Chapter 7 Punishment

Tir felt himself being chained by his wrists to the ceiling in the blue titled punishment room, his toes barely touching the ground. Looking wildly around the dimly lit room he watched the two guards leave, and Esper grinned at him wickedly. The fat man waddled up to Tir and casually slapped his face. Tir felt the sting of the blow and tears came to his eyes, not so much from the pain as from fear of what was to come. The oversized eunuch looked sadistically happy, something that sent a tremble up the harem boy’s spine.

“I should go see the King, I suppose. But first I will have you whipped and that soft skin stripped off that back of yours. Thank you, my dear Tir, for giving me this opportunity that I would have never gotten without such a serious offense,.” Esper hissed as he circled around Tir.

“Don’t you have to tell the King?, ” Tir asked wildly, his violet eyes wide in fear, hoping for a reprieve of some sort. He feared the fat man before him much more than the King.

Esper leaned up against Tir, his pig eyes darting over the frightened boy’s face. “Oh no you little whore. You see, you have done the unthinkable. I’ll have to inform the King of course, but as chief eunuch I already have permission to whip you immediately, for you will be either sold or killed depending on how the King feels,” Esper said, running his long nails down Tir’s chest as the boy trembled.

Tir now realized the full extent of what could happen. He didn’t want to die, but even more than that he didn’t want to be sold away from the people he had come to care about. Tir began to struggle as Esper laughed, his high pitched voice fueling Tir’s struggles. Tir felt the cold metal bite into his wrist as he continued to writhe in the chains, desperate to find a way out.

Esper moved to the door and opened it, letting in a tall, well muscled eunuch guard. His cold brown eyes were unemotional as he looked at the frantically struggling boy. Esper nodded to the guard, his face glowing as the man picked up a full sized whip and went around behind Tir.

Tir’s continued to struggle as the chains clinked wildly together and Tir felt a trickle of hot blood run down his arm. The sensation was soon eclipsed by the searing pain of the full sized whip, something that Tir had never felt before. Unlike the previous whippings he had received with the smaller, thin whips or the tame sexual discipline administered by the Baron, this was meant to bring maximum pain with scarring. Tir knew at once that Esper was really serious and this time there was no one to save him.

With each blow of the whip Tir screamed in pain, unable to think of anything except the red hot pain shooting down his back. With each new blow he felt the pain increase as the scarlet stream of blood began to leak down his legs to puddle on the floor. Before long the thin boy stopped his struggling, that had only increased his misery. It seemed to go on forever; with each torturous blow the stream of blood dripping off of him increased. Tir lost track of the time as he felt his skin being torn from his back. An eternity passed for the boy before his shrill screams began to die as he began to blessedly fade in and out of consciousness.

Esper watched with glee as the boy screamed in pain. Finally the boy was getting what he deserved. Esper would never forget the humiliations he had to endure for the violet eyed little punk. He had been whipped because of the brat and the punishment administered by the Baron would remain etched in his mind forever. There was nothing special about him, he caused problems in the harem and stuck out like a sore thumb. Esper knew that he was taking things to far but he couldn’t get enough of the young boy’s screams.

He was so focused on the scene at hand he didn’t hear the knocking on the door. It wasn’t until the guard looked questioningly at him, stopping the whip for a moment, that Esper realized that there was someone at the door. Esper nodded to the guard to continue even though the boy wasn’t totally conscience anymore as he waddled over to the door. When he opened it he was surprised to see Simeon standing with his head bowed, his golden curls obscuring his face..

“What do you what?” demanded the obese man angrily.

“I wished to know if you needed anything?” Simeon replied quietly, looking up and past Esper into the room. The small, quiet eunuch paled viably at the barely glimpsed sight of Tir hanging from his chains.

“If I had needed anything I would have called, now leave me,” hissed the man irritably, slamming the door in Simeon’s gentle pale face.

Simeon had known that Esper would take things too far when he had seen Tir being dragged into the punishment room. He had listened quietly as the guards and eunuch talked amongst themselves about Tir’s transgression. When Simeon first heard the agonizing cries coming from the room he was not surprised, but when they began to die yet no one came out of the room Simeon began to worry. Unable to let the boy suffer anymore Simeon had determinably knocked on the door of the punishment room, but when he had seen the pool of blood at Tir’s feet he knew he needed help. The gentle eunuch went to the one person he was absolutely sure would stop it, no matter what the King might say.

Simeon ran outside of the harem and down the hallways heading straight for the dragon pens. The man reached the large door marked Ebony but stood motionless before the door, very afraid of the dragon inside. Wringing his hands he looked around, hoping to see the man he was looking for without having to ventured any closer to the door. Suddenly the image of the young violet eyed boy hanging above a very large pool of blood flashed before his eyes. Simeon lifted his hand and knocked loudly on the door.

It was only a minute before the large door swung inward, revealing a frowning Drake to the scared eunuch. Simeon fell to his knees before dark haired man as he trembled slightly

“Simeon what are you doing here of all places?” Drake questioned, surprise written on his face as he knelt down to pick the boy off the ground. “Remember the last time you served me I told you not to do that?”

“Sir there is a boy being punished by the chief eunuch. I know he deserves it, he snuck out of the harem and had sex with someone, but still if someone doesn’t stop Esper he is going to kill the boy. Please my lord, please will you stop it?. He was the King’s favorite and I know that it is inexcusable, but the boy doesn’t deserve to be whipped to death. Please I know you care even about us slaves,” Simeon begged.

Drake stood motionless as all of the color drained out of his face. Suddenly Ebony let out a cry sounding so loud and shrill that it made Simeon fall to the ground again, covering his ears. Drake ignored him as he ran towards the harem, ignoring everything in his way as Ebony continued her almost human cry.

Drake hit the door to the punishment room at a run to stop in horror at all of the blood soaking the into the blue tiled floor. Mesmerized by the crimson lake pooled before the boy’s feet he couldn’t move.

“My Lord what are you doing here? I thought you refused to visit the harem?” Esper asked servilely, walking around the hanging body of the little harem boy as if it were nothing out of the ordinary.

Esper’s words awoke Drake from his daze as he instinctually punched the man hard enough to send him flying against the back wall. Drake walked over the crumpled man and kicked him over to retrieved the key in his front pocket. Drake approached Tir, his black eyes flashing with a fury that made the guard drop his whip and back away. Tir dropped into Drake’s muscular arms as the rider heard a familiar voice bellow from the other room.

“Where the hell are you Drake? Feras and Ebony are about ready to go crazy, all I can get out of Feras is it is about. . .” Marek stopped in his tracks as he entered the room and took in the scene.

“I’ll kill him,” snarled Marek as he stormed over to the unconscious eunuch on the floor.

“Later,” barked Drake. “Get over here now! If you want the boy to live get your ass over here Marek.”

“Get a healer, I can’t heal,” Marek said as he whirled around to face Drake.

“Look at the blood Marek he is beyond a healer, only a mage can save him. Now get over here and channel your power through me so I can heal him.”

“No mage can do that,” Marek said shaking his head.

“Do it,” yelled Drake.

Marek shook his head but walked over to the man with the limp, blood soaked boy in his arms. Kneeling down he closed his eyes feeding his mage gift into Drake. He almost lost his concentration when he felt the presence of not only Feras but Ebony joining him. He felt Drake pour the combined power into the boy. Suddenly he felt Drake shut down the connection and he opened his eyes to see Tir’s back completely healed.

“How?” Marek asked, amazed as he tentatively touched the boy’s back.

“I can’t use mage powers, but I can channel them. I also know that our gift stimulates healing. Why do you think all of us dragon riders heal so quickly? It’s a theory I have been working on, about our gifts and the dragons. I didn’t expect Ebony and Feras to help though. I thought your powers would be enough to seal up the worse of it and replenish enough of his blood to survive, but with their powers, well you see,” Drake said in awe at their work.

“I am still going to kill him,” Marek said standing up.

“Later, Marek he isn’t going anywhere but our dragons need us,” Drake said, standing up with Tir in his arms.

“My Lord, you can’t ju..,” one of the guards at the entrance began but stopped as a pair of storm black eyes and a pair of sharp emerald eyes landed on him. He swallowed hard and quickly bowed, moving out of the way.

Drake and Marek walked back down the hallways of the palace and into the now quiet dragon pen. As soon as Drake entered Ebony almost knocked him over to get close to the boy.

“Ebony enough, if I drop him he will be even more hurt. He needs to rest,” Drake said gently.

Ebony back away slightly to reveal that she was not the only one occupying her pen. Her scarlet mate, Feras, had joined her, making the large pen looked cramped, filled with two very large, worried dragons. Drake shook his head and moved over to the bed on the platform, laying Tir on the soft surface and covering him with a light blanket. Marek, who had followed him, looked at the large man strangely.

“How do you and Ebony know him? Feras refuses to tell me anything now that the boy is out of danger,” Marek asked, puzzlement in his face.

Drake whirled around to face the man, anger still written in his face, as he walked past the now sleeping boy. The large golden frame was tense as he walked briskly toward the door, brushing past Marek as if he wasn’t there. Marek reached out, grabbing the man’s wrist, his own emerald eyes narrowing.

“What the hells is going on?” Marek demanded with a growl.

Drake broke the grip, his jaw tightening as he whirled around to face the lean man, his eyes blazing, as Marek’s eyes glowered at him. Both men glared at each other as the seconds slide by, until Ebony growled softly, turning her attention away from the sleeping boy to look over at her rider.

Drake averted his eyes and turned around heading for the door. “Come on if you want to know. I need to see my father, you might as well come along, I imagine you will hear the answers you are looking for,” Drake growled, opening the large door to the pen, looking back at the Baron.

Marek nodded, following the man out of the door, lengthening his strides to keep up with the fast pace that Drake had set. When they entered the halls of the palace everyone cleared out of their way with one glance at the stormy face of Drake and his blood covered clothing.. When they reached the doors of the King’s chamber Drake burst through the door and into the King’s room, to hear the sex cries of a woman.

“Father, get out here right now!” demanded Drake in a loud voice as they made their way into the room.

“Drake what in the seven hells. . .” the King said, coming out of the inner room a minute later tying on a robe, his playmate still in the bed room.

“Did you order Tir to be whipped to death?,” Drake said, advancing on the King slowly, his eyes flashing.

“Tir? What are you talking about?” the King asked in a even voice, despite the angry man advancing on him.

“Simeon came to me to stop him from being whipped to death by your chief eunuch,” Drake said, face to face with the King as he spit out the words, venom hang on Esper’s title.

“What the hell is going on? I ordered no such thing,” the King murmured, a little anger creeping into his voice.

“It looks like the little pig decided to take matters into his own hands, but why was Tir being punished?” Marek said walking up to the two men.

“Because he betrayed His Majesty. He left the gardens, and I was the one who found out he had left. Esper was just doing his job. The little slut gave his body to some nobody,” hissed a black haired girl from the doorway of the King’s bedchamber. Her voluptuous body on display as she stood boldly in front of the three men, proud of her body and her part of the capture of Tir.

Drake turned his attention to the girl resembled his mother so much in her proud bearing and coloring. Drake advanced on her, his eyes sparking as he briefly felt his father’s hand on his wrist.

“Get out of here little girl, before this nobody does something you won’t forget,” snarled Drake, his temper completely shattered.

“Sasha, leave now,” commanded the King as all the color drained out of the girl’s face. Darting back into the bedroom she soon returned dressed as she quickly exited the room with a low bow.

“Drake, calm down please. I will do whatever I can, but first I need to know what is going on,” the King said in soothing tones.

“I will second that, come on Drake, the boy is fine now. Tell us what has been going on,” commented Marek, sitting down on a comfortable chair.

Drake looked over at the Baron, glaring for a moment before closing his eyes and reaching for Ebony. He felt her instantly as cool greens and blues washed over him. He saw a picture of Tir’s face peacefully asleep and felt her assurance that both Feras and herself would protect the boy. He allowed her calming colors to sooth some of the anger from him before he opened his eyes.

“Tir snuck into Ebony’s pen a few days before she mated,” Drake said briefly as he took a chair a crossed from the Baron, who had sprawled out into his own.

“What?!”exclaimed the King, stopping himself as he was about to sit down in surprise.

“Why am I not surprised,” Marek’s ironic voice added.

“Father, he isn’t from Terma, he doesn’t know anything about the dragons. All he knew is that he saw a stunning creature gliding a crossed the air and wanted to see her closer. I actually walked in on him and Ebony together,” Drake explained.

“That close to mating, I am surprised he wasn’t hurt,” Marek said.

Drake shook his head. “No, she actually protected him. She shielded him like a nestling when I came in, until she knew I wouldn’t hurt him. She adores the boy.”

“What is it with that kid,” the King asked, exasperated. “Every one seems to love him.”

“Not everyone,” Marek said with a scowl, turning to Drake. “So are you the one that fucked him?”

“Yes, right before Ebony’s flight he came to her pen again. We polished her scales and he was covered in sand. While I was helping him clean off I couldn’t help but suck the little harem boy off. It was so close the Ebony’s mating I thought that was what was wrong with me, but I was wrong. I warned him not to come back until after Ebony mated, hoping that I would be able to control myself. As soon as he found out from you that she had, he was back. I tried to control myself, but he was insistent and I really didn’t want to restrain myself,” Drake said quietly, the guilt of his actions washing over him.

“You are a complete idiot. You put him in danger, when as the heir you could have easily gone to the harem,” Marek said angrily.

“Enough Marek,” the Kind said holding up his hand. “I know why you didn’t Drake, but was your pride worth it?”

“No, father,” Drake said looking down at his hands.

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?” Marek demanded.

“I told father, when Simeon was his favorite and he was doing things to the boy that you two now do to Tir, that I would have no part in it. Simeon was a gentle boy who hated the games father played, and I myself disliked the brainless pieces of fluff that inhabited the harem. I want my partners willing but also intelligent. I vowed never to step foot in the harem until I became King,” Drake explained.

“Whatever, it’s a pretty lame excuse,” Marek scoffed. “So what now?”

“What do you mean? I don’t intend to punish the boy anymore. I will send a healer to the harem to see to the boy,” the King said with a shrug.

“What?” Drake growled his temper flaring.

“What more do you want?”

“Tir is to remain exactly where he is. As for a healer, if we had waited for a healer the boy would be dead,” Drake said flatly.

“Not only that, what are you going to do about the fat pig you have as a chief eunuch? If you don’t do something about him I will,” said the Baron dangerously.

“Ok, both of you, stop it. What do you mean Tir would be dead? Nobody dies of a whipping in the harem. I am sure that he is in a lot of pain. . . ”

“They do if they are whipped with a full whip continuously. I found him hanging above a pool of his own blood. Just look at me, this is all Tir’s blood,” Drake said, glaring at his father.

“Esper did that? I can’t have that,” the King said, thinking for a moment. “I will have to dismiss him, but who can I have take over?” His mind turning to administration matters totally forgetting the slave boy that was hurt, and he could do nothing about.

“Dismiss him, that’s all?!” Marek growled.

“I guess I could kill him,” the King said with a shrug.

“No, put Simeon in charge of the harem. He better than anyone knows what those children need, he was one of them after all. As for Esper, death is too easy for him. Make him the lowest ranked eunuch in the harem,” Drake said firmly.

Marek laughed, “You’re right, that would be worse than death for that little worm.”

“Very well, but what about the boy, is he dead?” the King asked softly.

“No, he is in Ebony’s pen. Marek, I, and our dragons combined our powers to heal him,” Drake answered.

“Is that even possible?”

“Well we did it, obviously,” Marek said sarcastically.

“The boy can’t stay there. We’ll move him back to the harem,” the King said after a moment’s thought.

“No you aren’t, unless you want to go through Ebony and Feras you’re not. Ebony is adamant, she isn’t letting him out of her sight right now,” Drake said firmly. “Also, there is another problem.”

“What more could there be? I don’t think I can take many more shocks today, son,” the King said tiredly.

“Tir is the bastard son of Prince Tristan of Recura,”

Both the King and Marek looked at Drake as if he were mad. Neither of them spoke as Drake looked at them both.

“Remember Tristan’s eyes father. Tir told me his story and it seems plausible, I don’t think he was lying,” Drake added when neither man spoke.

“Shit, I don’t even what to know,” Marek said shaking his head.

“Drake, bastard or not Tristan is not going to be happy,” the King said, remembering the blonde haired man with captivating violet eyes. A stubborn, proud man that was above all else honorable. “We will have to contact him at once.”

“Tir doesn’t want us to. He wants to stay here; apparently between the dragons, Marek and I he doesn’t want to leave,” Drake said wearily.

“Me?” Marek said in surprise.

“I thought the same thing,:” Drake said, looking over at the man in disgust. ” I don’t think he should serve in the harem any longer father, and for right now Ebony wants him where he is. With her pregnant I am not about to piss her off. Although with Feras joining her in watching Tir we need to take down the east wall to increase the size of the pen.”

“I agree, right now, Your Majesty, I think it is for the best,” Marek said.

“Very well I ….” the King started, but was interrupted by a knock on the door.

“I bet I know what that is about,” Marek said.

“Both of you get out of here, for now I will deal with the fall out. Drake, we will talk later,” the steely haired monarch said tiredly.

Both men nodded and opened the door to find three guards and Esper waiting. Esper backed away, frightened, as both men glared at the eunuch before heading down the hallway.

“I still want to do something to him,” Marek said darkly, cracking his knuckles.

“Later, Ebony said Tir has been restless. I think he might be waking up soon,” Drake replied.

“It’s always later with you. Hey, since Feras and Ebony are going to share the same pen with Tir, doesn’t that mean we’re all going to be sleeping together?” Marek said lightly.

Drake snorted and continued on, ignoring the implications of the Baron’s words, wanting to get back to Ebony and Tir.

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