Chapter 4 Dragon Desire

Drake sat on the white sand between Ebony’s forearms, resting against her chest. His eyes closed as his complex thoughts sailed between Ebony and himself. He smiled for a moment at her metal picture of his mating with Tir and her very obvious approval of it. Still, his guilt of what he had done pervaded his thoughts; he felt his dragon reaching for understanding of his guilt but failing. To her, Drake had chosen to mate and Tir had accepted, so there should be no guilt.

Drake knew the problem lay in the fact that Tir could be punished, and harshly, for what Drake had initiated. Tir had obviously not rejected Drake, in fact he had encouraged him with little moans of pleasure and a hand entwined in Drake’s hair, something that Drake had found endearing. Still, he was not even sure whether the boy truly wanted Drake, or if he was just going with the moment, responding to his job as a harem boy.

Drake also knew that the more the boy came to Ebony’s pen, the more likely he would be caught. After tasting the boy and sampling such a small part of him, Drake longed for more. He wanted Tir to come despite the risks. He wanted to know how such a curious boy had ended up in the King’s harem, but more than that he wanted the boy naked and spread out before him. He wanted to devour the little harem boy.

Part of him realized that it was the dragon’s desire coursing through his body. Ebony’s mating would come soon and her own desire coursed through his very being. That is why he had warned the little harem boy to stay away for the next three days, afraid that he would be caught if Ebony decided to mate while Tir was there. A very real possibility, since Drake would not be able to keep his hands of the boy and his own passion would spur the dragon’s, one feeding into the other.

He also worried about the boy himself, even if he wasn’t discovered. He had not missed the faded bruises on the boy’s ass. He knew what the King was doing with Tir, and was angry at him for using the boy in his perversions. It had been five years since the King had indulged in such things. Drake had been relieved when it had stopped after Simeon’s dismissal from the harem, and now it had started again. He had heard the rumors of the Baron Marek Valas and the King, and he was almost positive that Marek was behind the renewal of such indulgence. A woman similar to Marek had been the instigation five years before with Simeon.

Marek was another problem he didn’t want to deal with, but probably would within the next three days. The man was stunningly attractive, like a sculpture’s statue. His beauty had even drawn Drake’s eyes when he had first arrived at court. He had a strange aura that drew people to him, even though he was almost aloof and cold to them. Despite that, he had one of the tightest bonds with his dragon that Drake had ever seen. That tight bond could not be created unless there was more to the man than outward appearance.

At the thought of Marek, Ebony almost overwhelmed his mind with images of Feras, Marek’s own dragon. Humming softly, he could feel her desire at the small, agile dragon and the beautiful flight patterns he made in the sky. He could feel her outrage at Drake’s description of small when thinking of the scarlet dragon. Drake retracted the thought and smiled at Ebony’s delight in her perspective mate, even though it would mean dealing with his rider, Marek.

Drake’s mind continued to worry about Tir and Marek; both were linked together. Both were becoming a part of his life, without Drake even choosing it. Each man posed a problem to him, and he hoped that things would turn out.

He felt Ebony rumble behind him as soft colors of green surrounded his mind. He smiled at her, knowing she was trying to sooth him, an equivalent to a large embrace and the words that everything will be all right. He let her sooth him, falling into the emerald green colors floating through his mind, letting go of the thought of Tir. For the moment the boy was safe from discovery, for he had sternly warned the boy not to come. As for Marek, he decided to wait and see. Soon, Ebony would mate and then he would deal with the puzzling Baron.



Ebony screamed as she took off from the ground, her wings pumping powerfully as she took flight. Drake stood in the doorway of her pen, his heart pounding as her emotions filled him. Behind him, he could feel the presence of Marek as Ebony called for her chosen, Feras, again. In the sky he could see a scarlet shape joining her as they both took off flying away from the palace.

Marek’s hand gripped Drake from behind, leaving bruises on Drake’s arm. Drake turned, looking into the green, lust filled eyes.

“Let go and come on,” Drake said, easily breaking free of Marek’s grip and walking quickly away from the man.

Drake felt the dragon’s desire uncurling in him, and was having a hard time not turning and pouncing on Marek, ripping his clothes off. Marek seemed to be having the same problem as Drake looked down at his now bruised arm. It took only two minutes to arrive at Drake’s set of rooms, but Drake had barely shut the door when he found himself pinned against the wall and Marek’s mouth pressed against his, Marek’s tongue demanding entrance. Marek’s body pushed against him demandingly as his hands trapped Drake’s over his head.

Drake admitted the Baron’s tongue in his mouth for a few moments, enjoying the passionate kiss before breaking his hold on his arms. Drake immediately began working on getting the man undressed. Marek looked in surprise at Drake, who had easily broken Marek’s hold on him, and felt a deep stirring inside himself to dominate this man before him.

Drake had quickly undone Marek’s pants to find a leaking member already awaiting him. Without hesitation he began to suck on its hardness, enjoying the juices flowing into his mouth. Marek gasped in surprise at the skill of the man kneeling before him as he expertly worked his member.

Drake felt the man trying to thrust hard into his mouth, and he grabbed the Baron’s lean waist, controlling the man with his rock hard hands. When Marek grabbed his hair, Drake let go of the man, rising up the length of his body and seizing his mouth in a hard kiss. He felt the Baron’s hand untying his pants and Drake removed his shirt. Drake seized the soft mouth again only to feel the Baron’s hands on his nipples, playing with them. They hardened instantly in the slim hands until Drake felt the slight pain of them being twisted.

Drake picked up the tall man with ease, carrying him to the next chamber where an oversized bed sat on a platform. Drake carried the man up the stairs and threw him into the bed. Marek looked over at his partner, surprised again at his strength and becoming, for the first time, unsure of his chances of getting the upper hand with this man.

Drake crawled into bed, his passion burning as his mind circled the skies with Ebony and her partner. Drake’s black eyes met the emerald green of the Baron’s as they both stared at each other for a moment. Marek moved towards Drake, never breaking eye contact until there was not a space between them. Marek moved his hand down the length of Drake’s body, feeling the hard, compact muscles down towards the substantial erection now throbbing in Marek’s hand.

Drake spanned the inch between them, kissing the Baron, drawing his tongue into his mouth. Drake wrapped his arms around the Baron, bringing him even closer until the Baron sat on Drake’s lap. Before Marek realized what was happening he felt Drake’s large organ slide into him. Marek gasped, with surprise at first and then with pleasure, enjoying the hard organ as it hit him just right. Marek began to move on Drake’s lap, driving the man deeper into him as he wrapped his arms around Drake, untying the man’s long, midnight hair.

Drake moaned with pleasure at the Baron’s tight passage gripping him like a vice. He grasped as the man’s lean hips increased the speed. Marek tightened his embrace, feeling pleasure course through his body as Drake continued to work his ass. Drake’s nails dug into Marek’s hips, leaving trails of red along the man’s hip as both men felt their dragons end their own mating dance.

Feeling Ebony’s emotions explode within him and Marek’s deep, almost animalistic growls sent Drake over the edge, and he lost himself deep inside his partner’s passage. Marek himself could not hold out any longer, also consumed by Feras’s swirling satisfaction at acquiring his mate, but also from the powerful man who had managed not only to take the Baron, but give him so much pleasure. Marek cried out as he felt himself explode between their two bodies, even though he had not touched himself. His body tensed in pleasure as Drake wrapped his arms around him.

Marek collapsed against Drake’s rather broad chest, panting. Drake continued to hold him loosely, until Marek moved off of his lap to lie down next to him. Drake looked down at the man, admiring his beauty but totally disgusted with his attempts at domination.

“I am not some helpless harem boy, Marek. If it weren’t for Ebony I would not have you in my bed.” Drake said flatly.

“If it weren’t for Feras I would not be here either. Yet our dragons have chosen, and I must say that I did enjoy the sex, even if it did turn out differently than I expected. I think you did as well.” Marek said, sitting up, his voice betraying no emotion.

“Yes, but I suspect Ebony’s desire played a part in that. I will not play your games in my bedroom Marek, I warn you right now,” Drake said sternly, getting up from the bed to dress, his long hair trailing down his back

“I know, the King warned me of that,” Marek replied, eyeing the beautiful man before he dressed.

“Then don’t try it again. I can’t refuse you the place in my bed, because of tradition, but I can refuse to play your games. Go to the King for that.” Drake said, heading for the door as he gathered up his hair to tie in a ponytail.

“Maybe, but I think you will find that deep inside you there is a different answer awaiting you,” Marek said with a smile that Drake shut the door on

Tir once again stood yawning before the King’s door, with Esper in front of him. Tir looked at his feet somewhat nervously despite his tiredness, and wondered what awaited him beyond the door. It had been three days since he had last been to the King’s Chamber. His bruises had almost faded and he was finally feeling more himself. Still, he was beginning to think he wanted nothing to do with the Baron who provoked such a strange mix of feelings.

Drake had changed his mind. Drake had been kind and gentle to Tir, and he was a dragon rider of the beautiful Ebony. His desire for Drake seemed straight and simple, with no complex emotions tied to it like there was with the Baron. Both men drew Tir to them, but at the moment it seemed a lot easier to deal with the straightforward desire he felt for Drake, than the mix of fear and desire the Baron evoked within him.

Still, he had no choice. Tir was property owned by the King. His body could be used any way the King saw fit, and he had no option of refusal. So Tir stood nervous before the King’s door, waiting for what was to come.

Esper ushered Tir inside to find the King and Baron both seated next to the window, the full moon glowing outside. At his entrance the King waved Esper off and beckoned Tir closer. Tir moved closer slowly until he stood next to the King.

“Well, let’s see how you’re looking, little one,” the King said, turning Tir around and pulling his wrap off. He felt the King’s hands lightly stoke his ass.

“He looks almost healed, too bad I am spent,” remarked the Baron.

“Come on Baron, surely there is something left in you,” the King laughed.

“No, nothing, Your Majesty. You know what the dragon passion is like,” the baron replied coolly, sipping a red wine.

“Ah, to bad. I had hoped that seeing the boy would give it a lift. Ah well, maybe some other time.”

“You could of course enjoy him without me,” the Baron said, reaching out to stroke Tir’s soft member a little.

“No, it just isn’t the same.”

“I suppose not,” the Baron said with a shrug, letting go of Tir.

“Now that you are a member of the council you will have access to the palace harem. I suppose I will not be seeing you as much anymore,” the King said as he guided Tir to sit between his legs. Tir tried to remain awake to hear the interesting conversation, but the King’s hand stroking his head was making things difficult.

“Ah, but now that you have made Tir your favorite harem boy, he is now off limits to the council members,” countered the Baron, looking at the boy seated before his King.

“Maybe for you I will make an exception, as long as you are still willing to play with me of course,” the King said grinning.

“I am always at your service.”

“Are you going to move into Drake’s room? It is your right, as his dragon partner.”

Tir’s eyes opened at the sound of Drake’s name. He wondered what the King meant by dragon partner, and wondered if it had something to do with Ebony mating. He tried to remember what he knew of the Baron’s dragon, but could not.

“Why bother? He is just like me, we both sleep with our dragons more often than not. I admit the thought had crossed my mind just to play with him, since I know that it would irritate him. ”

“Yes, I suppose it would. Still, I would prefer if you don’t irritate him too much, it would be better if you two worked together,” the King said worriedly.

“I don’t know. There is something about him that makes me want to push him a little,” the Baron mused, his finger tracing the rim of his glass.

“Whatever, just don’t get him angry. I don’t want to have to deal with him,” the King said, frowning.

“Has the golden boy ever gotten angry? He always seems so cheerful and mild-mannered.”

The King shook his head, looking down at Tir. Tir’s wide, violet eyes stared back at him.

“Get into my bed, little one, I will be there shortly.”

Tir reluctantly got up and left the room, desperately wondering what the King was going to say to the Baron. Yet he had finally learned enough caution not to ask. He climbed into the King’s white oak bed with a sigh and curled up. As he waited for the King to come, his mind drifted between the two dragon riders until he fell asleep.

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