Vampire Wings

Beta reader: ladykryyn and Kareabookworm
Warnings: Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Yaoi

This story is based rather loosly around the lyrics of the following song
Lyrics: Sakurai Atsushi
Music: Hoshino Hidehiko

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added 3/17/09
A mistaken encounter will change the live of vampire and rash youth, leading both of them down a path of destruction.

Chapter 1 The Wildcat
added 3/17/09
Dillon awakens in a hospital with no confusing memories of what has happened to him. A chance offer from a former client will lead him to a new unexpected job as a model, yet he is uncertain of the artist and his drive at acquiring Dillon.

Chapter 2 Aziral
added 3/28/09
Dillon has completed his modeling job with Brian but he is soon to discover Brian’s mentor is someone he already knows.

Chapter 3 Unbalanced
added 3/30/09
Dillon and Aziral have begun a life together yet Dillon is ill at ease with the direction his new life has taken.

Chapter 4 Wings
added 3/30/09
Aziral decides to do the unthinkable as guilt and sadness overtake him.

Side Story All I Need is You
added 12/25/13
Wildcat is now a vampire but his Master is sad, what will the newly made vampire do when he Master asks for death.

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