Chapter 24 Tension

“Finally, I’ve got you to myself,” Marek growled as he pushed Tir against the wall fiercely, his hand puling Tir’s arms above his head, trapping them in his firm grasp.

Tir writhed away from the man, trying to push him away even as he felt his whole body come alive under Marek’s touch. He needed to resist, he had responsibilities and things he needed to do on the rare time off. Yet even as his mind protested his body was demanding attention. It had been far too long since he had felt Marek’s body against his own, far too long since they had been alone together.

“Stop struggling,” Marek commanded, his mouth moving down Tir’s neck.

“Marek stop it, I should go see Elgin and Ash and Tristan’s library… Ah…” Tir moaned as Marek pressed his body against his own demandingly even as his hand kneaded his groin.

“It seems like you have forgotten who is in charge here,” Marek purred in pleasure, his green eyes glowing as he looked down at Tir.

“Marek not here!” Tir gasped as he realized what the man had planned.

Suddenly he felt his arms being pulled in a swift motion towards Marek, struggling fiercely against the man’s plans. He could feel his whole body on fire, his sex rock hard even as he twisted in Marek’s strong arms. It was too dangerous to play this way now; his brothers could come looking for him any time.

“Marek please, don’t,” Tir begged, tears coming to his eyes as he felt the man pull him over his lap.

“Oh, no you have been putting this off for way too long,” Marek said even as he felt his ass expose to the air, his pants sliding to the floor.

Tir squirmed, his mind whirling in panic even as his whole body throbbed in desire. He could feel the Baron’s strong arm over his back, holding him place despite his best efforts to get away even as a warm hand lightly rubbed over his now exposed bottom. He felt a finger gently probe between his checks and he gasped in surprise and pleasure, ceasing his struggles for an instant.

“Please Marek let me up. What happens if my brothers come looking for me? Please they can’t…” Tir pleaded, hoping to get out of Marek’s planned punishment.

Marek chuckled, his finger withdrawing from Tir’s opening as he tensed, knowing from the tone that the man was far from giving up on his agenda. Tir felt torn between embarrassment and excitement of what was coming. It had been far too long since he had been in this position, and his own deviant craving for Marek’s hard touch was making it hard for him to remain firm in his resolve to resist punishment.

“Nothing is getting you out of this, little harem boy. Nothing at all,” Marek whispered in Tir’s ear as he leaned down, his hand massaging his upturned ass before the first blow struck.

The loud crack of flesh meeting flesh echoed throughout the room and Tir yelped in surprise at the flash of pain. It had been a while since he had felt Marek’s strong hand on him, and the unexpected flash of pain made him cry out far louder than he had intended. It wasn’t long before his tears came not only from his worries of being caught but the pain flaring inside of him. Yet despite the pain he also felt the same whispers of comfort and of the pleasure of Marek’s discipline that he hadn’t felt in a while. A shiver of pleasure ran through him as he cried out, forgetting about the dangers of being caught, of trying to explain the darker desires that Marek brought out of him so easily.

Marek stopped, his hand resting against Tir’s burning skin as Tir felt hot tears run down his face. He had long since ceased struggling in Marek’s lap as he felt the man’s hot hand lightly caressed his now inflamed ass gently.

“So are you going to resist me now?” Marek asked seductively as his hand kneaded Tir’s sore ass.

Tir remained silent, trying to still his tears, until he felt a quick strike on his already sensitive ass waking him up to Marek’s question.

“No, I really didn’t want to anyway,” Tir said with a sigh, twisting in Marek’s now loose grip to rise up on Baron’s lap and wrap his legs around the man, pressing close to kiss him.

He felt Marek’s arms wrap around him even as Tir clung to the man, aggressively kissing the Baron, his fingers tangling in the short blond hair as he pressed close. It had been far too long since he had enjoyed Marek’s body, and all his reasons for protesting had been blown away. He felt Marek pull away from him slightly to lick at the drying tears on his face, and Tir felt desire spiral out of control within. He couldn’t wait to feel Marek inside of him, to be connected to his partner. His body was trembling with excitement as his hands struggled with the too tight pants that Marek always wore.

“Impatient? Maybe we should stop?” Marek suggested in a deep velvet voice as his hands grasped Tir’s stopping him.

“Marek,” Tir moaned in protest, looking wide eyed up at the man, pleading with his eyes.

A deep chuckled ground against Tir’s impatient desire as he threw himself at Marek, grinding his body against the hard lean man. He wrapped his legs tightly around the lean waist as he squirmed, his throbbing ass on the impressive erection underneath it. He wrapped his arms around Marek’s neck, pulling the man close to him, looking into the emerald green eyes, staring into the depths for a moment.

“Please Marek, I want you. Don’t make me beg,” Tir breathed, grinding his body against Marek’s desperately as he watched a small smile escape from the calm face before him.

“But I love to hear you beg,” Marek taunted even as his hand traced down Tir’s spine to the curve of his ass.

“Please, fuck me,” Tir pleaded even as he felt two fingers slide into him and Marek’s mouth sought his.

Tir gasped in delight as long fingers moved inside of him expertly. He clung to Marek, kissing him deeply, his tongue gliding across the man’s lips, totally losing what little control he had left. Impatient with the clothing that blocked his skin from Marek’s he loosed his hold on the man to step out of his long tunic, leaving him at last completely naked as his hands once again pulled at Marek’s pants.

Marek brushed his hands away and expertly undid the ties, the immense organ springing forth into view. Tir wasted no time in lifting his hips above the leaking organ, slowly sinking it into himself, gratified to hear a low deep moan come from his partner as Marek threw his head back, exposing his creamy neck to Tir’s mouth. Tir let his lips trace the man’s throat as he vocalized his pleasure at Tir’s tight ass.

Even as Tir explored Marek’s neck his nimble hands found their way into Mark‘s shirt and smooth taunt chest. He rocked slowly on his partner’s lap, the first wave of frenzied excitement giving way to a slow sensual desire now that Marek was firmly embedded inside of him. The burning of his ass spreading as he moved on his partner.

Marek leaned down, his mouth licking at his already hard nipples and Tir leaned back, moaning as the angle of penetration changed in a unique way. He could hear his breath become ragged as Marek suddenly stood up, Tir clinging to him, his legs wrapping firmly around the man as he made his way to the bed. Tir groaned in protest when he felt Marek slip out of him to move down to fully engulf his untouched sex. Marek languidly sucked on him, engulfing his slender member in his hot mouth only to pull almost completely off of it, leaving him craving more. Tir thrust his hips up wantonly at Marek, gasping and moaning as his hands buried themselves in the fine burgundy sheets of their bed.

Marek continued to tease him with his skillful mouth even as his graceful hands found their way back inside Tir’s body, only increasing his pleasure and torment that entwined together. He wanted more than anything to come with Marek buried deep within him, joined with him, and yet the need to release was threatening to overwhelm him when Marek finally pulled away, leaving him lying on the bed panting erratically.

Sitting up he watched as Marek slowly stripped off his clothes, exposing his lean muscular body to Tir. He watched greedily as the perfect body slowly became visible. Tir found himself, despite the countless times he had seen the naked body, still memorized by the gracefully hard lines and stunning physique. When Marek was fully naked his hand slipped down the exquisite chest to his hard sex nestled in blond hair. Tir remained captivated by the fierce, passionate emerald eyes and hard body until Marek’s low chuckle broke him from his trance.

“I’ve never seen you so captivated before,” Marek remarked. A wide open smile came to Tir’s lips as he watched the man crawl over to him on his hands and knees, his eyes never leaving Tir’s.

As Marek reached him, his hand came up to pull his face towards his own, their tongues meeting. Tir broke the kiss almost reluctantly to turn, getting to his knees as he bent over, spreading himself open for Marek invitingly. He heard Marek draw in his breath sharply at the sight and felt the man’s hard sex once again penetrate him in one hard thrust.

Marek’s large calloused hands pulled his hips close as he began to drive forward, penetrating deep and hard into Tir’s willing body. The sound of the bodies colliding again and again spread throughout the room as Tir felt his abused flesh flare with each hard contact of Marek’s hot skin. It wasn’t long before the sound was overshadowed by both of their sex cries mingled together as both of them, unable to draw out their pleasure, released in a torrent of white cream.

Panting, Tir sank completely into the silken folds of the bed as Marek curled around him, pulling him close to his sweaty chest, unwilling to lose contact with Tir. As they lay in the bed Tir relaxed completely against Marek, breathing in the man’s scent for the first time in a week, feeling the unknown tension run out of him.

“Feeling better?” Marek asked after a while.

“Yes, is that why Drake left us today?” Tir asked curiously.

“Mmm,” Marek murmured, his lip pressing against Tir’s hair.


“Yes and no. The meeting this morning is just between Tristan and Drake. Nolan wanted some time to discuss what has been brought up this past week with his advisors. Also, since Drake was finally able to find a couple of scribes he liked, you’re now off the hook for attending the meeting, even if I’m not, although I think you should still go,” Marek yawned.

Tir frowned at the thought of whether or not he should take Marek’s advice. He had to admit that he had begun to find the meetings fascinating. Unlike the council meetings back in Terma he actually had to pay close attention to what was going on, since he had taken over the job of being Drake’s scribe until he could find someone he had liked to fill the job. Because of that he had found once he actually began to pay attention to the complex negotiations that they were fascinating and frustrating at the same time. He wanted to continue to go, yet at the same time he had found himself too busy to spend any time with his brothers.

The meetings had lasted most of the day and then he was forced to attend a formal dinner. Only then was he allowed to return to their suite of rooms, where the three of them talked over the events of the day as Tir tried to put his reams of notes into some kind of sensible order. By the time all of that was done it was late and all three of them were exhausted. Drake and Marek had excused him from their late night discussions so he could spend some time with his brothers, yet he still had to take care of his scribe duties, still leaving little time to talk with the twins.

On top of that this had been the first time in over a week since they had come to Recura that he had been intimate with either man. It had bothered him more than he realized, not being able to have sex, and he wryly wondered if maybe he wasn’t more suited to being a harem boy rather than a marquis. Sighing he snuggled closer to Marek, wondering what he should do.

It was impossible right now to spend any time with Tristan, yet he now had an opportunity to at least spend time with Ash and Elgin. He had a duty to his brothers, yet he also had a duty to Drake and his new country. Drake was alone except for him and Marek, for the ship carrying the advisors had still to show. There was no word of the ship and many believed that it had met with disaster on the water and would not appear. Either way he felt like he would be letting someone down. He had so little time with his brothers and he really felt they needed him. He had yet to find out from Elgin what had really happened to him, and it bothered Tir greatly. Even though Tristan had released the two into Tir’s care, at least temporally, they were both afraid of what would happen to them.

“What are you thinking about?” Marek asked gruffly.

“My brothers,” Tir said softly.

“What about the brats?”

“Marek!” Tir protested.

Marek snorted in response as Tir shook his head. Elgin and Marek were still far from friends and Ash seemed almost afraid of Marek. It hadn’t helped that Tir was still unable to explain the relationship between him and Marek, or even him and Drake for that matter. In the brief times he had spent with the boys he had sidestepped the issue completely, although he had a deep feeling he wasn’t going to be able to do it much longer.

“I need to spend some time with them, but I don’t want to abandon Drake either. Nolan has five advisors with him yet Drake…”

“Is perfectly capable of handling it on his own,” Marek finished quietly.

“But you just said…”

Marek sighed, his hand stroking Tir’s shoulder in an uncharacteristic show of gentleness.

“Spend a couple days with them, just make sure to be here for our meetings at the end of the night so you can keep up with what is going on. Between Drake and me, we are enough; besides, Feras and Ebony are there as well, at least in our heads. Drake is worried about you and that is affecting everything. You’re so tense lately, and Drake knows you are under pressure from multiple sides. Deal with it, then come back and help us,” Marek said softly.

Tir turned to look at Marek in surprise. He had never considered that his worries and tension would affect Drake and immediately felt guilty for adding to his burden. Negotiations hadn’t been going well and he knew that Drake had to be under enormous pressure just dealing with the situation that seemed to only be getting worse. His worries seemed almost insignificant when placed against the burden of keeping a kingdom from war. Drake was alone with only him and Marek to help, and instead of helping Tir was adding to the man’s problems.

“I’m sorry,” Tir said miserably.

Marek sighed, rising up and retrieving his clothes off the floor next to the bed, shaking his head.

“Sometimes for being so bright you are amazingly stupid Tir,” Marek said.

“What?” Tir asked, sitting up and watching Marek, a little hurt.

“There is no reason for you to be sorry. It isn’t like you have been whining or even asking for help. Its just that Drake loves you, so of course he is worried about you. Drake and I can handle the meetings for a while, when I said it would be a good idea for you to continue attending I only meant that it will be good training for you. Nolan is the most stubborn yet polite man I’ve even seen. He is a great at arguing his points and if you can understand how Drake is handling him then the council of Terma will be no problem for you. That being said, you need to deal with at least your brothers if not Tristan,” Marek said as he pulled on his skin tight pants, and then turned with a measuring look at him. “After all, I can’t spank you every day.”

“I don’t need you to molest me to relax,” Tir sputtered as he felt heat rise to his face.

Marek chuckled and leaned down to kiss Tir, his hand pinching his still exposed nipple. “Don’t tempt me or you really will get caught with your ass in the air,” Marek taunted.

Before Tir could reply a knock came at the door, causing him to jump in surprise and look around wildly for his clothes as Marek smirked. Tir almost fell out of bed in his haste to get his clothes on and was only saved by Marek catching his arm. Grabbing up his pants and tunic he scrabbled into them even as Marek tied the ties of his loose fitting shirt and a knock sounded yet again. Tir looked over to see that Marek was presentable and opened the door to find both Elgin and Ash staring at him, Elgin looking more than a little suspiciously over Tir’s shoulder to Marek, who stood with his arms crossed, his face unreadable, all his amusement gone from his face. Tir sighed, wishing briefly Marek could let his guard down a little and make it easier for his family to like him.

“Prince Drake told us not to disturb you until mid-morning,” Elgin said with a frown as Ash elbowed him.

“Ah… well I haven’t been getting much sleep,” Tir said, cursing silently as he felt a blush creep onto his face.

“Why are you blushing?” Elgin asked bluntly, glaring at Marek.

“Elgin,” Ash whispered, looking between Elgin and the Baron.

“Why don’t we go back to your room?” Tir suggested quickly.

“It is ok you, three can stay here. I’m going to give Feras a sand scrub,” Marek said, walking up to Tir.

“Oh, but Ebony…”

“I’ll ask Feras if she will permit me, if not perhaps this afternoon you could,” Marek said with a shrug.

“Umm, let me know. I’ll also see if I can get some burlap for the hatchling,” Tir nodded.

“The hatchling?”

“The little princess expects the same treatment as her parents,” Tir said with a smile.

“Only you, Tir,” Marek said, shaking his head as he looked at the two in the doorway.

Ash pulled his brother from the entrance to let Marek pass, bowing to him and grabbing Elgin’s arm tightly. When Marek was out of sight both of his brothers came into the room, and they settled at a table near a beautiful stain glass window that let in a rainbow of light that sparkled on the beautiful redwood table. Tir leaned on his elbows, looking at the twins with a smile.

“You didn’t answer my question, Tir. What is going on between you and that man,” Elgin asked.

“And Prince Drake. You all are staying in this room together, it is a little unusual,” Ash said with a worried expression.

“It’s complicated,” Tir said slowly.

“Tir,” Elgin said in a warning voice.

“We are just worried about you. That man Marek doesn’t seem like a nice person, even if Prince Drake is,” Ash said quickly.

“Marek isn’t like he seems, you just have to get to know him,” Tir said with a sigh. “Look, both of them are important to me and you are going to have to learn to get along with Marek, for me. Please,” Tir pleaded.

“No, I don’t like him. He threatened to punish you,” Elgin said shaking his head.

Tir winced, not wanting to even get close to that subject. This wasn’t what he wanted to start off talking about; it was way down on his list of things that he wanted to get into a conversation with his two twelve year old brothers. He wasn’t even sure he wanted to talk to them about it when they were thirty. Embarrassment and exasperation at Elgin’s stubborn questions circle within his mind when he felt Ebony’s soft mint colors flood into him, soothing him a little.

“He was just teasing me. Marek is a very private person and so he seems a little cold and arrogant at times, but he has another side to him. He really cares about me a lot and he had helped me as well,” Tir said struggling with the words.

“What is that…?” Elgin started and Ash put his hand on his arm, stopping him. “No I’m not going to stop.”

“Elgin, quiet. Tir are you really in love with him,” Ash asked hesitantly, his eyes wide.

“Ash, that is the most absurd thing I’ve heard,  he couldn’t have been serious when he said that. He’s an old man,” Elgin scoffed.

“Yes, I was serious.  I’m in love with both of them,” Tir said quietly, looking at his normally quiet brother that had an uncanny knack for seeing into the heart of matters.

All three of them remained quiet, Elgin’s face in total shock and Ash nodding to himself. He hadn’t meant to blurt it out that way, but Ash’s deep azure eyes seemed to pull at him, telling him it was ok, almost comforting him. Between Ash and Ebony he couldn’t help but feel at ease about admitting such a thing, and felt a sense of relief.

“You’re joking? Both of them? No way!” Elgin finally said the meaning of Tir’s confession sinking into him.

“I said it was complicated. Drake and Marek are both tied together through their dragons. In Terma, when dragons mate their rider mate as well. Legally they are almost married in Terma, but that isn’t why I love them both. I met both of them before any of that ever happened and fell in love with both of them. Each one of them is so different and yet at the same time there is something about them that is similar. They both love me as well, so we all three are together,” Tir explained, looking at Elgin, silently pleading with him to try to understand.

Before Elgin could speak Ash stood up and walked around the table to lean over and hug Tir. Tir felt a sense of relief fill him at the simple gesture, knowing without words his youngest brother if not understood accepted his feelings for Drake and Marek.

“Ash?” Elgin asked.

“Elgin, Prince Drake is a really nice man. If both him and Tir like Marek then there has to be something more about him that we haven’t seen. Besides, it is Tir’s choice, unless of course you want Tir to interfere with you when you fall in love?” Ash said.

“But both of them?”

Both Tir and Ash remained silent as Elgin shook his head stubbornly.

“I don’t like it, besides there is a lot you aren’t telling us. Isn’t there?”

“Elgin we haven’t had time to talk. It is going to take time to fill you in on everything that has happened to me,” Tir said.

“If you love those two, that means you aren’t staying? When this meeting thing is over youre going to leave us?” Elgin asked, looking down at the table, frowning.

“I’m not going to leave you,” Tir said firmly, pulling Ash closer to him when he felt the small body tremble.

“But, does that mean you are leaving them?” Elgin asked confused.

“No, you two are coming with me to Terma,” Tir said shaking his head.

“But what about father?” Ash said in a small voice.

“I don’t know. I didn’t ask the King,” Tir replied, cursing his own cowardice in not pushing for an answer from Tristan about their father.

“Why not? Don’t you care about father anymore?” Ash asked tears in his eyes.

“Yes, but things are difficult,” Tir said with a sigh.

“Because of mother,” Ash said as tears began to fall from his eyes.

“How much do you know?” Tir asked in surprise at Ash’s words as he stroked the boy’s back.

“Mother and the King loved each other. That’s why the Queen hates us. Is it true that you’re the King’s son?” Ash asked softly.

“Yes, I’ve always known but I wasn’t sure if you two knew,” Tir answered.

“We didn’t know that you were the King’s son until we came here, although we knew you didn’t belong to father. Still, he was…” Elgin started then stopped and looked down at his hands.

“I’ll find out, but even if he is alive I don’t think the King will free him,” Tir said.

“Please Tir, you have to get the King to release him,” Ash pleaded.

Tir remained quiet as he looked at Elgin, who sat in his chair, tense as he looked down at the table, remaining quiet as his twin cried and Tir curse both of his fathers silently.

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