Chapter 13 Boundaries of a Pet

Elwyn watched in stunned amazement as his perfectly positioned Master enticingly wiggled his very naked ass at him. He couldn’t imagine what this man was thinking as he stared at him. It had to be some kind of trap or a joke. There was no way that a Blondie could actually want to be fucked by his own pet Elwyn thought wildly even though his enticenly aching member was telling him to stop thinking. The beautifully exposed and erotic Blondie waiting for him was rapidly braking down his inhibitions. His body tried desperately to wrest control as his mind screamed that what he was contemplating wasn’t right.

“Don’t you want to fuck me?” Oki asked provocatively as he looked sensually over his shoulder.

Elwyn looked at his Master feeling the last shreds of resistance crumble. Unlike his duties as a pet, this was different. There was no one observing and critiquing his performance, which made him so very uncomfortable, and his Master was practically begging him with his eyes to proceed. He had rarely ever gotten the chance to feel the pleasure of being on top. Because of his delicate looks and shy demeanor, he was often the one on the receiving end of a pairing. The dominant role was a chance that was rarely offered to him.

“Please, little pet, please fuck me,” Oki pleaded as he lowered his upper body and spread his knees even further, completely exposing his opening to Elwyn’s gaze.

Elwyn whimpered as the sight broke the last of his resistance. He moved up to his sexy begging Master and quickly released his pent up organ with a sigh of pleasure. The slim long organ bobbed in front of him for a moment, tantalizingly close to the exposed opening before Elwyn remembered his training. Suddenly he felt an unexpected urge to use what he had learned at the academy to pleasure his Master.

Kneeling down, he spread the lovely round ass even further. He flicked his tongue against the tight pink opening as his hand reached around to stroke the man’s enormous leaking member. He felt his Master jump in surprise and let out a low sex cry that made Elwyn shudder in pleasure. He continued to swirl his tongue around the sensitive skin as his slim fingers worked their way into the very tight opening. He enjoyed listening to his Master’s whimpering cries and panting breath as he worked on the exposed opening. It was so arousing that he felt himself close to releasing his lust without even having face a mask of sensual desire touched himself, something that had never happened to him before, even with his brother.

He rose up to his knees knowing that if he waited he would spill himself without even getting to enter his Master. He slowly penetrated the man, feeling the tight opening embrace him fully as he slid his long member into his moaning Master. He buried himself fully into the golden ass, waiting a moment until he felt the Blonde grind up against him. He looked up to see the man watching him, his sky blue eyes glazed with desire.

“Ram it, Elwyn! Fuck me harder!” Oki begged, grinding against him.

Elwyn groaned, feeling his inhibitions melt completely away at the request of his perverted Master. He gripped the man’s lean waist hard as he pulled almost completely out to thrust back in harder and faster making his Master gasp. He pistoned his hips against the receptive body, enjoying the cries and gasps of pleasure coming from his Master as his own voice was soon added to the mix. He heard a long low cry as he felt the Blondie’s passage clamp down hard on him indicating that his Master had reached his assent. The knowledge that he had just made his Master come was enough to push Elwyn over his own limit. He pulled the lean hips against him, feeling his essence spill out into his Master’s body.

He was overcome with exhaustion as he withdrew himself from the Blondie and collapsed in a heap. He had never experience such an erotic pairing before, not even with his brother who he had taken on several occasions. The taboo of pairing with a Blondie has spurned him on as well as the man’s complete enjoyment of his a body being taken. Elwyn stirred when he was picked up off the floor and found himself in his Master’s strong arms. He felt himself being carried though the house and laid on a bed. His clothes were stripped off and the pillow beneath his head adjusted.


Oki climbed into the bed, lay down next to the tired little pet, and drew him into his embrace. He knew with certainty he shouldn’t be doing what he was doing, but he couldn’t resist snuggling down in bed with the little pet after what they had shared. He nuzzled the boy’s soft hair with a sigh before pulling a light sheet over their naked bodies.

“Master, what are we doing?” Elwyn asked hesitantly, finding the tender embrace comforting, but confusing as well.

“Something I really shouldn’t be doing, but I’m in need of nap. Now hush and sleep little pet. We can talk about things when we wake up,” Oki said with his eyes closed.

“But I thought you didn’t want to… be with pets?” Elwyn asked searching for the right words, finding it strange that his Master would hold him so gently.

“Right now I want to sleep. When we wake up we are going to talk about that brother of yours. We will be spending the weekend with them and I really want to make some progress on that stubborn pet,” Oki said with a yawn.

Oki felt his pet relax against him and smiled a little. Apparently he had broken through the young pet’s guard and had become “safe” to him. Yet he slowly felt his smile fade as he thought of the consequences of what he was doing. He didn’t fear Jupiter or the censor of his peers as much as his own feelings. He was playing a very dangerous game with his shy little pet, and perhaps even a cruel one. Elwyn wasn’t a typical pet and Oki worried about what would happen if he continued on playing with the pet, treating him more as a lover than a servant. Yet he also felt an overwhelming need to shelter and protect such a vulnerable and fragile man. It one was of Oki’s biggest weaknesses, he wanted to play the protector. He was irresistibly drawn to shy men that wanted to be protected, cosseted, and most of all loved. Elwyn was the epitome of that, and it worried Oki. Mentally he sighed as he felt sleep begin to take hold. Despite the fact that he had owned the pet for less than two weeks, he knew he needed to find away to get rid of him before Elwyn, and more importantly his feelings, spun out of his control.


Toya arrived home feeling a little apprehensive despite his talk with Omaki. The Blondie had been adamant that Toya really needed to sit down and talk with his pet. In the course of his drive home, he’d worked himself up into a state of confusion and doubt. He didn’t even know where to start and he knew he had been rather distant with Riva lately that even broaching the subject was going to be difficult.

“Master, welcome home,” Shin said as he entered the house.

“Thank you. Where is Riva?” Toya asked, surprised the pet hadn’t come out to greet him as he normally did.

“In his room I believe. He has spent all of his time in there this last week,” Shin replied frowning.

“Doing what?” Toya asked curiously.

“I don’t know. He won’t let me in to find out,” Shin answered disapprovingly.

Toya sighed, realizing that his fight with Riva had obviously spilled out and had affected Shin and Riva’s own relationship. They had never really gotten along very well, but at least the tension and hostility had finally left, at least until now. He knew that Omaki was right about dealing with the problem and that the only way was for him to tell Riva what was really bothering him, but he also truly feared the results of their conversation.

Riva had become an irreplaceable part of his life. He couldn’t imagine not have the pet by his side. He feared to know Riva’s true feelings, unable to believe in himself or the fact that someone might truly care about him. Reluctantly he headed for Riva’s room, unsure about what he would do when he got there but knowing he need to go. He walked up to the room to find to his surprise, Riva with his arms crossed leaning against the wall next to his door, waiting for him. He noticed his pet was dressed in very provocative clothes that molded to his body like a second skin, showing off his well muscled body yet hiding the scars that still made Toya wince when he saw them. There were small hints of cosmetics applied to his unreadable green eyes and lips, and instead of the loose flowing hair style he had pinned his crimson hair up with the hair clip Toya had given him so long ago. It was obvious that the pet had spent a great deal of time on hisappearance, making himself look especially appealing for Toya.

There was such an unreadable look in the pet’s face, Toya couldn’t help but wonder what his pet was thinking. He found himself almost hoping the pet would punish him and force the answers to his behavior out of him. Instead, he found himself in his pet’s arms as he melted against him. He felt hands run through his loose hair as his pet pulled him close and Toya breathed in the musky smell unique to his pet.

“Come. I have something for you,” Riva said softly, letting him go and opening the door.

Toya followed Riva into his pet’s room, surprised by his words. The last thing he had expected from Riva was a present. He had rarely received gifts for others, and never one from any of his previous pets. He couldn’t help but wonder what his pet had gotten him. They had barely entered the room when Toya stopped in shock. In the middle of the room was a huge painting of him.

His eyes widened as he took in the gorgeous painting done in vivid greens and blues. He felt himself blush as he looked at his own naked body, captured so exquisitely on the canvas before him. This wasn’t the work of an amateur, but one of a genius, but it was even more than that. He had never see himself look the way he did now in the portrait before him, covered discreetly in a sheet with an expression that held such an array of emotions. He knew within an instant this painting was how Riva saw him. He felt Riva’s arms slide around him from behind as the pet pressed up against his back, kissing his neck.

“Things haven’t been well between us since the night of the auction. I’m not good at dealing with words or emotions. I don’t know what to say to you to fix what happened that night. I know you don’t want to talk about it, but I don’t like the distance you are putting between us. This Toya, is my art. It is what I feel for you. You are more important to me than even Elwyn, despite the fact we haven’t been together that long. I have already made that clear to him and hopefully this will help make it clear to you, too,” Riva said softly, his voice filled with sadness and love.

“Punish me,” Toya said softly, breathing deeply as he closed his eyes.

“Shouldn’t it be the other way around?” Riva asked in surprise, turning him around as Toya hung his head.

“I need you to…” Toya stopped, unable to finish, unable to voice what he need.

He had doubted Riva’s feelings and yet when he looked at the masterpiece Riva had created for him, he knew without a doubt all of his fears were for naught. There was no way his pet couldn’t care for him and paint as he had. Even though Toya knew nothing of art, and even less of such traditional styles such as Riva used, the feelings and emotions in the piece shouted out to him. He wanted, no he needed, the pet he had come to love to appear before him. The man who made him take responsibility for his mistakes and held him accountable. The man that could force him into doing what he wanted by the very force of voice and hands. He knew they both needed toreestablish the old familiar bond between them. A bond created not with words, but with the pleasures and pain of their bodies.

He felt Riva tilt his head up to look into his eyes, unreadable pools of green searched his face looking for something. Suddenly, a seductive smile slowly appeared on his pet’s face, one that he hadn’t seen since the auction. He could feel the very atmosphere in the room change as Riva’s large hand caught his own wrist up and forced him against his body.

“You are going to regret that request. I have been rather put out with your sulking,” Riva purred as his total attitude changed and he felt his pet slipping into the role Toya wanted him so desperately to take.

Toya trembled a little at the expression in Riva’s face and yet at the same time felt a sense of anticipation and peace grow within him. The strange dichotomy of feelings he had felt countless times since Riva first came into his life flowed through him and he felt a sense of relief wash over him. Riva picked him up and threw him over his broad shoulder.

Although he noticed Riva stagger a little at his unbalanced weight, it was only a moment before he was carried over and dumped onto the bed. Before he could even untangle his limbs and sit up, Riva was next to him with a length of rope and stripping him of his clothes with a neat efficiency that left him naked in seconds. He still blushed under Riva’s gaze even after all the times they had been He still found it embarrassing to be totally exposed before his pet’s gaze. That gaze that slid over his naked skin with such a sensual gaze that left little doubt to what his

pet was thinking. He watched as Riva’s finger ran across his bottom lip before trailing down his body lightly to his already rigid sex.

“So you want me to punish you? Such a deviant little Blondie,” Riva whispered as he leaned down to kiss him.

“I love such naughty thoughts,” Riva breathed in his ear when he broke the kiss that had left him breathless.

Before Toya could even register the words he found his hands being bound to the bed by the ropes that he had forgotten about. It didn’t take long before he found himself bound face down and spread eagled on the bed, unable to move. Despite his earlier request to be punished this wasn’t quite what he had in mind as he began to struggle a little in the ropes.


A dark blackness engulfed him as Riva slipped a soft velvety blindfold over his eyes. He found his other senses heightened as he felt Riva move off the bed. He could almost hear the beating of his heart as he waited tensely, wondering what his pet had in store for him. His sense of anxiety increased as the seconds slipped by and he found the waiting unbearable as he wriggled in his bonds.

“So impatient,” Riva said in a silky voice next to him. “Shall I begin?”

“What are you going to do to me?” Toya asked, already feeling his pet ring constricting him.

In answer to his question he heard the unique crack of the g-strap as Riva turned it on. Toya began to struggle in his silky bonds, knowing what was coming. He hated the strap and its unbearably loud noise, although he had to admit the aftereffects were more than a little pleasant since Riva was always willing to enjoy his body thoroughly after punishing him. Still, there was a pain and sound unique to the instrument that Toya disliked intensely.

“Riva please, not that,” Toya begged.

“And who was the one asking for punishment?” Riva asked tauntingly as he struck him, the strap cracking loudly as Toya felt an intense sting pain spread across his upper legs.

“You know I don’t like this,” Toya replied, trying desperately to keep the begging tone out of his voice as yet another blow landed on his unprotected ass.

“Yes, that is why it is punishment, and hush or I will add more strikes to your lovely ass than I was going to,” Riva commanded as a series of quick successive blows land on him.

His erection deflated temporarily, ending for the moment the discomfort caused by his pet ring. Each loud crack of the strap made Toya jump in fright, he mentally cursed himself for suggesting such an idea when he could have been taking advantage of his pet’s guilty feelings.

Toya struggled as each blow magnified the pain that was spreading across his body.

Without his sight to distract him, his mind focused on the feelings flooding through his body and he found the cracking noise of the strap as it met with his skin even more terrifying. Each blow seemed to cause a pain that radiated throughout his body, making it throb. He never knew when or where the next blow would land as Riva stopped occasionally leaving Toya tense with anticipation and dread only for the moments to slip by before the next blow would land.

The he heard the hum of the hated strap die. He felt the bed move as Riva climb on, his pet’s hands roaming his body gently. He felt the warm large hand spread his hair out on his back tickling it with the silky ends as the true effects of the g-strap began to work on his body. He felt his manhood harden between him and the silken sheet of the bed even as Riva used his own hair to lightly tickle his sensitive skin, creating yet another pleasurable yet painful sensation run through his nerves. He found his sex becoming painfully hard as he moaned grinding against the soft sheets in frustration.

He felt Riva’s hands move between his legs as Riva’s body covered his own pressing against his punished areas.

Riva nibbled on his neck even as his hand worked on his now dripping erection. He suddenly felt the restriction lifted from his pet ring and he shuddered in pleasure as his whole body shook with his release.

“Now what do you say?” Riva asked teasingly as he licked along the ridge of Toya’s ear.

“Thank you, love,” Toya gasped as he felt his organ rising yet again in Riva’s expert hand as his mouth explored the sensitive skin of his neck and ears.

“Very good,” Riva said as he moved away from Toya.

Toya whimpered as he felt his partner withdraw, feeling his desire engulfing him, overwhelm the pain he was feeling. He needed more and wanted it now, yet was unable to do anything bound and blindfolded on Riva’s bed.

He felt Riva return and felt intense pleasure surround him as he felt slick fingers probe his exposed opening. He groaned in delight, pushing up against his pet’s exploring fingers trying to push them further into him.

“Riva, please fuck me, please,” Toya begged throwing away his pride as Riva began to tease him, barely entering his orifice and only gently circling it with his warm slick fingers.

He heard Riva chuckle as he felt the tip of Riva’s manhood rub against his opening teasingly. Unable to bear it any longer, he strained against the rope pushing his body upward feeling the tip slip into him. He heard Riva gasp in surprise and then felt the whole organ slide deep within him. He was rather surprised when his pet began to thrust into him with short quick strokes instead of long leisurely thrusts to tease him. He smiled, realizing even Riva wasn’t immune to the demands of his body.

They both began to cry out, their voices mingling together as they grew louder and fiercer. He felt Riva’s sweat slick body slide up against his as Riva lay against him, thrusting deeply inside of him as he felt his lover’s hand entwine with his. They both cried out in unison as they reached their peak, spilling their lust together.

Riva lay panting on him for a moment as Toya breathed heavily. Despite the fact he had just released he felt the effects of the g-strap on his body raising his spent manhood yet again. He groaned in protest, but his body ignored him. He heard his pet chuckle, annoying him slightly as he felt the right side of his body being release as Riva turned him to his back.

His punished flesh screamed in protest as his weight came down on it until he felt Riva’s mouth encircle his sex in a warm wet embrace. He gasped in delight as Riva used his skills on the inflamed organ, the pet’s tongue gliding down the taunt skin in just the exact way that Toya loved. He cried out in protest when Riva’s mouth moved away from him, only to feel the shocking sensation of Riva’s whole body descend on his rigid organ.

He felt his manhood impale Riva in one thrust as the pet took him fully with a moan of pleasure. Riva remained motionless on him for a moment then leaned forward to remove the blindfold from his eyes. Toya blinked as his eyes focused on his beautiful pet fully impaled on him, his golden skin gleaming with a thin sheen of sweat. He had never seen his pet look so beautiful and sensual as he began to rock on the immense organ buried deep within him.

Toya drank in the sight of his pet even as he began to move with more vigor gasping and moaning in a tantalizing way that increased Toya’s own mounting lust. Toya pushed his hips up helping Riva along as both of them once again found themselves on the brink of an intense orgasm. He watched his pet’s own arousal grow as he worked himself with his hand, his face gazing down at Toya with such an un-guarded look of love and desire that Toya was unable to contain himself any longer and he felt himself shoot deep inside of his pet. Riva watched him even as the pet’s own orgasm swept through him leaving white streams across Toya’s chest.

Riva collapsed next to him for a moment before untying the bonds that held Toya to the bed and he felt himself gathered up into his pet’s firm embrace. They lay quietly next to each other for a while before he felt Riva’s hand reach down to cup his flaccid member in his hand.

“All done?” Riva asked teasingly.

“That isn’t funny. You know what that thing does to me,” Toya protested.

“Yes, and we haven’t had sex in a week,” Riva said arching a brow as Toya sighed looking away.

“Hey,” Riva said tilting his head back, forcing him to meet the pet’s gaze.

“Are you mad at me?” Riva asked bluntly.

“No,” Toya said shaking his head slightly.

“Then what? You don’t want me to talk about that night, but I don’t like the way things have been either. I miss this, I miss you,” Riva said softly.

“So do I,” Toya said softly. “But sometime Riva I need…”

Riva waited quietly holding him for a while before he felt him sigh.

“What do you need, Toya? I can’t read your mind, and honestly, sometimes I just don’t know what to do. It isn’t like I was ever trained for this you know?” Riva said.

“What was your training like?” Toya asked softly.

“It took years; years of learning everything about the human body and how it responds to pleasure. It isn’t just mindless sex, at least not for the truly great pets, it is an art. But that isn’t what we need to talk about, Toya,” Riva said.

Toya remained quiet for a moment trying to find the courage and words to respond to his pet. Finally he looked at the forest green eyes that seemed to draw him in and sooth him in way that nothing ever had before. Here was protection, here was shelter, if he chose to accept it.

“Riva, you changed after that night. Before, you would have punished me and made me tell you what was wrong, but you didn’t. You let things continue and I felt lost and confused. I need you to force me, to punish me when things get like that,” Toya explained softly.

“But it was my fault. Elwyn, the sex, I screwed up so badly without even realizing the full extent until Shin said something. How could I punish you when I had already hurt you so badly?” Riva protested softly looking at Toya with such guilt.

“Because it is one of the things I love about you. You push me to be and do more than I ever would on my own,” Toya said slowly trying to find the words to explain.

“So if I had cornered you what would you have told me,” Riva asked after a while.

“That I’m afraid of losing you, afraid you are only with me because it is what you have to be. You are a pet, you have no choice and I can’t help but wonder if that is where your love comes from,” Toya said slowly. “You sold me to Oki, something I never thought you would do, and you sold me for your brother. Someone you say that I am like. Do you love me simply as a replacement for him?”

“No!” Riva said instantly in a voice that left no doubt.

“I said that because I saw a few similarities nothing else, Toya. I swear you are not a replacement for Elwyn, I don’t feel for him what I do for you. The love I feel for you is very different from what I feel for Elwyn, although I can’t explain it,” Riva said with a sigh.

“I want to be with you, Toya. To make love to you, to support you, and of course to spank you when you are naughty,” Riva grinned before his expression turned serious again. “With Elwyn I wanted to protect him and make sure nobody hurt him. I wanted him to get stronger and live his own life the way he wanted to. I care for him Toya, he is my brother, but it is far different from what I feel for you. I only gave into Oki’s demand because I thought you would enjoy it. You were the one that said it turned you on. It never occurred to me that you wouldn’t like doing it.”

“Didn’t it make you jealous? You seem so against Oki and me being friends.”

“Why would it make me jealous? He didn’t touch you, Toya,” Riva said confused.

“Because…well…never mind,” Toya said with a sigh, suddenly understanding what Omaki had meant by Riva being a pet. For Riva, performing in public was natural. Pairing where others could see didn’t bother him because that was the life of a pet.

“Every time you touched me I wondered why. I’m not like Oki who is fun to be around, or Omaki who is intelligent and witty, or even a proper Blondie. I can’t help but wonder when this will end,” Toya said burying himself in his pet’s arms.

“No, you aren’t like your friends, you are you, Toya. Beautiful, shy, kind, and intelligent there are so many things that I like about you. I had every intention of hating any Master who held my chains after Elric. I had no intention of obeying, but you did something I would not have thought possible. You changed me and I don’t even know how. I think the same things you do, Toya. When will you tire of me? When will you sell me for a newer pet? Why in the world are you risking so much for me? I worry just like you do, after all I’m just a pet,” Riva said quietly his arms tightening on his Master.

“I will never sell you. I love you, Riva,” Toya said snuggling close, wondering if both of them would ever be able to overcome their own doubts to find peace.



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