Chapter 4 Oki’s Bet

Riva sat in a very hot bath soaking. He and Shin had come to an agreement that bath time would include only Riva, but in exchange Shin would be allowed to brush and style the pet’s hair and pick out clothes for him. Riva really would have preferred to have done everything himself but was willing to sacrifice a little to not have the furniture touching him in the bath.

Riva lounged in the sunken bath tub wondering what Toya was doing. Once again Riva had awakened to find the Blondie gone. No matter what Riva did he was never able to awaken before the delicate Blondie. Riva was rather discontented that he was never able to wake up and find a warm body curled against him. He idly wondered if he could handcuff his Master to him in his sleep. Riva laughed at the idea knowing somehow Toya would manage to still slip away. It was an uncanny ability he had to move about so quietly.

Getting out of the now cooling bath Riva dried himself as Shin came in. The slim attendant held both clothes and Riva’s hair clip in his hands. Riva sighed and sat down on a stool. Shin grinned at Riva and went behind him.

“I still don’t get you. You use to be an A-class pet you should be use to this. Haven’t you had someone waiting on you since you were a kid?” Shin asked as he began to brush out the scarlet hair.

“Yeah, but after my last Master I just can’t stand for anyone to touch me. No offense but it is almost instinctual now.”

“Except for Master Toya that is,” Shin said slyly.

“I don’t think anyone would object to his touch, “Riva snorted.

“Maybe, he is waiting for you to eat breakfast,” Shin said as he finished brushing and tying the pet’s hair.

“What is this? You have got to be kidding,” Riva said as he picked up a flowing ruffled white shirt.

“Well you haven’t worn it yet.”

“I still not going to wear it! It looks like something left over from Toya’s last pet,” Riva said horrified at all of the ruffles.

“I think Toya liked it,” Shin coaxed.

“I really don’t care,” Riva replied putting on the black leather pants and walking out of the bath hall.


Riva continued to walk entering the dining hall to find Toya already sitting at the table reading a paper drinking a cup of coffee. Looking up at his pet, his eyes widened at the half naked pet.

“Don’t ask,” growled Riva sitting down.

“Ok,” murmured the Blondie looking at the pet’s provocative nakedness.

Shin entered the room with the white shirt clutched in his hands. He bowed to Toya a blush on his face.

“It’s ok Shin, please leave us,” Toya said not looking away from his pet.

Shin left as Riva looked over at Toya. Surprise to see the light blue eyes study him so intently. Toya got up and moved around the table to his pet. Delicate white hands lightly traced one of the scars running down his back from his shoulder blades down the length of his wide muscular back.

Riva felt a shiver go up his back at the light touch, as Toya continued to trace the scar. Riva was surprised when he felt the hands unclasp his hair and soft lips press against his neck. Never before had Toya taken the incitive in sex and Riva felt a tidal wave of lust hit him at the unusual manner of his Master.

“You like to tease me? Coming in here half dressed,” Toya’s deep voice whispered in Riva’s ear.

Toya pulled Riva’s chair away from the table and straddled his pet kissing him as his fingers tweaked his pet’s red nipples to hardness. Riva in disappointment felt Toya pull away only to have it turn to surprise as Toya spread his pet’s legs as he unfastened the tight pants.

Toya’s pink mouth went to work on Riva. Although Riva had not had the Blondie service him that often he was always surprise at how the inexperience attempts Toya made turned him on more than the skilled pets of the academy ever could. Looking down Riva saw that as the beautiful man sucked on pet’s ridged organ as he also worked his own leaking member as well. The sight of his delicate Blondie Master between his legs and the unexpected forward manner was too much for Riva to take as he reached his accent far sooner than normal.

Riva watched Toya swallow his offering as he continued to work is own enormous erection and before Riva had finished his own accent he could see Toya spill his own seeds onto the marble floor.

Toya redid Riva’s pants before climbing back up into his lap to kiss his pet. Riva embraced the small Blondie pulling him close unsure what the unexpected behavior was about but enjoying it just the same. Eventually Toya pull away a little and smile at his pet.

“Thank you for last night. I never thought you would agree to let me work at the Syndicate.”

“I want you to be happy, but no more than three to four hours ok? I don’t ever want to go thru another few months like the last ones. It isn’t good for you or us”

“Of course. What made you change your mind?” Toya asked tentatively.

“Omaki asked me if I really want to make you chose between your job and me. It made me think for your own words about Oki and the way you looked when you said it. I don’t want you to resent me for taking away things in your life that you want or need.” Riva said closing his eyes and leaning his head against Toya’s chest.

Toya remained quiet as he stoked Riva’s head trying to sooth him, not able to find the words that would make the pet feel better. After a few moments Riva lifted his head and firmly slapped the Blondie’s bottom.

“Off I am hungry.”

Toya slipped off the pet’s lap and took his seat again. As he drank his coffee, he watched Riva eat his way thru his breakfast he thought of the invitation to the art exhibit. As he looked at his pet, he realized that he would need to get another set of pet chains for Riva if he was to go to the art exhibition with Toya. The ones from Riva’s auction were horrible looking in Toya’s view and the ones he had use for his female pets were to small for the rather large man. Although Riva had been with Toya for a while they had never really gone out together other than the disastrous night at Iason’s penthouse and a couple shopping trips.

“Riva I will need to go in today and talk to Iason about what he wants from me for the new job. While I am doing that will you and Shin go into Apatia and pick out some pet chains for you?” Toya asked as Riva finished his breakfast.

“Isn’t the Master supposed to do that?”

“I suppose but we will be going to the art exhibition being held tomorrow, and your chains look dreadful. If I go into the shop Azuka will want me to go over business with him and I really don’t feel like doing that today.”

“Art exhibition?” Riva asked curiously.

“Yes, I thought we might find some thing for your room at the villa, and maybe some new pieces for the apartment,” Toya replied.

“That is great Toya. I have never been to one before, I can’t wait.” Riva said enthusiastically.

“I am glad you are excited. We really haven’t gone out much, and I really would like to pick up some new decorations.”

“Yes, I think we both will enjoy it. I like the thought of going out with you and being shown off as your pet as well. I will be glad to go pick up some chains, especially since you are right those ones that you have for me are hideous,” Riva smiled.

“Good, I need to be going I have an appointment with Iason in an hour and traffic is horrible this time of day. I will contact Azuka on the way to work and tell him you and Shin will be into this morning,” Toya said as he got up and started for the door.

Riva got up as well and caught the Blondie’s arm before he could leave. Pulling Toya to him he gave the surprise man a quick kiss before letting him go.

“Hey, you didn’t think you were going to leave me without saying goodbye?” Riva asked with a grin.

“I never thought about it,” Toya replied honestly.

“Well think about it from now on,” Riva said briefly kissing the confused Blondie again before he left the room.

As he walked to his own room Riva thought about his naive Master. Sometimes it was surprising how little the beautiful man knew about dealing with others. He seemed so awkward sometimes and vulnerable when Riva complemented him, or expressed his feelings in someway. Yet Toya had at times surprised the pet in his sometimes firm declarations of love and today’s very thrilling initiations of sex. Toya was slowly changing and Riva hoped with time his Master would grow more sure of his pet’s place in his life.

Going thru his closet Riva found another white shirt much less objectionable than the one Shin had pick out for him. It wasn’t long before Riva was fully clothed as he went in search of Shin. He was curious about Toya’s business and was anxious to see the what kind of shop Toya owned in Apatia.

It wasn’t long before Riva’s curiosity was satisfied as Shin arranged for transport to Prism Boutique Toya’s main shop in Apatia. The shop which boasted of entirely glass front and a sparkling ice blue sign was a medium size store situated on a corner of one of the wealthier sections of Apatia close to Eros Tower.

Shin lead Riva through the glass doors to be greeted by a tall brown haired clerk in a well dress uniform of blues and silvers.

“Welcome to Prism. We have been expecting you,” the man said with a polite bow. “Please follow me.”

Shin and Riva followed behind the man thru the busy store where many people were being help by clerks dressed like the one they followed. As they made their way back to the back wall of the shop were a huge display of jewelry was displayed.

“May I suggest arm cuffs since you already have a stunning collar?” suggested the clerk as he opened one of the wall cases containing pet chains of all types.

It wasn’t long before both Shin and Riva were looking thru the vast array of chains, all of which were for the most part beautiful yet strong.

“I think these would be perfect, “said Shin pointing at a pair of white cuffs studded with gold.

Riva shook his head at them. Although they were beautiful, they just didn’t seem to fit what he had in mind. His mind wondered through the various clothes both his Master and he wore and finally came to the conclusion he wanted something in black and silver

“Well, look who I ran into,” came a cheerful voice from behind them.

Riva turned to see the tall golden Blondie who was low on his list of people he wanted to see behind him. Oki walked up to them looking at the pet chains.

“You’re right the white ones defiantly will not work with what Toya is always wearing,” Oki said looking over Riva’s shoulder at the chains.

Riva remained quiet knowing that he they were in public and his actions would reflect on Toya. Yet he couldn’t help but want to ask the interfering Blondie to leave him alone. Grounding his teeth he only hoped that Oki would leave and the sooner the better.

“How about those,” Oki asked pointing at a set of black chains that Riva hadn’t noticed.

Riva picked them up examining them in surprise. The onyx cuffs where decorated with dimonds and connected with silver chains. They were perfect except for the fact Oki had picked them out. Looking desperately at the case Riva hoped to find something even better, yet he knew as he held them he wouldn’t.

“Come on, what do you think?” asked Oki looking at Riva.

“You’re right these were exactly what I was looking for,” Riva said quietly.

“Great, why don’t you wrap them up?” Oki asked the rather confused clerk.

Once the clerk had left Riva looked around to make sure they were alone.

“What are you doing here?” Riva asked irritably.

“Nothing just doing a little shopping,” Oki said innocently.

“Yeah, right,”

“Riva, he’s a Blondie,” Shin hissed jabbing the pet in the ribs.

Oki laughed as Riva rubbed his sided glaring at Shin.

“Come on Riva, am I really so bad?” asked Oki.

“You really don’t want me to answer that Sir,” Riva replied with a tight smile.

“Come now you haven’t even gotten the chance to get to know me. I bet you would like me if you gave me a chance,” Oki replied moving closer to Riva.


“Sir, here are your chains,” the clerk said as he approached them a small wrapped box displaying the Prism logo in his hands.

Oki moved away from Riva slightly as the clerk handed the package to Shin. Shin took it and looked from Riva to Oki in concern. Bowing low to Oki he grabbed Riva’s arm.

“You must excuse us Lord Volg but we must be returning home. Thank you very much for your help,” Shin said pulling Riva towards the door.

Much to Shin’s dismay Oki followed behind them out the door and stepped in front of the rather frantic furniture. Putting a hand on his hip his looked down at the glowering pet and grinned.

“I think that we should make things a little more interesting Riva,” Oki said jovially.

“What are you babbling about,” growled Riva.

“A bet.”

Riva remained silent as Shin looked between the two worriedly.

“Oh come on don’t you even want to know what I am offering? After all it is way to get rid of me permanently,” Oki teased.

“Fine what is it?”

“Let Toya spend time with Omaki and me without making such a fuss and also come along with us when we are going to places where pet wouldn’t be inappropriate. Open your mind Riva and I bet within six months you will no longer dislike us,” Oki said.

“What kind of absolutely foolish bet is that, and how does that get rid of you? It just gives you open access to exactly what you want,” Riva said looking up at the large golden Blondie with a frown.

“It gets rid of me if in those six months you still despise me I will leave Toya alone,” Oki said seriously.

Riva remained silent thinking about Oki’s bet with a frown.

“That isn’t possible. You still work with Toya.”

“Actually no I don’t. Toya is working early mornings he will be long gone by the time I get into work. I hate getting up early in the morning. I will gracefully admit defeat.”

“No, it will make Toya unhappy if you quit being his friend,” Riva said reluctantly with a shake of his head. ” I can’t deny him his friends.”

“Riva you hating me and being unhappy with Toya about our friendship will hurt him more in the long run. It will create a lot of stress for him that he will just bottle up inside. I don’t want that and neither do you. Take my bet. I guarantee by the end of the six months you will not hate me,” Oki said with a wink.

“You’re sure of yourself, aren’t you? All-right but what do you get if you win?” Riva asked suspiciously.

“How about a night in bed with you?” Oki said causally

“Are you out of your mind?” Riva asked shocked, only to have Shin grab his arm to silence him as Shin looked around at the empty street.

“Omaki has remarked on several occasions something along those lines yes,” Oki grinned.

“Toya would never agree to that,” Riva said firmly.

“We both knew Toya will do what you say. Come on you hold the most cards in this bet anyway. In the end we can always alter the bet somehow if Toya refuses or better yet have him chose the prize if you lose. How is that?”

“Ok as long as Toya has final say. I will agree to this, anything to get rid of you,” Riva growled.

Oki laughed and turned away from Riva and Shin with a wave disappearing around the corner of the street, was Riva watched in disbelief at the Blondie’s audacity.

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