Chapter 23 The Temple of Mith

Sunhawk waded out of his dark dreams slowly, feeling heavy and tired. As he became more awake he realized with a start that he was alone in the bed. He sat up, looking around to find Shadow sitting, pulling his boots on, already fully dressed. He noticed that their saddlebags were already packed, although by the bulges not very neatly. His eyes narrowed a little bit, knowing already that they were in for a fight, since he wasn’t about to leave without Shadow being completely recovered.

“Why are you dressed?” Sunhawk tried to ask calmly.

“We’re leaving,” Shadow said, lacing up his boots.

“No we are not. I let you decide before and look where it ended us up. I know for a fact Sela isn’t going to allow it either,” Sunhawk replied, moving to sit at the edge of the bed.

Shadow didn’t reply, but finished lacing up his riding boot before looking up at Sunhawk. He wore such a determined look on his face that Sunhawk wondered about his ability to win this fight. He was so very tired, and it seemed as though he hadn’t slept at all. His night had been filled with bits and pieces of horror that faded only for another vague terrible dream to take its place. Sunhawk watched Shadow walk over to him and put his arms loosely around his shoulders. He automatically drew the boy in close to him as he felt Shadow lean his forehead against his.

“I have been commanded, Sunhawk,” Shadow said softly.

“I know, I know but we still have time.”

“No, last night Mith spoke to me, Sunhawk. I have to go,” Shadow whispered softly.

“Shadow, you’re still not well,” Sunhawk said, knowing in an instant he had already lost the battle.

“I must go, please Sunhawk.”

“We haven’t even got to use this bed in the correct way,” Sunhawk said with a sigh.

He felt Shadow tilt his head back to kiss him. It had been such a long time since they had shared a deep kiss. It brought back memories of the times they had shared before Teal, and before Mith’s insane commands. He pulled Shadow close to him, feeling a deep aching in his heart at the thought of losing Shadow. He had never wanted a lover and now he found himself never wanting to let go.

He reluctantly let Shadow pull away from him, looking up into the soft silver eyes that had so captivated him over a year ago. They seemed so much older now, and yet they still held so much power over him. Somehow without even realizing it he had surrendered himself to a young man almost half his age. He couldn’t even win a simple battle of keeping the sick boy in his bed where he belonged.

“Sunhawk, no matter what happens, I am leaving Melos, with you,” Shadow said, his eyes not wavering from Sunhawk’s own.

“Shadow, if Mith is…”

“I won’t say that I don’t care what her decision is, because I do. I want her to bless us, to accept us, but I will not abandon you even if you chose to abandon me. Even if you don’t want me and refuse me, if Mith sides against us I will not stay a priest in her service. I am still a Hawk,” Shadow said with a firm determination.

“Shadow, you can’t mean that. You have felt what it is like without your Goddess, how can you expect me to live with the knowledge of your sacrifice?” Sunhawk said, looking away from Shadow, feeling himself torn.

A part of him was happy at Shadow’s declaration. A declaration that he never thought he would hear in such a firm, uncompromising tone, and yet the implications of it left him cold. Shadow had been firm in his assertion that his healing powers helped to define who he was, what would the boy do without them, and more importantly what would he do without his Goddess? Now that he was so close to what he had wanted by having Shadow choose him, he found himself more than a little uneasy as well. In the last month he had a witnessed a Shadow without her, and he didn’t think he could bear to see Shadow like that permanently.

“I mean it, Sunhawk. It feels right. I can’t let Mith decide my life for me, I have the ability to choose my own path and my choice is with you. I can’t waver on that, of that I am certain. When I stand before Mith she will know, and I want her to know how much you mean to me. Don’t diminish me by trying to make my decisions for me, Sunhawk,” Shadow said as his hand caressed the side of his face.

Sunhawk closed his eyes, hoping that it would never happen. Hoping that the infernal Goddess wouldn’t leave Shadow with such a decision. Sighing, he knew that he had already lost to Shadow and nodded as soft gentle lips pressed against his own.

They were both so lost within their kiss that neither one noticed the knock on the door until they heard the door creak open. Sunhawk was surprised when Shadow didn’t immediately jump away from him blushing, but instead slowly lifted his lips from his own, smiling down at Sunhawk with a very gentle expression on his face.

“What in the world are you doing out of bed? Get undressed and back under the covers! You know that you aren’t well enough to leave yet,” Sela said, moving into the room.

“And you what did I tell you about groping the poor boy until he was better?” Sela said, looking from Sunhawk to Shadow with a deep frown.

“Well he was groping me, to be accurate,” Sunhawk said with a small smile.

“I’m sorry Sela, but we are leaving,” Shadow said firmly, turning to look at the woman.

“No you are not,” Sela said, standing in front of Shadow with her hands on her hips.

“We must, I have been commanded,” Shadow replied seriously.

“There isn’t anyone here that could command you to leave,” Sela argued.

“My Goddess has spoken and her word is law, Sela. You cannot and will not override her,” Shadow said, walking up to the woman who looked far from convinced.

“I’m a priest, at least for now, Sela. I want to keep being a priest, so please don’t do this. You have taken good care of me, but I must leave,” Shadow said in a quiet gentle voice, looking the woman straight in the eye

“You aren’t well enough,” Sela said hesitantly.

“We both know that I am, although I’m not hundred percent, I am well enough to travel. After all, it isn’t that far to Melos,” Shadow said with a smile.

“You might as well give up, I already have. This is a battle that neither of us will win,” Sunhawk advised, getting up off the bed.

Sela looked intensely at the young boy for a few moments, searching the calm face for something before a look of resignation crossed her face.

“I’ll go down and see that provisions are ready for you, and fix up some medicine for you,” Sela said with a sigh. “They are right, healers make the worst patients.”

Sunhawk watched the woman leave, rather surprised at how easily Shadow had won. It appeared he wasn’t the only one affected by Shadow’s gaze when he wanted something.

“Will you take care of my hair, before we leave?” Shadow asked, turning to Sunhawk.

Sunhawk smiled at the familiar request, and got up to find a brush.



Shadow brought his horse up and looked down at the city of Melos. They had finally arrived to the beautiful golden city nestled down in a white valley covered in snow. Despite the cold and the rough conditions of the past week, Shadow had finally recovered from his cold, and felt a renewed sense of determination.

He hadn’t heard from Mith again, and he had avoided bringing up anything to do with magic, Daras, or Sunhawk’s past since leaving the Guild inn. Yet despite that Sunhawk had seemed more than a little quiet. Shadow had secretly pulled Garek aside before they had left as Sunhawk readied the horses and found out what little he could about their conversation. Yet it had been of little help to Shadow, and only added more questions to the growing list.

The only thing that had helped was the fact that Daras himself had been exiled because of magic. Magic seemed to be the common factor that linked back to Sunhawk’s pain, and yet despite that, the man had fallen in love with Shadow. He had never dreamed that Sunhawk’s objections to magic could be set in such a deep trauma, and he silently cursed Corrin for not telling him more. He was sure that the old man knew a great deal about the secrets Shadow now was trying to untangle. Shadow sighed, looking over at the profile of the silent man.

Their timing seemed to be totally off. At first Shadow had been reluctant to talk and now it was reversed. Shadow was more than a little worried about going before his Goddess with the state things were in, but he knew that Mith was watching and waiting for him to return, and he doubted time would make any difference. He had been with Sunhawk over a year and during that time he had never once come close to getting the man to tell him anything about his hatred of magic, or even about his childhood. Now things seemed to be in an even worst state of affairs, since Sunhawk had learned one of the secrets of his mentor’s past.

Sunhawk had ,over the time they had been together, talked about Daras rarely, but Shadow knew how much the man had meant to Sunhawk. For the last two years on his birthday Sunhawk had taken Shadow out to the old oak grove and talked about the man that had been such a huge influence in his life. Shadow knew without a doubt the secrets the dead man had kept from Sunhawk had shaken Sunhawk to the core, even if he wasn’t exactly sure why.

“Come on, if we hurry we can sleep in a bed tonight,” Sunhawk said abruptly.

“That will be good, but perhaps we could do more than sleep,” Shadow suggested tentatively.

Sunhawk looked over at him, startled; it bothered Shadow to see such a look in Sunhawk’s face. It had been far too long since he had felt Sunhawk inside of him. He found himself longing for the man as he had in the summer during the campaign, when circumstances had kept them apart. He missed the simple intimacy that they had shared the previous winter, and wanted the man more than he could have thought possible.

“I would like that but… will we be able to?” Sunhawk asked, looking back at the city below.

“The ban is not enforced yet, you should be allowed to accompany me as my consort,” Shadow said, moving his horse up to Sunhawk’s.

“Consort? We aren’t…,well I mean we never…” Sunhawk said, a blush coming to his face.

Shadow looked at the blushing man in absolute surprise, having never seen him so very flustered before. It was amusing to see the fierce mercenary Captain blushing at the thought of being officially paired with him They had done so many things and been caught in the act more than once, yet the mention of them being bonded formally seemed to embarrass the man to an extreme that Shadow couldn’t help but find endearing.

“There is no need for a formal ceremony, although it is customary,” Shadow said gently, reaching across to touch the man’s arm. “I only have to declare you in front of the council for it to be valid.”

“But if you do that and Mith sides against you?” Sunhawk asked, looking up, worry in his golden eyes.

“Then so be it. I could dissolve the bond by repudiating you, but I won’t,” Shadow said softly, looking into Sunhawk’s face.


“Don’t you want to marry me?” Shadow demanded.

“I never thought about it, it is a little unreal… I mean, we are two men,” Sunhawk said.

“It doesn’t happen much, but among the followers of Mith it isn’t unheard of, after all, she is the goddess of love,” Shadow replied with a smile.

“Shouldn’t you be the consort? After all, what will the men think?” Sunhawk said after a moment’s thought.

Shadow sat back on Grey and began to laugh. Of all things for Sunhawk to say it was the most ridiculous. The offended look on his face just made it worse as Shadow continued to laugh. Finally Shadow was able to calm himself as Sunhawk moved his horse forward.

“I’m sorry Sunhawk,” Shadow said, his laughter barely contained.

“No you’re not, it is a valid point you know,” Sunhawk said grumpily.

“It doesn’t matter, Sunhawk. In the temple you will be my consort simply because I am the priest and hold a higher rank than you. It is the same when a man marries a priestess, outside of the temple it doesn’t make any difference. Unless of course you want to celebrate with the Hawks,”Shadow said grinning.

“I think not, besides, when a merc decides to wed it’s time for them to get out of the business,” Sunhawk said.

“Have you ever thought about it?” Shadow asked, looking at Sunhawk curiously.

“About what?” Sunhawk replied, preoccupied in keeping his eager stallion under control.

“About leaving the Hawks? About what you would do if you did?” Shadow asked.

“No, I will die a Hawk, I’ve always known that. I’m lucky to have lived as long as I have, most mercs don’t,” Sunhawk replied.

“I knew that you would say that,” Shadow said, shaking his head with a smile.

They rode in silence for a while as feather white snow began to fall. Shadow shivered a little, pulling up his cloak a little tighter, glad they would be sleeping inside finally. He hadn’t been surprised at Sunhawk’s answer, knowing the man would never abandon the Hawks, but feeling a little wistful as well. He couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like just to be a normal couple, who didn’t travel all the time, or have to deal with a furious other side that came from battle and death. Still, it wasn’t just that Sunhawk loved the Hawks, Shadow did as well. He had made many friends among them and shared his life with them for over a year. Like Sunhawk, they had become a family to him, and he himself didn’t want to leave them either.

“Does it bother you? If I gave up the Hawks we might not have to be doing this,” Sunhawk asked suddenly.

“No, they are my family just like they are yours. Why don’t you let him run, he won’t be happy until you do.” Shadow suggested as he noticed Sunhawk’s stallion giving him fits.

“You spoil them,” Sunhawk grumbled as he loosened control on the reins and let his stallion run.

Shadow smiled, kicking Grey, knowing the horse wasn’t the only thing he liked to spoil.

By late afternoon they had finally reached the city of Melos. Sunhawk looked at the city in appreciation of the beautiful architecture, noting with interest the city had no walls or gate. He had heard of a few city-states that had no defenses, but had never visited one before. He highly disapproved of trusting the gods to protect a city, but then very few actual cities were known as a god’s own city.

As they rode their horses down the wide clean streets, Sunhawk noticed that each building was well maintained, and he had yet to see a any part of the city that looked less than prosperous, although no building or person he had seen looked overtly wealthy. It seemed that no matter what part of the city they were traveling through looked almost the same in stature. It was beyond unusual for Sunhawk, who had never seen a city look so uniform, without a slum or high-class district. He tried to reassure himself that those areas must be in a part of the city that they just hadn’t seen yet, the fact he hadn’t seen a beggar or anything remotely resembling nobility did nothing to ease his doubts.

As they rode another thing began to bother Sunhawk, and that was a presence that seemed to surround him. He had felt it once before in the temple where he had found Shadow, and he was certain it was Mith. It made his skin prickle a little as he felt a presence just on the edge of his mind that he couldn’t quite grasp. He hated the feeling of being watched and he genuinely was distressed at what else the interfering Goddess might do. As they drew closer to the center of the city his agitation grew, unable to bear the continuing presence just out of his reach. He cursed quietly as he reached back into his past to a forgotten technique that he had thought he would never have to use again. Suddenly the presence vanished, with a sigh of relief he looked up to see a warm glow on Shadow’s face. He knew that Shadow must also be feeling what he had been, with the opposite reaction.

“So you can feel her now?” Sunhawk asked.

“Yes, her presence is strong within this city, it is said that even normal people can feel it. Can you?” Shadow asked curiosity.

“Yeah, although I wish I couldn’t. It feels like someone is watching me, but I can’t see them,” Sunhawk said.

Shadow looked over at Sunhawk in surprise.


“Usually people don’t feel that much, just a general sense of peace. Maybe it’s because she is waiting for us,” Shadow uncertainly looking at Sunhawk.

“Maybe,” Sunhawk said, avoiding Shadow’s gaze and looking towards the archway they were approaching. “Is that cherry trees, that isn’t possible.”

“What? Oh yes, that is the main temple,” Shadow said, distracted, still looking at Sunhawk.

“But they shouldn’t be blossoming, it’s winter,” Sunhawk objected.

“She is a goddess after all. She likes flowers, and cherry trees are beautiful in full bloom, almost like flowers,” Shadow explained. “The whole temple is like that, with gardens and flowers everywhere,”

“It looks like we finally have founds some guards, I was beginning to wonder if this city was totally unprotected,” Sunhawk said as the two people standing on each side of the gate became viable.

Sunhawk looked at the two young men leaning against the marble archway causally. Despite their long hair and beautiful appearance, Sunhawk could tell with a glance these two were far from soft, gentle priests. Their form fitting red clothes that left much of their bodies exposed spoke of clothes designed for freedom of movement with very little to be caught on or got in the way in a fight. Firm, supple limbs spoke of well trained bodies, and despite their causal demeanor Sunhawk could feel the two measuring them as they approached, as if gauging their metal.

Shadow dismounted and Sunhawk followed his lead as Shadow approached the two. When he approached Sunhawk was surprised when the blond haired guard with bright blue eyes dropped to his knees in front of Shadow. He watched as Shadow, unsurprised, let the guard take his hands and offer him the same blessing Sunhawk had seen Shadow offer to Gretch when they first met. Shadow totally relaxed as the guard’s light voice blessed him, even as the other guard ignored the two, his gaze firmly fixed on Sunhawk. He could feel the hostility from the man that stared at him, but he continued to look unfazed by the gaze, not willing to give the very young man the pleasure of shaking him.

“Welcome back, Priest Shadowhawk,” the guard said, rising from his knees.

“How did you know? I have never been here.” Shadow asked.

“You have become the center of a much heated debate. Some disapprove of the council’s decision, and others are appalled that any of our numbers would choose a life of a mercenary over one of service at a temple. The fact Mith has remained silent bothers many, so everyone has been waiting your return, wondering if you would come and if you did whether you would be alone,” the young blond guard said, looking over at Sunhawk with a calm expression.

“You shouldn’t have brought him,” the beautiful dark haired guard said abruptly.

“Tovas,” the blond said disapprovingly.

“He profanes our sacred ground, he belongs to Argoth,” Tovas growled.

“I belong to no god, young one,” Sunhawk said mildly.

The young black haired guard’s face twisted in anger as he took a step forward, only to be stopped by his partner, who shook his head frowning. Tovas spat on the ground, turning away as the other guard looked apologetic.

“My name is Duncan, please follow me and I will take you to the waiting room. The head priest is in prayer right now but will soon be available, an acolyte will see to your horses,” Duncan said, ushering them through the gate quickly.

“I didn’t think it would be such a controversy,” Shadow said as they followed Duncan down a paved walkway surrounded by flowers.

“It is the first time in over a century since the council has interfered with a priest’s choice in mates. It contradicts Mith’s guiding rule, “Love who you will,” but at the same time your choice is shocking,” Duncan said, looking over at Sunhawk. “Many object to the council’s decree, but few approve of your choice, Shadowhawk. No offence, sir.”

“I am who I am. Whether you like it our not, the world needs mercenaries. Better someone who chooses it than some poor citizen who doesn’t know which end of the blade is up,” Sunhawk said calmly, knowing the young man meant well.

“Perhaps, but for one of our own…” Duncan started, then stopped, shaking his head. “It isn’t my place to judge. Mith is the only one that matters.”

They all remained quiet as Duncan led them in to the large, complex temple. Soaring white marble pillars and statues of beautiful men and women decorated the temple of white marble with crimson veins of color flowing through it. They passed numerous priests and priestesses dressed in long, flowing scarlet robes, along with younger people dressed in simpler robes of the lighter shade of red. They all stopped to stare at them, although few openly expressed their emotions except to step away from them or avoid eye contact. Sunhawk had the feeling that he was entering enemy territory. The only problem was, this wasn’t an opponent he could fight with his sword.

“Here we are, the Head Priest will be here soon. I must get back to my post,” Duncan said as he opened a door into a small but comfortable chamber.

They entered and the door closed behind them. Sunhawk looked over at Shadow, who shrugged, walking over to a large divine and sate down on the velvety scarlet surface. Sunhawk, too nervous to sit, walked over to the large window overlooking a small water garden that was blossoming in the dead of winter.

“So what do you think?” Sunhawk asked with his back to Shadow.

“I’m not that surprised, you are an unusual choice for one of us, yet what the council has done borders on going against Mith’s percepts. I think it is the fact Mith hasn’t spoken that has stirred everyone up,” Shadow said.

“Gretch said that wasn’t unusual,” Sunhawk argued.

“It is in the fact that the council has come close to violating the very core of Mith’s philosophy. Most would have expected an answer from the oracle immediately. That she had remained silent is a mystery,” Shadow replied.

“Yet your choice of me also violates Mith’s philosophy,” Sunhawk said.

“It depends on how you interpret things, that is where the problem lies, and that is why everyone is probably confused about why she hasn’t spoken. Most of us never choose a consort, and those that do choose those with views compatible with Mith’s, so this has never been a problem,” Shadow explained.


“Why, what Sunhawk?” Shadow asked confused.

“Why me?” Sunhawk asked, turning to face Shadow.

He had no idea why this young man stayed with him despite everything. Shadow had suffered through more than he should just to be with Sunhawk. He couldn’t understand why the gentle healer would even want to stay at his side, and even risk the wrath of his goddess to do it. He felt tired and sad and more than a little confused as Shadow looked at him with a genuine smile of happiness. Before he could answer, the door opened to admit a tall man with a serene face.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, I am Sirus, Head Priest of the Temple of Mith,” the man said as he made his way further into the room.

Sunhawk looked at the man in surprise, expecting some old withered man as the head of the temple,, not this twenty something man with an angelic looking face and pale golden hair. His scarlet robes hung in graceful folds on his slender frame, decorated with entwining gold and silver embroidery proclaiming him far more than just an ordinary priest, along with his tone of authority. The man looked briefly at him before turning his attention fully to Shadow

“I’m glad to see that you responded so quickly to our summons, but what is this man doing here?” Sirus asked in a gentle voice.

“As my consort he may accompany me, and since this concerns him as well it is only appropriate,” Shadow replied, looking at the man with a determined face.

“Ah, I see. I had hoped that you would forgo this absurd relationship, but it appears my hopes were in vain. You deserve better, Shadowhawk,” Sirus said.

“That is not for you to decide,” Shadow replied calmly.

“The council has decreed it, and I have sanctioned it,” Sirus said, a little bit of arrogance showing through his serene demeanor.

“And Mith has not, it is my right as a full priest to petition Mith to revoke what you have done,” Shadow said a little sharply.

“It is your right, but I do not understand you. This man destroyed your temple, how can you align yourself with such a man that has killed your fellow priests?” Sirus asked.

“The Hawks didn’t slaughter our temple, the townspeople did, and we both know why. Sunhawk saved me, and it was Mith who led him to me,” Shadow responded calmly.

“The priestess who we rescued from the slave auctions would disagree with that,” Sirus responded.

“Yet you avoid the real answer, don’t you? Mith could have saved the city, but she didn’t, and lea them to believe they could win. I heard her words and the double meaning behind them when our oracle spoke. Those killed in the temple where killed not by the Hawks, but the bitter people of Kegan. Those who felt betrayed by Mith, but in fact were being punished for their greed and corruption. No Sirus, what happened at Kegan was Mith’s decision and hers alone. You can argue Sunhawk’s part in it, but in the end Sunhawk rescued me and gave me a home. I know you do not approve of my choice, but frankly I don’t care,” Shadow said, his eyes flaring.

Both Sirus and Sunhawk stood still, looking at the defiant Shadow. Sunhawk was rather surprised at the tone Shadow had used, since it was very seldom he heard Shadow so angry. He had expected Shadow to be more than a little courteous to the man, despite his opinion, since this man was his superior. Sunhawk smiled a little, thinking that Shadow had finally picked an odd time to outgrow his submissive, shy nature. Although he appreciated the sentiment, it probably would have made things a little simpler not to antagonize the head of the temple.

“That is regrettable. There is no chance you will change your mind?” Sirus asked cooly.

“No, Sunhawk is my consort and I request the right to petition Mith,” Shadow said uncompromisingly.

“Very well, three days from now you shall have your wish, until then we will provide you with a guest room. I would suggest that your consort remain there, since he offends many of us,” Sirus said dismissively.

He went to the door and opened it, as he was about to leave he turned and looked straight at Shadow, his serene expression replaced by a cold mask.

“I would suggest you think about what your decision really means, especially when Mith approves the ban,” Sirus said as he slipped out the door.

“I’m sorry, Sunhawk,” Shadow said, slumping down on the divine.

“Why, because of that pompous ass? Forget about it,” Sunhawk said ,moving from the window to go over to Shadow.

“I was rather surprised at you though. I don’t think I have ever seen you stand up to anyone like that before. Most of the time you try to smooth things over. I think I’m rubbing off on you,” Sunhawk said, putting his arm around Shadow.

“I didn’t like his assumptions and attitude. It reminded me of the man that led my own temple,” Shadow sighed, leaning against him.

“So you think there is corruption here?”

“No, not here, he genuinely believes that we are an affront to Mith, I think,” Shadow answered.

“Excuse me,” said a young girl who had opened the door. “I am to take you to your rooms.”

Sunhawk rose along with Shadow as they followed the young girl. It wasn’t long before they were led to a suite of rooms and left without a word. Sunhawk looked around at the place he would call home for the next few days, and had to admit it was better than anything he had stayed in since he was a child. The large sitting room was done in warm reds and golds, with beautiful paintings of lovers cavorting. Hard wood furniture and a large rug lent an air of wealth and warmth to the room. Going to the large doorway he opened it to find a small private garden complete with a fountain and bench. When he heard the opening of a door he turned to find two young acolytes carrying a huge bucket between them from yet another room, which he presumed was for bathing.

He followed Shadow into the room to see that he had been correct, and a large copper bathing tub was in the center of the room. Shadow was already removing his clothing with a small smile on his face. It wasn’t long before he was submerged in the water as Sunhawk leaned against the doorway, watching the young man.

“Too bad it isn’t big enough for both of us,” Shadow said lightly.

“I think I prefer the hot springs,” Sunhawk said with a large grin.

“Sunhawk,” Shadow said with a blush.

“So, now what?” Sunhawk asked.

“We wait for the three days to pass, then I go before Mith,” Shadow said as he scrubbed his body.

“I figured that, but what do you have to do? Meditate, pray, is there some kind of ritual, and what do I need to do?” Sunhawk asked, trying to distract himself from the vast expanses of creamy white skin that he was dying to explore.

“No rituals, Mith isn’t big on rituals. I will spend some time the next three days meditating, but that is just to help myself stay calm. When I enter the oracle room there are certain things I must do, but in the end they are just tradition. As for you, the only thing you have to do is wait for me,” Shadow said with a smile, getting out of the tub and grabbing one of the large towels waiting at the edge of the tub.

“Don’t worry, Sunhawk, just be yourself,” Shadow said with a smile as he wrapped the towel around his lean waist.

Sunhawk stripped out of his own clothes and climbed into the tub, washing quickly as Shadow went to explore their bedroom. Sunhawk sighed in contentment as the warm water washed over his tense body. He hated waiting for things to happen. Even though he had enough practice at it in warfare, it still didn’t make it any easier. Three days of waiting to find out what would happen to them seemed almost unbearable, now that they were here.

When he was finally clean from the mud of their journey, he got out of the cooling water and dried off. He walked out of the bathing room in search of Shadow, to find the boy in the middle of their large mahogany bed completely naked, except for his long flowing hair. Sunhawk stood at the doorway for a moment just staring to the beautiful young man waiting for him. It seemed like forever since they had been together, and Sunhawk wanted to enjoy their time together slowly.

He walked over to Shadow and gently reached up to bury his hands in the soft, silken hair. He felt Shadow pull him down to his lips, and then after a moment into the soft, luxurious bed. Sunhawk found himself buried in silken sheets as Shadow climbed on top of him, his slender body pressed close as Shadow continued to explore his mouth ravenously.

Sunhawk let his hands glide down Shadow’s silken skin, even as he felt both of their erections pressing against one another between them. He knew with certainty neither one of them would last very long. It had been far too long for both of them since they had the luxury of being healthy and such a large inviting bed.

Sunhawk worked his way down Shadow’s back to his round ass. His fingers probed the small opening to find that Shadow had already prepared himself for him, and his fingers entered the slick portal. He felt Shadow gasp against his lips as the young priest’s member spasmed against his own, dripping hot liquid on him.

Shadow let go of his mouth, panting heavily; raising his head he looked down at Sunhawk with such a sexy gaze that he found himself having trouble not releasing his lust. It became even harder when he felt Shadow reach around to grasp his erect organ, guiding it into his receptive body.

Shadow slowly lowered himself onto Sunhawk, panting in pleasure as he continued to gaze down at Sunhawk, his silver eyes glowing with so many emotions that it threatened to overwhelm Sunhawk. With his organ firmly embedded in his lover, Sunhawk growled in pleasure as his hands grabbed the young man’s hips, urging him to move. He watched Shadow comply with his request, arching back and crying out as he began to move on Sunhawk, raising and lowering his body on the organ impaling him. It wasn’t long before both of their voices entwined together in a harsh song of lust as their passion reached its peak.

Sunhawk felt an intense orgasm rack his body even as Shadow’s whole body shook above him, and a jet of hot liquid painted Sunhawk’s chest. Shadow collapsed on top of him, his breathing ragged as Sunhawk wrapped an arm around him, loosely stroking the boy’s back.

“It has been too long since we’ve done that,” Sunhawk remarked quietly as their breathing returned to normal.

“Yes, but luckily we have the next three days to make up for lost time,” Shadow said, propping himself up to look down at Sunhawk, his face full of mischief, the kind that Sunhawk especially liked. Sunhawk gazed up at the face of his lover, suddenly realizing that the next three days might not be as long as he had thought.



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