School of Lust

The School of Lust
You can find other hot smutty stories by other authors in the School of Lust at Arrinfantsy. 

Turning the Tables on Professor Kelly 
added 3/22/09
Warnings: Yaoi, Whipping, Adult Language, Lemon (Graphic Sex), Rimming (Analingis), Oral Sex, Anal Sex
The angelic looking Professor Allen Kelly is far from being an angel with strict rules of conduct and black riding crop to enforce his rules, yet Jared isn’t dissuaded by that fact. He is about to teach his teacher what it feels like to be on the receiving end of his little toy.

Beta reader: ladykryyn
Warnings: Yaoi, voyager, masturbation, incest
added 3/22/09
Richard and Gregory are brothers that fight over everything including men. Yet when Richard follows his brother to find out whether or not he has won the heart of their recent target he finds something else about his brother that is far more intriguing.

Beta reader: ladykryyn
Warnings: Yaoi, Adult Language, graphic sex, oral, anal, incest, double penetration, wax play
added 3/22/09
Gregory is overjoyed when he finds a valentine’s day card in his locker from Eiri. He is delighted by the invitation by the artist and thrilled he had won out over his brother once again. Yet things are far from what he thinks when he sees Eiri’s latest masterpiece complete with a moonlight beach and his brother’s cock buried deep inside of him.

The Science Department

Beta reader: ladykryyn
Warnings: Yaoi, spanking, anal, oral
added 6/01/09
Josh is in trouble, if he doesn’t pass his chemistry final he will be suspended from the Baseball team. His fate now lays in the anti-social nerd from his chemistry class who wants a good fuck for his tutoring yet Josh doesn’t realize there is more to this nerd than meets the eye.
Tutor Training
Beta reader: llyzsm2
Warnings: Yaoi, spanking, anal, oral, voyager, masturbation,toys
added 6/01/09
Josh has achieve his goal of passing his chemistry test and is looking forward to claiming his prize. To his surprise their chemistry teacher isn’t as happy with his less than perfect score.

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