Chapter 18 Riva’s Choice

Elwyn sat in the corner of the room, silently watching his brother’s motionless face as hisMaster and the other Blondies talked in low quiet voices by the door. He strained to hear whatwas being said but his eyes never left the pale face of the other pet. He had no idea what had happened to Riva. He didn’t look well and had yet to wake up since Elwyn had entered the room. He had tried to immediately go to Riva’s side when he first saw his brother, only to be firmly pulled back by Master Oki’s strong hand on his upper arm and a harsh reprimand to stay quiet and out of the way. The entire time, Riva’s Master looked at Riva with eyes that had strangely turned a silvery blue, his face lined with worry and sadness that had taken Elwyn by surprise. Despite everyone’s assurance that the strange Blondie loved his brothe, Elwyn had always had trouble believing it. Yet now for the first time, he felt an uneasy stirring of doubt about his assumptions regarding the Blondie.

Elwyn had found an empty corner close to the bed but still out of the way and folded himself down into an inconspicuous ball, hugging his knees tightly hoping that everyone would forget him. He hoped that if forgotten, he would perhaps be allowed to stay with his brother for he didn’t think he could stand being away from him, not knowing if he was alright. The strange Blondie that his Master called Heiku had examined Riva and administered some kind of injection before cleaning and bandaging Riva’s hands. Now they talked quietly away from Riva. Their attention focused on each other, Elwyn decided it would be safe enough to go over to Riva. He quietly crept to the bed and knelt down, folding his arms near Riva and rested his head close to his brother’s, watching the steady rise and fall of his chest.

Elwyn couldn’t remember a time when Riva had been sick or hurt, even when they had been children. No matter how many times Riva ended up in a fight or others got sick his brother always seemed to remain unscathed. To now see his brother lying in the huge white bed with his blood red hair a startling contrast to his very pale skin made Elwyn’s stomach knot painfully. Totally forgetting about the others in the room he crawled up into the bed and curled around his brother as he had done countless times when they were children. He missed Riva so much and now that they were once again together everything seemed to be going wrong. Riva’s harsh words when he had left them in the gardens haunted Elwyn as he looked down at the white bandaged hands.

So lost in his own thoughts, he didn’t notice his Master approach the bed until he felt a strong hands on his shoulders, pulling him up and out of the bed.

“What in Jupiter’s name do you think you’re doing?!” Oki asked in a hard tone.

“I…I…Just…,” Elwyn stammered, tears coming to his eyes.

“It’s ok, let him go, Oki,” Toya said tiredly.

“Like hell! Toya, you don’t…”

“Oki, please,” Toya pleaded softly. His Master’s large hands loosened on his shoulders.


“May I borrow your pet tonight?” Toya asked quietly.

“What?!” Oki asked, surprised his eyes widening in astonishment.

“I would like him to stay here tonight with Riva and I,” Toya said, his eyes drifting to Riva’s still body.

“Are you sure about this?” Omaki asked, drifting over to put a hand on Toya’s shoulder as Oki stood still in confusion at Toya’s reqest.

“Yes. I’m sorry to ask this, but I want him to be here when Riva wakes up,” Toya said softly.

“I can stay as well,” Oki offered. Elwyn felt just as confused as his Master looked.

What could this strange Blondie be thinking? They were enemies, why would he want Elwyn there was beyond his comprehension. Was the man going to punish him for trying to get,,between them? It was very possible, and yet even if he did it would be worth it to remain near, Riva. So Elwyn decided the best thing to do was to remain quiet for he knew anything he said to his own Master would only hurt his cause.

“No,” Toya said shaking his head. “You’re not a person Riva will want to see when he wakes up. I’m starting to understand why Riva is so unreasonable when it comes to you Oki.”

“Why? I would love to know,” Oki said surprised.

Toya shook his head as Omaki grinned at Oki.

“Come on, you can sleep with me, and I’ll try to explain it to you,” Omaki said grabbing Oki’s hand.

“Wait!” Oki started only to be pulled from the room.

Elwyn looked up at Riva’s Master apprehensively, wondering what would happen now. They stared at each other until finally Elwyn looked away from the intense blue eyes that bored into him. In that instant Elwyn saw, not a freak of a Blondie, but a true Blondie Master who he had disobeyed. He felt a tremor run through him at the thought of what this man might do to him. He heard a deep sigh and looked up in surprise to see the Blondie climb into the bed next to his brother, curling around him and laying his head on Riva’s scarred chest. Elwyn looked at them feeling his jealousy rise as the man flaunted his right to be close to Riva.

“Get into bed,” Toya said finally, his voice quiet and emotionless.

“I’m sorry?” Elwyn said in shock, unsure of what he had heard. He was certain the man didn’t just tell him to get into bed with them.

“Get into bed. Unless you would rather sleep on the floor,” Toya said again, his eyes closing.

Elwyn looked down at the Blondie, confuse wondering if it was a trap. There was

no way he would ever have allowed the man into a bed with him and Riva if he’d the power to prevent it. Yet this man was going to allow him to be close to Riva. Unable to refuse, Elwyn slid gingerly into the bed and lay close to Riva, afraid to touch him with his brother’s Blondie Master so close.

“It’s ok., I know that feeling you close will help him,” Toya said softly, as his eyes opened to look at Elwyn.

Elwyn remained quiet as he slid closer to his brother, resting his face against Riva’s well

muscled arm. He looked at the man who lay so very close to him. He had no idea what was going through the man’s mind and he was almost afraid to find out. For the first time he felt tense and even unhappy lying next to his brother.

“I don’t like you,” Toya said softly, closing his eyes. “You make me doubt Riva’s love for me. You make me worry about his happiness. But most of all, you share a bond with Riva that I will never have. It is real and stable, something that can never vanish or be taken away from the both of you. Yet despite all my worries and doubts, the most important thing to me is Riva. I’m hurting him with my doubts. So I have to believe in him and his love. I’m going to trust him and let him decided.”

Elwyn looked over in shock at the Blondie trembling against his brother’s chest. He couldn’t believe those words had come out of a Master’s mouth let alone a Blondie’s. Who had ever heard of a Blondie caring about whether or not a pet was happy? It was ridiculous. But a pet claiming to love his Master as Riva did was equally ridiculous. Maybe it was true that this Blondie loved his brother. But then, where did that leave him?

“Decide what? It isn’t like we can be together, we are both pets,” Elwyn said uncertainly.

“What did you want to do? You forced your way to the auction block, so you must have had an idea of what you wanted once you met Riva,” Toya asked softly looking at him.

“I…Well… I just thought about seeing Riva again. I hadn’t thought about anything else,” Elwyn said as he blushed and buried his face in Riva’s arm.

“Riva is right, you do need protecting,” Toya sighed. “What do you want, Elwyn?”

“I want things to be the way they use to be before we became pets,” Elwyn said miserably.

“That isn’t possible,” Toya said

“I know but that is what I want. I hate being a pet and not being able to see Riva,” Elwyn cried out.

“Yet that is the only thing you can be now, and as for seeing Riva even as an A-class pet you two will never be able to be together. Even with my power there isn’t anything I can do to make that wish come true,” Toya said quietly.

“Like you would even if you could!,” Elwyn shot back angrily.

“If it was what Riva wanted and I could do it, I would. I can’t stand seeing him like this. I can’t bear to seeing him hurting anymore. I can’t,” Toya said as tears leaked leaking out of the now silvery eyes.

Elwyn looked at the man in shock unable to retort as he watched tears slip down the man’s face. Both of them remained quiet until he noticed the Blondie had fallen asleep. He should have felt happy lying next to his brother, yet all he could feel was despair. Toya had been right, he had been clinging to a useless dream. They could never go back to what they use to be and there was no future that could be made with them together. Yet what did that mean for him? Waking up from his childish dream and looking around at reality made Elwyn want to cry. Toya’s words had been no different from Oki’s, yet hearing them from his rival penetrated Elwyn deeply, making him see the truth of them.

Elwyn clutched at his brother’s arm as he had so many times in the past, knowing that it might very well be the last time he would ever be able to. He cried softly for Riva and for his dream.

Riva opened his eyes, feeling uncomfortablye warm. He turned to find Toya curled around him, his head pillowed on his chest. He reached up to stroked the soft blonde hair only to find his hands bandaged. He frowned at them for a moment the movement of a body on his other side distracted him. Turning his attention away from his bandaged hands, he found his brother on his other side clinging to him in his sleep. Closing his eyes, he wondered if he was dreaming, yet the slight pain in his hands belied that thought.

The last thing he remembered was crying at the base of a huge tree after pouring all his anger into destroying it. Apparently he had passed out and was brought in and treated, but how had both his brother and Toya ended up in bed with him? This was the last thing he wanted to wake up to. He wanted to avoid both men at the moment and he certainly didn’t want to be in the same bed with both of them. Yet as fiercely as both men were clinging to him, it would be impossible for him to escape unnoticed. Riva closed his eyes, hoping that it was a nightmare and he would wake up in the garden alone.

“Riva?” Toya whispered quietly.

“He’s dreaming,” Riva whispered back.

“No, he isn’t. I’m sorry about yesterday,” Toya said softly, not moving from his chest.

“Why is Elwyn here?” Riva asked.

“I asked Oki to let him stay. I knew you would want to see him,” Toya replied.

“You what?” Riva hissed.

“I don’t like your brother, but I know that you love him, Riva. I don’t want to stand between you. I can’t stand to see you hurt yourself like this. I’ll try to find a way so you two can be together,” Toya answered softly not looking up at Riva.

“Are you out of your mind?!” Riva asked sitting up. “Are you trying to get rid of me? I won’t allow it, you belong to me, Toya, and you aren’t going to escape from me.”

Toya looked up at him with shocked eyes that quickly filled with love and tears. He felt Toya’s arms wrap around him as Riva awkwardly stroked his tangled blonde hair. He felt Elwyn move off the bed and turned to look at his brother’s slender back. He could see it slumped and knew that he had hurt his brother yet again with his words.


“It’s ok, I understand,” Elwyn mumbled and ran for the door.

Riva looked at the now closing door feeling terrible. He knew that there was nothing that he could do about his feeling, he loved Toya and no matter what, he couldn’t change that. He didn’t even want to despite all the things that stood between them. Yet he hated himself for hurting his little brother so badly. He felt Toya release him and look at him.

“Go on, I know you want to go. I’ll be ok, and I know that…” Toya started.

Riva leaned down and kissed his Master gently before pulling away.

“You don’t know, Toya., Not about this. You’re the man I love, and I belong here. I can’t

protect him anymore,” Riva stopped. The pain of what he was saying overwhelmed

him. He felt Toya’s arms wrap around him, holding him as he cried.

Riva felt Toya gently stroke his back. holding him lightly as he cried. He didn’t understand Toya at all. When Toya had spoken of leaving him to Elwyn, Riva had felt an

overwhelming panic rise up inside of him at the thought of losing Toya, even if he gained for his brother. It made him realize who was most important to him. Even if it made him a horrible person he couldn’t go to Elwyn, not now and not ever again.

When his emotions finally ran their course he felt Toya move away from him slightly. He looked up at his Master, surprised to see the dark circles under his eyes. He reached out to touch Toya’s face, only to stop at the site of the white wrapped hands. Toya took the wounded hand into his own, looking down at it sadly.

“Last night after you left, I came to a realization. We can’t be together forever here on Amoi,” Toya said slowly.

“I don’t care., I’ll take whatever time I can have with you. You’re not getting rid of me,” Riva stated even as dread pulled at him at Toya’s words.

“Do you honestly think I would want to get rid of you?” Toya asked looking up at him.

“What am I supposed to think?. You talk of finding a way for me to be with Elwyn, and now you’retalking about how we can’t be together. I know we can’t be together forever, I knew that damn it! Don’t you think I haven’t thought about it? But it doesn’t matter to me. You are mine and I’ll hold on to you for as long as I can,” Riva answered firmly looking at Toya with a confidence he was far from feeling.

“Do you really mean that?” Toya asked seriously.

Riva leaned forward and kissed Toya deeply, trying to impart his. He was surprised when he felt Toya’s own passion overflow and he found himself knocked over and pinned to the bed by his Master’s firm grip. His normally reticent shy Master changed into a desperately passionate man. Riva didn’t protest, deepening their kiss and wrapping his arms around Toya’s shoulders, relaxing into the feel of his Master’s body against his. He felt a hand move into his clothing, gently sliding down his body even as a hot tongue probe further into his mouth, entangling with his own. As they kissed

he could feel Toya frantically trying to undo the unfamiliar laces of the new clothing

Char had made for him. The sound of ripping cloth surprised Riva as he pulled away from his Master to see the now torn shirt being tossed to the floor.

Riva watched Toya, seeing silver eyes looking down at him hungrily as his Master removed his white pants. with more ease than the complicated shirt that he had worn. Riva gazed at the beautiful pure white skin and lithe body of his Master, once again mesmerized by the perfect body. Toya leaned down, his silky white hair pooling on Riva’s chest as he lowered his head down to him. Riva looked up into sparkling silver eyes that looked at him with such overpowering love that left him breathless. He couldn’t understand how he could have doubted the man’s intentions even for a moment once he saw again the depth of Toya’s feelings for him in the silvery gaze.

“I’m never going to leave you or sell you. You aren’t my pet, but the man I love., Always,” Toya said, his hand caressing Riva’s neck and collarbone, making him tremble slightly at the firm uncompromising words. “If we can’t be together here, than we will find another world where we can be.”

“What!?” Riva gasped, trying to sit up only to find himself pinned firmly under his Master with a strength that Toya seldom showed to him.

Riva’s head was spinning at Toya’s words even as he felt his Master impale himself on Riva’s still hard shaft. Looking up at Toya’s, face he realized something had change within his Master. There was a determination in his face, even within his movements, all the hesitance and uncertainty that were the hallmarks of the man were gone. Toya’s words moved through him like fire. Riva understood instantly what Toya meant by those words and what the man was planning. It was something that Riva had never thought Toya would ever consider. His Master, no his lover was willing to give up everything for him. As Toya moaned, he arched back, openly displaying his body to Riva, he realized the truth of his Master’s offer to let him be with Elwyn, the truth of Toya’s love for him.

Riva reached out with his wounded hands and drew Toya’s face down to him, kissing the man even as he thrust his hips up into the hot passage that squeezed him tightly. Even as his tongue touched Toya’s lips he could feel the man trembling, trying desperately not to release his pent up desires.

“I am yours always. I stay with you no matter what,” Riva said releasing Toya’s mouth to look at the man he had fallen in love with despite everything.

Toya moaned as Riva’s words pushed him over the edge. Riva felt his lover shudder above him clamping down hard on his member, forcing his own release deep within his

partner’s body. Riva pulled Toya against him, holding the Blondie tightly to his chest. He

knew that their problems were far from solved, but a wave of peace washed over him as he remembered fierce expression of love that Toya had given him.

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