Chapter 3 Making Toya Chose

Toya sat by the large bay window looking over some code in the latest game he was designing. He had put it aside when the job offer for Jupiter came up but now the first day home after his vacation he decided to look it over. Sighing he wondered if he would have time to work on it and take Iason’s job offer.

“What was that sigh for?” Riva asked from the floor where he was surrounded by pencils, pens, and paper.

“Nothing really,” Toya said with a smile at his pet. ” I was just wondering if I should continue on this or not.”

“What do you feel about it?”

“What do you mean, feel about it?” Toya asked in confusion.

“Does it inspire you? Can you not wait to see it come to life and play the game?”

“Yes, it inspires me. It is an RPG game something I don’t often do but this novice author submitted a script to me that blew me away. I knew it had the potential to become one of the hottest games out there, and the complexity of the game was such a challenge that I couldn’t resist.”

“Then your choice is easy. Do it.” Riva said with a shrug looking down at his work.

“What are you drawing?” Toya asked changing the subject.

Toya had yet to explain Iason’s job offer. He had promised only the work a few hours a day, but had neglected to tell his pet that it would by for the syndicate. He knew Riva disliked him working there because of the danger he might overwork again and the presence of Oki. Riva still had not forgiven Oki for pairing with his Master even for one night. Oki’s outrages advances at Toya had not helped.

“You, but I can’t seem to get it right yet,” Riva said as he tucked a stay lock of hair behind his ear.

“You drew me all week long. Why don’t you try something else like the apartment or skyline?”

“I don’t do landscapes and, besides you are what I want to capture the most. You are the most sexy man I have ever met.”

Toya blushed at Riva’s words.

“That’s it,” mumbled Riva picking up his colored pencil again.

“What did you say?”

Riva ignored him as he worked totally absorbed in what he was doing. Toya looked down at his own work wondering what he was going to do. He really wanted to continue on the project, but totally handling it himself and working for the syndicate wasn’t possible anymore. He would be working more than eight hours a day at least.

“There I finally got it,” Riva said with triumph rising from the floor.

Toya took the drawing looking down at a perfect representation of him curled in the chair at the villa. His long hair unbound spilling over the oversized chair in a white waterfall as he laid his head on the armrest. His eyes the palest of blue as he looked out of the picture at the viewer a soft blush on his porcelain face. Toya was once again shocked at the beauty of his pet’s work. He had to admit that his pet had made him look good on paper, something he still had trouble believing in real life.

“What was missing that you didn’t have before?”

Riva leaned down to his ear and whimpered in a sultry voice.

“Your charming blush, ” Riva said kissing the surprised Blondie.

“Sir, Lord Oki Volg and Lord Omaki Ghan are here to see you,” Shin said from the doorway a smile on his face.

Toya blushed scarlet as Riva glowered at Toya.

“What . . . ”

“Please Riva they are my friends and Blondies as well,” Toya said getting up out of the chair his embarrassment fading at the look in his pet’s blazing emerald eyes.

“Still I don’t . . . ”

Toya’s blue eyes held his pet’s eyes in a firm hold. Toya touched Riva’s face with gentle fingers.

“You are my love. Oki and Omaki will never be able to come close to you in my heart.” Toya said in a deep firm voice his eyes never wavering from his pet.

Riva nodded shaken by the declaration in such an uncompromising voice filled with emotion.

“Just as you are important to me so are they. Oki is my first friend I have ever had, don’t hurt me by forcing me to choose.”

Riva remained quite as Toya kissed him pressing softly against him before slipping past him and out the door. Riva stood in place shocked at such feeling could be stirred within him so quickly.

Every time he heard Toya declare his love like that if blew him away. It was easy to play a lovers game, but to hear a declaration so unshakably given reminded him that for the first time in his life he was important to another living being, not just as a toy but something more.

Yet Oki bothered Riva. He was important to Toya as well, and for the first time in his life he didn’t want to share. He wanted the beautiful Blondie to only look at him to need only him. It was selfish and he knew it yet it was the way he felt.

With a sigh he looked at the door Toya had exited. He knew that he couldn’t leave them alone at least. Schooling his face into what he hoped was an indifferent expression he walked out the door.

“So have you given Iason you answer?” Oki was saying as Riva approached.

Riva stopped and looked at his Master, wondering what Oki was talking about.

“And the stunning pet arrives. You know you really should treat Toya’s face with more care.” Omaki said looking up at Riva.

“Hey, what’s with Toya’s spilt lip?” Oki said indignantly.

“Oki please it is nothing,” Toya said holding up his hand. “It is almost healed.”

“Yeah, I hate to see what you looked like a day ago.”

“I am sorry Sir,” Riva said gritting his teeth as he bowed his head his long hair hiding his face.

Omaki laughed as he rose and walked over to Riva raising his head to meet predatorily green eyes filled with anger.

“I don’t think you are too sorry,” Omaki said smiling at the pet.

“Yes, sir”

Omaki shook his head looking over at Toya.

“We are all friends here Riva. We both know about Toya and you. I certainly don’t disapprove, and I have been known to be on the receiving side every so often. As for Oki well he is a little more, how shall I put it?”

“Omaki!” Oki exclaimed in disapproval.

“A prude.” Omaki grinned over at his friend who promptly threw a coach cushion at Omaki.

Riva watched to childish behavior of the two Blondies in surprise having never witnessed the upper class of Amoi society acting so immature. Omaki winked at him before returning to his seat.

Riva walked over to Toya. He felt his Master’s hand on waist guiding him to sit between his legs. Surrounded by Toya’s scent and feeling the gentle hands entangled in his loose hair soothed him.

“Humph, I still don’t like seeing Toya bruised. Still Riva I have never seen him as happy as he is when he is with you. He is almost glows when you are around.” Oki said looking at Toya.

“Oki, please.”

Riva smiled at Toya unsurprised that the beautiful Blondie still could not realize his own charms. Not knowing what to do around the two unusual Blondies he remained quiet even though he desperately wanted to tell Oki that what he did to Toya was not his business. Privately he did agree with the golden man, Riva had regretted backhand Toya so hard at the villa to split his lip.

“Well you have accepted right?” Oki asked again.

Riva felt the hand in his hair clench. Looking up he saw his Master face pale.

“I have until tomorrow to answer,” Toya said evasively.

“What is there to consider? It is only for three hours a day and I know you are dying to do it. I have never seen a programmer like you. You have to do it.”

“No, he doesn’t ” Riva said before he could stop himself.

“So you are the reason,” Oki said looking down at the pet.

“Please both of you,” Toya said frowning.

“Oki, I also have other responsibilities to consider, not just Riva. Unless I want to be working eight or more hours a day I have to choose my game work or the syndicate. I don’t know.”

“Oh, I never thought about that,” Oki said his forehead furrowed in thought.

Riva remained quiet while he tried to calm his anger. Toya had kept the job offer a secret. He wondered when Toya was going to tell him about it.

“Hey I know. Why not contract some of the game work out you don’t have to do it all yourself most people don’t. You could even mentor some new and upcoming programmers if you wanted to.”

“Yes I suppose I could do that. I actually have done it before, but I would have to contract quite a bit more than usual for me.” Toya said in thought as he stroked Riva’s soft hair.

“You could still work on the parts that interest you the most, and it’s not like you will be working that much at the syndicate anyway,” Oki encouraged.

“Sounds like a good idea if you like both,” Omaki volunteered.

“Why are you pushing him? I don’t want him to work there ever again!” Riva shouted as he stood up his fist clenched.

Toya reached out to grab his pet but felt him pull away and stalk out of the room. Looking after his pet his eyes sad he wondered what to do. Riva was so troubled by any talk of him working with Jupiter, yet Toya also knew he really wanted to do it.

“What the hell is his problem Toya?”

Omaki looked after the pet shaking his head he rose hitting his friend on the head.

“You are I imagine, idiot. If you don’t mind Toya I think I will go talk to Riva.” Omaki said smiling gently down at the sad Blondie. Unable to resist Omaki leaned down and kissed Toya on the forehead. “Don’t worry. Omaki will fix it.”

“Omaki,” Oki complained.

Laughing he left the confused blushing Toya and the indignant Oki and headed down the hallway Riva had taken. Halfway down the hallway he meet the blue hair attendant that served Toya.

Bowing he looked at Omaki. The courteous attendant and the rebellious pet such a contrast in Toya’s house thought Omaki as he looked at the youth.

“Where did Riva go?”

Shin looked up startled at the Blondie’s request. Knowing what was in Riva’s room Shin hesitated before pointing at the room a crossed from them. Nodding Omaki went to the door and knocked. When no one answered Omaki entered closing the door behind him.

Looking around in approval, Omaki was surprised by the masculine earthy room so different from the rest of the house. He arching an eyebrow in humor at the hooks by the bed holding an assortment of punishment devices.

“What are you doing in here?” asked Riva in anger from his desk.

“I thought we could talk,” Omaki said sitting down in a chair near the desk.

“I don’t want to talk. I don’t care if he is my Master, and I am a pet. I don’t want him at the syndicate.” Riva growled looking away from the Blondie that invaded his room.


“Because I don’t want him to work long hours again. If there is a problem he will, I know him.”

“Then stop him if he tries. Why not let him work three hours? I can tell that he really wants to, if I can tell then surly you can as well.” Omaki said seriously.

Riva shook his head.

“Riva, Oki is just playing that is the way he is. He is a flirt he always has been. I lost count of how many time he was called before Headmaster Konami for inappropriate conduct. He isn’t going to take Toya away from you, it is obvious that Toya is besot with you.”

Riva remained quiet staring at his desk.

Omaki sighed and getting up to examine the instruments hanging on the hooks thinking of Riva using on th beautiful Blondie.

“I can tell if you make a fuss Toya will not go to work at the syndicate, but tell me Riva is that what you really want?” Omaki asked examining one the intricately designed whips.


“Are you sure? Toya will do it for you, but there will always be a part of him that wished he would have taken the offer. You will be forcing him to choose.”

Omaki’s words rang through Riva’s head the same words Toya had said about Oki. Riva winced and buried his head in arms. Omaki looked over his shoulder at the pet. With a small smile he turned and let the room.

“Come on Toya. Don’t give up this chance it will never come again.” Oki was saying to his friend.

“Hey Oki come on let Toya and Riva sort it out. You pressuring Toya will not help him and you know it, ” Omaki said walking into the room.

“But . . . ”

“Come on that isn’t why we came here is it?”

“Well, it was one of my reasons,” Oki said glowering at Omaki for not siding with him.

Omaki shook his head at his friend, knowing that he was worked up. It seemed that Oki and Riva were like fire and water. Both men antagonized the other and pushed each others buttons without even realizing it.

“Anyway, moving right along. Toya will you come to the art exhibit being held in a few days?”

“I hadn’t thought about it.”

“Well we want you to come with us,” Oki said.

“Alright I do need to pick up some artwork for the villa,” Toya said nodding.

“Are you redecorating?” Omaki asked.

“Just a room for Riva. My own style just doesn’t suit him. I think that we might redo the house and try to combine it into something that suits both of us. I don’t know.” Toya said looking around.

“Well when you finish I would love to see what you come up with. After seeing Riva’s room all I can say is a combination of the two will be something to behold.”

“Hey, you got to see Riva’s room. No fair.”

“Too bad. Are you not supposed to be at work?”

“I think so.” Oki said with a shrug.

“Oki, you should go. I don’t want to keep you from your work. I promise to go to the art exhibit.” Toya said worriedly.

“And the job?” Oki hinted hoping to get Toya to agree.

Toya looked down as Omaki elbowed his friend in the ribs.

“Ok, sorry. Will you call me when you have made up your mind?” Oki said giving Omaki a dirty look.

“Yes, of course. I am sorry Oki, but there are a lot of things to consider.”

“No, problem. Ok I guess I go to work. What about you Omaki?” Oki said getting up.

“I should be getting back to the Taming Tower. It is quite busy today and I wouldn’t want to miss a good show,” Omaki grinned at Toya as he blushed catching on the Omaki’s jab at his own show he had unwitting preformed the last time he visited the Taming Tower.

“Thank you both for coming. I wish it could have been longer,” Toya said walking to the door with them.

“Next time it will be,” Oki said when they reached the door. “We just wanted to see how things were going now that you got back.”

Toya nodded and watched both Blondies disappear into the elevator. Turning back he wondered if he should go see Riva. He knew the pet would still be angry and didn’t feel up to facing him. He also wants to think about things some without the pet around.

Walking into the kitchen, he found Shin cleaning. The blue haired attendant was it looked like reorganizing the kitchen by the disarray of cooking utensils strewn throughout the kitchen and the very empty storage areas.

“Shin, I am going out for a while,”

“Yes, Master. What time will you be back?” Shin replied looking at the troubled Blondie.

“Before dinner.”

Toya left before Shin could ask any more feeling disinclined to talk. It took Toya very little time to reach Manatung Bay. It seemed he always went there when he needed to think. Toya stared into the murky waters letting his mind drift through his problems.

He knew that he needed to be firm with Riva about Oki. It wouldn’t be fair to Oki to cut all contact because of Riva’s jealousy. Toya frowned feeling frustrated the Riva would not trust his words and love, but also knew that the pet had a right to be afraid. Toya was a Blondie and Riva a pet and no matter what that would never change. Although it felt like they had been together forever they actually had not been together that long. It would take time for Riva to believe him, but it didn’t lessen the hurt that the pet didn’t believe him. It also didn’t help that Riva had only told Toya once that he felt the same for the delicate Blondie.

Toya knew that he wanted to take the offered job, he knew it as soon as Iason asked him. He also knew that it bothered Riva and had avoided facing the problem. He wanted his pet to be happy, and after watching Riva today he knew that he wouldn’t be if he took the job. As a Master, Toya could do anything he wanted. As a lover, he couldn’t and he realized that maybe in this he would have to compromise.

Thinking about it Toya was sure the real reason behind Riva’s objections was Oki whom Toya would be working with every day. Bitting his lip only to wince at the pain of the forgotten almost healed injure Toya continued to turn over the problem.

In the end Toya couldn’t get passed Riva’s anger at Toya’s work. Riva was a part of his life now and had made it clear how he felt about working on Jupiter’s systems. Toya realized he could still work on this game and knew that it was a challenging and full filling job that he loved as well. Maybe he could take Iason’s offer but he knew that Riva’s happiness was more important especially since there were other things he could do.

Looking out into the waters he knew that he had come to the right decision for him. He knew Oki would be disappointed, but he had also decided despite Riva’s jealousy he would continue his friendship with the man. In time he hoped that Riva would realize that he would never leave the pet or replace him with another.

Starting up the car Toya headed for home. He had not been gone long but he was sure that his pet would have realized he had left. He knew Riva would be more than a little angry which sent a shiver up Toya’s back. Parking his hover car in the garage, he sat trying to calm himself. He only hoped his decision would diminish his pet’s anger.

When he finally entered the house, he was surprised to find Riva not in his own room but Toya’s. The pet was sprawled out on his bed looking at the ceiling. When Toya entered, he looked at his Master with an unreadable expression on his face.

“I am not going to take Iason’s job offer,” Toya said standing just inside the door looking at his pet.

“Why?” Riva said getting up and walking over to Toya.

“Because . . . ” Toya started but was interrupted by Riva pulling him against him and seizing his lips.

Toya was surprised by the passion of Riva’s unexpected kiss. Toya was sure that he would face Riva’s hard hand for keeping the job a secret at least. He felt himself being pulled into a tight embrace. He ran his hands up Riva’s tight muscled arms feeling the strength in them. Riva let go of his Master only to slide down Toya’s lean body to kneel before him.

“Riva,” Toya breathed as Riva’s practiced fingers unlaced Toya’s body suit.

It wasn’t long before Toya stood naked before his pet as Riva teased his enormous erection. Riva teasing tongue gave way to his hot mouth that tried to engulf as much of Toya’s throbbing member. Toya looked down at the crimson head that moved down the length of him unable to control his panting at the pleasure Riva was sending thru his body.

Toya gasped in pleasure clutching at Riva’s head. Riva pulled away slightly as he

stood up and lead him over to the bed. Riva removed his clothing quickly and pushed the Blondie down on his leaking member which Toya greedily took into his mouth.

Riva stroked the soft white hair as Toya continued to work his erection with his hot mouth. Riva smiled down at the still inexperienced Blondie. Although Riva had been serviced by far more experience people, Toya still brought him to the brink far sooner just by his eagerness and beauty.

Gently pulling Toya away from him, he looked into the silvery eyes that betrayed Toya’s lust like nothing else. Pushing the Blondie down on the huge bed and moved between the pale leg of his lover. Looking into Toya’s eyes Riva entered the Blondie slowly enjoying the tight embrace.

“Toya do what you want. If you want to work at the syndicate then do it,” Riva said as he lean close to his lover moving slowly within him, his emerald eyes locked with the silver.

Toya’s eyes widen in pleasure and surprise as he moaned in replied. Riva chuckled as he increased his pace feeling Toya’s inner muscle began to squeeze him. Toya’s arms wrapped around him pulling him closer. It wasn’t long before both men gasped at their mutual release

Riva collapsed on Toya breathing heavily his scarlet hair mixing with white blonde on the sheet. Eventually Riva moved to get off the Blondie but found himself trapped with the surprisingly strong embrace of his Master.

“I love you Riva, more than you know,” Toya whispered.

Riva remained quite as he rested his head on the pale warm chest of his Master listening to the beating of his heart.


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