Chapter 9 Feras’s Request

Tir awoke to find himself buried in Drake’s chest, one large arm draped over him. He could feel Baron’s warm back pressed against his own and felt surprisingly content. He found himself wide awake despite the still luminescent moon overhead. Laying quietly, his mind turned over the previous day’s events slowly.

His mind winced away from the terror of his punishment at Esper’s hands. Despite the wounds being miraculously healed, he could still remember the agonizing pain of the whip. Esper’s little black eyes boring into him as he laughed in pleasure at his screams still haunted him. He felt his body shudder and the arm around him suddenly pulled him closer. Looking up into Drake’s face it was obvious the man still slept, but must have instinctively responded to Tir’s own body.

Pushing the thoughts out of his mind not wanting to work himself up his thoughts instantly turned to the dragons. He couldn’t believe he had heard and felt them in his mind and couldn’t help but think it must have been his imagination.

“No little one, it wasn’t your imagination,” came a soft, pebbly voice in his mind. Tir felt his body stiffening in surprise. “Don’t get up, you will just wake everyone. Ebony sleeps as well.”

Tir lay quietly, wondering if the dragon could read his thoughts, and blushed a little considering what he had been thinking about only a few short hours ago. He had been extremely turned on by the thoughts of the two dragons watching him with Drake and Marek and couldn’t help be embarrassed.

A soft, dry laugh echoed in his mind. “Yes I can hear your thoughts when you don’t shield them from me. You don’t have to speak aloud, just think what you want to say to me. You three did give us an interesting show, but unlike humans we only feel lust during mating. ”

Tir felt his whole face burn with embarrassment as he buried his face into Drake’s muscular chest, although his curiosity was already working in overdrive. “Why can I hear you?”

“That is a complicated question. We are only able to communicate with the ones we bond with, but Ebony and I did something that normally isn’t done. We used our powers to heal you, forming a connection between the three of us. It couldn’t have been done without Drake’s unique ability to funnel magical powers, so it has never been tried before,” Feras’s explained.

“I really don’t understand magic, or dragons, so I guess it makes sense, but why have you two not said anything to Drake and Marek?” Tir said hesitantly.

“Because we want your help.”

“Me!” squeaked Tir aloud as Marek mumbled, turning in his sleep to curl around Tir.

“Yes, you. Ebony has decided she wants me as her permanent mate, but Drake and Marek don’t get along well. Neither of us wants our riders to be fighting, it would be best if they actually got along; after all, they are our other halves. You Tir, are the bridge between two very different men. They both love you in their own way,” Feras’s voice echoed through the stunned boy’s mind.


“In their own way, yes. What we want of you isn’t an easy thing, young one. It is very possible they could quarrel over you since both have very different views on relationships. We want you to try to bring them together,” Feras said quietly in his mind. “Although you haven’t shown us all of your thoughts, Ebony is sure that you carry feelings for both of our riders.”

Tir’s mind whirled at Feras’s unexpected request. He wasn’t even totally sure what he felt for the two men laying so close to him. He wasn’t even sure what love was. He loved his mother and brothers, but that was different from the love Feras talked about.

His feeling where so mixed, and almost incomprehensible when it came to Marek. He had not even come to terms with his own complex feelings with the discipline that the Baron applied to him, let alone the man who sparked the confounding emotions. Only recently had he begun to see a kinder, more caring side to the man.

As for Drake it was even harder now that the man had revealed his true identity. He was the crown prince who would one day rule this county. Tir was only a slave now, how could he ever love a man so far above him? How could Drake ever love him?

“Calm down little one,” Feras’s dry voice cut through his fury of thoughts. “It is very disconcerting to hear all of those thoughts come at me in a tangle. Picture a wall.”

“A wall?” Tir said blankly.

“Yes picture a wall in your mind, any type,” Feras said patiently.

Tir concentrated a moment, picturing the wall that ran around the gardens of the home he grew up in. Suddenly he couldn’t feel the presence of Feras anymore. Tir quickly realized what his mental picture had done as he erased the wall from his mind.

“Very good. Now you know how to shield me from your thoughts,” Feras said with approval.

“But isn’t it kind of hard to think of a wall and think of other things?” Tir asked, his brow furrowing.

“It just takes practice, although most of the time riders don’t shield their thoughts from their dragons.”

“So you don’t shield your thoughts from Marek?” Tir asked surprised.

“Marek can’t read my mind, nor can any rider. It is a gift that is only found within dragon’s blood. Humans who bond with us have the ability to share some of our power, but it is limited and varies from person to person. But we can talk of that another time, the sun will rise soon,” Feras said.

Shielded by the two large men on either side, Tir had trouble seeing anything but was unsurprised that dawn was approaching. He felt Drake stir next to him a little and knew that the man would soon be awake. He felt colored patterns enter his mind and realized that Ebony had awakened. The soft pastel pinks and yellows were blending in his mind, and he felt a huge feeling that could almost be a yawn reverberate through the gliding colors.

Without any thought he sent his feelings of contentment and happiness at her unique greeting out to her. He quickly felt surprise and then the colors change to a brighter yellow and blue as he felt her return his feelings.

“You catch on quick boy,” Feras said. “Ebony you will not be able to shield out. Her mind link deals with emotions and they are the most primitive part of you.”

“Oh, does that mean she can’t talk?” Tir said, slightly disappointed.

“She can talk, just not with humans. You will find she can express herself very well with emotions,” Feras said wryly.

“You’re awake.”

Startled Tir looked up to see Drake looking sleepily down at him, and the large man blinked. He couldn’t help but smile at the sleepy-eyed look still on the man’s face as he sat up on the bed. He heard Marek groan behind him as he stirred as well.

“It’s way too early to be up. Don’t tell me you’re like my confounded dragon, always up before the sun,” Marek growled as he pulled Tir close to him.

“Of course. Why waste the day sleeping?” Drake said stretching a little, turning to look at the Baron snuggled up to Tir in the bed.

“Come on Tir let’s go get cleaned up,” Drake said with a smile.

“Why doesn’t he just stay here and sleep for a while? You have to fly patrol today anyway,” Marek said with a yawn.

“He’s been awake even before me, I doubt he wants to lay awake in bed with you,” Drake retorted, bending to pick up his discarded clothes.

“Maybe he does,” Marek said, his hand gliding up Tir’s chest, bringing a shiver to the boy.

Tir listened to the two, remembering Feras’s words he frowned for a moment.

“Why don’t we all go together?” Tir asked hesitantly, wriggling around to face the Baron in his rather tight embrace. Tir looked up into the emerald eyes, trying to persuade the man without any words. “Please?”

Marek sighed, looking down into the pleading wide eyes and let go of the boy. Without another word he got up and began to dress as Tir crawled out of the bed with relief. It wasn’t long before all three of them were walking into the palace hallways toward the direction of the King’s set of rooms. Walking past the door that Tir had entered countless times they soon arrived at Drake’s set of rooms.

“Come on, Father will not be up for a few hours so the King’s bath hall should be open,” Drake said, strolling through a wide door connecting his set of rooms to the shared bathing room of the royal family.

Tir gazed around in wonder at the large, sunken marble pool of water big enough to hold at least ten people, complete with a splashing little waterfall. Green vine plants grew along the walls and small containers of flowering plants created a wonderful aroma surrounding the humid room.

Five bathing slaves glided a crossed the white marble tiled floor to take their clothes and help them into the bath. Three slim female slaves joined them, helping them to wash. Tir looked at the dusky brown skinned girl with short black hair and a curvy body come at him with wide eyes, and he backed away right into the waterfall.

Both Marek and Drake laughed as Tir was quickly soaked by the warm spray of water. He quickly came out of the waterfall, his hair plastered to his very red face.

“Enough, leave us. Retrieve clothes for the Baron and bring all of the clothes for Tir to my room.” Drake said, humor still evident in his deep voice.

The girls quickly got out of the pool as the others hurried out of the room to obey Drake’s command. It wasn’t long before all of the slaves had exited the room, much to Tir’s relief.

“I take it you’re not into girls,” Marek asked lazily, leaning against the wall of the pool a little ways away from Drake.

“I have never been around them much,” Tir stammered, looking down, his face still very red.

“What about the girls in the harem?” Marek asked.

“Enough Marek, don’t tease him any more,” Drake said, leaning back and closing his eyes in contentment.

All three of them remained quiet for a while as they relaxed in the warm waters. As Tir’s embarrassment faded he began to wonder exactly what was going to happen to him. If he wasn’t to serve in the harem anymore he wondered what he was going to do now. His curiosity had distracted him the day before, and he really hadn’t found out what was to become of him.

“Drake, what is going to happen to me?” Tir asked hesitantly.

Drake opened his eyes and looked at the tense boy in front of him. “What do you mean? Nothing is going to happen to you. You aren’t in trouble or anything,”

“I think he means what is he going to do now that he isn’t in the harem,” Marek said lazily, his eyes still closed.

Tir nodded, looking between the two riders.

“What do you want to do Tir? What did you want to do before your mother died and your life was altered?” Drake asked, looking at Tir with gentle eyes that soothed the young boy.

“I wanted to be a scholar. I wanted to study, but Father said that was a nobleman’s occupation and that the family couldn’t afford it,” Tir said quietly.

“Well then, become a scholar if you wish. I think with your curiosity you would be well suited for such an occupation,” Drake said, closing his eyes again.

Marek snorted, “Yeah, that curiosity is bigger than the boy himself.”

“But I’m a slave. I couldn’t. . .”

Both men opened their eyes and looked at Tir, stopping him from saying any more as the boy shifted uncomfortably in the warm waters.

“Tir you aren’t a slave anymore. If you want we will arrange for you to go back to Recura. That is, if you really wanted to,” Drake said soothingly.

“I don’t want to go home. I want to stay with Ebony and Feras and you two, but why have you freed me? ” Tir said instantly, without any hesitation, although still confused about his place now.

“Idiot,” Marek snorted. “I told you yesterday didn’t I? You’re Tristan’s bastard. I didn’t talk to the man that much when he was here but it was obvious that he had a lot of pride. If he knew that we were knowingly keeping you as a slave,” Marek shrugged closing his eyes again, leaving the rest unsaid.

“It isn’t only that Tir, Ebony and Feras both have taken an interest in you, something that has never happened before. If you would like I will arrange for a set of rooms for you in the palace, but I think both dragons would prefer it if you stayed with them,” Drake said, drifting over to the boy in the water to look down at him.

“I would like to stay with them as well,” Tir said, smiling up at the man, very conscious of their naked state. Tir couldn’t help but reach out to touch the wet, glistening bronze skin lightly.

“Good. I don’t have all the answers right now Tir. Let’s just take some time and find out where all this leads,” Drake said, taking the boy’s hand in his own.

“Yeah, let’s get those eggs laid and hatched first, then straighten everything else out,” Marek said, getting out of the pool. “Don’t you fly patrol for the city today?”

Drake turned to the beautiful blonde now drying off with a small smile before leaning down to kiss Tir. The young boy instantly leaned into the man, eager for his soft touch and already more than a little turned on by both naked men.

“I take that as a no?” Marek said archly.

Drake released Tir and climbed out of the pool, leaving the very aroused and somewhat disappointed boy in the warm waters. Drake grabbed a towel and began to dry off his tawny skin and black hair. Tir couldn’t help but watch both men, amazed at their very different yet equally attractive bodies. It was hard to believe that both of these powerful, sexy men had feelings for him.

“Come on Tir, you’re going to wrinkle if you stay in there much more,” Marek said, turning to the boy.

Tir shifted a little in the water, knowing his very obvious arousal would be noticeable as soon as he got out of the water, yet he couldn’t stay in there forever either. Slowly he rose from the water as both men watched him. He could feel their eyes burning into him as he finally stood next to them. He looked up, embarrassed, to see Marek’s wicked eyes sparkling and Drake looking down him with a gentle smile. Tir had a feeling that both men were thinking about two very different things and unfortunately he didn’t know which one appealed to him more.

Both men glanced at each other before walking over to the young boy. Tir watched in hunger as Marek dropped down on to his knees in front of him, lightly skimming the surface of his member with a hot tongue, and Drake bent down to nip at his small nipple, bringing it to hardness. Tir gasped as he felt Drake’s hands play with his smooth chest as and his mouth moved along his neck, kissing and nipping. Marek’s teasing tongue soon turned aggressive as his whole mouth descended on Tir’s vulnerable organ.

Both men devoured the supple young body under their hands as Tir moaned in pleasure. His mind went blank as the sensations pouring through his body totally eclipsed everything. All his senses focused on the large, warm hands that seemed everywhere and the hot, eager mouth that clung to his own and the one working his flaming sex.

“Sexy boy, did Drake’s little kiss turn you on that much?” Marek asked as he stroked Tir’s organ slowly. looking up at the boy, sending a shudder through him.

“You . . . both,” Tir gasped. “With both of you naked. . . ” Tir tried again but failed as Drake seized his lips, his tongue probing far into the young man’s mouth as Marek started to work Tir’s organ with his amazing tongue and mouth. Tir felt Marek’s graceful hands move up the back of his thighs as Tir spread his legs further apart, inviting exploration.

When Tir felt a finger probe his backside he gasped and pushed back against it. Soon the myriad sensations began to overwhelm the boy and he felt his whole body tense in pleasure as he cried out against Drake’s soft lip. He felt his climax in every part of him as he shot a copious amount of liquid into the Baron’s waiting mouth.

Unable to stand any longer, Tir sank to the ground as both men let go of him. When he looked up he was surprised to see the King standing in the entrance to the bathing hall, his own robe undone as he work his throbbing erection between his still muscular legs. Tir watched as the King let loose his own pent up desires with a series of small grunts that brought the attention of Marek and Drake to the voyeur.

“Father, really,” Drake said with a frown.

“Don’t even lecture me boy. This is my bath hall if I remember right,” the King said, closing his robe and heading over to the three. “I thought he wasn’t a harem boy any longer?”

“He isn’t father,” Drake said shortly.

“He may not be a harem boy any longer, but that doesn’t mean he has no desire, Your Majesty,” Marek said smoothly, going over to his clothes that were lying by the door.

“Here Tir,” Marek said, handing him his own set of clothing.

Tir took the clothing as he got up from the ground rather shakily. Drake put out a hand to steady him with a small smile before turning his attention to his father, who was looking at the boy curiously.

“Are you happy with how things are?” the King asked quietly.

Tir looked up at the man, his black eyes so similar to Drake’s that Tir was surprised he didn’t notice sooner they were related. Standing next to one another Tir couldn’t help but noticed that both men were very similar, down to their deep voice.

“Yes, Your Majesty. It was all I could have hoped for, to be able to see Ebony every day, and Feras,” Tir said as he bowed his head.

Tir felt the King’s large hand lift his head to look into his eyes. “And my son and Marek as well?” Tir’s eyes widened as he looked at the King’s face.

“Yes,” Tir whispered blushing slightly.

“Don’t you have patrols today? If not, you’re going to court with me,” the King asked as he let go of Tir and looked at his still naked son.

“I have patrol. Marek, can you take care of things today?” Drake asked as he wrapped a towel around himself, walking toward his room.

“Yeah,” Marek said, following behind Drake with a quick bow to the King before leaving.

Tir clutched at his clothes as he bowed deeply to the King and followed the other two. It didn’t take long for Drake to put on some clothing as he picked up a brush and comb through his black hair. Rummaging around in a desk drawer to withdraw a silver chain with a circular pendant of black onyx.

“Here, for the time being wear this Tir. It will mark you as a personal servant of mine and will cut down on people trying to harass you if you aren’t with Marek or I,” Drake said, holding out the pendant.

“You better get going,” Marek said. “I’ll take the boy to the library while I arrange for everything else,” Marek said.

Drake nodded and strode briskly out of the room, leaving the two of them alone. Tir watched him go, somewhat sad that he was leaving along with Ebony. Looking up at the Baron he wondered what all the man had to arrange.

“Well come on. I take it you would like to spend the day in the library?”

Tir nodded as he followed the man out of the room and through the cool marble hallways to the library. Marek stopped at the door and looked down at the boy.

“I will be back in a few hours. If anyone tries to bother you, show them that pendant and tell them you are Drake’s personal servant. Hopefully that will not happen, the last thing we need is more rumors about you, but we haven’t had time to straighten everything out yet,” Marek explained.

Tir nodded and watched the tall man leave before entering the library. Picking out a book, Tir sat down and began to read. Determined to loose himself in the book in front of him instead of brooding on the strange turn his life had taken.

Luckily Tir’s thirst for knowledge made it easy for him to forget his problems, and before he knew it Marek was shaking his shoulder. Looking up from the book in confusion he was surprised to see that he was halfway finished with it.

“You hungry?”

Tir realized he was more than a little hungry and nodded. Marek held out his hand to help the boy up out of the chair, his body stiff from sitting so long. Tir followed behind the lean Baron to Feras’s pen. Once inside he saw the small crimson dragon asleep in the sands as Marek lead him over to the table on the platform where two covered plates sat.

Tir sat down on the plain wooden chair and uncovered the plate to find meat rolls and a generous piece of fluffy white cake. Tir ate half of the food before losing interest in eating. He had never been one for eating a lot and the thought of stuffing himself just didn’t appeal to him.

“Tir, come here,” Marek command as he went over to the bed.

Tir rose from his chair and walked over to the Baron. He felt the blonde man pull him between his spread legs, his hand gliding over Tir’s ass.

“You seemed to enjoy Drake taking me last night,” Marek said lightly, his sharp eyes penetrating Tir.

“I… yes,” Tir whispered, a shiver running through him at the tone in Marek’s voice. He knew with certainty what the powerful man had in mind just by the look in his eyes. Tir felt himself torn with the need to push Marek away and refute the game he wanted to play, and the desire to submit to the authoritative man looking up at him.

“Hmm, I think you need to remember who you belong too,” Marek said, his hand gently slapping Tir’s ass, creating a loud crack. Before Tir could make up his mind about what he really wanted he found himself over Marek’s knee in a highly embarrassing position. Tir wriggled, trying to free himself from the man as he began to spank him like a child.

“So you liked seeing me on my knees for Drake? His muscular body overpowering my own?” Marek asked as the blows rained down on the squirming ass under his hand.

“No, please stop,” Tir pleaded, tears forming in his eyes not just from the pain but from the embarrassment of being spanked like a naughty little boy. With each blow the confusing mix of emotions filled him once again as he stopped wriggling to concentrate on the flow of sensations taking hold of his body.

“What the hells are you doing?” yelled a voice from the door that Tir barely recognized.

Looking over he was surprised to see Drake, his long braid swinging as he ran over and promptly punch Marek in his face. Marek stood up, anger apparent in his blazing eyes as Tir slide from the Baron’s lap and landed on the ground. Looking up he saw both men staring at each other.

“Look at the dragons, you conservative moron. Are they upset, is Ebony?” Marek growled picking the boy up and facing him towards Drake. Marek’s hand slide down Tir’s chest to his half erect organ that quickly hardened just by Marek’s touch. “Look Drake.”

Tir looked up at the confused, stormy black eyes and felt the tears begin to fall from his eyes. Not from his recent punishment but from embarrassment of his warped enjoyment of it. Elbowing Marek in the stomach he found himself free of the man and quickly ran away from both men, unable to deal with the look in either man’s face or his own confusing, embarrassing emotions.

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