Chapter 5 Appearances

“Riva, are you even listening to me?!” Shin asked in exasperation his hands on his lean hips.

Riva looked up vaguely at the furniture that had been lecturing him ever since they had arrived home.  Shin who was normally a rather quiet young man with a gentle face wasn’t being so quiet anymore.  Riva sighed wondering were the sapphire haired attendant found the courage to speak up, and wishing he had found it some other time.

“No Shin I am not listening to you really.  Should I be?” Riva asked.

“Of course!”

“Shin listen for whatever the reason Oki and Omaki aren’t your typical Blondies.  I am not a typical pet.  Mix us together and of course we aren’t going to follow normal etiquette.  Don’t worry about it so much,” Riva said looking up at the angry expression on the attendant’s face.

“Don’t worry about it!  You’re both are out of your mind.  You are betting on Master Toya’s friendship and you body Riva.  How do you think this bet is going to make our Master feel?”

“Nothing because nobody is going to tell him.  Right Shin?” Riva said his emerald eyes narrowing as he looked at the now worried man.

“I can’t keep this a secret,” Shin said hesitantly.

“Oh yes you can and you will Shin.  Toya isn’t going to learn about this until either Oki or I tell him. You got that Shin?  I mean it,” Riva said quietly.

“Riva, Master Toya has a right to know.  You bet your body.”

“Master Toya doesn’t have the right to know, and my body is only up for grabs if Toya agrees,”

Shin sighed sitting down next to the stubborn pet.  He looked over at the pet who had proceed to reorder not only his Master’s life but his own as well.  He couldn’t say that he understood either Riva or his Master but he did understand that there was a invisable bond that hung between the two.

“Riva honestly what will you do?  Will you really make Oki break his friendship with Master Toya at the end of the six months?  Can you really do that to him?” Shin asked quietly.

“Shin I don’t know what I am going to do.  It really isn’t about Oki, its about me.  I don’t want to hurt Toya but I don’t know if I can get over my own fears,” Riva sighed shaking his head.  “ I don’t. . .”

Both men jumped as they saw Toya coming into the room.  Riva left his words unsaid as he watched Shin take Toya’s cloak.   When Toya saw his pet sitting on the small white sofa he walked over a small smile on his face.

“Well, did you find some chains?” Toya asked looking down at his pet.

Riva looked up at the exquisite man standing before him.  Without thinking he stood up and picked the now surprised Blondie up.  His muscles flex as he carried the startled Blondie to his room.

“Riva, put me down.  What are you doing?” Toya asked looking up into unreadable green eyes.

Toya was surprised when Riva gentle put him down in his bed and looked down at him.  Toya got up on his knees and reached out to touch the troubled face of his pet wondering what could be wrong.  Riva leaned down and began to kiss Toya his hands gently stroking the Blondie’s clothed body.  Toya felt Riva gently push him down into the soft green bed as the pet’s touch grew more anxious as it found the opening in Toya’s bodysuit.

Toya felt himself resposed fully to Riva’s needs unsure of why but knowing the pet needed him.  Toya’s slim fingers began loosening Riva’s clothes helping the pet to unclothe himself and Toya.  Riva wasted no time attacking Toya’s inflamed member that had been fully exposed to the pet’s gaze.

“Riva, yes that’s it,”Toya encouraged the pet as a blush graced his porcelain face at the wanton need in his voice.

“Ummm I love to hear your voice,” Riva said letting go of the enormous member to look up into glisten silver eyes.

With a smile Riva’s large hand fondled Toya’s aching  member as the pet’s tongue moved lower to the tight pink open on his Master.  Toya felt Riva simulate his most sensitive region as couldn’t help but cry out in ecstasy at the feelings Riva was producing in him.

“Riva I need you please,” Toya gasped in pleasure as he writhed on the sheets.  Riva moved up and kissed the Blondie enjoying the hot body that pushed itself into him.

Toya broke the kiss and got up on his knees looking over his slim shoulders at his pet.  Toya’s silver eyes glowed with a hunger that Riva couldn’t ignore as he positioned himself behind the lust filled Master.

“Yes,”cried Toya as he felt his pet enter him with one hard thrust.

Toya felt Riva plow into his hard in fast his own desire being matched by that of his pet.  The small Blondie  enjoyed the hard possessiveness he felt coming from the pet as he total claimed the body of his Master.  Toya rocked back against his pet panting.  He could feel himself reaching his peak as he stove to hold off wanting to climax with his pet.

Toya felt Riva begin to tremble as he himself exploded with a long deep sex cry matched only by his pet’s own voice.  Both Master and pet collapsed on the bed as Toya turned into Riva’s broad chest pressing close to his sweating pet.

“What’s wrong Riva?’ Toya asked quietly after a while as he traced the old scars on his pet’s body with light finger tips.

Riva remained quiet for a while unable to explain his feelings to his Master.  He wasn’t even able to totally understand his own feelings himself.  He wanted the strangely unique Blondie to love him and need him.  Even if Toya said it a million time Riva still could help but feel afraid that one day his submissive Master would no longer need or want him, that he would be tossed away in favor of someone more suited to him than a pet. It was after all the fate of all pets.  He felt so possessive of the exquisite man that he feared one day would slip through his fingers when the novelty of a dominating pet faded away.  Yet he also felt the pull of something more in his heart, the need to put the happiness of the man he loved above his own happiness.  As he held his partner close to him he regretted ever taking Oki’s bet that put him in an impossible position.


“I just wanted to feel close to you.  After that sexy little show you gave me this morning I couldn’t resist wanting more of you,” Riva said lightly as he smiled at the worried Blondie casually brushing the pale hair out the man’s face.

Toya blushed at the mention of his aggressiveness that morning, even as he looked at his pet.  There was more going on than he was tell Toya he could feel it, yet he didn’t want to push his disturbed pet.  Toya had never been good with dealing with people since most of the time he had avoided them, but even as blind as he was to reading people he knew that Riva was unsettled and had been for a while.  Still Toya was clueless about what to do about it.

“I did get some pet chains. I think you will like them,” Riva said changing the subject not want Toya to delve to deeply into his mixed emotions.

“Well that’s good.  Umm, Riva about the exhibition tomorrow,” Toya said hesitantly.

“Yeah, I can’t wait.  I have always want to go to one,” Riva said.

“Well Oki and Omaki will be coming with us.  They are the ones that invited us to it,” Toya said softly.

Riva remained silent for a few moments.  He had promised to let Oki and Omaki both see Toya without making a fuss yet the devious Blondie had already made plans with his Master before they had even made their bet.  Not only that it was harder than Riva expected not to voice his objections.

“Well they are your friends aren’t they?  If I coming along at least maybe Oki will not try to seduce you as much,” Riva said finally unable to totally keep the grumpy tone from sneaking into his voice.

“Riva, thank you,” Toya said kissing his pet.

“It’s nothing you have to thank me for,” Riva said as he sat up in bed.  “More importantly lets get something to eat.  I’m starving it’s way past lunch you know.”

Toya laughed following Riva out of bed and retrieving his clothes glad his pet was not angry.



Riva rummaged around in Toya’s closet in disgust.  Looking around at the rather boring body suits he grimaced.
 “Hey Shin,” Riva called.

After a few minutes the slender young man came hurrying into the room.  He looked at the mess of clothes all over in horror.  Shin quickly walking into the room picking up the clothes that had been throw carelessly on the bed and chair.

“What are you doing with the Master’s clothes,” Shin asked.

“I know Toya.  He’s going to come home and say he is ready to go but I am not going to let him walk out of here in one of those ordinary body suits of his.  Is this all of the clothes he has?” Riva asked waving to the open closet.

“No, Master also keeps some of the clothes he doesn’t wear in storage,” Shin said shaking his head as he put the clothes away.

“Where at?”
“Master Toya doesn’t wear them,” Shin said shaking his head.

“Come on Shin.”

“Very well I know that you are just going to bug me about it but while I am getting them you must put the rest of these back,” Shin said resigned to the fact Riva usually got his way.

“Yeah, go on Shin,” Riva said pushing the hesitant youth towards the door.

Riva quickly put everything back a little messily but the closet door did close so he figured it was good enough.  Walking out the living room he saw Shin staggering under the weight of a very large plastic box.  Riva immediately went to help him carry it into the living room.

Looking through the box he was sure that these clothes had been designed by Char.  They had a similar feel to them as his own and he wondered why his Master had put them away.  The were breath taking although somewhat conservative. Riva picked up the huge box and carted it to his bed room where he opened his own closet

For the next hour he went through his Master’s clothes and his own find two outfits that complemented each other.  After a while he was satisfied with his efforts he packed the rest of the clothes back into the box and set it in his own closet.

Walking into the bathing hall he began to prepare for the art exhibit.  It had been a while since he had truly dressed up as he was taught in the pet academy.  Shin came in as he had just about finished bathing with the clothes he had laid out in his arms. Riva shook his head and grabbed a towel.

“Come on Shin back to my room.  Today Toya and I are going out and I am going to look the part of a pet today,” Riva said wrapping the towel around his hips and long hair walking to his room.

For the next hour and half Shin under Riva’s directions made the pet look like an A-class pet.  They carefully applied makeup bought weeks ago but never had been used emphasizing Riva’s startling forest green eyes and bring more color to the pet.   Most of the time was taken up arranging the pet’s voluminous crimson hair in a complicated arrangement of braids that Shin could only have accomplished with Riva’s careful guidance.  Finally Shin helped the pet into his dark green pants and cream colored shirt with flowing green vine embroidery that left much of Riva’s muscular chest exposed.. A simple black belt and leather boots finished the outfit.

Riva turned in the mirror examining their efforts as Shin grinned. “Your gorgeous. I can’t wait for the Master to see you.”

“Well I am going to do the same thing to him.  Well not the braids, of course,” Riva said still looking over their efforts.  He had to admit it looked good especially with his first gift from Toya gleamed around his neck accenting the outfit perfectly.

“I’m not sure Master Toya will agree to that,” Shin said hesitantly.

“No probably not but in the end I will win,” Riva said confidently.

“You shouldn’t do that.  He is the Master,” Shin said quietly still unable to completely accept the strange relationship between pet and Master.

“Shin, we have talked about this before.  Both Toya and I want things the way they are and after all Toya in the end can do what he wants.  I am trying to help him Shin.  He is to good to be locked up in this penthouse always believing he isn’t a good Blondie.  He’s gorgeous, intelligent, thoughtful, kind, he has so many wonderful qualities that shouldn’t be hidden away.” Riva said thoughtfully as he moved away from the mirror picking up his pet chains locking the wrist cuffs into place.

“Then why don’t you want him to be friends with Lord Volg and Lord Ghan?”

“I don’t have as much of a problem with Omaki it just I have a hard time with the owner of the Taming Tower. Oki, is a different matter altogether,” Riva answered.

“Riva ummm, you didn’t really answer my question,” Shin said.

“Whatever, was that the door I just heard?” Riva asked his back to the furniture.

The pet heard Shin quickly run out the door to meet Toya with relief.  He had been saved again by his Master’s appearance.  Shin had cornered him again on the one thing he didn’t want to admit to anyone.   There was no way that Riva wanted to explain to the furniture how he was jealous of Oki and how he was afraid of one day losing Toya’s affections.  It was way too embarrassing.

Riva and Toya walked into the living room at the same time. Riva looked up into his Master’s face with a smile glad to see him home so early and just happy that the Blondie was now there.

Toya stood as he saw this pet in front of him fully dressed for the art exhibition.  It was like he was seeing the pet for the first time again.  He stood speechless once again trapped by forest green eyes.  This time not filled with anger but with joy.  The pet was breathtaking beautiful to Toya and he almost couldn’t believe the change in the pet.

“You are stunning,” Toya said after a few more moment of ogling his pet.

“Thank you, it is the first time we have really gone out since you bought me.  I didn’t want to embarrass you after all,” Riva replied walking over to the still rooted Blondie to give him a quick kiss. “You better go get ready as well.”

Toya nodded and with one last look at his pet made his way to his room.  Riva intentionality waited out in the living room to see what Toya would do.  He decide d to give the Blondie a chance, his elusive Master had surprised him before and Riva thought he might do it again.  It wasn’t long before Toya emerge wearing yet another one of his standard blue and white body suits his hair freshly brushed.  Riva shook his head slightly with a frown not really to surprised by Toya’s choice.

“Well we still have some time before. . .” Toya began.

“No we don’t.  You aren’t wearing that are you?” Riva questioned.

“What is wrong with it?” Toya asked looking down at the offending body suit.

“Come one.  You are going to an art exhibition don’t wear the same old work clothes,” Riva said pulling the confused Blondie into his room.

“But Riva . . .”

Riva remained silent as he went into his room Toya following behind him until the small Blondie seen the clothes laying out on the bed.

“No Riva I am not wearing that,” Toya said firmly.

“What is wrong with them?” Riva asked letting go of the Blondie and facing him.

“They just aren’t me.  I will not wear them,” Toya said elusively,

“Your not wearing one of your body suits so unless you want to go naked,” Riva said letting the slight threat hang between them.

“Riva no.  I look ridiculous in them,” Toya said without any doubt as he turned to leave Riva’s room.

Toya grabbed his Master’s arm stopping  him.  His own eyes uncompromising as he pulled Toya towards him.  He was surprised by Toya’s adamant refusal and a little angry as well.  He wasn’t asking anything unreasonable. He himself had spent a lot of time getting ready making sure he wouldn’t embarrass Toya now the Blondie wasn’t even going to try to look good.

“You are going to wear them Toya,” Riva said quietly.
“No I am not.  Now let go Riva,” Toya said tugging at the hand that had trapped his arm.

Riva pulled the Blondie over to the bed a threw him down on it.  Toya sat up surprise for a moment then his eyes narrowed slightly.  He started to get off the bed but felt Riva’s hand firmly push him down again.  He felt Riva grab his arm and start to tye it to the bed and Toya angrily tried to pull it away.

“Enough Riva, I not going to play this game with you,” Toya said a scowling trying to get up off the bed.

Riva remained quiet as he struggled with the small Blondie.  He had to put all of his muscles into restraining the small but powerful Blondie.  Toya very rarely put up a fight but today he was testing Riva’s limits.  Finally he managed to get the Blondie on his stomach and simply sat on the slender man as he quickly finished tying up the man’s wrist to the bed specificity designed for it.  He hands quickly stripped the Blondie of his body suit untying one hand at time struggling with the now desperate Blondie each time he untied on hand until his Master was suitable naked.

“Riva let me go.   I mean it, I am not going to wear those clothes.  We’re going to be late,” commanded Toya as he continued to struggle in the strong silk ropes that bound him firmly to the bed.

“Oh no.  You don’t get to pick when you get punished Toya.  Remember I am the Master in this room.  I say you’re going to wear those clothes then you’re going to wear them one way or another,” Riva replied as he let the small black paddle he had picked up down on the naked ass in front of him.

“I am not going to.  I don’t care what you do to me,” Toya said stubbornly even though the first blow stung immensely.

“It is utter foolishness for me to have to paddle you for simply not putting on some clothes, but if that is what you want than fine.  You’re so lucky you didn’t pull out any of my braids in the little struggle,” Riva said as he continued to paddle the now reddening ass in front of him.

Toya remained firmly stubborn but the surprising painful blows were starting to effect him as he gave a slight whimper of pain.  With each new blow the pain started to increase exponentially.

“Come on Toya are a few pieces of clothing worth it.  What’re Oki and Omaki going to think when you can’t even sit down,” Riva scolded wandering briefly why Toya was being so stubborn.

Toya didn’t reply trying to concentrated on not giving in to his pet’s demands, yet already unable to keep from yelping with each new blow that was creating an  excruciating pain engulfing his whole backside.  After a few more blows he felt Riva stop and lean over him.  He felt a gentle hand caressed his face taunt in pain.

“Come on now Toya.  Is it really worth this? “ Riva asked gently.

Toya remained silent unable to answer not wanting to give in yet also not wanting the punishment to continue.

“Say that you will put them on,” Riva said kissing the Blondie gently.

When Toya felt his lips gently caressed with Riva’s own he couldn’t help but sigh softly.  Unable to remain stubborn against Riva’s punishing arms and gentle lips he felt himself give way to his pet.


Riva untied the well punished Blondie and pulled him into his lap for a moment kissing him gently as his hands moved down his very naked chest.  The pet’s hands moved in gentle circles down the soft skin to Toya’s semi erect member.  As he continued to kiss the Blondie he worked on the gradually harding member.

Toya felt a mixture of sensations run through his body as Riva continued to kiss him caressing his lips so delicately with his own.  He felt his pet reach over to the night stand and gasped in pleasure with he felt Riva coat his now leaking member with oil and continue to work him with firm strokes.  The myriad sensation of pain flooding his backside to the gentle lips to the swift firm stokes on his aching member were driving the lithe Blondie crazy as he began to thrust his hips up into the warm hand working him.   Moaning through the soft lips pressed against  his own his release pour out into Riva’s warm hand.

He felt Riva continue to kiss him as well as his own pet’s harding desire beneath his inflamed ass.  Sliding off his pet he fumbled at the very tight pants encasing his pet’s hard member.  Freeing the throbbing organ he wasted no time in engulfing the organ in his mouth.  He began to concentrate taking the whole length into his mouth as his tongue continued to work on his pet.  Toya felt a hand on his head guiding him gently at first then with more pressure.

“Yes, Toya you are getting so good at this,” Riva hissed in pleasure as his hip thrust into the eager mouth working him.  It wasn’t long before he exploded sending copious amounts of warm liquid into his Master’s mouth.

Toya rose up from between Riva’s spread legs the kiss him sharing the pet’s offering with him.  Riva kissed the Blondie eagerly enjoying his Master’s capitulation.  After a few moments he pulled away and looked at Toya.

“I am going to wash my hands.  When I come back I want to see you dressed,” Riva said looking up into the soft silver blue eyes.

“Yes,” Toya said quietly.

By the time Riva returned he was delighted to see Toya in the clinging violet shirt similar to his own with the green vine embroidery yet more conservative with less skin exposed and white billowing pants.  Riva steered his Master over to the chair and sat him down preparing to apply a little cosmetics.  One warning look from Riva silence any protest as Riva expertly apply them.  When he was done his Master face had a little more color although it didn’t appear that any cosmetics had been used at all.  Finally Riva quickly brushed his Master’s soft silky hair and put two small braids down each side of his face tying them off with small amethyst ties.

Leading Toya over to the mirror he watched his Master look at himself and frown.  Sadness spread over the Blondie’s features as he looked at himself.  Riva turned the sad man to face him a question in his eyes.  Toya leaned into his pet burying his face into his broad chest.  Riva’s arms automatic wrapped around the Blondie as he stroked the silken hair.

“Come on Toya, what’s wrong,” Riva soothed.

“I look horrible,” Toya whispered.

“Whatever are you talking about.  You are amazing, I have never seen anyone look as attractive.”

“No I am not.  With these clothes you can tell how small and thin I am.  The violet makes my hair even more colorless and shows how white my skin is.  I don’t look strong or masculine.  I look so very short and pale, I look horrible,” Toya sobbed into his opening of Riva’s shirt his face burying into Riva’s naked chest.

“Toya look at me,” Riva said pulling the Blondie out of his hiding place. “You are gorgeous.  You look delicate yes but that is not a bad thing, I makes you look so appealing.  I have seen a lot of Blondies with your pale complexion and hair.  Look at Iason your hair is almost the same shade as his, and he is the head of the Syndicate.  Yes your short but I know that there are others your height.  Hell you are still the same height as me and I am tall.”

“Riva you are just saying those things because you are my pet,” Toya said surprised by his tears.

“Come over here and sit back down,” Riva said cleaning up his Master’s face. “No I am not just saying that.  Think about it a minute.  Oki is crazy about you as well and wants you in his bed.  Omaki has also commented on how attractive you are.  I’m positive that there are others who just haven’t said anything simply because you put out such a serious aura.  You must trust me on this Toya you are stunning,” Riva said kissing the now repaired face gently. “Now come on I am sure your friends are waiting for you.  We are going to be late if we keep this up, my beautiful one.”

Toya reluctantly nodded not really believing Riva’s words but feeling better by hearing them.  Picking up the silver chain from the table and the cuff for his own wrist he connected Riva’s two cuffs together with the loose chain before finally connecting Riva to himself.  Riva smiled at his Master feeling content with the thin chain tying them together.

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