Chapter 8 Oki’s Price

Toya looked over at the quiet pet kneeling in front of Oki as Shin set the glasses of wine out on the coffee table. After Riva had calmed the new pet by firmly reprimanding him to act like a pet and remember where he was, the boy had quickly returned to Okis side and remained quiet, even if his eyes held curiosity and strangely, sadness. The ride back home had been a quiet one. Everyone had questions, but by unspoken agreement they were all waiting until they were seated in private, where no one could overhear and they would not be disturbed.

Toya stared intently at the pet, looking for signs of Riva in him. He was fascinated by the idea of a brother, and looking at him, he could see traces of his beloved Riva in the pet kneeling by Oki. Riva and his brother looked similar, yet there were definable differences. The auburn hair, much lighter and softer in color than Rivas own, hung in the same familiar thick waves. His skin was fairer and he gave the impression and appearance of being delicate. But most of all, it was the eyes. Forest green eyes so very similar in their color and shape to Rivas held an entirely different personality.

“Well, Im dying of curiosity here, Riva. What is the story? Oki asked finally as Shin left the five of them alone.

“There isnt a story, Oki. Elywn is my brother. There is a two year age gap and we were both raised at the academy together,” Riva answered briefly.

“Yes, but I believe the breeding of most A-class pets are strictly controlled and monitored so that siblings arent likely. For you two to be brothers you had to have been specifically bred, something that isnt typically done in the academy. Not only that; but to actually know that youre related is even more strange,” Omaki commented, looking bemusedly at the two brothers.

“Our mother was an A-class pet bought by a Blondie. She ended up pregnant unexpectedly soon after she was sold. The pregnancy was caught early enough for me to undergo the genetic engineering to ensure I would have the proper pet traits, so I could be sold to the academy. Everyone assumed that it was just a fluke, a mix up with the contraceptives, or some over sight in the pet administration. It happens from time to time. If the pregnancy is caught in time and the parents are both A-class pets, those babies go to the academy.

When she suddenly became pregnant again, everyone took notice. Once again, it was caught in time and Elywn underwent the genetic engineering, so he was sold to the academy as well. Tests were run, and it was found that she was immune to the contraceptives. After that, no one knows what happened to her. As for us, its like you said, siblings are unusual and known siblings are even more so. For such a mistake to happen twice, and being raised at the academy, everyone knew. We were a curiosity and often compared to one another, especially since our temperaments are so different. We show our fatherss blood in our differences,” Riva explained, looking at Elywn.

“You never said anything,” Toya said softly, feeling a little hurt that Riva had never mentioned such an important person in his life before.

“I never thought I would see him again. I didnt like leaving him at the academy and didnt like thinking about it,” Riva replied, looking at Toya as he moved closer to his Master on the shared couch.

“I wanted to see you again so I tried very hard to become an A-class pet. I just knew if I became a pet I would see you again,” Elywn whispered. All eyes turned to the pet as he hung his head, hiding his face with his hair.

“You were incredibly lucky that I was there tonight, otherwise we probably wouldnt have seen each other despite the fact that you passed the academy training. There are hundreds of A-class pets and their Masters in this city. As an A-class pet the only thing that should matter is your Master, not your past,” Riva said gently, a look of sadness crossing his face.

“Thats a little harsh, Riva. You know I dont mind…” Omaki started looking up at Riva.

“No, Omaki,” Riva said firmly, stopping the Blondie from continuing. “Elywn is your pet. I asked you to buy him not so we could see each other again, but to keep him from the hands of Elrics friend. We both know you wouldnt have bought him if it wasnt for me pleading with you, and how long will you keep him? He must always remember what he has chosen to be. Elywn, look at me,” Riva commanded.

Toya watched the surprise in the wide eyes as Elywn looked at his brother. Toya couldnt imagine what was going on inside of his lovers mind. There seemed to be more to the story of the two than his pet was saying. He couldnt help but wonder why Riva seemed to be so firm with the young pet, first at the auction, and now. He would have thought Riva would be happy to see his brother, yet there seemed only to be sadness in his eyes. It bothered Toya greatly and he wondered at what was not being said.

“Im proud of you for passing the academy training, but you must never forget it. I cant protect you now, this isnt the academy,” Riva said, firmly as tears formed in Elwyns eyes.

“Enough, Riva,” Oki said mildly, as he began to stroke his new pets head. “I didnt say I wasnt going to keep him. The fact that you have a little brother is rather intriguing, Im certainly not going to waste the opportunity to have him as a pet. So he is a little emotional, I think I would be after seeing someone I have longed to see for so long. Give him a break.”

“No, brother is right,” Elywn whispered, even as he leaned against Okis leg. “Im very sorry Master, and thank you for being so forgiving.”

“Ok, that is settled, now how about Okis payment,” Omaki interrupted, breaking the tension that had built between the pets and Oki. “If I remember right, you did say anything.”

“You cant mean to keep him to that? He was trying to protect his brother,” Toya protested.

He didnt know what Oki would ask, but the strange interaction between Riva and Oki lately concerned him a little. He couldnt help remembering the art exhibit where Oki had shown more than a little attraction to his pet.

“Toya, enough I will honor my word,” Riva said quietly.

“Have I won yet?” Oki asked curiously as he looked down at Elywn, then at Riva.

“Of course not,” Riva retorted quickly puzzling Toya as he looked between the two, mystified at the exchange.

“Well then, I shall ask you to perform for us then,” Oki replied with a grin.

Toya opened his mouth to protest as Riva stood and pulled him to his feet. Toya looked at Riva in surprise until he realized what the pet was up to as he pushed the coffee table away from the two Blondies and pulled Toya in front of them.

“No, I forbid it. We arent going to ” Toya started until Rivas mouth pressed against his, temporarily silencing him. He felt large muscular arms wrap around his waist.

“Riva,” Toya protested angrily, pulling away from the kiss in embarrassment.

“Do you really want me to punish you first?” Riva whispered in Toyas ear, licking his ear lobe.

“Do you think I would let you? Im still stronger than you.” Toya whispered back angrily at Riva.

Riva didnt answer in words. Hands moved from their tight embrace to slide along Toyas ass as the pet thrust his body against him while lips traced a familiar path down his delicate neck. Despite his embarrassment, he could feel his body responding to Riva, as the pet expertly used his knowledge of Toyas body against him.

Frowning, Toya gathered his strength to pull away from his pet despite his growing arousal. It was one thing to fantasize about performing in front of Oki and Omaki, it was another thing to actually do it. This was one fantasy that he wasnt going succumb to, no matter what Riva tried. As his body tensed in preparation for a fight with his pet he realized with horror that he had forgotten one thing.

“Riva, stop it,” Toya gasped, even as he felt the power of the g-wave emissions coming from the pet ring around his now throbbing erection.

“You forgot who was the Master in this” Riva smirked. “Youre lucky this is Okis request and not Omakis.”

“Not to interrupt or anything, but why do you say that?” Omaki asked curiously.

Toya looked over at the two Blondies, feeling his face flame hot in embarrassment even as he felt his body ache with overwhelming need. He wanted to pull Rivas attention back to him, even as he wanted to bolt to his room and lock everyone out.

“Because I know Omaki likes discipline, where Oki doesnt. When performing, you always take the Master into consideration. If I were performing for Omaki I would punish Toya for his reluctance,” Riva answered before turning his attention back to Toya.

Shivering slightly at the look in Rivas eyes, he knew that Riva was serious about taking him in front of the two Blondies and his brother. Nothing he could say would dissuade the pet from his agenda. Once again, Toya couldnt help but wonder just what exactly was going on between his friend and his pet.

“Relax, we both know that you will enjoy this,” Riva said softly as he pulled Toya into another kiss.

Toya closed his eyes trying to block out his audience. Riva, with an unexpected gentleness, undressed him carefully, exposing the pale creamy skin of his chest. With his eyes closed he could focus entirely on Rivas firm, warm hands moving along his skin. His pets slow, sensual exploration of his body combined with the potent g-wave technology made Toya ache with pleasure as he tried hard to suppress his moans and remain quiet.

He felt his pet slide the rest of his body suit off of him only to hear a gasp of surprise as well as a low chuckle. Toyas eyes snapped open as he remembered his audience even as Rivas tongue began to explore the length of his organ. He quickly realized that everyone was staring not only at his very naked exposed sex, but at the pet ring encircling it. He noticed the absolute shock on Elywns face as he stared at Toya.

Without thinking, Toya pushed Riva away from him, trying to cover himself with his hands as his embarrassment overrode his desire.

“When did you put that on, Toya?” Oki asked, a little shocked as his eyes continued to gaze at the barely covered erection, while Toya stood looking at the floor.

“After he spent the night with you,” Riva replied shortly, irritated by the reminder of that night.

Toya watched Riva get up from his knees and slowly undress. His eyes never left Toyas scarlet face. Toya watched with fascination and desire as his pet stripped with a seductive grace that Toya envied even as feelings of possessiveness engulfed him. When he heard a sharp intake of breath he looked over to see horror on Elywns pale face as the pet began to rise from his kneeling position. Oki quickly stopped his pet even as Riva continued to gaze heatedly only at Toya.

“So you are going to be difficult, I guess I will have to do to you what I did to Elywn,” Riva said softly, slowly moving towards Toya.

“Your brother?!” Toya asked in confusion and shock as he looked over at the pet kneeling next to Oki.

“Of course, he was just like you, surprisingly so,” Riva answered, his finger tracing along Toyas jaw line lost with his memories.

Toya felt a surge of white hot jealousy followed by a stab of pain at Rivas words. What did Elywn mean to his pet? Were Rivas feelings for him based only on his affection for his brother? Looking at the beautiful pet at Okis knee his mind quickly paired the two of them together. He trembled at the image in his head of the two brothers entwined intimately, even as he looked away from his pet face trying to suppress the rising emotions.

Toya slowly reached out to touch the familiar scared golden skin as possessiveness, worry, and doubt swirled within him. This wasn’t a joke or a game there was something between the two brothers that hadn’t been said yet he could see it within his pet’s eyes. There was a sadness that lurked behind their expressions and words that bespoke of a story that Toya couldn’t understand.

He could feel his fingers tremble as they lightly grazed the hot skin of his pet. Unable to look at Riva’s face his eyes stared at the scarred skin until he felt Riva turn his face towards him with a gentle hand. The distant gaze that had looked through him moments before was gone as his pet looked down at him with a gentle smile. Riva’s lips caressed his as the pet hand lightly skimmed down his naked back guided his body closer to Riva’s.

“But you are also different, for Elwyn was never able to do what you can,” Riva whispered quietly for only Toya to hear as he released his body from the light embrace.

Toya looked as his pet in confusion who only smiled reassuringly at his as he guided him directly in front of Oki and pressed him down to his knees. Toya felt Riva positioning himself behind him. His pets arm came around, holding Toyas legs further apart. Toya lay spread open, his leaking erection bobbing between his spread thighs. Despite his burning desire, he lowered his head to hide his embarrassment at being so boldly put on display in front of his friend. He couldnt help but wonder why Riva would so willingly let Oki see him so. Toya felt the effects of his pet ring along with Rivas caresses. The warm hand trailing up his body to play with his small pink nipples overwhelmed him as he leaned back into his pets embrace. He felt Rivas hand slide down to his still engorged member as the pet began to stoke him even as he felt hot lips nibble on the side of his neck.

“Look at Oki. We are performing for him. Right now he is your Master. He wants to see you, to look at you. He is going to get off through you. It is your job to bring his fantasy to life right now,” Riva whispered seductively. “Look at him, love.”

Toya eyes widened at the word love. It wasnt often that Riva used that word with him, yet he did so now. He could feel Rivas whole body wrapped around him, holding him gently. The scent of his pets skin surrounded him intoxicatingly. He looked up, surprised to see Oki so clearly aroused by the show. He felt Rivas hand increase its speed on his sensitive erection bring, his pleasure to peak quickly. Toya gasped, involuntarily thrusting his hips forward into Rivas hand as his seed splattered onto the light blue rug.

“Remember to watch him. Let him see how well you enjoy me,” Riva whispered temptingly in his ear once again before pushing Toya to his hands and knees. Expert hands spread his shapely ass firmly as he felt Rivas tongue swirl along his sensitive opening. Moaning despite himself, he noticed that both Blondies were watching with avid interest even as Omakis hand slipped into the shirt that Oki had conveniently loosened.

Watching Oki, he noticed that his friends face was flushed as he gazed down at Toya and Riva. Toya gazed at Okis expression, filled with open lust and something else that mystified Toya. The Blondie quickly lost interest in his friends thoughts as he felt Rivas teasing hand at the head of his sensitive member.

It wasnt long before Riva had wrung out a series of soft whimpering moans from him as he pushed back against his partner. Unable to avoid the two watching Blondies or the wide green eyes of Elywn, he couldnt bring himself to beg for anything from his pet, even as he felt an overwhelming desire to be penetrated deeply by his pet. Hoping desperately that his pet would relent soon, he ground his teeth in frustration until he finally felt Riva move up behind him.

He sighed in relief as he felt the soft tongue being replaced by something far more rigid and hard. Toya cried out, unable to keep quiet at the pleasure of feeling Riva entering him. He quickly forget about his audience, his embarrassment at the situation, and even his jealously of Elwyn at the exquisite pleasure Riva was giving him. His pet slowly worked into him even as his hands gently stroked his sides and back. Each slow, languid stroke evoked a deep moan of pleasure as Toya moved back against his partner desiring even more contact.

Gradually Riva increased his speed and rhythm as his hands began to dig into Toyas lean hips, pulling him deeper into each thrust. Toya could hear Rivas breath coming faster and an occasional groan of pleasure, knowing from the vocal cues that his pet was very close to losing control. Toya felt the muscles deep inside of him start to constrict, tightening on his pet as his own member released its pent up desire without even being touched. Toya cried out bucking back against Rive as his pet released deep within him.

Unable to hold himself any longer Toya sank down to the floor, panting as he felt Riva stroke his back and lean over him.

“Very well done,” Riva whispered before kissing the top of his head. Toya looked up to see Riva smiling at him and blushed a little in pleasure.

“More than that. You have repaid me in full I would say,” Oki said reminding Toya once again that they were not alone.

Toya looked over to see Omaki curled up next to Oki with his hands still buried deep inside of Okis clothing. The thought had never crossed his mind that the two Blondies were lovers, and it surprised him a little to see the two so close together.

“Hold it. I would say they owe you a room for tonight,” Omaki suggested as his hand came out from Okis shirt to trail down the Blondies chest to his bulging cloth covered groin.

“Of course. You can stay in the guest room, although there is only one,” Toya replied quickly his eyes riveted on the two Blondies.

“One room is all we will need, I think,” Omaki laughed softly.

“As long as it isnt Rivas room. I dont want you anywhere near his toys,” Oki replied as Omaki laughed.

“What about you? I will not command you, but“Oki asked looking down at his new pet.

“Whatever you wish, Master,” Elywn murmured looking down, even as look of panic crossed his face despite the very obvious erection showing through his flimsy clothing.

“Ah, well. Can he stay in your room?” Oki asked looking at Riva.

Riva nodded and rose from the floor offering Toya his hand. Riva watched as the Blondie gracefully rose from the floor and quickly went to retrieve his clothing. Riva smiled and followed after, pulling on his pants as he looked over at the three guests on the couch.

“Come on, I will take you to your room,” Riva said, knowing that Shin would not appear in the room after such a show had taken place.

Riva led Oki and Omaki to the guest room and stopped before the door. Turning to the golden eyed Blondie, his face was set in determined lines.

“Never again, Oki. This was the last time you will see him naked. Do not ask for such a thing ever again,” Riva said glaring at the Blondie.

“You had to have known what I would ask for. Yet you allowed it. Is your brother more important?” Oki asked curiously.

“There wasnt time for me to think then, and I honor my word,” Riva answered softly.

“If there had been to time to think?” Omaki asked seriously, turning Rivas attention to him as his blue eyes pierced into Riva, making him uncomfortable.

“I dont know,” Riva murmured, looking over at his wide eyed brother.

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