Chapter 9 The Heart of a Pet

“Here, this is my room,” Riva said as the door slid open and he walked in.

When Riva turned he was unsurprised to find his brother burying himself into his arms yet again. Closing his eyes he sighed softly knowing it was going to be a long emotional night for him. First he was going to have to calm Elwyn then he still had Toya to deal with. He hadn’t missed he flash of jealously and hurt in the gentle Blondie’s eyes when he carelessly mentioned pairing with Elwyn. His mind just wasn’t thinking clearly and as a result he added a seed of doubt in his self-conscious partner. He knew that getting his life back in some semblance of order was going to be harder than ever with Elwyn’s appearance.

“Riva what is going on? You paired with a Master! A Blondie!! And…and…!” Elwyn stuttered.

“Calm down, the world outside of the academy is different than what we were taught,” Riva said feeling a headache coming on. He let go of his brother and stepped away.

“I don’t understand, and Riva what has happened to you?” Elywn asked reaching out with a trembling hand to touch one of the scars running down his chest. “Did that Blondie…?”

“No,” Riva said more sharply than he intend as Elwyn flinch backing away.

“I know everything is confusing Elywn. There is so much we need to talk about including us but, my Master is waiting,” Riva said walking past Elwyn towards the door.

“I’m sorry, I don’t want you to get punished. It’s just …I don’t know….I thought you would be happy and proud to see me,” Elywn whimpered hurt and sadness in every line of his body and voice.

Riva stopped in front of the door and then turned away letting it slide shut again. He walked forward and wrapped his brother into his arms feeling the tension run out of Elwyn’s body as he sagged against him.

“You should go Riva, I don’t want you to get punished because of me,” Elywn cried against him, hot tears trailing down Riva’s naked chest.

“Toya would never beat me like that. If I stayed here all night I doubt he would even reprimand me,” Riva soothed although he knew he couldn’t stay much longer, just like Elwyn, Toya need him also.

“But those scars?”

“Were done by my former Master.”

“Why? You were the best of the best. There is no way you could have displeased a Master.”

“I didn’t. He just liked watching people suffer. Elwyn that is why I said I can’t protect you anymore. I can’t even protect myself,” Riva said bitterly.


“How did you pass the training? When I left it had all but been decided that you would become furniture,” Riva asked changing the subject.

“I pleaded for a second chance. Your auction price convinced them that they should try again. We share the same mother and I was able to convince them that I was willing to dedicated myself to my studies,” Elywn replied with a blush.

“You can’t seriously have thought we would meet again Elywn, not only that you haven’t seemed to changed that much in since I left the academy. You still blush and panic at the thoughts of pairing. I saw your eyes when Oki suggest you accompany him and Omaki,” Riva said more than a little suspicious of Elywn’s claim of passing the academy training.

“He’s a Blondie! They aren’t suppose to take us, how am I suppose to react?” Elywn said defensively.

“If you were truly a pet, excited, pleased, and most of all willing. I didn’t miss your reaction to my performance and yet you panicked like always when Oki suggested you pair with him and Omaki. Blondies are gorgeous beyond belief and I hate to admit it but Oki is the perfect image of a Blondie. No Elwyn you still don’t like pairing with strangers do you?” Riva said looking at Elywn seeing the truth in his brother’s face.

“I can do it brother. If I do it them we can see each other and maybe our Masters will let us pair,” Elywn said determinably.

“No, Elywn we will never pair again, I’m sorry,” Riva said stepping away from his brother.

“But, everyone wants us to pair! You were always used to train me, because everyone wanted to see the brothers together,” Elywn protested.

“I’m sure Oki would be eager but Toya would never allow it,” Riva replied looking at the stricken pale face and knew that hated what he must say next. “And Elywn neither would I.”

“Riva, you don’t mean that?” Elywn said in denial as he stepped forward to grab him.

“Yes, I do. Elywn I love you, you’re my baby brother, but I’m not your lover. As a pet I paired with you because it was required, because I believed I could help you over come your fears of sex. I didn’t realize my mistake until later. I wasn’t helping you Elwyn I was just giving you even more excuse to hide behind me and not face your life. Despite somehow getting yourself auctioned off you still are afraid of pairing aren’t you?” Riva asked in a quiet deep voice staring at his brother intently.

“Yes,” Elwyn said miserably.


“I found a way to hack into the academy system,” Elwyn said reluctantly.

“You little idiot. I should spank you within an inch of your life. Do you have any idea what would happen if you were caught?” Riva growled.

“It doesn’t matter. I want to see you again,” Elwyn shouted defiantly, anger flaring in his eyes.

Riva remained quiet staring at Elwyn unsurprised by his little brother. He looked so delicate and gentle, and he was, but once angered he found the courage he so often lacked most of the time. Mentally Riva groaned knowing that if he wasn’t careful Elwyn would follow down the same path he had when in the academy. He would cling to Riva looking for shelter and protection under his brother’s care remaining timid and frightened of everything around him. Privately he was astounded that Elwyn had found the courage to hack the system and be sold in the first place. He wished he could feel proud of him for it but he knew the only reason Elwyn had done it was so he could find his guardian and protector. So he could hide once again.

“It does matter Elwyn more than you think. What do you think will happen when you leave here tomorrow?”


“Yes, leave. You’re Oki’s pet and he doesn’t live here. Toya and Oki are friends but that doesn’t necessarily mean we will see each other. Not only that how long will Oki keep you? A year? Maybe two if you please him? Then what little brother? You will be sold and probably never see me again but you will still be a pet. Oki and other Masters will have you pair and I can guarantee it will not be with me. Maybe if you are lucky it might be someone you know from the academy but then again maybe not,” Riva said relentlessly trying to make his brother understand one thing, that Riva couldn’t fix things for him anymore.

Riva could see it in Elwyn’s strikened face he had expected his brother to preform a miracle and save him. Unfortunately Riva had performed a miracle by saving him from Elric’s friends and now he was fresh out of them. Elwyn had always looked for Riva to shelter him and protect him, even now. It was Riva who quietly and effectively silenced the other pets at the academy who thought it was great sport to tease and torment his brother. It was Riva who interceded between the trainers and Elwyn to approve a more gentler slower paced training for the timid pet. It was Riva’s skill in their pairings that was able to mask his brother’s half-hearted sex. But most of all it was Riva who held the sobbing pet at the end of a hard lesson and soothed him.

He loved his timid shy brother and had tried to protect him through everything and a big part of him was pulling at him to do it again. He hated looking at the pale sad face and knowing he was the cause of it, yet he knew he had to do this. He couldn’t shield his brother anymore, Elric had shown him that stark truth of the world outside of the sheltering walls of the academy. Despite his own amazing circumstances he doubted that Elwyn would be as lucky.

“What am I supposed to do then?! What do you want me to do?” Elwyn shouted.

“I don’t know, that is going to be up to you Elwyn and perhaps Oki,” Riva answered.

“Could you talk to him for me. It seems like he listens to you,” Elwyn asked weakly losing some of his anger.

“No, Elwyn this is a problem that you are going to have to solve yourself. I’m going to have enough trouble dealing with today’s events with my own Master,” Riva replied firmly.

“You never did explain, what was going on.”

“I wouldn’t even know where to begin, and I need to go Elwyn.”

Riva could see the disappointment in Elwyn’s eyes and the fear. He felt himself weakening but a picture of Toya’s face flashed before his eyes reminding him of the Blondie who was surely worrying about him. He could just imagine all the thoughts going through Toya’s head as he waited for Riva to return.

“In a week or two I will ask Oki if we can spend sometime together, but remember that your behavior will undoubtably factor into his answer,” Riva relented unable to leave Elwyn without anything to look forward to. He knew he shouldn’t encourage his behavior but looking at the tears now leaking from his little brother he couldn’t remain firm.

Riva quickly left the room before Elwyn could stop him and leaned against the hallway staring at the closed door. He had no idea what was going to happen to his brother now. He couldn’t even guess what Oki would do when he found out Elwyn was far from the A-class pet he thought he was. He was positive that at least Oki wouldn’t beat his brother and he was sure at least for a while he wouldn’t be sold. The only thing was eventually Elwyn would have to learn or he would get a Master who wasn’t as kind or understanding as Oki.

Riva felt the pounding in his head increase as he closed his eyes. He wasn’t looking forward to going into Toya’s room right now. He certain that his Master would be upset on a number of different fronts and he wasn’t sure if he was really ready to deal with them, or more accuracy he was afraid he screw up again. Still he knew that the longer he stood leaning against the wall the more upset Toya would be.

Pushing himself off the wall he enter Toya’s room to stand in shock at what he saw. Toya sat in the straight backed chair in the corner of the room dressed in his usual light blue dressing robe. What surprised Riva was the bottle of import Alpha-Zen brandy known for it’s sweet taste and potency. Never in the entire time Riva had lived with Toya had he ever seen the Blondie drink even a light wine let alone hard liquor. Riva approached Toya slowly as the Blondie avoided his gaze. He had no idea what sort of reaction to expect from his Master now. It was obvious by the bottles contents he hadn’t drank a lot but for a man who never drank the liquor must be burning through his blood.

“Leave, I don’t want you here tonight,” Toya said in neutral even voice as he stared at the empty glass in his hand.

“No, I can’t leave you like this when I know it is my fault,” Riva replied.

“I’m your Master and I told you to leave,” Toya growled looking up anger and pain on his face.

“No, we need to talk about this,” Riva said softly reaching out to put his hand soothingly on Toya’s head, only for the man to move his head away.

“Just get out,” Toya miserably as he reached for the bottle on the small table next to him.

“Stop it,” Riva said gently reaching out and firmly grabbing Toya’s wrist.

“Why, can’t you just leave me alone. I don’t want to see you or touch you right now,” Toya cried the anger in his face disappearing as sadness totally filled it.

“Just go back to your brother,” Toya whispered closing his eyes.

Riva looked at his Master and sighed feeling knives of pain stab at his head. He took away Toya’s empty glass and then pulled the man to his feet to sit down in the chair and drag his Master into his lap. He wrapped his arms around Toya as the Blondie tried to struggle weakly. Riva kept a firm hold on him until Toya finally sagged against him.

“I hate you,” Toya mumbled.


“That is to bad because I love you,” Riva answered stroking the soft blonde hair.

“No you don’t. You forced me to have sex in front of my friends. And Elwyn…” Toya said miserably.

“Is my little brother who I have always loved and protected, but is nothing more than that,” Riva continued.

“You said you paired with him,” Toya accused softly his soft blue eyes looking at him pleading for a lie.

“I have paired with many, I’m a pet Toya. It is what I was trained to do, and everyone wanted to see the two brothers pair,” Riva explained.

Toya remained silent but Riva could tell there was something going on inside the man’s mind. Toya’s whole body language portrayed his discontent and Riva knew that his words had yet to sooth his Master.

“Toya my relationship with Elwyn has changed nothing except how you see me. I’m the same man that I was when we woke up this morning, my feelings for you are unchanged. Have your feeling for me change because you now know that I have a brother? Do you hate me now?” Riva asked trying a different tactic.

“Of course not! But I’m just a replacement for your brother that you don’t need anymore,” Toya’s words tumbled out quickly as he looked up at Riva looking for confirmation in the pet’s face.

“Is that what’s truly bothering you? Why would you even think that?” Riva asked pulling his Master closer to him.

“Toya, if you don’t tell me how can I know what you are thinking?” Riva asked when his Master remained quiet.

“You said I’m just like him,” Toya whispered.

“You are in someways but that doesn’t mean that you are him, or even that you could replace him. Toya you and Elwyn are two different people who mean different things to me. Both of you are irreplaceable, to me. You have qualities in you that do remind me of Elwyn but honestly I have never looked at you and thought about him once until we performed,” Riva answered looking at Toya who at least seemed to be listening to him.

“Despite your embarrassment at what we did tonight, a part of you enjoyed it. Right? Unlike Elwyn you have a deep hidden passion Toya, you love sex. Your embarrassment of your first and only performance reminded me slightly of Elwyn when he performs, but unlike you Elwyn doesn’t love sex,” Riva continued.

“But he is a pet,” Toya said surprised.

“He really shouldn’t be, he is timid and afraid of performing. The only time he enjoys sex is when it is with someone he knows and is comfortable with, and still he is like a virgin each time. For a pet this is a fatal flaw,” Riva explained closing his eyes as he felt his headache worsen.

Toya looked up at his pet surprised to see his forehead wrinkled and his eyes shut tight. He instantly knew that something besides their argument was affecting his pet. It was obvious that Riva was in pain and Toya quickly forgot about their argument as concern for the pet flowed through him.

“Riva, what’s wrong?”

“Just a headache, to much excitement for one day. Don’t worry about it,” Riva answered with a slight smile as he opened his eyes.

“Let go,” Toya commanded.


“Please, I promise to come back.”

Riva released him as he quickly left retrieving an O-3 and a glass of water for his pet. Riva looked surprised for a moment before accepting the offered relief. Toya watched his pet feeling very confused. He loved Riva and didn’t want to lose him. Even if he owned the pet it didn’t mean that he own Riva’s heart. He didn’t want Riva to look at anyone else but him. Yet his brother was a mystery to Toya. Despite his pet’s reassurances he couldn’t help but feel jealously of Elwyn. Without hesitation Riva had offered up Toya as payment for his brother and the sting of Riva’s words during their performance still remained.

“Get undressed and lay down on the bed, I’ll give you a massage,” Toya said quietly Despite his confusing feelings he still was unwilling to see his pet suffer.

The relief in Riva’s face at such a small offering of peace took Toya aback as the pet stripped off his pants and laid down face down on the bed. Toya grabbed a small bottle of oil that he keep near the bed for such purposes. He had spent many hours soothing tired muscles on his pet after he had worked out. He had been surprised at how enjoyable it was to knead Riva’s muscles feeling the slick warm skin under his hands. Under Riva’s guidance he quickly learned just exactly how to release all the tension in his pet’s body and had found that he had a natural talent for it.

Disrobing he climbed on the bed and straddled his pet. He barely touched his pet and could feel the tension in his muscular back. He gathered up the mass of blood red hair and moved it off the side exposing the golden skin for his work. Toya warmed the oil in hands then began by simply stroking the scared back.

“How long have you been feeling like this?” Toya asked quietly.

“After the performance,” Riva sighed.

Toya began working on Riva’s shoulders that were hard and tight. He could hear the unhappiness in his pet’s voice, now that he had calmed down a little. He disliked hearing the strong confidant pet seem so depressed and wondered again what was between the two brothers.

“You don’t seem to be happy to see your brother?” Toya observed as he worked.

“I love him but I just didn’t expect to see him. I never was very good at being a pet and when I was auctioned off it had almost been decided to make him furniture,” Riva replied.

“Then how…?”

“The little fool hacked the academy system, and got himself sold,” Riva snorted.

“Is that even possible, surly his trainers would have put a stop to it,” Toya asked.

“Probably not, I’m not for sure how he did it but my guess would be that he waited until the decision had been made about his status then he hacked the system and changed it. The trainers have nothing to do with a pet after they file their recommendations on a pet’s status. Auctioning, reconditioning, disposal are handle by a different set of people,” Riva explained.

“Elwyn lives in his dreams, and he wasn’t thinking clearly when he did it. He believed as long as he found me I could protect him and fix everything for him like I did at the academy. I can’t do that anymore,” Riva said the pain of his words echoing in Toya’s mind.

Toya remained quiet for a while as he worked thinking about his pet’s words. A piece of the puzzle had fallen into place for Toya. Now at least he knew why Riva had seemed so stern with his brother. Obviously Elwyn was exactly what he appeared and his timid behavior wasn’t an act to please his Master. He expected Riva to protect him and Riva felt that he couldn’t. Not only that, his pet was now being pulled between him and Elwyn. It wasn’t surprising that Riva was as tense as he was.

Still one thing bothered Toya and as he worked he couldn’t get it out of his mind. Riva had offered Toya’s body to Oki. Even if it was only to view he still had done something that this morning Toya would have bet his life Riva would have never done.

“Riva why did….Never mind,” Toya said finding that he was afraid to ask. It was better not to know.


“What is it. If you don’t ask then I can’t tell you,” Riva asked sleepily.

“It’s nothing,”Toya said. “Why don’t you sleep. It is the best thing to cure your headache.”

Toya felt Riva turn under him to look up at him. Riva’s forest green eyes holding his own as he stared up at him.

“No, you are the best cure for me,” Riva said reaching up to pull Toya down to him. “I love you, and want to only be with you, no matter what happens. Believe it and believe in yourself my beautiful Blondie Master.”

Toya gazed down at his pet for a moment feeling the sincerity of Riva’s emotions wash over him. Leaning down he kissed Riva gently his long silky hair falling around the two of them. He felt Riva’s hands move down his back slowly caressing him as their tongue entwined. When Toya finally broke their slow passionate kiss he found Riva panting as he looked up at him. Blushing under such a lascivious gaze Toya felt a jutting erection nestled behind him knowing exactly what his pet was thinking.

Despite the embarrassment of position he rose up slightly to slowly insert the tip of the leaking sex inside of him. He gasped in pleasure as he moved his hips slightly enjoying the angle of penetration he rarely felt. Toya felt large hands grip his hips as he looked down, his face reddening even more, as his pet’s gaze ravished him even more than the organ embedded in him. He seldom had seen such a look in his pet’s eyes as he shivered at such a seductive gaze.

Toya moved slowly at first enjoying the slowly building pleasure, as his pet watched him avidly. He quickened his pace arching his back as he felt Riva’s hands move to his own aching organ. As the rhythm of his body became more and more erratic, he felt Riva’s stroking hand increase in speed and pressure. Moaning in desire he felt himself erupt spilling a copious amount liquid on to his partner’s hand and chest even as his whole body tensed. Looking down at his pet his silver eyes glowing he heard Riva lose control of his ascent spilling himself into Toya’s willing body.

Toya watched his pet panting underneath him his whole body limp with the force of his orgasm and smiled softly. If nothing else Riva was right about one thing Toya had to admit no matter how embarrassing, he did love sex, especially with his strange complicated pet.



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