Chapter 15 Unexpected Feelings

“Thank you, Iason. I know you are busy but I really need to get this taken care of sooner rather than later,” Oki said looking out the window at the bright cheerful day.

“Just remember not to be late,Oki. I don’t have a lot of time,” Iason said sternly over the handheld.

“Of course, see you in a couple of hours,” Oki said before hanging up and turning to find Garret looking at him with concern.

“It is unusual to see you up so early,” Garret remarked.

“A few things to take care of, Omaki is throwing one of his parties tonight so I’ll be gone all weekend,” Oki said with a yawn.

“Is he going?” Garret asked.

Oki didn’t even need to ask who he meant. Just by the tone in his voice, it was obvious that the furniture was more than a little concerned with Oki’s choice in recent pets.

“Yes, of course. If I know Omaki he can’t wait to see the boy perform,” Oki sighed.

“Will you allow it?” Garret asked curiously.

“I’m not Toya. I can’t refuse, you know that,” Oki replied with a shrug. Looking out the window he felt concern rise up within him, along with a little anger at the emotion.

“You could…”

“But I won’t. Look, Garret. I know what you are getting at, but I’m not in love with the boy. In lust, certainly, he has a charm about him that is hard to resist, but he is my pet nothing more,” Oki said irritably wishing he was as certain as he sounded.

“But how long? I’ve been with you for a long time Master. You’re pet is dangerous,” Garret warned.

“I’m taking care of it, Garret. I don’t need you to tell me,” Oki said with a sigh.

“Then I will say no more,” Garret said.

“You know, you better hope I never get rid of you. You wouldn’t last a day without getting your back whipped for insolence,” Oki said with a smile.

“Ah, but you forget I’m only doing what you ordered me to do the first day I came here,” Garret said with a crooked smile. “With any other Master I would keep my silence.”

“I should have never told you to speak your mind,” Oki growled mockingly.

Garret snorted and left him to his thoughts. Elwyn was quickly becoming a complication in his normally smooth life. He had planned on keeping the pet for as long as it was socially allowed to make Riva happy and by extension, Toya. But that was quickly becoming impossible. He had only touched the pet sexually once and yet that encounter was burning through him. The thought of getting rid of the precious little redhead was also making him feel

incredibly guilty as well. Elwyn was so fragile, would he be able to survive without a protector?

“Master?” Elwyn said softly as he came into the room making Oki jump as the person in his thoughts appeared.

Elwyn literally stared at the gorgeous Blondie standing next to the huge window. Bathed in sunlight, his warm golden robe hung loosely around his powerful body, exposing vast expanses of smooth bronze skin. Elwyn didn’t think he had ever seen such a sexually charge sight in his life despite the fact the man was still semi-clothed. The rumors were certainly true that Blondies were special and unique, for nothing in the pet academy could compare to his Master’s stunning looks, not even his brother.

He couldn’t believe that the day before he had actually been able to pair with such a gorgeous man and even more, enjoy it. He could still remember the velvet tunnel massaging his aching sex unlike anything he had ever felt before, but even more erotic had been his Master’s pleading voice begging for more. He had never felt such a pull to copulate with anyone other than his brother, yet this man had brought out such surprising feelings in him so very easily. He wasn’t sure what to think about his strange Master but one thing he was sure of was that the man was

dangerous to him in more ways than one.

“Elwyn, so you are up I see,” Oki said beckoning him over the large chair that they had sat on the day before.

“I’m sorry, Master. I have never been able to get up early in the morning,” Elwyn apologized softly.

“Neither have I for the most part,” Oki said sitting down and motioning for Elwyn to climb into his lap.

“Well, yesterday you couldn’t give me an answer about your brother, how about now?” Oki asked once Elwyn was settled into his lap.

“Master, there isn’t anything I can tell you that will make Riva like you, if he doesn’t. He is very stubborn, and if you have made him angry it is hard to undo the damage. I’m sorry,” Elwyn said with his eyes downcast. Oki’s constant probing about his brother often left him confused and uncomfortable. He didn’t understand what was going on between his Master and his brother.

“Well I don’t think I’ve made him angry as much as protective of Toya. He thinks I’m going to steal him away, although that is totally impossible since Toya is besotted with him,” Oki mused.

“Riva will protect anyone he cares about, but his Master shouldn’t need the protection of a pet,” Elwyn said confused looking up at Oki.

“Ah, but Toya isn’t your average Blondie. He is almost as shy as you are,” Oki said with a smile.

Elwyn frowned at that statement, not liking the fact that this Toya was so important to both his brother and his Master. He didn’t like being compared to the man that obviously meant more to everyone in his life than he himself did. He could see it in Oki’s eyes that the man was thinking about this other Blondie and Riva’s words about how he would never pair with him again floated in his mind. What was it about this Blondie? How had he stolen Riva away from Elwyn and captured the interest of such a powerful beautiful man such as Oki?

“But he is a Blondie,” Elwyn said with a frown.

“Yes, but we all aren’t the same,” Oki replied absently, his attention focused on his own thoughts.

Elwyn looked up at the man again, annoyed by the fact that this Toya was able to make his Master forget about him and was able to make his brother reject him. He subconsciously cuddled into his Master for comfort and brought his hand up to his Master’s chest, lightly sliding it over the exposed nipple, feeling the soft bud stiffen under his touch.

He felt his Master jump slightly then completely relax as Elwyn snuggled close to him.

Elwyn wasn’t sure what he was going to do, but he wanted desperately for his golden Master not to think of Toya, but of him. Oki’s musings about Toya had sparked something inside of Elwyn, making him remember his brother’s words to him. For the first time he felt anger instead of confusion well up inside of him, anger at the knowledge that this Toya could take something precious away from him.

As he let his hand gently rest against his Master’s chest, his mouth tantalizingly close to Oki’s pink nipple, he felt the man’s member stir under his ass, growing slowly as he wiggled a little.

“Master, if you want to win my brother, you must show him that you care about Master Toya and that you aren’t trying to hurt him or take Master Toya away from him. If he truly loves his Master then he will protect him and do anything to make sure he isn’t hurt,” Elwyn said softly.

“So why are you telling me this now little pet?” Oki asked as his hand caressed Elwyn chest and belly softly.

“I don’t know,” Elwyn said closing his eyes against the intent blue eyes.

“I think you do,” Oki said as his hand dipping into Elwyn’s pants seizing his member in a large hand.

“Please, Master,” Elwyn begged wiggling on the man’s lap pushing his straining member into the warm hand, enjoying the feeling.

“Please what?” Oki asked softly, lowering his head down to kiss Elwyn.

Elwyn responded to the man’s tongue by opening his mouth and letting the man freely explore. He felt a hand pull off his pants and his Master’s thick cock pressed against his bare ass. Oki continued to kiss his pet gently and his hand slid up and down Elwyn’s dripping shaft.

“Oh, Master please…let me come,” Elwyn begged as Oki slowed down his stroking when Elwyn came close to release.

“Oh, I don’t think so little pet. You haven’t answered my question,” Oki said seductively.

“I don’t know,” Elwyn gasped looking in surprise to see the man pouring oil on to his overly excited sex feeling it drip down between his legs as well.

Elwyn lost all of his thoughts as he felt his Master’s hand begin to stroke him again, the slick oil making his Master’s hand glide along his shaft even more easily as obscene, wet slurping sounds filled the room. He moaned in protest when he felt the large hand let go of his aching shaft and move down to ass, probing his opening with slick fingers as Oki’s mouth caught his once again.

Elwyn knew what was coming and trembled a little at the thought. His body was tingling with lust and desire, but he had never seen anyone as big as his Master before. The thought of the large organ pushing up inside of his small opening scared him. Not even his Master’s tantalizing body or exquisite skill could convince Elwyn that it would feel good to be penetrated by the man.

“Please, Master. I can’t take you, I’m too small,” Elwyn begged as Oki released his lips.

“Don’t worry little one, I won’t hurt you,” Oki said softly gazing into his pet’s eyes.

Pale green eyes looked at him, far from convinced of the statement as Oki gently kissed his pet again. His hand continued to fondle the boy’s round ass, his slick fingers slid into the hot opening that clutched at him with a vice-like grip, betraying the boy’s lust. Oki’s mouth moved down the pale white neck as his tongue flickered over the smooth skin tasting the boy’s body.

Oki continued to work his pet’s responsive body, heightening desire and lust with his probing fingers and tongue, wanting the boy to crave penetration so much that he forgot all about the size of his member. The cute whimpering little moans and breathy gasps pushed Oki on, determined to feel the tight depths of his pet and see the cute face bathed in

“Sexy little pet,” Oki murmured. Elwyn’s hands wrapped around his Master’s arm in protest even as his lower body arched into the pleasure, and more importantly, the fingers buried deep inside of him. His pet’s beautiful green eyes stared up at him wildly his face flush with lust as he whimpered in desire.

“Tell me pretty one, what do you want?” Oki whispered his tongue licking Elwyn’s long graceful neck.

“Please don’t make me say it,” Elwyn moaned turning his face away in embarrassment.

Oki moaned involuntarily, unable to torment the shy pet anymore as his own lust spiraled out of control at his cute pet’s answer. He lifted Elwyn effortlessly, positioning the boy to face him. Elwyn’s waiting hole hovered just above Oki’s aching sex. He let his pet grab his inflamed sex and guide it slowly inside.

Oki gritted his teeth, restraining the impulse to push up and impale his pet on his needy sex, instead waiting as Elwyn slowly descended, taking him into his welcoming body. Oki watched the pain and pleasure war on the delicate face, memorizing the expressions as Elwyn whimpered and moaned, taking Oki inside of him. Oki moved his hand between the young pet’s legs seizing the semi-hard shaft in his hand stroking it gently into firmness as he watched the young pet finally take his full girth into him.

Elwyn panted, his eyes glazed as he leaned against Oki, resting for a moment. Oki stroked the silky hair, murmuring words of encouragement to the pet, restraining the urge to thrust up into his pet, his aching member dying to feel the boy move. Finally Elwyn began to move slowly as Oki watched the pain totally fade from the pet’s face while he worked himself on the stiff shaft.

Oki’s hand moved on the slender shaft between them, working it furiously as he watched his pet frantically begin to impale himself on his Master’s engorged member. He moaned in pleasure as the tight hole clenched on him when Elwyn let loose a torrent of white cream into his hand, spilling on his chest. Unable to restrain himself at the all the pleasurable feeling coursing through him, Oki let loose his own lust into his twitching pet thrusting his hips hard up into Elwyn’s silken body, groaning in delight.

Oki wrapped his arms around his pet and pulled him against his chest, feeling the boy panting as he stroked the sweaty back softly. Oki sighed, his emotions more than a little mixed. He wondered why his shy pet had initiated sex with him in his cute innocent way. He had no doubt something was going on underneath the shy exterior of his pet that had to do with his brother, especially since the boy had volunteered more information about Riva, something he had thought Elwyn wouldn’t do despite his probing.

Beyond all those concerns he couldn’t help but want to cancel his appointment with Iason and call off his whole solution to the problem of his pet. Yet even as Elwyn snuggled close to him he knew that he couldn’t do that.

“So are you ready for tonight?” Oki asked after a while.

“I’m anxious to see my brother, Master,” Elwyn said quietly.

“Yes, I’m sure you will have a lot of time to spend with him tonight, but you also will have to perform you know,” Oki said his hand tracing the creamy white shoulder as he felt his pet stiffen.

“Perform, with Riva?” Elwyn asked hopefully.

“No. Toya would never allow that, but he is eccentric enough that very few will comment on that. Especially with Riva’s new status as a D-class pet. But you I’m afraid are a different matter. I’m know for picking seductive strong male pets, but you are far different from my normal acquisition and everyone will be curious about you, especially since I haven’t chosen a pet in a while. You my dear will be a hot item at Omaki’s party,” Oki explained as he felt his pet begin to tremble.

“Do you want to stay here?” Oki asked quietly after a moment.

“No!” Elwyn said wildly looking up at Oki with pleading eyes.

Oki let his finger gently stroke the boy’s face, tracing the curve of his check as he looked into fearful green eyes. He thought for a moment, wondering what he could do to protect his pet a little but maintain his reputation. Elwyn would have to perform, he knew that. It would be remarked upon if he refused.

“Stay with me during the party little pet. I already know your brother will be glued to Toya’s side for he will be ill at ease amongst all those people. I will arrange it so you will perform alone little one,” Oki said softly.


“Yes, and when you do look only at me. Don’t you dare look away,” Oki whispered kissing Elwyn’s face softly.

“But Master…” Elwyn pleaded.

“I know you can do this Elwyn. All you have to do is remember to look at me always,” Oki said wrapping his arms around his pet wondering if it would be enough.

Toya looked at the amount of people entering Omaki’s villa appalled. The man had neglected to tell him they would be attending a party and he briefly considered turning the car around when he saw Omaki waving at him from the entryway.

“I take it you didn’t know?” Riva said with a half smile.

“I just thought it would just be Omaki and Oki,” Toya replied softly parking his car.

“You know Omaki is famous for his wild parties. We even heard about them at the academy,” Riva remarked.

“You’re not making this any easier,” Toya said looking at laughing Blondies and Elites enter Omaki’s villa with dread.

He hated parties and social gatherings, never feeling very comfortable surrounded by lot of people. He had always tried to avoid such social functions because he felt out of place and nervous. He never knew what to talk about and always ended up being totally lost, wondering if people were talking about him. A party was the last thing he wanted to attend after the stressful few days he had already gone through. Suddenly he felt Riva’s hand slip into his squeezing it making him look at his pet in surprise.

“You don’t know how bad I want to kiss you right now,” Riva said with soft smile. “Don’t worry I will be by your side all the time.”

Riva let go of his hand and turned to grab a small bag out of the back seat. With in moments his pet chains appeared as he placed them around his wrist connecting the thin chains together with a smile.

“Never let go of me Master, and I promise you will have nothing to fear,” Riva said quietly in a deep seductive voice that pulled at Toya.

“Riva…” Toya started only to stop at the determined look in his pet’s eyes.

Toya nodded and took a deep breath as he got out of the car, Riva coming around to hand him the leash to his chains. Together they walked up to the entrance of the villa where Omaki was greeting his guests. He was dressed in black leathers, his hair tied up, and a whip hung from his hip. He looked very un-Blondie like as he grinned at Toya.

“Good evening, Omaki,” Toya said, looking at the man desperately.

“Glad you could make it, Toya,” Omaki grinned wickedly.

“You didn’t tell me this was going to be a party,” Toya said hesitantly.

“It must have slipped my mind,” Omaki said innocently.


“Go in, and enjoy yourself, Toya, you need to get out more. Oki is somewhere in there. I’m sure you’ll be able to find him,”Omaki said with a wink.

Toya shook his head and walked into the chaos of the party. He felt Riva’s arm brush up against his own comfortingly as Toya looked helplessly around at the crowd of people talking in small groups while loud music blared. A rather large group was gathered around a raised circular stage where two pets where engaged in a wild rough pairing for their audience. Yet Toya couldn’t find Oki among them and began to walk to the edge of the room looking for a quiet place to stand.

Instead he soon found himself being guided by his pet through the chain that connected them. Unwilling to draw attention to himself by protesting Riva’s cours,e he helplessly felt compelled to follow his pet deeper into the crowd of people until he spotted Melian, a Blondie he had worked with on the Jupiter project.

“Hey, Toya, come over here,” Melian said waving at Toya.

“Hello,” Toya said shyly as he approached the thin Blondie and his group of friends.

“I never thought I would see you here. Wait until Oki finds out,” Melian said with a huge smile.

“I didn’t know that it would be a big party,” Toya said with a frown.

“Ha, that doesn’t surprise me. Omaki is a trickster. Still, it is good to see you again. It has been awhile. I heard your still working with the Syndicate but I hardly ever see you,” Melian said.

“I work early mornings,” Toya replied as he felt Riva’s warm body close to him.

“That’s why. Very few of us volunteer for that shift. You still have your pet, how is he working out?” Melian asked with curiosity as he looked Riva over.

“Very well, thank you again for him,” Toya said with a smile.

“No problem, no problem. I’ve already sold the one I got that night, I go through pets faster than shoes sometimes,” Melian said with a laugh.

Before long Melian had introduced him to everyone and drew Toya into a conversation about Yutaku Iman’s latest speech about pet’s rights. Toya remained quiet, listening closely, but contributing very little as the Blondie’s argued the merits of the subject until he felt a hand on his shoulder. He jumped a little in surprise to find Oki grinning at him.

“So there you are. Omaki said you had arrived,” Oki said with a grin.

“There you go again, you keep that up and Toya’s going to start avoiding you Oki,” Melian said rolling his eyes.

“Never, you’ll always forgive me right?” Oki said with confidence looking at Toya.

“Maybe,” Toya said looking at Oki’s pet who stood close to the man connected by his leash and neck collar.

He was surprise to see the young pet looking at him with smoldering green eyes so similar to the look he had first seen in his brother the night he had been sold. Those light green eyes were totally locked on him almost screaming his anger at Toya which confused him, wondering what he had done to the young pet or if he was just imagining things.

“Is that your new pet? I heard he was different from your norm but they weren’t lying,” Melian said curiously looking over at Elwyn who was still glaring at Toya.

“It’s always good to try something different. Like you’re one to talk, didn’t you get a female this time?” Oki countered laughing at the pained look on Melian’s face as his friends began to laugh.

“What’s going on?” Toya asked tearing his eyes away from the glaring pet.

“Ha, Melian lost a bet,” Oki laughed.

“Shut up, Oki,” Melian growled as his friends started laughing again.

As the Blondies took jabs at Melian Toya felt Riva suddenly put himself discreetly between him and Elwyn as the

pet leaned close to him.

“I’m sorry, Master, but I need to talk to him before he does something that will cause problems for all of us,” Riva whispered, a pained look on his face.

“Riva…” Toya said softly feeling a prick of pain hit him.


Toya disconnected his pet from his leash reluctantly as Oki looked at him in surprise. Toya looked at the man for a moment before nodding slightly and watching him set his own pet free.

The others, too wrapped up in teasing Melian didn’t notice as the two pets slipped away or the pain in Toya’s soft blue eyes as he watched his pet disappear into the swirling crowd.

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