Chapter 2 Villa

Riva stopped following Toya through the villa and gazed into the open room that they had just passed. Toya turned puzzled for a moment then smiled as he seen what had caught his pet’s attention.

“I assume that you like it?” Toya asked teasingly.

Riva pushed open the door to walk into a circular four story room filled with books. His gazed circled around trying to take it all in. In the center of the room stood a spiraling metal stairway with walkways branching off at each level to a circular walkway circling each level complete with ornate metal railings and ladders. Several comfortable black chairs where scattered around the large room compete with beautiful carved white end tables. Near the staircase sat a large white desk complete with a computer terminal. Riva moved to walk in when he heard a light laughter behind him.

“And I thought we would never get out of the bedroom. It looks like I might never be able to pry you out of the library.”

Riva turned to his laughing Master with a mock anger, his green eyes twinkling.

“Is someone looking for punishment so soon?” Riva asked coming over to the laughing Blondie running his hand lightly over Toya’s firm ass.

Toya pressed up against Riva suggestively distracting him from the lure of the library. Riva leaned down kissing the Blondie hard his tongue invading Toya’s mouth. Toya felt a hand grab his wrist and push him into the library. Riva removed the slim Blondie’s light silk shirt his hands twisting the soft pink nipples that he had just exposed before lowering his head to lick them teasingly.

“Riva the bedroom…”

“I like it here. ” Riva said his tongue flickering over Toya’s hard nipple as his hand undid the Blondies’s tight pants.

“But… Shin will..,” Toya gasped trying to pull away from the teasing tongue.

Riva’s hand came down on Toya’s still sore ass with a loud crack.

“Stop arguing,” Riva commanded as he captured Toya’s lips again.

Toya surrendered sensing Riva would have his way in this. Toya began to fumble with Riva’s own clothing exposing the pet enjoying the feeling of his silken skin against his own.

Riva continued to explore Toya’s mouth while pressing him back until Toya bump up against the large white desk. Toya slide down Riva’s body to kneel in front of the pet. Teasingly his tongue flickered a crossed the engorged organ. He continued to tease the pet enjoying the moment of illusionary control over his pet until he felt large hands bury themselves into his long hair.

“Open up Toya, now.”

Toya opened his mouth and began to suck gently at first then with more pressure, as he enjoyed the feeling of the hard cock sliding a crossed his lips.

“Yes, that’s it. Move your tongue more.”

Toya complied enjoying the pet’s vocal commands and his hands buried in his hair, guiding him along the length of his rock hard member. Before long Riva pulled the Blondie up and positioned him over the desk. Spreading the Blondie Riva wiggled his tongue up his tight passage as his hands worked on his Master’s rock hard erection. Before long Toya was almost continuously moaning as he pressed against his pet craving deeper penetration.

Riva stood up and guided himself deep within the tight passage of his Master. Toya moved against him pressing himself deeper on Riva enjoying once again being connected to his pet.

“I am going to take you again and again this week. Not just in the bedroom but everywhere. We are going to make up for lost time.” Riva said as he continued to enjoy his Master’s squeezing passage, as he thrust hard into Toya pushing him against the desk with the power of his thrusts.

Toya to lost in the feeling assaulting his body did not reply other than a long moan as he felt Riva’s hand grasp his hard cock stroking it in rhythm with his thrust. Before long both men were panting as they struggled to control their release, neither man wanting their union to end.

“Riva I can’t hold on,” Toya cried as he spilled himself onto his desk.

Riva to felt his release close at the sound of Toya’s panting voice. Thrusting deep inside of his lover he lost himself enjoying the tight embrace of the Blondie.

Toya stood up and turned around loosely draping his arms around his pet. Smiling up at Riva he shook his head.

“I take it you like the library?”

“Yes, in more ways than one, but how about you show me the bath hall.” Riva said lightly kissing his Master.

After a quick bath both Master and Pet went out into the gardens. It was slightly cold since it was getting closer to winter, but Riva still drug the Blondie around looking at intricate fountain and plants of the garden. Toya looked at the gardens through Riva’s eyes and came to see things that he had taken for granted or missed. The gardens he himself had help to design so long ago took on a new life in Toya’s eyes as if he were seeing them again for the first time.

“Didn’t you have something similar at the academy?” Toya asked surprised at Riva’s interest in such a small garden

“Of course but those gardens didn’t belong to you either, each place as unique thing about them. You helped design this didn’t you?”

“How did you know?”

“Because of the almost mathematical lines and the simple yet elegant design says you all over it. You tend to have a hand in a lot of things from your house, clothes, garden, and work. Little things that just shout Toya. I notice them.” Riva said as he walked slightly ahead of his Master unaware of his surprised look.

Toya remained quiet thinking about Riva’s words it was obvious that Riva was not just a mindless pet, but then that was part of the reason Toya had found himself so deeply in love with him.

“Come on let’s go in. Shin should have lunch ready for us.” Toya said after a few moments.

“That would be great. I worked up an appetite.” Riva grinned grabbing Toya around the waist for a quick kiss before releasing him.

Shin had set lunch out on the dinning room table. Both men sat down and for a few moments concentrated on their lunch.

“You told me that you use do manga, so have you been working on anything?” Toya asked after a while. He was curious about his pet’s work, yet had not had time to see that his pet was capable of.

“Of course it isn’t like I didn’t have a lot of time.” Riva snorted

“Could I see it?”

Riva looked at Toya for a moment, his face unreadable.


“I left it at home. I hoped I wouldn’t have time to work on it.”

“Oh, I see,” Toya said disappointed.

Riva looked at the Blondie closely not realizing at first how much it meant to the Toya. Every once in while Toya’s feeling for him still caught the pet of guard. After being one of many beautiful pets and later the pet of the sadistic Elric it was still hard for his to accept that someone loved him and was interested in him.

“Once we get back you can look at them.”

Toya looked up at his pet’s face and smiled.

“I have been curious to see your work. I have wanted to see your drawings ever since we went to the art store and bought all those art supplies,” Toya said reaching over and laying his hand over his uncertain pet’s own hand.

“Well I can do some drawing here this week at the villa.. Although I don’t think I am as good as what you are thinking” Riva said somewhat embarrassed.

“I shall be the judge of that, “

Riva snorted and continued to eat, trying to control an embarrassed blush seeping into his face.

Toya sat curled in a chair by the fireplace reading a tech magazine unaware of his pet’s quite entrance into the room over twenty minutes earlier. Despite being on vacation Riva had insisted on keeping his regular workout routine. Toya had taken to reading while his pet workout after Riva had shooed him away from the room for ogling the pet. Now the tables had been turned and Riva now sat quietly drawing his Master in silence.

If there was one thing Toya had in abundance it was beauty. Trying to capture it in his drawing was frustrating the pet. Drawing manga panels was far different from Riva was trying to accomplish now. Riva knew in his own way he was extremely handsome he had once bend an A class pet, yet Toya outshone him and didn’t even realize it. Riva now used all of his skills to capture the shy Blondie on paper.

When Riva accidently dropped one of his pencils Toya finally realized his pet was there. Stretching lazily he rose up and strolled over to Riva looking down at the pet sitting on the floor.

“How long have you been here?” Toya asked leaning down to look at Riva’s work.

“It is beautiful. I didn’t know you were this good.” exclaimed the Blondie as he went to take the drawing pad from Riva before he could answer.

Riva held on shaking his head.

“I’m not done yet, and I have been here over a half an hour.”

Toya let go and stood shaking his head.

“I was beginning to wonder if you were going to work out all night,” Toya teased.

“No not all night.” Riva said something up spoken in the air.

Riva got up off the ground carefully laying his artwork aside. Something had been bothering him for the last couple of days and as he drew the beautiful face of the one he loved the more certain he became of something that had been left unsaid for the last few days.

” I have some business for you tonight,” Riva said looking Toya straight into his soft blue eyes.

“There is something that you haven’t been telling me about work isn’t there?” Riva asked a dangerous gleam in his emerald eyes.

“Riva, there really isn’t anything important.”

“Then why have you been so evasive all week?” Riva asked moving closer.

“I thought we should forget about work this week,.” Toya said weakly.

Riva grabbed the Blondie’s wrist and pulled him toward the bedroom when he noticed Shin standing in the doorway. Firmly closing the door behind them Riva looked at the pale Blondie waiting.

Toya knew the time had come to tell Riva about Iason’s job offer. He had tried not to think about it the past week, but obviously the peaceful few days were about to come crashing down on Toya. Unable to speak he stood quietly before Riva trying to find a way to explain to his pet that he wanted to take the job offered to him.

“Iason has offered me a job,” Toya whispered

Riva’s anger exploded through him as he walked forward backhanding the Blondie jerking his head. Grabbing the Blondie’s hair he pushed the slim man down only to jerk his head back exposing his throat to Riva.

“What do you mean? The job was over, did you think a week would satisfy me? That you could break your word to me,” Riva growled his voice harsh with anger.

Pulling the Blondie to his feet he shoved him onto the bed and retrieving a set of thin rope from the bedside table. Toya soon found himself tied face down to the bed his clothes still on him.

“Please Riva. It isn’t like before….”

“Silence,” thundered Riva anger rippling through his voice.

Suddenly Toya felt the searing pain of his own leather belt on his ass and then his legs.

“Damm you. I thought I made myself clear. No…More…Long…Hours,” Riva growled highlighting each word with the belt.

“Please Riva,” cried the Blondie having never felt the pain of a leather belt touch his body even through the flimsy protection of his clothes.

Riva threw the belt across the room, his anger unabated but still not wanting to permanently scar his Master. Cursing himself for not bring more in the way of whips, he grab a knife and went to the bed to cut Toya’s clothes off of him. Toya shivered at the feel of the cool metal so close to his skin, even as tears continued to fall from him.

Riva ripped the cut clothes off the Blondie and penetrated his with one hard thrust. Toya cried out having never been enter so roughly by the well endowed pet.

“No Toya you will not go back to working on Jupiter’s systems. I will not remain celibate and neither will you.” Riva said thrusting into Toya. He reached under the Blondie to find despite the rough treatment was hard.

“Why would you give this up?” whispered Riva in Toya’s ear slowing his pace a little to trail kisses on the back of his neck. “You love it as much as I do. Jupiter could never come close to this.”

Toya gasped through the tears as Riva stroked his aching erection while licking along the rim of his ear. Thrusting deeply inside of the Blondie he felt Toya’s muscles begin to contract tightly on him sending him over the edge before he meant to.

Tears continued to leak out of the mortified Blondie as Riva turned him over. Riva licked up a tear before moving down between the Blondie’s legs. Riva began to employed all of his skills as an A class pet on the ridged manhood before him, determined to make Toya think twice about leaving him alone again.

Toya’s tears dried as looked down at the crimson head moving down the length of his ridge organ. Toya whimpered as he realize the pet ring was set so he could not come.

“Riva, please….please let me come.”

“No, not until you promise not to work all day, every day.”


“No, no excuses. Not this time Toya, I want your word,” Riva said looking up seductively at Toya his eyes sparkling.

Riva stopped talking and contined to work Toya’s engorged organ enjoying the slim Blondie’s cries. He wanted Toya’s word and he was determined to get it. He was not going to let things go back to they way they were before once they returned home.

“All right I promise that I will not work all day. I promise…please,” Toya panted as he begged for release from his pet.

Riva grinned and released the restriction on Toya bending down to drink his essense as it spilled out from him. Toya layed panting on the bed for the moment the pain of the belt marks far off and hardly noticable. Riva moved up the bed and pillowed Toya’s blonde head on his shoulder stroking it.

“I am glad that is settled,” Riva said with satifatction.

“Riva …” Toya began

“You’re not going back on your word,” Riva said sternly looking down at the Blondie.

“No, I only want to work three to four hours a day from now on,” Toya said evasiavly.

“I am not against you working that much I guess. I just don’t want you to go back to working all the time. I didn’t like seeing you so tired and stressed. I want you to have fun as well as work,” Riva said kissing Toya’s forehead.” That is why I am so rough on you. ”

“I don’t want to work like that again either,” Toya said with a sigh snuggling down and falling asleep with in the lose embance of the one he loved.


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