Chapter 6 Jealousy and Lust

Toya quickly rang the doorbell of Oki’s apartment and waited for the golden man to answer. They were already twenty minutes late and Toya was afraid that the two other Blondies had left without him. Shifting uneasily, he tried not to think about the clothes he was wearing, hoping very much that his comedic friend wouldn’t make too much fun of him.

“Toya, it’s about time I was just…” Oki stopped in mid sentence as the door slid completely open and he saw Toya standing in front of him.

Oki’s eyes widened as he looked at his alluring friend standing before him dressed in something other than a blue and white bodysuit. His eyes raked over the delectable Blondie clothed in a purple and white outfit that hugged his lithe body and exposed a glimpses of creamy white skin. Without even thinking, about it he leaned down and stole a quick kiss from the tantalizing Blondie in front of him.

“Hey!” Riva growled as he stepped forward to stand next to Toya.

“Just a greeting,” Oki said innocently at the pet. Toya’s own eyes widened in surprise as his fingers went to touch where Oki’s lips had just been.

“Oki, I already told you to behave,” Omaki scolded as he joined Oki at the door and chuckled at the sight of the shocked Blondie and growling pet.

“You should dress like that more often Toya. I think I’m going to join Oki in seducing you,” Omaki said winking at Riva. “I take it we have you to thank for this magnificent transformation?”

“I’m beginning to think it was a bad idea,” Riva said looking at the two attractive Blondies leering at his Master.

“I’m sorry we are late,” Toya said, trying to divert the confusing conversation away from him. He was more than a little mystified at Oki’s and Omaki’s reaction to him.

“Yeah, we better get going,” Oki said looking at his watch.

All four men got into Oki’s hover car as he sped to the Emporium. Riva’s frown had not disappeared from his face despite Oki’slight hearted gossiping. Toya looked over at his pet worriedly, knowing the start of their trip had begun rather badly. Reaching out, he grabbed Riva’s large hand and smiled uncertainly at his pet.

Riva turned to see his Master’s worried expression and realized he was being an idiot. This was supposed to be a relaxing fun day for both of them and he was being childish by letting Oki’s usual antics spoil it. Looking at the two Blondies engrossed in their conversation at the front of the car, he smiled at the Blondie and quickly lifted Toya’s soft hand to his lips for a gentle kiss.

It wasn’t long before they were walking through the entrance of the Emporium. Riva looked around, still impressed by the grandeur of the place. Despite the number of times he had seen them, he couldn’t help but stare with awe at the two spectacular statues of Ios and Erphanes that guarded the entrance to the building. He had always loved their story and the beautiful sculptures always gave him pause. He felt Toya’s eyes on him as he stopped to gaze at the statues as the two other Blondies turned to them.

“Looks like the opening ceremony hasn’t started yet,” Oki commented looking at the huge crowd of Blondies, Elites, and pets.

“Iason’s late,” Omaki said dryly.

“I wonder why?” Toya asked, looking around the massive crowd.

“Probably for the same reason you were late, if I had to guess,” Omaki replied teasingly, looking at the Master and pet.

Toya blushed slightly at the comment, remembering exactly why they had been late. His ass still burned from the punishment he had received, and sitting down without revealing his pain had been more than a little difficult. He couldn’t help but wondered if Omaki had noticed his discomfort.

“Considering what Riki’s attitude was like when I met him, you’re probably right,” Riva said looking out into the sea of Blondies. It was amazing to see so many attractive men all gathered in one place. Ironically, the pets, bred for their beauty, were eclipsed by their own gorgeous Blondie Masters. Still gazing at the huge crowd of stunningly beautiful people, Riva couldn’t help but think Toya sparkled brighter than any of them.

“Looks like the guest of honor has finally arrived,” Oki said as Iason and Riki entered the Emporium to be surrounded by the waiting crowd.

“I’ve never seen that pet of his, but I have to admit he is attractive,” Oki said eyeing the dark exotic mongrel standing uncomfortably next to his Blondie Master.

“Could he be anything else and be Iason’s pet?” Omaki said with a grin. “Still, he is a mongrel and I can’t imagine Jupiter being happy about Iason’s fascination with him.”

“Yeah. I wonder why he bothers?” Oki said with a shrug.

“Because Riki is diffrent,” Riva and Toya responded at once.

Oki and Omaki looked in surprise as pet and Master gave the same answer. Riva moved a little closer to Toya and looked at the two Blondies with a smile.

“Just look. Everyone in that crowd is fawning over Iason. He is almost a god to many of them, except to one person in that great throng of people. The man closest to him could care less that he is the Head of the Syndicate. Only Riki would call Iason a perverted Blondie because as a mongrel, he could care less about the Elites. He is the only person that sees Iason for who he is, not what he is. For a man that only has people sucking up to him that is the most attractive thing of all,” Toya said quietly looking at his own pet.

“I would guess Iason has only ever had an academy pet,” Riva added with a shrug. “I imagine he went through a long line of gorgeous air heads. After all, I should know considering I was one of them not that long ago. Pets that looked him in awe; proud to be chosen by the Head of the Syndicate,each one a carbon copy of the last with only a different outer shell. For Iason, their obedience costs him nothing more than the money he paid to acquire them. But Riki is all together a different matter.

He may be a mongrel, but he was born free and was never a meant to be a pet. Even the worst D-class pet knows what they are. They have never been free. They have never known what it is to live a life without a Master, to have a relationship other than Master and pet. Riki does, and he will demand things from Iason that no one ever has. If Iason wants his obedience, he will have to learn to give his pet not only respect and love, but his freedom as well or he will never tame him.” Riva added.

“Well I never really thought of it that way. It’s scary how you two think along the same lines,” Oki said putting his arm around Riva’s shoulders.

Riva looked up in surprise at the large golden Blondie hanging on him. Oki just grinned at him as Omaki chuckled at the stunned expression on the pet’s face. Riva looked over at his Master to see a small frown on his face as he watched his pet and Oki.

Riva couldn’t help but feel a small surge of satisfaction at the frown that appeared on his Master’s face. For once, Toya now knew how he felt every time Oki kissed or hugged Toya in front of him.

“Hey, it looks like the opening ceremony is finally starting. Let go of the pet, we’re in public remember,.” Omaki said, elbowing Oki.

“Oww! That hurt! Who cares, everybody knows I’m a prankster.Besides, everyone has their eyes on Iason anyway,” Oki said with a shrug letting go of Riva.

Omaki rolled his eyes at his friend as Toya gently pulled on Riva’s chain pulling the pet even closer to him and away from Oki. Riva let himself be pulled, satisfied at Toya’s reaction, hoping his Master might now have a better understanding of why Oki trouble him so much.

The opening ceremony droned on as Oki whispered off colored remarks about the speaker and made jokes about his grandiose speech. Riva had to admit that Oki’s little commentary helped to lessen the boredom of the moment even though it became increasingly hard not to laugh at some of the Blondie’s quiet comments.

Finally the ceremony came to a close and everyone started to disperse throughout the Emporium to the various art displays. As they waited for the crowd to enter, Riva noticed that many of the Blondies and Elites had their pets with them but oddly enough, Oki and Omaki did not. More than a little curious he looked over at Omaki wondering what kind of pet the Master of the Taming Tower owned.

“Why didn’t you bring your pet?” Riva asked.

“Aki isn’t into artwork he is a little young for it, although he would probably be ecstatic to meet Toya. He loves all of your vid games. He was totally crushed when he learned that you might not be putting out anymore games,” Omaki said with a sigh of exasperation.

“I’m still going to continue my work on them, its just going to take me time to find the right people to help me. You should bring him over sometime. I have some games I never released to the public. He can play them if he likes,” Toya offered with a smile.

Riva was even more curious, wondering what kind of pet Omaki had that was so into vid games but didn’t want to accompany his Master around. Every pet in the academy loved to go out with their Master for a chance to show off and maybe even perform in public.

“I will never understand you, Omaki,” Oki said shaking his head. “You, Toya, and Iason what’s with you guys and odd pets?”

“Oh, you’re one to talk. You don’t even have a pet right now,” Omaki sniffed in retort.

“Why not?” Toya asked as they began to walk through the exhibit.

“I was bored with my last one,” Oki evaded with an uncomfortable shrug. “I just haven’t found the right one yet.”

“It’s been over six weeks,” Omaki pointed out

“Yeah, well I’m picky,” Oki shot back.

“It’s ok. I’m sure you will find one suitable for you soon,” Toya said gently.

“Maybe you two can help,” Oki said with a grin looking at Riva. “After all, you went through the academy. I’m sure you could help me a lot.”

“I’m not sure,” Toya hesitated, looking over at his pet who had stopped in front of an intricate forest tapestry from Aristia

“Sure, why not?” Riva replied causally as he looked at the tapestry. He was resigned to the fact that for the next six months Oki was going to take every opportunity to spend as much time with Toya as he could.

“What a surprising answer!” Omaki remarked, looking between Oki and Riva wondering what was going on and what exactly Oki was plotting.

“Maybe he just realized what a loveable guy I am,” Oki joked, once again wrapping an arm around the pet, “Right Riva?”

Toya looked at the two, feeling more than a little unease at the sight of Riva so close to anyone, especially the outrageous flirt Oki. When Oki had unexpectedly grabbed Riva the first time he had only felt a possessive urge to pull Riva away. He had reminded himself that Oki was only joking, but this was the second time Oki had touched Riva.

Toya had been surprised by Riva’s easy acceptance of Oki’s invitation. Now with Oki’s advances on his pet, he couldn’t help but wonder what was going on between the two. Oki was beautiful, outgoing, and friendly. Toya couldn’t help but feel a surge of worry well up inside of him at his new interest in Riva.

“Yeah, right. But I will take it back if you don’t get off of me,” Riva said pulling away from the Blondie after he saw the sadness on Toya’s face.

“Knock it off. You’re pushing too far too fast,” Omaki said quietly, slipping up beside Oki as they watched Riva move closer to his obviously upset Master’s side.

“Do you like it?” Toya asked quietly looking up at the hanging tapestry. “I think it would look good at the villa.”

“Yes, I think so too,” Riva replied knowing with one look that Toya’s ego wasn’t big enough to take the teasing that Oki was doing. Riva quickly realized that unlike him, Toya wouldn’t get angry at Oki’s advances, but instead would begin to doubt himself. Gazing towards Oki as Toya entered his code to purchase the item, he frowned and shook his head. He was surprised to see the golden Blondie nod in understanding.

As they walked further into the exhibit Oki and Omaki took control of the conversation, making fun of the more silly exhibits and listening as Riva critiqued the real works of art. It wasn’t long before Toya’s face brightened as Riva remained close to him and Oki remained by Omaki’s side.

Toya couldn’t help but be impressed by Riva’s knowledge of various artists and their works. He also noticed Riva never strayed far from his side and seemed very attentive to him which eased his mind. He knew he was worrying over nothing, but he still couldn’t get the picture of Oki with Riva out of his mind.

“What in the world?!” Toya gasped as he looked at the painting coming into view. It was thronged by a large crowd and anguished cries were coming from the center of it.

Both Oki and Omaki were chuckling as they saw a very sexy painting titled Ios and Erphanes that looked very much like Iason and Raoul.

“It looks like Raoul got every curve of Iason’s body down exactly. He always was a perfectionist,” Omaki said critically. “I wonder if I could out bid Iason for it. I’d love to hang that in the entryway of the Taming Tower.”

“Omaki!” Toya said shocked. “I don’t even want to know how you know what Iason looks like without his clothes, or how Raoul would know for that matter.”

Omaki chuckled looking over at the naive Blondie and winked.

“Those two had a thing for each other during the academy days but, Iason cut broke it off. It looks like Rauol hasn’t given up yet,” Omaki commented.

“Apparently, but I have a feeling that Iason’s pet isn’t too happy about it,” Toya said quietly as the sound of whip hitting flesh along with Riki’s cries could be heard over the murmuring crowd.

“It seems that Rauol guy is enjoying it. Look at that gloating smug face. I have to wonder about your boss though. I have never seen a better impassive face in my life. He is hiding what he is feeling without a doubt,” Riva replied transfixed by the scene.

“I wonder what happened? Riki sounds like he is in agony,” Toya said with a frown.

“Just a minute,” Oki said drifting into the mass of spectators as Iason finished his punishment of his pet. It only took him a few minutes and Oki returned as the crowd dispersed.

“No one knows what sparked it, but Riki basically said something along the lines of Iason couldn’t do something and called Raoul a fucking perverted bastard. Iason couldn’t do anything less than what he did,” Oki said as they watched Iason pick his pet off the ground.

“Like I said, Riki isn’t a pet no matter what Iason thinks,” Riva said with a snort turning away from the pet clinging to his Master.

“Do I hear a hint of superiority in your voice?” Oki asked.

“No, I just feel sorry for the guy,” Riva said shortly. “Let’s leave them. The last thing they need is people gawking at them.”

“Hey! I wanted to buy that!” Omaki complained.

“Too late, Iason already bought it. Come on, you know who Raoul painted it for. You had a snowball’s chance in hell of getting a hold of it, Omaki. Even if you did, Iason would kill you before letting you hang that in the Taming Tower,” Oki said, pushing Omaki along as he looked over his shoulder at the retreating painting.

The rest of the time went quickly as they strolled around the exhibits. By the end of the day Toya had purchase five pieces of art for the villa. Much to Omaki’s amusement, Toya admitted defeat on blending his own unique tastes with Riva’s. They both agreed to leave the villa and house unchanged with the exception of Riva’s room at the villa. The only piece of art that drew both Master and pet was an ancient sculpture from Minas Qentu of two intertwining lovers.

“Well I didn’t find anything,” Oki said with a sigh.

“That’s because you’re way too picky,” Toya said critically looking at his friend as he drove them home.

“Too true. Oh well, I can spend the money on my new pet. There is an auction in two weeks, how about we go then?” Oki asked.

“Ok,” Toya said looking over at Riva who nodded at his Master.

“What about you, Omaki?” Oki asked.

“Of course, I’d never miss an opportunity to tease you,” Omaki replied.

“Great! It’s a date! Maybe we can have Riva perform with my new pet,” Oki exclaimed over his shoulder.

“No,” Toya said firmly looking at Riva.

“I didn’t think so, but I can’t help but tease a little,” Oki said brightly. “Don’t be offended, I didn’t mean anything by it.”

“It’s ok, Oki,” Toya said quietly.

“You forgive me?” Oki pleaded as he pulled into the parking garage, looking back at Toya.

Toya laughed shaking his head, unable to be mad at the pleading blue eyes of his friend. He knew that he was taking things too seriously and made an effort to stop.

“Yes, but no more suggestions of watching Riva pairing with anyone. Ok?” Toya said.

“How about Riva pairing with you?” Oki jested.

“I would be interested in seeing that,” Omaki said eagerly, turning around to look at the two in the back seat.

“Oki… I …” Toya stammered blushing at the thought, but strangely turned on by it as well. The thought of him naked on his knees before his pet as the two Blondies watched him elicited a strong sexual response even as his embarrassment grew.

Omaki laughed at the embarrassed Blondie even as he noticed a glimmer of something in the slightly silver eyes. Omaki saw the pet looking at his Master intently and elbowed Oki before he could open his mouth and ruin things.

Oki looked at Omaki in confusion until Omaki winked at him, a mischievous grin on his face. Grinning, he got out of the car wondering if his offhand remark might actually come true. The thought of watching the delicate Blondie perform with his domineering pet was making his body tingle in anticipation.

“I think we should be going,” Toya said hurriedly looking over at his pet.

“Do you want to come up?” Oki asked eagerly.

“Ah no, I think we should be getting back,” Toya replied quickly. “Thank you for inviting us.”

“Sure, it was our pleasure. We’ll see you at the pet auction if not sooner,” Omaki cut in, stopping his friend from saying anything else as he waved at the two retreating figures.

“Hey, why did you let them go?” Oki pouted petulantly, watching them disappear into their car.

“Idiot! Give them a little time. Toya was interested and I think Riva might even agree, but you push too fast and Toya will hide. Trust me my friend, inadvertently you hit on to something that might just turn out to be fun for both of us.”




Toya briskly walked through the door of the apartment and pulled Riva up against him. His hands moved down Riva’s taunt body. Burying his face into the opening of Riva’s shirt, his lips grazed over the golden skin, tracing a scar to an already erect nipple.

Riva chuckled, pulling a little away from his Master to look into the silver eyes that betrayed Toya’s rising lust. He was unsurprised by Toya’s attack on his body, although he wondered if it was jealousy of Oki’s advances toward his pet or the invitation to perform in front of the Blondies that spurred Toya’s aggressive behavior.

“Riva,” Toya pleaded his hands grazing over the bulge in Riva’s pants.

“What? Do you need something?” Riva asked innocently.

“Don’t make me say it,” Toya begged softly.

“Mmm,” Riva hummed as his Master’s hands found their way into his pants. “It’s a good thing that it’s Shin’s day to go out with his friends.”

Toya pushed Riva back against the door. He dropped tohis knees in front of his pet, pulled down the flowing black pants and buried his face into his pet’s groin. He couldn’t wait to feel Riva’s hard organ in his mouth and quickly began working his pet. Although he wasn’t willing to share Riva with anyone, the thought of his friends watching him with his pet made him tremble with desire.

He felt Riva’s hands entangle in his lose hair, guiding him along his pet’s pulsing organ as it thrust slowly and deeply in and out of his mouth. The taunt muscles of his pet’s ass tensed as he neared his accent.

Riva’s breathing became heavier. He gasped in pleasure as Toya devoured him greedily. Looking down seeing his beautiful Blondie Master on his knees servicing him brought him to his peak before he could stop it. He grasped the pale blonde locks of hair tightly as he released into his Master’s mouth. Leaning against the door to catch his breath, he looked down to see Toya staring up at him with heated silver eyes as he sensually licked his pink lips.

“You enjoyed that?” Riva asked kneeling down to face Toya.

Toya nodded, as Riva’s hand traced the line of Toya’s jaw.

“You would have enjoyed it more with Oki watching us. You want him to see you naked in front of me?” Riva asked softly as his hand wandered down Toya’s body.

“No. . . of course not,” Toya stammered.

“I think your body says otherwise,” Riva teased, feeling the pulsing organ beneath the thin layer of white cloth.

“I … Riva,” Toya pleaded.

Riva chuckled as he kissed Toya. He pushed the Blondie back onto the marble floor of the entranceway. Kissing the Blondie, his experienced hands quickly found his Master’s enormous dripping sex. Riva slowly guided the hard organ into him as Toya gasped in surprise to find himself buried in his pet’s tight opening.

“Riva!” exclaimed the excited Master.

“Thank you for being so jealous today, and for not wanting me to pair with another,” Riva breathed. “You are the only one I want to do this with.”

He watched as Toya closed his eyes in pleasure. Smiling, he rocked his body against Toya, his hands gliding down the silken white skin of his Master’s body. He listened to Toya’s little gasps of pleasure as he increased his rhythm. It wasn’t long before Toya cried out loudly as he suddenly pushed up hard into Riva, making him wince a little at the strong thrust of his Master’s enormous member. Toya’s whole body tensed under him as he released deep inside of his pet. Gently caressing his Master, he watched as Toya lay spent, a little surprised at the strength of his Master’s orgasm.

“Hey, you still alive down there?” Riva asked teasingly after a few minutes.

“No,” Toya whispered as he blushed slightly.

“There is nothing to be embarrassed about, even though I have to admit you’re cute when you blush,” Riva responded.

“Do you think Oki and Omaki realized what I was thinking?” Toya whispered.

“Probably. Oki really wanted us to come up to his apartment,” Riva said unable to keep the laughter out of his voice.

“You don’t mind that?” Toya asked in surprise, looking up at his pet still on top of him.

“I will never mind pairing with you,” Riva said gently touching Toya’s check. “I am a pet after all. I’m used to performing in public and I like showing off my skills. However, I object to you pairing with anyone other than me. That is where I draw the line. No one touches you but me,” Riva stated, his green eyes hard.

Toya couldn’t help but feel pleased at Riva’s possessiveness of him. He watched his pet rise and hold out a hand to help him up. Realizing the cold marble of the floor was more than a little uncomfortable, Toya got up stiffly, blushing again as he realized where they had just had sex.

Riva looked at his blushing Master, wondering if his shy naive Blondie would ever really take up Oki’sinvitation to perform in front of him, and what Riva would do if he did.

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