back for another week,” Tir said without thinking as the man walked over to him, his eye glittering. Tir couldn’t help but step back at the almost predatory look in the man’s eyes, now fully wide awake.

“Already being naughty, are we?” the Baron purred softly as he approached, lightly reaching out to touch Tir’s check.

Tir felt the stirring of lust at the simple touch, despite his growing fear of what the man had in store for him. The look in his eyes was much the same as the King’s when he looked into Tir’s tear-filled eyes as he took him the last time. Tir couldn’t help but tremble a little in fear. He was confused by the mixture of fear and lust that the man could produce in him, the only thing he knew was that he wanted to get away from this intimidating man. He tried to turn and run, but before he could even take one step the Baron had firmly captured his arm in a tight grip, chuckling.

“This one is definitely different from your other play toys.”

“Yes,” said the King, frowning slightly. “I have thought about getting rid of him countless times, but then those eyes come to my mind and I reconsider.”

“You really shouldn’t get rid of him, Your Majesty. His defiance is really quite lovely.”

The King snorted at that, unconvinced of the Baron’s words. Getting up he went to retrieve some thin, red, silk ties from one of the small chests next to his bed. He walked over to the Baron and looked down at Tir, a slight smile on his thin lips.

“I like my bed slaves obedient and submissive Baron, but I can see the appeal of this boy. Here, I took the liberty of getting these for when you returned. I thought you might be interested in them,” the King said, handing the ties over to the Baron. Tir’s eyes widened as the Baron grinned and began to pull Tir into the next room, where a large four post bed stood. Before Tir knew what was happening he found his arms tied firmly to one of the posts of the enormous bed. The Baron admired the slender youth squirming in the bed, his eyes wide with fear, but what interested him even more was the very obvious arousal of the boy that could clearly be seen through the wispy cloth of his wrap.

“I think your harem boy is enjoying this,” observed the Baron as he touched Tir through the cloth to feel the twitching member.

The King grinned, leaning down, and after removing Tir’s wrap blew softly across the boy’s twitching member causing Tir to inadvertently moan softly.

“Yes, I think you are right. Let’s see what else he likes,” the King said, quite pleased with Tir.

The Baron took off his thin belt with a wicked grin. He flipped Tir over on his stomach and, after gazing at the squirming boy began to apply the thin belt to the nicely exposed behind.

The King watched avidly as Tir bucked beneath the Baron, who had straddled the boy’s legs, effectively pinning him as the Baron reigned down blows on the quickly reddening ass.

The Baron, shirtless, his fair skin glowing with a thin sheen of sweat as he continued to strap Tir, enjoying the pleas coming from the boy. He was not putting his full strength into the blows, not wanting to truly injure Tir as much as he wanted to enjoy the nicely reddening glow coming to the boy’s fair skin and hearing his teary cries.

When Tir’s cries began to come high pitched even for the boy’s light voice, the Baron stopped, only then did he notice the King on the bed, his robe open, exposing his organ, engorged and twitching from the show that he had just witnessed.

As the Baron untied the still crying Tir, the King untied the Baron’s black pants free from his sizable erection, which the King wasted no time in swallowing all the way to the base. When released, Tir, without prompting, crawled under the King to service the lust filled man. It didn’t take much to bring the overly excited King to his release. He let go of the Baron as the pleasure of Tir’s hot mouth brought him to bliss.

The King moved out of Tir’s hot, sucking mouth and positioned him on his knees. Before Tir could register what was happening he felt two wiggling tongues attack his most sensitive regions. The Baron’s hot tongue worked on his back passage as the King’s tongue traced the contours of Tir’s now engorged head.

Tir voiced his delight at the two men’s enthusiastic explorations. He was slightly confused as the throbbing of his inflamed ass added yet another sense of twisted pleasure as the two men worked him.

“Fuck me now. Please yes that’s it. Now,” Tir commanded, lost within the multiple pleasures and pains coursing through his inflamed body.

“Is this what you want?” the Baron teased, running his hard erection across Tir’s exposed portal, enjoying the boy’s pleading voice.

“Yes, Oh yes. Put it in me hard and fast, ” Tir begged, wanted to be filled by the blonde man despite what he had just done to him.

The Baron chuckled at the boy’s obvious lust and complied with the boy’s wishes. He plunged into the boy’s tight, hot depth with one hard thrust as Tir’s cry of pleasure and pain echoed though the room. The Baron grabbed Tir’s narrow waist, pulling the boy towards him as he slammed forward forcefully, taking the boy. The King came out from underneath the boy to watch the Baron in action.

Before long the King was again hard at the enticing view of the powerful Baron taking the small harem boy, and the mingling sex cries of both men. The King placed himself in front of Tir and the boy quickly began to suck on the offered organ as the Baron continued to enjoy his hot embrace.

Soon the room was filled with the three men’s cries and moans of passion, each one lost within the pleasures of their bodies. Tir could no longer contain himself as the Baron continued to grin into him, hitting just enough so he couldn’t control his passion any longer and spraying his seed across the King’s bed, bucking back against the Baron. The wild cries and movements of the boy totally undid the Baron and the King as both men emptied themselves into the little harem boy.

For awhile, none of the men said anything as they enjoyed the post-coital bliss. Tir was amazed at the amount of pleasure both men had provided for him. Tir had found it curious that even though the strapping had been painful it also had excited him, somewhat.

It wasn’t long before Tir drifted off to sleep, unable to stay awake after such an eventful day. He later awoke to find himself once again back in his own bed. Fuzzily, he tried to make sense of him being in his bed and not in the King’s chambers, wondering for a minute if it had all been a dream. He quickly realized that his ass hurt too much for it to have been a dream, and he realized the King must have had someone carry him back to his bed.

Sitting up, he looked around to realize that it was day and that the harem was empty, meaning he had missed his chance to go to the gardens and his chance to sneak away to see Ebony. Frowning, he cursed his luck because not only had he missed his chance to see the dragon, but his bottom was hurting rather fiercely. Now that he wasn’t having sex the pain of his punishment hit him at full force and he wondered how he could have taken any pleasure from the punishment the day before. Stiffly standing up he headed for the bath hall, where two attendants rushed to his side.

Before long he was soaking in the bath. After the initial shock of the water on his punished flesh it began to feel good. Eventually, he got out and was surprised when he was led over to a table, and cool, numbing liquid was applied to his injuries. All of the attendants had left, and only one young eunuch named Simeon remained. Simeon was a quiet man that never said anything, but had always been gentle and caring to all of the boy’s in the harem.

Simeon was a beautiful man with golden locks of curly hair and almond colored eyes that held only gentleness. He had once served in the harem, but when he had fallen and broken his nose his beauty had been affected. He had chosen to become a eunuch rather than a house slave, something Tir could never imagine. Tir was always delighted when Simeon was the one to take care of him, knowing that unlike some of the other eunuchs Simeon would always be kind to him.

When Tir was finally clean and dressed, Simeon produced a silver and gold anklet that matched the one around Tir’s neck. Tir looked at it in confusion for a moment as Simeon locked it around his ankle.

“The King sent this for you, and orders that you were to be treated with care for you are one of his favorites. He is well pleased with you. Esper now has to be careful about what he does to you now. Whatever happened last night has brought you some protection inside of the harem. Most of the other boys will not bother you after seeing what condition a favorite boy comes back to the harem like; most of the others would avoid it.” Simeon said quietly to Tir. It was the most Tir had ever heard the quiet man say.

Before Tir could say anything, Simeon disappeared, leaving the boy standing in confusion at the turn of events.

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