Chapter 19 Team Work

Tir paced back and forth on the platform impatiently, wondering where Drake and Marek were. It had been hours since Drake had left, promising to find Marek and calm him down. Unable to wait, Tir had left the pen and gone to his quarters, to find Sasha huddled in her small room refusing to unlock the door, until he finally reassured her that Marek wasn’t with him. He was relieved to find that Marek had not followed the girl, but concerned about where he had gone as well.

Tir had sent a message to the King through one of the many pages that were in the palace and asked for arrangements to be made for Sasha to leave the palace at once. While he waited, he labored over a letter to his overseer with instructions on dealing with the girl. By the time the ink had dried on his letter a guard had arrived at his door with instructions to deliver Sasha to his castle in the Highlands. Sasha had been more than eager to leave in the company of the guard, and Tir was glad to see the last of her. She had caused him more than enough headaches in more than one way.

He had returned to the pen hoping to find both men, but unfortunately there was no sign of either one of them. Looking over at Feras he sent out a questioning thought to the dragon.

“Tir, I’m not going to answer that. How would you feel if I told Marek everything about you? I am bonded to you both and you can’t expect me to betray Marek’s trust, and I know he wouldn’t want you to know,” Feras rumbled in his mind disapprovingly.

Tir remained quiet, realizing the Feras was right but it did nothing to calm him. He had rarely asked Feras about Marek, but he was more than a little worried about his decision to leave it to Drake. Not only that, Tir really couldn’t stand the waiting and wondering what was happening. He wished that he hadn’t allowed Drake to talk him into not going after Marek. It seemed wrong that he put Drake in the middle of their problems. The relationship between the three of them was definitely unusual, and he was still having trouble defining the boundaries of it.

He picked up one of his history books and flopped down on the bed; lying on his stomach and propping his head on his hand, he opened the book. The words seemed to blur before his eyes as his mind continued to think about Marek and Drake. Both men were the center of his life now, and right now he was rather upset with both of them.

He knew that Marek would be angry with him, but he still was unprepared for the consequences of his actions. It seemed a little unfair that Marek was so violently opposed to letting him deal with Sasha, even if it was in a way that Marek didn’t approve of. Still, it made him feel good to know that Marek cared so much for him. He didn’t need to be told that the reason for Marek’s anger was because Sasha had hurt Tir, someone that was important to him. If he wasn’t so violent it might have event been cute the way that Marek lost control of his emotions.

Drake on the other hand wasn’t so cute, with his off-handed comment that he had thought he had told Tir about his children. Tir couldn’t believe that Drake had forgotten to mention such an important thing as children. He had planned to make the man tell him everything about his children and their mother as soon as possible. Marek couldn’t have picked a worse time to find out about Sasha on the whole. Now Tir might not find the time to question the man before they left for Recura.

Tir sighed and closed his book, looking over at Feras and the hatchling while they were basking in the sun as it had begun to set. Ebony had taken off for a little bit of exercise while Tir had been dealing with Sasha, and still hadn’t returned. Tir had very seldom seen any dragon leave the compound without their rider, but apparently Drake had been too busy to go out with her lately, and she had finally decided to go without him while Feras watched the little one.

“Did you know that Drake had children?” Tir asked Feras, rolling on his side, facing the dragons and propping his head on his arm.

“Of course, everyone knows about Drake’s children. There was a big celebration for Jasmine’s birth a few months before you arrived. Jin of course is Drake’s heir, so everyone in the country knows about him,” Feras replied.

“Except for me. It is hard to think of him as a prince sometimes. Whoever heard of a prince in love with a harem boy?” Tir said aloud, depressed.

“You’re not just a harem boy, you’re…” Feras started only to stop as the pen doors opened to reveal both Drake and Marek.

Tir looked up, staring into Marek’s face, hoping for some sign that the man had calmed down a little. He was surprised to see that the Baron looked relaxed and had a provocative smile on his lips. He looked very much like the first time Tir had seen him in the King’s bedchamber. There was something about his smile that conveyed a predator ready to pounce. Tir gulped at little, looking at Drake, surprised to see the man was smiling as well as he watched Marek advance on Tir slowly.

“Are you still angry with me?” Tir asked hesitatingly as he inched off the bed away from Marek.

“No, not at all,” Marek said smoothly as he went around the bed, coming towards Tir.

Tir watched Marek, finding himself unable to move as the man gazed at him intently and moved closer to him. He could feel the heat of the man’s gaze, and although he said he wasn’t angry, he knew with absolute certainty that Marek had something painful in mind. Although he had long since given up trying to untangle his feelings about the games he played with Marek, he knew that he didn’t want to arrive back to his home country unable sit.

Marek closed the distance between them in a leisurely pace, only to pull Tir over his knee with an ease that bespoke of long practice. Tir squirmed, feeling his heartbeat quicken at what he knew was coming, half hoping that Drake would come to his rescue. Tir continued to squirm in Marek’s lap, trying to see Drake, until Marek gave him a sharp stinging blow as he chuckled lowly.

“I don’t think you will find anybody to rescue you, if that is what you think. After all, this is Drake’s idea,” Marek purred as he pulled down Tir’s pants and lifted the long tunic, exposing him to the man’s open hand.

Tir stopped wiggling, his whole body tensing in shock at Marek’s words. He couldn’t even believe what the man was saying, for it sounded so absurd. Despite Drake’s grudging silence about what they did together, he knew that the man was still very uncomfortable about it. Tir had been very careful about cleaning up after their playing when Drake had found some of their ropes lying around. Although Drake had said nothing and only glared at the offending rope, he had remained in a bad temper for the rest of the day. For Drake to willingly allow and even watch Marek discipline him seemed hard to believe.

“You’re lying,” Tir declared.

“Ohh, so I’m lying?” Marek asked, voice low as he caressed Tir’s perfectly presented backside.

“No, he isn’t,” Drake’s said from behind them, and Tir began to struggle again, trying to see the man.

“I think this will be good for both of you, Tir, and I think in this case we are both justified in this. That girl deserved a lot more than what she got,” Drake continued.

“But your father,” Tir protested, feeling Marek’s strong hands keeping him firmly in place despite his efforts.

“That old fool, that girl is nothing like mother,” Drake snorted.

“Enough talk, little harem boy,” Marek said as his hand came down hard on Tir.

Tir was in a state of turmoil, surprised at Drake’s unexpected turn of feelings and Marek’s very obvious intent on punishing him. Although he was only using his hand, the man knew exactly how much force to use to inflict a great deal of pain. He still couldn’t comprehend how Drake had drastically changed his mind on such things so easily. As Marek spanked him thoroughly like a disobedient child, Tir wavered between indignation at how he was being treated for following his heart and hesitation at the change in Drake’s own. Yet soon both were drowned out by the increasing influx of pain brought on by Marek’s sharp hand.

“You knew it wasn’t a wise idea to offend both of us,” Marek said, stopping to lightly carcass Tir ass.

Overly hot hands almost gently caressed his skin, bringing a different sensation of pain coursing through Tir as he relaxed against Marek, wondering if his punishment had come to an end. Although he knew the Marek was often a lot rougher, lately almost testing his limits of pain and pleasure, Tir was almost positive that this time no matter what Drake said Marek wouldn’t go that far. At least he hoped that he was right, since he wasn’t enthusiastic about even more discipline.

He was surprised when Marek dumped him off of his lap in front of Drake, who was looking down at Tir with a frown. Tir moved to his knees, unable to sit on the rough wood surface of the platform on his now overly sensitive skin as he looked up, confused, at Drake.

“All actions have consequences, some more apparent than others, Tir. We have let you have your way with Sasha, but you didn’t think about what it would mean to us. You knew that both of us wanted her punished, and yet you were going to free her…” Drake lectured in a stern voice that Tir seldom heard.

“Free her?!” Marek growled surprised.

“Father wouldn’t let him,” Drake answered briefly.

“But… ”

“No Tir, no buts. Marek has started and now I will finish, but after this the slate is cleared and we will all forget about it,” Drake continued, looking pointedly at Marek, who held up his hands and grinned.

“No problems here, as long as I get to watch,” Marek smiled, looking at Tir with in a way that made him more than a little anxious about what exactly he was going to get to watch.

Tir found that Drake’s stern words hurt more than Marek’s hand, but he still couldn’t help but feel that he had done the right thing with Sasha, even though it wasn’t what Drake or Marek wanted. He loved them both, but he also believed that the girl’s life wasn’t worth hurting the King, even a little bit. He realized that he was never really suited to be a harem boy, that despite everything that had happened to him he had always considered himself free. That no matter what, he wanted the freedom to make his own decisions, even if they were the wrong ones, or even if they went against what the people he cared about wanted.

He was so consumed with thinking about Drake’s words he didn’t notice that in the man’s hands were the same soft ropes that had bothered the man weeks ago. Tir felt a jolt of surprise run through him when Drake lifted him off the floor and gently laid him in the bed. Tir looked up at Drake with wide eyes as the man slowly stripped him of all his clothes, and held up a length of the familiar black rope that Marek had used on him countless times when Drake wasn’t around.

“Are you going to struggle?” Drake asked in a soft voice, his eyes raking over Tir’s naked body, making all thoughts of escape fly out of his head.

“What are you going to do?” Tir asked hesitantly, unsure of this new side of Drake, although his body had already decided for him, as the lower regions awoke.

“Whatever I want to,” Drake answered, slipping the rope over one of his wrists.

Tir remained pinned by Drake’s deep, almost soothing tone of voice and the gentle manner in which he began wrapping rope around him. Tir had found himself tied by Marek countless times, but it was totally different to feel of Drake wrap length after length of soft black rope around him, his long, loose hair tickling Tir’s sensitive skin as he worked. Unlike Marek’s almost hasty, passionate roughness, Drake, with his characteristic gentleness, took his time lengthening the experience as he methodically tied Tir’s body in a complex pattern that left Tir totally immobile, with his legs spread.

The soft rope dragging over the more sensitive areas of his body sent shudders of pleasure through Tir, and he felt more and more helpless as he surrendered total control over to this new arousing Drake that Tir had never dreamed of seeing. When the man had finished with his body, Tir watched with wide eyes as he dangled the last length of rope in front of him, just above the slender erection that lay leaking against his belly, the tip of the rope grazing his taunt skin.

“Where should I use this?” Drake asked mildly, his eyes dancing.

Tir looked at him hungrily, knowing there was only one place left on his body without some kind of rope on it. He had never been as totally bound as he was now, for Marek never had the patience for it. He was surprised to see that Drake knew exactly what he was doing and was able to increase the tension by simply taking his time and using the rope, his hands, and even his silken hair as instruments in Tir’s torture, simply letting them caress his skin lightly.

When Tir felt a large hand cup his balls he groaned and struggled in his ropes, wishing he could push himself into the hand to increase the contact. The binding that he had found so erotic had the downside of leaving him completely helpless to do anything about his aching groin. His eyes widened as he felt Drake wind the last free rope around his member, creating a sensation he had only experienced twice before with Marek, his member hardening almost painfully against the rope that now bound the most sensitive region of his body.

“You’re pretty good at this,” Marek commented as he came into Tir’s view, his eyes traveling over Tir, making him blush at such an intense exploration of his helpless body.

“Yes, Maya showed me,” Drake answered as Tir felt his whole body tense at the name.

“Ah, that explains it, so did you let her. . .” Marek asked, leaving the rest unsaid, and Drake nodded slightly.

“You’ve been holding back on us,” Marek said, and as Tir watched the Baron lifted Drake’s face and kissed the man.

Tir groaned in frustration as he felt the needs of his body clash with the need of his mind to know more about this mysterious woman. As he watched Marek kiss Drake, his hand undoing the ties of Drake’s shirt, Tir found his curiosity pushed aside at the sensual show that was unfolding in front of him. He always found himself turned on by the two of them together, especially since it happened so rarely. Both of them were so extremely gorgeous and powerful, yet they both were so different in every way imaginable. Tir watched yearningly as the two men explored each other, gradually exposing themselves to Tir’s eyes.

Finally Drake broke away from Marek, turning his attention only on Tir. He shuddered all over as Drake stared at him, crawling onto the bed clothed only in his tight black pants, his hair streaming down the sides of his face and pooling on the white sheets. Tir tried to move, forgetting for the moment his bound state as Drake lowered he head, his hot breath grazing the skin of his pink nipples. He waited impatiently for Drake to touch him, only to feel the man’s hot breath inches away from him, taunting him.

“Drake, please don’t tease me,” Tir begged.

He could feel Drake move lower, his silken hair sliding over his skin and ropes until Drake’s mouth lowered onto the inside of his thighs. Tir gasped at the first touch as the man nipped and kissed his smooth skin, his whole body crying out for Drake to move just a little bit higher.

“Drake, move up, I can’t stand it,” Tir almost whined.

“That is why it is punishment,” Marek answered as Drake moved lower instead, his tongue flickering over Tir’s skin.

Tir looked up to see that Marek had removed all of his clothes and stood before Tir, displaying his body. Tir’s eyes roamed over the creamy white skin of the Baron, admiring the flawless tone and nicely sculpted muscles of the man. He wanted nothing more than to touch the Baron and feel the velvety soft skin under his fingertips. It was the thing that he hated most about the ropes that tied him, his inability to touch anything. He loved to explore his partner’s body more than anything, but found himself unable to even move an inch.

“Maybe this will take your mind off of problems,” Marek said wickedly as Tir watched Marek’s hand slip down his own body.

Unable to tear his eyes away, he watched the man caress himself, his hand rubbing his light red nipples until they stood erect. Marek’s hand slid down his perfectly sculpted body, tracing the hollows and curves with his slim fingers until they reached the proudly jutting organ between his legs. As he watched Marek’s hand glide down his shaft he found that instead of helping him, Marek’s performance was doing the opposite as his organ throbbed within in its confining ropes.

He felt Drake’s slow conquest of his body move gradually upwards, a wet tongue flickering over his aching shaft. Tir moaned, feeling intense pleasure at the light touch even as his eyes devoured Marek, who had continued to caress his own body, highlighting his sex with his lascivious movements.

Tir writhed within his ropes, helpless as the two men tortured him in a way he had never experienced before. His whole body ached for release, but within the confines of the improvised cock ring and the expert touch of Drake, who knew exactly when to pull away from his leaking organ, he remained wanting. He began to beg both men, losing all sense of pride as he felt his tight skin ache with need. The pleasure that was coursing through his body was so intense it had become almost painful as Drake used his lips, tongue, and hands on his sweating skin, even as Marek performed for him. Between the two of them he began to understand Drake’s thoughts of punishment.

When Tir felt Drake withdraw from his inflamed body he cried out in protest. He watched in dismay as Drake returned to Marek’s side and kissed him deeply. He watched as Drake removed the last of his clothing, his talented hands now working on Marek’s body instead of his own.

Tir watched, desperately wishing he could join them as his whole body cried out in need for something, anything to quench the fire that the two riders had lit inside of him. Watching the two of them together highlighted his needs even more as he began to writhe in his ropes, trying desperately to escape from them as he closed his eyes, unable to bear the torture anymore, tears of desperation beginning to leak out of his eyes.

He felt the bed move and his eyes flew open to find Drake moving towards him, staring at him intently as Marek joined him. Marek smiled broadly as he leaned down, tasting the tears on Tir’s checks as Drake carefully untied his legs, placing them on his broad shoulders as he slowly began to penetrate him.

Tir gasped in pleasure at the entry, feeling the man sink deeper and deeper into him. He was surprised when he felt Marek untie his hand to leave them free. He looked over at the man to see a devious smile on his face as he moved forward, offering his own member to Tir. Without hesitating he wrapped his hand around the hard length, pulling the man to his mouth even as Drake slowly thrust into him. Within moments he felt Marek shuddering with his release, his whole body stiffening. Tir looked up in surprise at the man’s quick release to see embarrassment cross the sharp features of the man as he backed away from the two of them.

Tir’s confusion was quickly replaced by mind numbing pleasure as Drake found the right angle of penetration and increased his pace. Tir cried out in surprise even as his own organ exploded in the most intense orgasm he had ever experienced. His whole body arched as he found himself drifting out of reality, so many conflicting emotions and feelings running through him.

When he came back to reality he found both Drake and Marek kneeling next to him on either side, looking concerned. He smiled up at them, feeling a deep happiness flood through him. He had never experienced such an intense orgasm before and he couldn’t help but think the presence of both men working together had help to cause it.

“Is the punishment over?” Tir asked quietly.

“Are you all right? You blacked out, you have never done that before,” Marek asked.

“I’m fine now, I just enjoyed it a lot,” Tir assured him. “Is my punishment over?”

“Yes,” Drake said as he began to untie the rest of the ropes.

“For punishment you sure enjoyed it a lot,” Marek said suspiciously.

“Remember your promise, Marek,” Drake grinned as he looked directly at Marek.

“You tricked me,” Marek said darkly.

“A little bit, but wasn’t this more fun than being angry? Besides, you got to see something you will never see again,” Drake replied reasonably.

Marek snorted as Tir looked between the two of them, confused. “What was that?” He asked.

“That is obvious. We got to see Drake tie you up,” Marek replied for the man, shooting him a dark glance. “I would have rather seen you tied up. I didn’t think even Maya would be able to get you to agree to it.”

“Wait!” Tir said, sitting up despite the fact Drake was far finished from untying all of him.

Both men looked at him in surprise as he looked directly at Drake, all of his fears about the faceless woman swarming around him, washing away his fleeting feelings of contentment. He felt all of the anxieties of the coming trip, his constant problems with Marek, and now his fears about Drake all crashing down on him at the woman’s name.

“Tir,” Drake said, concerned as he looked at him.

“Who… who is Maya? Why haven’t you told me about the mother of your children?!” Tir blurted out in anger and fear.

“Tir, there is nothing …” Drake started as Tir felt tears begin to leak out of his eyes, despite his attempts to keep them in check.

“Stop being an idiot,” Marek said softly. “She isn’t anything to cry over. He had to pay her to sleep with him. It is obvious he loves you or he wouldn’t have done this today, it isn’t his thing and you know it.”

“But he just said that she taught him,” Tir argued.

“Marek,” Drake warned. “Tir, Maya is a highly paid courtesan, who I often paid for her services. When father first started doing such things to Simeon, I asked her for a taste of what father was doing, to try to understand him. She is very skilled in a number of areas, but not in love, Tir.

I hired her to bear me a child, not because I loved her, but because it solved a number of problems for me. I love Jin dearly, but I wanted a daughter as well, just not the complications of a noblewoman and her family, marriage, or even love. I found out with Jin that noble families come with strings that I do not like to deal with. Maya was a perfect choice for me, although many at court were appalled by my decision. The fact Jasmine isn’t my heir is the only thing that keeps them from totally opposing what I did. Maya is a very good at what she does, but we aren’t lovers.”

Tir looked at Drake in shock at the man’s words. He had expected something totally different than what he had heard. He would have never guessed that Maya wasn’t someone Drake loved, but someone that was convenient for the man. He would have thought Drake would be the kind of man that would only want children with a woman that he loved, and not in such a cold, businesslike transaction. It occurred to him that Drake’s words opened up another question, for it was obvious now that Maya wasn’t Jin’s mother.

“What about Jin’s mother then?” Tir asked, surprised to see a look of sadness pass over the man’s face.

“Tir, enough, we all have a past and old lovers, but that is the past. Drake only loves you now,” Marek said, cutting in cooly.

“That isn’t quiet true,” Drake said with a smile. “I have some feeling for you.”

“Do not start that again,” Marek said with disgust, getting up off the bed.

Tir looked between the two men, surprised by the exchange between them and confused by Marek’s defense of Drake. Something had definitely happened between the two of them when they were away. Despite the fact they were teaming up against him and supporting each other, Tir felt a sense of relief as well. Marek’s words were not as blunt and cold as usual, and there seemed to be an undercurrent under them that spoke of something more. Drake’s words had also shocked Tir a little bit, since he never thought the two men would ever get along.

Tir sighed, looking at Drake, wondering about the other woman in Drake’s life that brought such a sad look to his face. Yet it was obvious that Marek was trying to protect Drake from speaking about it, and combined with his sad expression Tir felt unable to continue with his questions on the subject. Marek was right in a way, for he knew that the man loved him and in the end that was all that should matter. He pushed down his curiosity and insecurities, telling himself that they didn’t matter

“Will you finish untying me?” Tir asked, deciding for the moment to enjoy the fact that both the men he loved were with him. It wasn’t as if he didn’t have enough things to deal with, for within a couple of days he would finally meet the man that had sired him.

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