A Warrior’s Pride

Beta reader: ladykryyn
Warnings:m/m, Adult Language, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, bondage

Chapter 1 Fallen Warrior added 9/26/08
Ari, the White Demon of the Iolair and the leader of his people is prepared to die in glorious battle to prove his honor as a warrior. Nighteagle leader of the Horse Lords plans on destroying the legendary Iolair and prove the Horse Clan’s prowess in battle yet the White Demon was more than he was expecting.

Chapter 2 A Warrior’s Oath added 9/26/08
Nighteagle is the enemy yet he is something more. The save the last of the Iolair, Ari finds himself bound to the man forsaking his warrior’s pride.

Chapter 3 Captive Warrior added 10/4/08
Ari now travels with the Horse Lords as Nighteagle’s captive but the more time he spends with his enemy the more he wonders what the man truly is to him.

Chapter 4 A Warrior’s Place added 11/4/08
Despite being a captive Ari is still a warrior, he longs for battle. Nighteagle offers him a chance to fight again with the Horse Lords. The offer brings Ari closer to understanding his own feeling about Nighteagle yet the taboo against such feelings still holds them apart

Chapter 5 A Warrior’s Freedom added 11/5/08
Ari still refuses to offer Nighteagle what he truly desires and so the man agrees to fight the White Demon again for his freedom.


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