Chapter 27 Drake

Drake entered the empty set of rooms next to their own to see Marek curled up on a long sofa, asleep. Quietly crossing the distance to the baron he knelt down next to the sleeping man, smiling wryly at the vulnerable figure. He actually looked almost innocent, almost but not quite. For being only one man he certainly seemed to stir up a great deal of trouble for Drake. He was sure that Marek had been in here ever since he had ran off on Tir early in the afternoon, leaving Drake to attend the afternoon meeting alone. Once again his two lovers were fighting, which seemed to be a constant in his life now days. If it wasn’t one thing it was another, and yet he couldn’t help but feel a little jealous. It was so very obvious how much Tir loved Marek and he couldn’t help but want to shake the stubborn Baron for his refusal to see how much the boy cared for him.

Reaching out he traced the outline of the man’s sharp jaw line. Piercing emerald eyes snapped open as the relaxed face took on stern lines of irritation. Drake couldn’t help but smile, for like it or not this was the face of the Baron Marek Valas, his consort. Unable to help himself he leaned down and kissed the man, feeling him stiffen a little under his lips.

“What the hell are you doing?” Marek growled, pulling away.

“Kissing you,” Drake said innocently as Marek pulled himself up.

“Whatever, where is Tir?” Marek asked.

“You don’t have to worry, he’s visiting Tristan and I didn’t tell him where you where. You do realize this is rather childish, don’t you?” Drake asked, raising up to sprawl out next to Marek.

“Shut up,” Marek snapped, glaring at him.

Drake chuckled at the cold arrogant visage, knowing what was now behind it. A year ago he would have been put off and even a little offended by such an insulting look and tone, but Tir had changed that. He had come to learn a great deal about the man glaring at him, and now wasn’t affected by his bouts of ill temper. Instead he found that teasing him was a great deal more fun. Besides if he didn’t get his growling, irate consort in a better mood he would never make up with Tir. As strange the situation was Drake found that making sure his lover and consort made up had become one of his many duties.

“You know you’re going to have to come to an agreement with Tir about your fun, or this is going to keep happening,” Drake said in response.

“It isn’t any of your concern,” Marek answered, standing up.

Drake grabbed a thin wrist and pulled the struggling man unceremoniously into his lap. Marek struggled in his grip, his eyes flashing as he swore at him to let go. Unperturbed Drake locked his arms around the Baron’s lean waist and waited for the storm to subside. Marek struggled futilely to get away, even going as far as to pull his hair, making Drake laugh at the man’s tactics even as he winced a little as strands of dark hair came loose. The tall, wiry man might be powerful but he still was no match for Drake’s strength. Eventually Marek stopped fighting to glare down at Drake, looking morally offended.

“Done?” Drake asked calmly.

“Let go damn you!”

“Nope, unlike Tir you can’t run away from me, and by the way it is my concern. We’re all tied together. When you two fight it really disrupts my life. Tir mopes around like a lost puppy and Ebony loses her mate’s attention because he is totally focused on you. Not to mention you’re my consort, I would prefer you not to be unhappy,” Drake answered, not letting go of Marek.

“I thought you weren’t interested in me as a consort in any way other than through Ebony?” Marek retorted, his eyes narrowing.

“I believe we had this conversation in the bath hall a while ago,” Drake answered.

“You can’t be serious,” Marek said with a withering glance.

“Mmm, yes I can. Why are you complaining? After the mating, you seemed interested enough then?” Drake asked curiously.

“That was just to irritate you. Nothing seems to bother you, it really pisses me off,” Marek muttered.

“Oh, lots of things bother me, I’m just better at dealing with it. Running and hiding isn’t my strong suit.”

“I am not running.”

“Of course not, you’re in this room because you like the colors better,” Drake said with heavy sarcasm.

“I’m not talking about this with you,” Marek hissed, trying to pull away.

“Marek, I’m not the one that you need to talk to,” Drake sighed.

“If wouldn’t be a good idea for me to talk to him right now. I’m so angry with Tir…” Marek stopped struggling and sank back into Drake’s arms. “It just would be better for both of us to cool down.”

“Why are you really mad? It isn’t that child or Tir’s bond with him. I know you don’t begrudge Tir his love for his brother, so what is it really?” Drake asked quietly.

“I said I don’t want to talk about it, especially with you,” Marek answered sharply.

“Fine, do you want to fuck me?” Drake asked.

“No, I want you to let me go,” Marek said in angry exasperation, rolling his eyes.


“Not an option,” Drake retorting, squeezing the man a little.

“You can’t be serious?”


“Umm, yes I think I am. You’re not leaving this room until you’re in a better mood. So talk or sex, although with you sex will probably be the better choice,” Drake answered with a grin.

Drake was surprised when Marek’s face went totally blank and emotionless, the man looking away from him. It certainly wasn’t the reaction he had been expecting from the mocking ironic man. It was obvious that Drake had hit a nerve, but he wasn’t sure where. He could see the man trying to keep his mask, as if he were trying to hide something. Suddenly letting go of the tense body he reached up and turned Marek’s face to him to see the closed, emotionless eyes looking at him.


“Sex isn’t the only thing I’m good for,” Marek said softly, brushing Drake’s hand away and pushing himself up and away from him.

Drake watched the man leave, more than a little surprised at his words. Stripping out the tie of his now tangled braid, he ran his hands through his dark hair trying to straighten it as he reached out to Ebony. He felt her gently touch his mind then pull away, her attention focused elsewhere. Frowning, he threw himself back against the couch with a sigh. First Marek’s strange behavior, now Ebony’s. It was unusual for her to be busy elsewhere unless Feras or the hatchling was demanding her full attention, which wasn’t often. He really could have used her thoughts on the Baron’s strange behavior.

It appeared Marek’s anger was coming from an entirely different area than he had first thought. The blond man was a very sexual person, but it appeared that he was feeling the sting of the people closest to him not understanding him. Drake always assumed that was Marek’s main interest in both him and Tir, but perhaps he had been mistaken. One thing was for sure, that if left to his own thoughts things would just get worse for the man who did nothing but bottle up his feeling and emotions. Marek and Tir needed time alone, and with the hectic day that promised to follow Drake wondered how that was going to happen.


“Tir what’s wrong? Did Tristan not agree to let the twins come with you?” Drake asked, concerned as Tir entered their chambers.

Tir looked up, startled to see his prince rising from one chair, putting down the parchment scroll he had be reading. He had not expected Drake to still be awake by the time he returned and knew instantly he had been awaiting him. Without a thought Tir took the few steps that stood between them to throw himself into Drake’s waiting arms. He was so very tired and confused. Too many things where piling up around him, far too many for him to deal with. It didn’t seem he would ever get them straightened out again and he sought out the protective shelter that Drake had always provided him.

Very strong but gentle arms wrapped around him as Drake pulled him close. Tir sighed deeply, going limp in the man’s arms, feeling a tinge of [something should go here?] at adding to the man’s already overburdened shoulders, but unable to help himself. He felt himself picked up and carried over to one of the over sized chairs in the main room as Drake sat down, cradling him his arms as if he were a child. Tir leaned against the man’s chest, listening to his slow steady heartbeat and not thinking of anything. They sat there for a time before he felt Drake stir a little.

“I think Tristan will let the twins and me go back with you, although he doesn’t want to. He wants me to be his son,” Tir said finally, sadness filling his voice.

“And that upsets you?” Drake asked curiously, brushing a strand of hair away from Tir’s eyes.

“No,” Tir shook his head as he drew one of Drake’s hands into his own, entwining their fingers. “It surprises me and honestly makes me happy, but I can’t stay Drake. I belong to you and Marek now. And to Terma I think, although I don’t know how much of use I will be there. Part of me really wants to have that bond with Tristan, to have a father that loves me, but it’s too late now.”

“It is never too late Tir. You could stay for a while, you know,” Drake said slowly.

“Do you really want me to do that?” Tir asked, gazing up into Drake’s troubled black eyes, already seeing the answer.

“If it would make you happy,” Drake replied.


“No, it wouldn’t. I would always be thinking about you and Marek. Besides Tristan isn’t a normal father, there are other concerns as well,” Tir sighed again.

They both remained silent for a while as both thought of those other concerns. The biggest one Drake didn’t even know about his bond with the dragons. He would have to tell them and soon, but it didn’t feel right to tell Drake first without Marek present. Feras and Ebony both were still very distant from Tir in his thoughts and he worried about why they were. Had he done something wrong? Would they sever their bond, could they even do it? Tir was worried now and the more he thought about it the more he worried. He also wasn’t looking forward to telling Drake and Marek about his bond with the dragons. He had kept it from them for way too long, far longer than he should have. Now all of the dragons reasons seemed to pale in comparison when faced with telling the two riders the truth. He was sure both of them would be angry with him for keeping the truth from them.

Tir looked at his hand entwined with Drake’s very warm callused one, feeling his love for the man swell in him. He didn’t want Drake to be angry with him. The prince had truly never been really angry with him, and he wondered if this would be the thing to set the mild mannered prince off. He had never fought with Drake as he had with Marek, and strangely because of it he feared the Prince’s wrath a great deal more than Marek’s.

“I’m always fighting with Marek, why don’t we ever fight?” Tir wondered, not realizing he had voiced his inner musings until he felt Drake stir.

“Probably because I have a great deal more patience in dealing with things. After all I’ve had to deal with my father’s antics all my life. I’ve learned to go with the flow of things, besides Tir most of the time you’re picking a fight with Marek over his stupidity,” Drake sighed.

“I do not,” Tir protested.

Drake chuckled at his indignation, squeezing him a little.


“Well, who started it today?” Drake asked grinning.

“He did, he knew very well…”

“No, Tir he didn’t,” Drake said with a sigh. “Marek was being quiet but Elgin was trying to eavesdrop and succeeded. I can see why you’re upset but Marek didn’t know of Elgin’s problem, nor was he deliberately trying to rub the boy’s face in it. You just jumped to the wrong conclusion. Now Marek could have told you, but I don’t think you were in a mind to listen.”

“I…didn’t know,” Tir stammered out, feeling a little bit guilty, but still it upset him that Marek would even talk of such things so openly.

“I know you didn’t and so does Marek, but he is stubborn and has more pride than anyone I know. Tir I’ve never been entirely comfortable with the games you two play. Marek enjoys teasing me with it because it is the one area that I cannot tread in. Even when I played at it with the two of you it was Marek that your eyes really turned to, not me. I know that, as does Marek, this is the one thing that he can beat me at, the one thing he can do for you that I cannot. Yet at the same time you are embarrassed by it,” Drake said, his eyes serious and yet at the same time sad.

Tir avoided the sad gaze, looking at their hands. It was true that he was embarrassed and flustered by what they did together. No matter how much he tried he couldn’t be like Marek or his father and accept such things so easily. He couldn’t reconcile his pleasure in the feeling of helplessness and punishment. It seemed to contradict itself and there was no way he could find the words to explain his enjoyment of it to others. He wanted to avoid the issue of it altogether by simply refraining from talking about it outside of the people who could accept it.

“Tir, how do you think it makes Marek feel? For him the thing that binds you together is something that you refuse to acknowledge,” Drake asked.

“That isn’t the only reason I love him!” Tir exclaimed, looking up at Drake wide eyed and a little angry at the man’s assumption.

“I know that and so do you, but I doubt Marek does. The relationship between the three of us makes some things harder to ignore Tir. We spend more time talking together and when you have a problem you often come to me. When your body burns it is Marek you turn to. Marek sees it and so do I, but unlike our baron I’m not as emotionally challenged. I see how you look at him, how upset you are when you argue and when he sulks avoiding you. It isn’t just about sex, you depend on his strength as well but for someone who has been betrayed it is harder to see the good in the people you love,” Drake retorted, gently pushing Tir off of his lap to stand up.

“There is no easy solution to this problem between you and Marek. You’re acceptance of what you two do together would help, but honestly your brother isn’t going to make things easy for you. Despite everything I said to him he is determined to dislike Marek. He is still a child and after what has happened to him… Tir I think it is going to take a lot of time for him to heal,” Drake said, walking towards the bedroom.

“I know, but I’m not going to break things off with Marek because of Elgin. I don’t want to hurt my brother but I love Marek. Things are so complicated that I don’t think I will ever get things straightened out,” Tir said, shaking his head.

“Telling that to Marek might be a start. We can’t solve this tonight and tomorrow is going to be hectic. Nolan suddenly agreed to sign a treaty, barring any hostilities. We are signing it in the morning and then we’re attending a local fair being held outside of the city,” Drake said, entering their bedchamber.

“You did it! When? How, I thought Nolan was totally against it. Why didn’t you tell me sooner,” Tir asked in a rush with a grin lighting his face as he caught Drake up in a exuberant embrace. He glanced at their huge bed to see if he had awakened Marek, only to see it empty.


“Probably with Feras, he’s sulking remember?” Drake answered, picking Tir up and throwing him into the empty bed.

Tir felt a hand cup the side of his face as Drake lowered his lips to Tir’s, kissing him gently. Tir twined his arms around the man’s neck, leaning into him, feeling the soothing comfort of the kiss enter him, easing the stab of pain he felt at Marek’s absence. Drake was far too good to him in so many ways, always there for him, helping him with his troubles even when it dealt with the man that should be his rival. Yet his prince never seemed to be jealous and even tipped him into Marek’s arms more often than not. It wasn’t that Drake didn’t love him, for every time he was with the dark haired man he could feel the warmth of his emotions just like his dragon’s soothing presence. Comforting, gentle and most of all protective of him. When Drake pulled away from him, disengaging his arms, he stared up him in surprise.

“Tomorrow Marek and Feras are supposed to fly together and do a showing. Nolan is intrigued by the dragons and wants to see them fly, but I think perhaps Feras could fly by himself. Ebony’s mind has been preoccupied today, but tomorrow I will talk to her and ask her to be part of my conspiracy to get you and Marek alone together,” Drake said with a smile.

“Drake, is it really over? Nolan really agreed?” Tir frowned, ignoring his own problems for the moment. It seemed impossible that things could have changed overnight. Nolan had been digging in his feet on a number of issues until yesterday.

“Yes, but I’m just as wary as you are. Something isn’t right but how can I protest when it means an end to the fighting? He has conceded to all the issues that I wouldn’t budge on. Tristan is worried as well but what can we do?” Drake answered, running a hand through his raven hair as he sat back.

“So what now?” Tir asked.

“We sign the treaty and see what happens. Nolan and Tristan were talking about the fair that was being held, and it was decided it would be relaxing to attend since it had been a tense few weeks. Tristan normally attends every year to judge the various contests and such, so security is already in place. Nolan was the one that suggested the dragons fly, since he was extremely interested in them. One of them needs to say with the hatchling so Feras is the one that is going to fly. Feras is after all the best at acrobatics and Marek does like to show off,” Drake said dryly.

“So how are you going to get Marek and me time alone? Won’t we both need to attend the fair?” Tir asked uneasily.

“Yes but Marek will have to come back to saddle Feras and ride out. I’ll talk to Ebony and have Feras taken out right before Marek arrives. Then he will be here and if you sneak back before him you can catch him and spend some time with him. We’ll take your brothers with us, I’m sure they will enjoy the fair and two can work out your differences alone here. So how does it sound?” Drake asked, tilting his head.

“I love you,” Tir said, wrapping his arms around Drake and kissing him.

Drake chuckled under his exuberant kiss even as Tir worked his hands under the velvet clothing to his sensitive skin. It felt extremely good to feel Drake’s arms wrap around him, pulling him close for a few moments before lowering him down into the soft mass of red-gold blankets. He let Drake slowly strip off his clothing, shivering in delight as the man stopped occasionally to caress the slowly emerging skin. The entire time Tir kept his eyes locked on Drake’s face, watching the soft glowing of deep emotions as he stripped him naked. The expression marked with the gentle line of love merging with lust on the man’s face made every part of Tir tingle more so than anything else.

Unable to bear to just watch any longer Tir reached up, his fingers tracing the hard lines of muscles on the man’s arms up to the golden bands encircling his biceps. He could feel the hard muscles quiver under his touch and smiled, pleased at the response. Drake stripped out of his own clothing with considerable more speed, exposing vast expanses of flawless bronze skin to Tir’s avid gaze. Long before he could tire of looking at the perfectly sculpted body Drake lowered himself between Tir’s raised legs, pressing the entire length of his body against Tir as he seized his mouth.

Tir let his hands explore Drake’s broad back as he ran his tongue against Drake’s. He could feel his hard organ pressed tightly against taunt abs as he wriggled under the body pressed close to him. He moaned under the slow languid kiss, feeling the heat rise in his body. It had been far too long since they had been together and he had forgotten how intoxicating the prince’s slow gentle techniques could be. When he thought he could bear it no longer Drake’s soft lips left his face, traveling down his body in a slow winding trail, leaving love marks down his pale skin.

Panting in desire he wanted desperately to push the man lower and yet at the same time wanted things to continue at the same slow, maddening pace that explored everywhere on him. He could feel dark silken hair tickling him even as hot nipping kisses moved down his flat belly. Arching in response to the man’s progress down his now shuddering body he felt Drake’s tongue wrap around his member. Tir cried out loudly, tangling his fingers in his lover’s long hair he felt himself release without meaning to.

Drake swallowed his offering, sucking on the hot sex even after Tir’s shuddering orgasm had passed, leaving him panting in embarrassed exhaustion. He looked down to see Drake continuing his ministrations as his fingers circled around the sensitive skin of Tir’s ass.

“Drake,” Tir gasped as oil slick fingers penetrated him. He vaguely wondered when Drake had grabbed the oil but soon forgot to wonder as he felt his member finally begin to stir slowly under his prince’s expert touch.

Familiar hands ran down the inside of his thighs as Drake rose up, draping Tir’s legs over his broad shoulders. He felt the wet tip of his lover’s sex rub tantalizingly close to his twitching opening as he wriggled a little in anticipation. With agonizing slowness the thick shaft penetrated him until finally Drake was buried up to the hilt inside him. He gazed up at Drake’s lust glazed face and held out his arms, beckoning him down to where he could twine his arms around the man’s neck, pulling him down for a deep passionate kiss.

Feeling Drake deep inside of him as his whole body pressed against him, kissing him, excited Tir deeply as he felt himself completely harden again against Drake’s sweat drenched body. When Drake released his lips and rose up he began to thrust into Tir with long deep thrusts, his right hand moving between Tir’s legs to the pink shaft lying taunt against his belly.

Tir’s whole body felt on fire as Drake moved within him, penetrating him deeply. All of his problems dissolved under the physical pleasure of his lover’s body that seemed to touch every single sensitive place on his body. It wasn’t long before he could feel Drake’s muscles tense as he lost himself in his own orgasm, his face a mask of pleasure, tipping Tir’s own barely controlled lust to its completion.

When Drake lay down on his back on the now rumpled sheets Tir curled up next to him, content for the moment with nothing in his mind but his feeling for the man next to him. He slowly felt sleep start to pull him under when Drake stirred next to him.


“What?” Tir yawned sleepily.

“Tomorrow when you talk to Marek, go carefully. Something is bothering him beyond what you two are fighting about. I couldn’t get him to talk to me about it but I have a feeling it has to do with the relationship between the three of us,” Drake said quietly.

“But he already knows I love him. I’ve explained my feelings for both of you,” Tir said, confused at what could be bothering the man.

“Does he know why you love him? I have a feeling the fact that you two often solve every problem you have with sex and all your problems revolve around sex is starting bother him,” Drake mused.

“But…” Tir stopped, about to deny it, but there was some truth to the words. Their relationship had always been driven by desire but it was more than that. A great deal more.


“Why can’t anything go simply?” Tir sighed, snuggling up to Drake’s warm body, not wanting to think about it.

“At least it makes life interesting,” Drake sighed, wrapping an arm around him.


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