Chapter 12 Truce

Tir sat on the edge of the wood platform reading a history book on Terma as Ebony hovered over her newly laid eggs. Drake had left for his usual council meeting as soon as he had awakened, leaving Tir and Ebony once again alone. Surprisingly Ebony didn seem to mind Drake absence and seemed very content. Tir could feel calm peace in the continually shifting colors floating in his mind. Because of that Tir had picked up one of his borrowed books and buried himself in it, leaving the dragon to watch over her eggs.

Tir had barely begun the second chapter when he felt a surge of happiness flow through the colors to him. Looking up from his book he saw Ebony looking up at the sky and knew that Feras must be returning. Scanning the clear blue sky he saw nothing, but he knew that without a doubt the scarlet dragon would arrive soon.

He quickly got up and put his book away and joined Ebony on the hot sands. She briefly turned her attention to him to trill a little in excitement before both of them returned to scanning the sky for the first sight of crimson. They didn have to wait long as Feras appeared, streaking through the sky as he quickly covered the distanced to his mate. Tir was overflowing with excitement and happiness as both Ebony and his own emotions mixed together within him in an indescribable feeling of longing for the pair that was fast approaching them.

Feras landed close to Ebony and Tir felt the black dragon presence withdraw from his mind. Marek slid off of the scarlet dragon back and quickly undid the saddle that sat between the great dragon wings and hooked around his forearms. With experienced ease Marek soon had removed all of the harnesses and pulled the light saddle off Feras. Tir watched as he then stored it on a rack made especially for it in a corner of the pen next to Ebony own saddle.

It had been a month since he had last seen the Baron and he was more than a little unsure of how to greet him. Marek was a mystery in many ways to Tir. For most of the time Tir had known him the beautiful man had been arrogant and almost dangerous, yet Tir had seen another side of him recently. A more human, softer side that could look at his dragon with such love and have such a fierce protective anger at the wrongs done to Tir by Esper.

Tir had looked forward to Marek return, but now standing before his piercing green eyes that looked at through him, Tir stood speechless and unsure of what to do. He watched as the man slowly approached him, until there was no room between the two of them. The Baron eyes gleamed very much like the first time Tir had meet him in the King chamber, dangerous and provocative at the same time as he looked down at him..

“No greeting for me little harem boy?” Marek asked, his silken voice sending a shiver through Tir.

“I’ve missed you,” Tir whispered, caught in Marek gaze as he looked up at the man who was standing so close he could feel the heat of his body.

“I wish I had time to tie you up and work that beautiful creamy skin over,” Marek said, his hand gently trailing down Tir naked chest. “It’s not fair Drake had you all to himself this month, I will have to make up for lost time. Yes?” Marek purred.

Tir barely had time to nod before Marek effortlessly picked him up off the sandy ground and threw him over his shoulder. Tir squeaked in surprise by the Baron sudden actions and wondered what the blonde was up to as he squirmed a little on his shoulder. Marek hand quickly came down on Tir wriggling ass, stopping him from moving anymore as the Baron carried him to the bed.

Tir felt already halfway arouse just by being in Marek presence, but now he felt himself become fully erect at the rider very obvious intentions. Yet instead of laying him down on the bed, Marek sat down on the edge of the bed, positioning Tir over his knee. Tir squirmed on the Baron lap, knowing what was coming and trying to avoid it.

“I see someone is already ready,” Marek chuckled as he stripped away Tir wrap to totally expose him to the Baron gaze. “Stop wiggling.” Marek said as his hand came down firmly on Tir squirming ass.

“Stop,” Tir gasped at the stinging pain, only to hear Marek chuckle slightly.

“No, I really don think you’r e in a position to command anything from me, little harem boy. Standing there with those wide, pleading violet eyes, I couldn’t resist” Marek said after a quick succession of hard blows on Tir sensitive ass.

Tir had forgotten how much a simple spanking by the Baron hurt and it didn take long for tears to start leaking from his eyes. Tir felt the conflicting set of pain and pleasure start to well up inside of him as the Baron continued to spank him, only to stop every once in a while to gently caress his now in flaming ass.

Marek stopped suddenly in mid-strike as Tir twisted a little to look at Marek, surprised to see that he was looking over at the dragons next to the precious eggs. Tir wondered if Feras was telling Marek to stop when he felt Marek attention turn back to him. Tir felt the rider hand gently caress his ass for a moment before his slim fingers probed Tir’s vulnerable opening, making him gasp in delight, forgetting about the dragons for the moment. Marek removed his fingers after a few moments and pulled Tir up to face him. Tir automatically wrapped his legs around the Baron’s waist as the golden haired man’s tongue darted out to lick a stray tear falling down Tir’s cheek.

“I have to go soon. Feras reminded me I have other duties to attend to,” Marek said in disappointment as Tir looked at him.

“Now?” Tir asked, feeling a little desperate as his member pulsed with need, not to mention the very hard bulge situated right under his ass.

“I should have left as soon as I got here, but you looked so tempting,” Marek said with regret.

Tir leaned forward, kissing Marek as his hand quickly undid Marek’s tight pants, freeing the hot member from the confining leather. With expert skill he quickly slid the hard shaft into him, feeling his body quickly adjust to its size.

“You really are naughty, I should have spanked you harder. I told you I have…” Marek gasped as Tir pushed him back on the bed aggressively, unwilling to let the man go as he moved himself along Marek’s member.

“Tir,” Marek growled, half heartedly rising only to be pushed back down by Tir.

Marek looked up at him with a wry grin and then closed his eyes and grasped Tir’s ass in his slender hands. The boy squeaked in pain at the rough handling of his already abused ass, and reached down to lead Marek’s slim hand to his aching member. Tir felt his pleasure increase at the warm hand encircled him and he moaned in appreciation. With Marek’s attention turned to a more pleasurable part of his body Tir began to ride the man under him quickly, hoping to bring both of them to a peak before Marek had to leave.

Tir tried to control the rising lust inside him as Marek’s hand firmly milked him, wanting to climax with the man under him, yet the pleasure coursing through him was too much for him to hold in. Crying out he felt the overwhelming sense of pleasure wash over him, releasing himself onto Marek’s firm chest. Marek’s hands let go of Tir’s member to once again grab Tir’s round ass as he began to thrust himself upwards, growling his pleasure at the receptive boy on top on him.

“That’s it Marek. Come on, release yourself into me,” Tir encouraged as he saw Marek tense at his words, feeling the hot offering being shot deep within him.

Marek’s deeps growls of pleasure were interrupted by the door of the pen opening and closing. Tir looked over wide-eyed to see Drake standing next to the door, looking decidedly unhappy. Tir blushed red as he looked between the two riders.

“Marek, I believe you are supposed to report to the council,” Drake said calmly, looking to the pair on the bed.

“Yeah Feras reminded me,” Marek sourly, still lying back in the bed panting.

“Then why are you still here? The whole council has been waiting since Feras was first spotted,” Drake asked irritably, looking at Tir’s crimson ass.

“Drake, it’s my fault,” Tir said sliding off of Marek and grabbing his wrap.

“Somehow I doubt that,” Drake sighed, looking at the worried expression on the boy’s face. “Never mind, get cleaned up and dressed Marek.”

Marek groaned a little but quickly got dressed as Tir looked between the two men, rather worried. Marek leaned down and kissed Tir’s forehead.

“It was worth it little harem boy,” whispered Marek before he joined Drake at the door to find the man firmly leading him out.

“I really can’t believe you. The council is waiting for your report. You’re the head the dragon enclave, and a council member now that Feras has mated Ebony, and you’re not taking your job seriously,” Drake reprimand Marek as they walked.

“A few minutes isn’t going to matter either way Drake, besides Tir was rather insistent, haven’t you been keeping him content?” Marek asked slyly.

“Marek,” Drake said exasperated. “I’m trying my best not to lose my temper, but you are really testing my patience.”

“I know, but I like it,” Marek grinned wickedly at Drake as they walked. “Seriously, there isn’t much to report. The situation at the border is the same that it was a month ago. Keran’s troop levels have remained consistent.”

“We’re trying to negotiate a peace settlement right now. We would just let them have the land in question except it contains several villages that have expressly said they want to be under Tarma’s rule and not Keran’s,” Drake said seriously.

“How is it going?” Marek asked.

“Badly. King Nolan from Keran has requested a mediator and plans are already set in motion for a conference,” Drake replied.

“Wait, unless it is here how is that going to be possible? You can’t leave until the hatching in two months and the King cannot leave Terma under law while he is enthroned,” Marek asked, stopping Drake by grabbing his arm.

“It will take that long to set everything up. The mediator is King Tristan from Recura, since they are across the ocean and have trade ties with both of us they are as neutral as we can get about border disputes. Unfortunately it brings in a whole new set of problems. I’m also worried that there might be a female in the hatchlings, which would mean an extra two months while Ebony cared for any females that don’t bond,” Drake said worriedly.

“Are you taking Tir?” Marek asked, shaking his head as they started walking again.

“We haven’t discussed it,” Drake replied as they reached the doors to the council room.

Marek looked at Drake, wondering what the man was going to do. Tir was a problem that Terma couldn’t afford.

Tir lay in the huge bed between both Marek and Drake wondering what was going on. It had been very late when both riders had returned to the pen. Both men had shed their clothes and crawled into bed with Tir, awaking him from his sleep, and neither one of them had said anything as they curled up around him and quickly fell asleep. It had been a rather lonely day for Tir since Feras and Ebony spent the day lost in each other. He could vaguely feel Ebony’s joy at her mate’s return but couldn’t help but feel left out. He hadn’t expected both riders to leave, although as he thought about it he did remember Marek being part of the council. He wondered if everyday from now on would be like today.

Unable to sleep he lay in Drake’s arms wondering what would happen next. The prospect of war was unsettling. Drake wouldn’t fight since they couldn’t afford to lose Ebony in battle, but Marek would. He was the leader of the dragon riders now and it would be his responsibility to lead them if a war broke out. The thought of losing Feras or Marek was a frightening one that Tir didn’t even want to think about.

His relationship with Marek was a strange one, especially when it was combined with Drake, but after a month of being apart from the Baron he was sure he didn’t want to lose him. If anything he wanted to spend more time with Marek, exploring the strange person under the cold mask he wore most of the time. Tir’s curiosity was afire about the man and he wanted to know more about him, especially since both of them shared the same peculiarity of pain mixed with pleasure.

Sighing softly he couldn’t help but wonder if he was being greedy. He wanted it all, the soft, friendly, gentle lover that he had found in Drake and the passionate, dangerous, mysterious lover he had found in Marek. He wanted them both and couldn’t understand how he could want such different things at the same time. He wanted all three of them to be together and more than anything he wanted the war to go away. He had just found something very precious to him for the first time in his life and now a war threatened to take it all away from him.

“I probably shouldn’t tell you this young one, but your worry is keeping me awake,” Feras rumbled in his mind.

“I’m sorry,” Tir thought in his mind.

“You are young and it is natural. How can I fault you from caring about the well being of my rider? No one has ever gotten close to him like you have. It’s also because of you that he has allowed his mask to drop around Drake as well. In time they actually might make a fine set of dragon partners,” Feras replied.

“I’ve haven’t done anything special. I just. . . I want to know more about him,” Tir thought, trying to find a way to express his feelings towards the man.

“Yes, and nobody has ever wanted to before you. He was a lonely child and has become a lonely man. You need not worry about war yet, there is a peace conference being set up. Hopefully negotiations will go well, and we will not have to fight. So rest your mind and sleep,” Feras said.

“I will try,” Tir said tentatively, relieved that maybe Marek and Feras wouldn’t have to fight.

Closing his eyes he concentrated on a wall, not wanting to keep Feras awake any longer. It wasn’t long before sleep overtook him as a mental picture of the wall from his home faded into a dream of his mother and his half brothers in the garden of his old home.

Tir awoke to the feeling of a large calloused hand stroking his limp member. He opened his eyes sleepily and yawned. The sun had barely begun to rise as he looked to see Marek sprawled out on his back naked, the covers down at the foot of the bed. He felt Drake close behind him, his substantial erection pressed against Tir’s ass as the large, warm hand played with the head of his rapidly growing erection.

“Morning,” Tir said yawning again. It wasn’t the first time Drake had awakened him this way, although he really wished the large man wasn’t such an early riser.

Instead of a reply Drake nibbled on Tir’s ear in response. Turning around in Drake’s embrace he kissed the man as his hand rolled the man’s red nipples between his fingers. Feeling himself wake up a little more he slid down Drake’s muscular body to tease him a little. His tongue darted along the enlarged head as his fingers lightly moved along the shaft. After a few minutes he felt Drake start to thrust impatiently at him. Sitting up with a smile he looked at Drake for a moment.

“I want you to lick me,” Tir said provocatively, his violet eyes glowing.

Getting up on his knees he crawled over to Marek and leaned down, spreading his legs to offer up a inciting view of his small pink opening. Looking over his shoulder at Drake he wriggled his ass a little in invitation before turning his attention to Marek’s vulnerable body exposed for his pleasure. Picking up the limp member gently he engulfed it, sucking and moving his tongue along the sensitive skin as his hands explored and massaged the delicate balls. He felt Drake crawl across the bed and felt a wet hot tongue lick delicately around the sensitive nerves around his portal.

“What?” Marek groaned groggily.

Opening his eyes he was surprised to see Tir greedily attack his member, which was steadily growing at the stimulation. Look around he quickly spotted Drake with his face buried in Tir’s shapely ass, his large hands covering the boy’s checks totally. Smiling despite the fact he had been awakened far earlier than he cared to rise he reached down to run his hands through the boy’s wavy chestnut hair.

Tir released him for a moment to look up and smile at him before once again burying his face in Marek’s aching groin. Marek felt Tir’s exquisite skill bring him to hardness quickly. Looking over at Drake he knew that he wanted to see the man’s gorgeous body better.

“Fuck him Drake. Let me see you take him from behind,” Marek encouraged.

Drake rose up from behind the young man and gently sank himself into Tir as the boy moaned, wiggling a little. Marek watched hungrily as the sexy man thrust slowly into the boy’s tight depths, admiring the strong, powerful man. Sweat gleamed on the his bronzed chest covered by streaming black hair that fell down onto Tir’s creamy white back as the man leaned forward to grasp the boy’s hard shaft.

The combination of watching the slender, smooth young man being taken by Drake and the exquisite technique Tir was using on him was a potent combination for Marek as he grasped the sheets under his hands trying to control himself. Gradually Drake increased the speed of his thrusts as Tir began to push himself back against the muscular man, releasing Marek totally to cry out in lust.

Marek crawled under Tir to take the leaking shaft into his mouth, enjoying the salty taste. Both Tir and Drake’s cries reached their peak as Marek received a mouth full of salty cream from Tir as he bucked against Drake. Marek swallowed the boy’s offering with pleasure as he began to stroke himself. After a few moments he felt Tir move around to kiss him, the boy’s tongue darting inside Marek’s mouth as his hands caressed the Baron’s chest. He was surprised when he felt his hands being pushed away from his aching erection, replaced by a warm mouth.

Enjoying the attention he was receiving from the two attractive men he lay back, letting the waves of pleasure stream through him as the two men explored his body. Tir’s light touch seemed to be everywhere, setting his skin tingling with its feather light touch, and strains of Drake’s hair tickled his legs as the man moved his mouth down the length of Marek’s erection. It wasn’t long before the overwhelming sensations brought Marek to his peak and he cried out his release.

As he lay panting on the bed he felt Tir crawl up on one side of him, laying his head on the spent Baron’s chest as Marek gently stroked the boy’s hair. Marek was surprised when Drake moved up on the other side of him. Looking over at the man he grinned.

“I thought you didn’t like me?” Marek said softly.

“What can I do? Two of the most important people in my life love you and your dragon. I’m outnumbered and I know it. Truce?” Drake asked, looking down at the Tir who was looking at both of them with wide eyes.

“With that kind of sex, how can I refuse?” Marek laughed.

“Welcome home,” Tir said as he kissed Marek and then Drake as the sun rose overhead, bringing about a new day.

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