Chapter 12 Confusion, Doubts, and Sex

Riva stood back with a sigh, biting the end of his paint brush. He looked at the finished canvas with a critical eye, trying to find any weak spots, but instead he found himself just staring at the man staring back at him. He knew at that moment that there was nothing more that he could do to the piece and that it was finished.

Carefully packing his art supplies away then checking the time, he realized that Toya would be home soon. All week long he had hauled himself out of bed right after Toya had left for work so he could secretly work on a portrait of his Blondie Master. Yet this piece was different from any that he had ever done before. He hardly ever worked in oils and he had never done a piece that was as large as the enormous painting he had just completed. But the most unusual aspect of his newest creation was the content. He hadn’t just been painting a likeness of Toya, he had been painting his lover.

He had not just tried to capture the Blondie’s unique beauty on the canvas, but also his own feelings for the man. He had never tried to paint as he had been doing this past week. It had been incredibly hard for Riva to open himself up so fully to express his emotions in such a personal way. He had not been able to find a way to repair the damage he had done the night of the pet auction the week before. In the end, he had decided to try the one thing besides sex that he was good at, and that was his art.

Despite Toya’s numerous requests he had been reluctant to show the man any of his work. He couldn’t bear the thought of Toya’s disappointment in it, and after the art exhibition he realized quickly how different his and Toya’s idea of art were. Toya preferred the more modern abstract art instead of the traditional realistic approach that Riva often used. He didn’t want to hear false praise from the man and instead had kept most of his work to himself, feeling that the false praise would be almost as bad as an open rejection from someone he cared about.

This was different though, and he had decided that the best way to show Toya how he truly felt about the man was through his art. He hoped that his instincts were right and that this would help heal some of the breach that the disastrous night of the pet auction had caused. He had spent every moment he could with Toya since that night, often spending hours simply sitting at Toya’s feet as the man worked on his new gaming project. Yet still, there seemed to be an almost invisible barrier between them that the pet didn’t know how to break. It was as if Toya simply didn’t want to be touched by his pet, so Riva had held back.

Sometimes it was so hard for him to figure out what he should be doing. He had never given a thought to falling in love. As a pet he thought that it was impossible. He certainly never had learned from his trainers what to do when his Master didn’t want him to have sex with him anymore. Riva snorted at the thought and shook his head. He knew if he forced the issue or even continued on when Toya stiffened, the man wouldn’t refuse him, but Riva didn’t want Toya that way. But despite the lack of sex, he had still been allowed to hold the elusive Blondie through the night, so he knew that despite the hurt he had caused the man, Toya still wanted him, in some way. The problem still lay in the fact that Toya didn’t want to talk about it, and Riva had no idea of what to say except “I’m sorry”.

He just hoped that everything he had put into the painting would be enough to convey how he felt about Toya. Since Toya wouldn’t let him talk about that night, maybe, just maybe this painting could do the talking for him. Riva sighed again, turning away from the staring eyes of his Master on the canvas and changed out of his clothes. Tonight, he would ask Toya to come to his room instead of going to the Blondie’s. and he would find out if he had succeeded or not.



Toya turned away from his computer with a sigh and looked over at the young programmers he had hired to help him. He felt in a way that he was losing something by letting them work on his game, simply for the fact that they worked over eight hours a day on the project whereas he only had a couple of hours each day to oversee the project. He had been taking work home and surprisingly enough, Riva hadn’t protested. He knew that his pet was still feeling the after effect of Toya’s outburst the night of the auction and had been holding himself in check.

It didn’t make Toya happy to see this, but he didn’t know how to tell the pet he just wanted Riva back to his old self and to not treat him as if he might break at any second. Yet he also knew that part of it was his own fault because he still couldn’t get over what had happened that night. His feelings and emotions were still in a complex knot of unhappiness that he just couldn’t untangle. He had almost gone over to Oki’s several times in the past week, but in the end he had talked himself out of it. He just didn’t know what to do and he needed someone to talk to. But unfortunately, since Oki and his new little pet were part of the problem he hadn’t been able to bring himself to ask for the man’s advice.

Toya sighed again and got up from his chair as the young elite looked over at him questioningly. He knew that things couldn’t continue on the way they were, and so even though he hated to leave, he nodded to them and started to pack up.

“I have an appointment to attend to today so I will be leaving a little early. Go ahead and finish up everything we talked about in our planning session and I will help with any problems tomorrow,” Toya said as the young men and women nodded turning their attention back to the job at hand.

Toya slipped out of the small office quietly and got into his car. There was only one other choice left to him, although he still wasn’t sure if it was the best idea. There was only one other person that knew about Riva and him and that was Omaki. He was still a little shy around the man, having only recently met him. He still wasn’t sure what to think of the notorious Blondie who had built the Taming Tower and often flouted Blondie tradition. Still, the man had been kind and friendly to him and he was desperate for some advice about how to handle Riva, so he opened a line to Omaki hoping the man wouldn’t be too busy.

“Hello, Toya, what a pleasant surprise. I was just thinking of you,” Omaki said.

“Hello. I’m sorry to bother you so unexpectedly, but do you have some time to

talk with me,” Toya asked hesitantly.

“Of course, I do. Why don’t you come on over? Aki would also like to meet you,” Omaki said.

“I know this is sudden. I hope I won’t be intruding,” Toya said.

“Don’t worry about it. I’m always available for my friends. See you in a little bit,” Omaki’s cheerful voice said.

“All right,” Toya said cutting of the transmission a little surprised.

He had never really had friends before, always keeping himself at a distance from other people. When Omaki had called him his friend, he was surprised to discover that without even noticing, the Blondie had become his friend. It surprised him a bit, but also made him feel a little relieved. He had never been able to call someone up before with a problem and ask for advice or help. He hadn’t realized how much of a comfort it could be to be able to do such a thing.

It wasn’t long before he found himself in front of Omaki’s door, waiting for his friend to answer. He still wasn’t sure what could be done to help his situation, or even if Omaki could help him, but he knew that he had to do something.

“Come in Toya,” Omaki said as he opening the door.

Toya had barely walked in when he felt the impact of a small body hit his leg. A young boy clung to him looking up with a smile on his face. Toya looked down in surprise, wondering what in the world such a young boy was doing with Omaki.

“Aki, where are your manners?” Omaki scolded as the young boy’s face fell.

“It’s ok, but is this your pet?” Toya asked in confusion.

“Yes, this is Aki. He has been excited ever since I told him that you would be coming over,” Omaki said with a fond smile as he looked at the boy.

“When is your next game coming out? What is going to be like? How long does it take you to do it? How…” Aki asked excitedly looking up at Toya his face animated and happy.

“Aki, calm down. He can’t answer that all at once,” Omaki said with a hint of exasperation.

Toya looked down at the boy, confused by the rush of questions, and not exactly sure of how to deal with such a young pet. He couldn’t imagine this little boy really being a pet and looked at his friend in confusion, wondering at the meaning behind his choice in pets.

“I’m sorry,” Aki said shuffling his feet, letting go of Toya’s leg.

“That’s ok,” Toya stammered a little bit feeling sorry for the depressed little boy.

“I’m working on a new RPG game right now. It is going to be really different from the rest of my work so it is taking me a little longer to do it. But how about I send you one of my games that never got released to tide you over until the new one is done,” Toya asked hoping to cheer up the pet who took Omaki’s scolding so hard.

“Really?!” Aki shouted as Omaki put his hand on the boy’s thin shoulders.

“What do you say to Toya?”

“Thank you,” Aki said pouncing on Toya hugging his leg again.

“Ok, now why don’t you have Ru bring us some tea, and let me talk to Toya for a while?” Omaki suggested.

“Ok,” Aki said running out of the room.

“You’ll have to forgive him, he still needs a lot of training, and he was really excited to see you. Why don’t you come in and we can talk for a while?” Omaki said.

Toya nodded as he followed Omaki into his living room and sat down on one of the comfortable chairs, staring at his host, surprised at the new revelation about the man. He had always heard outrageous things said about Omaki and most of the time dismissed them. Yet apparently, this rumor was true. He wondered what in the world Omaki was doing with such a young pet that obviously couldn’t be registered.

“I haven’t touched him you know. He is just so adorable that I couldn’t resist having him for my pet.,” Omaki said softly looking at Toya.

“Of course, it is just surprising. I would have thought you would have one of the most gorgeous sexually charged pets there is,” Toya said shaking his head. “I’m in no position to criticize.”

“Yes, Riva is unusual as well, but then again he always was. Did you know he was the shining star of the academy when he was sold? His price was higher than any other pet sold in years. The bidding for him was very heated, and I must admit, I myself was a part of it,” Omaki said with grin.

“No, Riva never talks about his past. I didn’t even know he had a brother,” Toya said, a little surprised to learn Riva was such a sought after pet.

“Well, pets aren’t supposed to have a past beyond their current Master. With Riva, I imagine that even more so,” Omaki said.

“It shouldn’t be that way,” Toya protested rather upset with Omaki’s words.

“Why, Toya? Do you really want to know? You obviously look at Riva as more than a pet, but that is what he is. Could you stand to know? How many people have touched him or been with him? Do you really want to know what Elric really did to him? Could you bear to know such things? He was, and still is, a pet no matter what your feelings for him are. The very fact that he could strip you naked in front of Oki and I should say it louder than anything else that he is a pet,” Omaki said looking towards the doorway where his furniture stood still with a tray in his hands.

“We can’t drink the tea over there,” Omaki said arching a brow.

“Of course, Sir,” the furniture said with a start moving into the room.

Toya blushed, looking away as the tea was set out. He hadn’t liked Omaki’s words, even if the man had a point. If he was honest with himself, he had to admit he didn’t like thinking about other people with Riva, even if it had been in the man’s past. Yet he wanted to know more about him. One of the many things that had bothered him was the very fact he hadn’t even known Riva had a brother, a brother that was obviously very important to him.

The silence stretched out in the room as Omaki’s furniture finished setting out the tea and cakes before leaving the room. When he was gone Toya looked up at Omaki, feeling an overwhelming sadness sweep over him.

“So Riva just sees me as his Master? That is why he doesn’t tell me anything?

Why he sold me to pay for his brother’s freedom? Why he performed with me?” Toya

asked quietly fearing the answer that he already half believed.

Toya watched the man put his tea down and walk over to him wrapping an arm around his shoulders. Toya stiffened at first but then leaned into Omaki as the man stroked his hair.

“Is that what you have been thinking? That wasn’t what I meant, and although I don’t know him very well I doubt that is what your pet thinks either. After what he has been through the thoughts of pleasing a Master are not very high on his list.”

“No. What I’m saying is that he was born and raised a pet. He doesn’t think like you would. He has been trained and conditioned to be a sexual creature born to cater to a Master’s every wish, but he has also been terribly broken as well. I doubt he wants to talk about it or that in the end you would want to hear it either,” Omaki said quietly.

Toya remained silent next to the lean man not knowing what to say, although strangely comforted by the man holding him gently.

“What is really bothering you, Toya? This is the first time you have ever come here to talk to me, and I can’t help but think it has to do with the night of the pet auction. Although reluctant at first, you truly seemed to enjoy that little show you gave us. But perhaps we were mistake?” Omaki asked, letting go of Toya and looking down at him.

“It was embarrassing. I can’t imagine what you must think of me now,” Toya said blushing and looking away, remembering himself down on all fours in front of the man in front of him.

“It was erotic and sexy, and I have to admit I half wished I was in your place. I after all did try to win Riva for my own when he was first auctioned,” Omaki said with a smile. “Do you think you’re the only Blondie that indulges in such things? You are not.”

“Even if I’m not, it doesn’t mean I want my friends to see me that way,” Toya protested shaking his head. “Besides it isn’t only that.”

Omaki remained quiet as Toya struggled to put into words what was bothering him. It was so much more than the performance in front of Oki and Omaki, it was more. It was the secret doubts he had about himself and Riva’s love for him. Yet he was reluctant to voice them, not wanting Omaki to think less of him than he already did.

“You are afraid that Elwyn will take Riva away from you?” Omaki said after a while his voice gentle, as Toya looked up in surprise.

“It’s more than that. I don’t know what I mean to Riva. I’m his Master, yet I want more from him. Before that night, I was sure that Riva cared for me. But when he so easily agreed to Oki’s price and he said I was like Elwyn, I can’t help but wonder. I know he is sorry and he has been trying to make it up to me, but a part of me can’t accept it. He once said that my body shouldn’t ever be for sale, but it was for Elwyn, a man he cared so much about but never told me. I know it is foolish. I’m a Blondie and he is just a pet, but…” Toya said unhappily looking at the floor.

“Toya, there is nothing foolish about wanting a person you care about to feel the same way you do. You two haven’t known each other that long, Toya, and I believe you have spent a great deal of time working? It could be that you don’t know about Elwyn simply because there wasn’t a chance to tell you about him? Did you ever ask Riva about his family or past?” Omaki asked reasonably.

“No,” Toya said reluctantly.

“Now I saw the look on your face when Oki mentioned seeing you and Riva pair on the way back from the auction. I thought you looked rather receptive to the idea. I would imagine Riva would be able to read you even better than I could. Do you think that it is possible that he might have thought you would like it?” Omaki asked probing even deeper.

“Yes, but what does that have to do with agreeing to Oki’s price,” Toya asked miserably not adding the fact he had even admitted it to Riva.

“Well, I imagine Riva, in his pet reasoning, thought that it would be the perfect excuse to let you try something that interested you and also keep Oki happy. Have you talked about this with Riva?” Omaki asked gently.

“No, I don’t want to talk about it,” Toya said softly.

“If you don’t talk about it with him, then you’ll never know. I think your problem isn’t really about having public sex or even about Elwyn. It’s more about the fact that both of you are inexperienced in dealing with other people’s feelings. He’s a pet and you’re a Blondie, neither of which is suppose to fall in love, let alone with each other. If you two don’t talk, before long, that delicate bond between you is going to break. He can’t know what you are worried about unless you talk to him, Toya,” Omaki said sternly although his face remained warm and friendly.

“But what happens if he doesn’t… well I mean…”

“He won’t,” Omaki said firmly.

“How do you know?”

“I just do. Trust me,” Omaki said with a smile. “Now why don’t you try these lemon cakes? Ru’s lemon cakes are the best, and tell me what you think of spending the weekend with me?”



“Finally, I didn’t ever think I would get away from Iason,” Oki said with a yawn.

“So, you are finished with your assignment, Sir,” Garret asked taking the man’s cloak.

“Yes, just because I’m late a day or two….”

“Or twenty,” Garret cut in.

“Hey you, is that any way to talk to your Master? I’ll have you know it was only fifteen days this month. Still, making me work all week long on the absolutely boring monitoring job was really uncalled for. I haven’t had any time to enjoy myself at all,” Oki pouted throwing himself down in a chair.

“Well at least you have finished your punishment for this month. Although undoubtedly, Iason will have to punish you again next month as well,” Garret replied.

“Probably,” Oki admitted with a grin. “Where is my little pet?”

“In his room. He spends most of his time there,” Garret said.

“Doesn’t he go out? I told you he could.”

“No, he doesn’t. I don’t think he is a normal pet. He seems very, how shall I put this? Fragile I guess. I don’t think it is an act,” Garret said after a moments thought.

“I noticed. Well pull him out of his room and go find something to do for a while that doesn’t involve watching us and tell Ai as well,” Oki said with a grin.

Garret just shook his head before walking out of the room. Oki smiled a little at his furniture. It had only taken the man a couple of months before he had opened up and started verbally fencing with Oki. Most Blondies would never put up with such attitude from one of their servants, but Oki liked the fact that there were very little formalities in his house, Sparring with Garret had become a common place past time for Oki. Oki leaned back in his oversized chair, letting thoughts of his furniture turn to

those of his newly acquired pet. It had been over a week since he had first bought his new pet into his house and yet he hadn’t had the chance, thanks to Iason, to spend any time with him. Considering his first response to the pet, he was a little bit relieved, but at the same time he now found himself more than a little excited. It had nagged at him all week, the mysteries surrounding his new pet, and now hopefully he would be able to spend some time finding out all about them.

When he saw Elwyn enter the room, he beckoned the pet over to him, noticing that he was a little stiff but seemed to respond without hesitating.

“Sit in my lap,” Oki said when the boy stopped in front of him.

Elwyn hesitated for only a moment before awkwardly climbing into Oki’s lap. He found he rather enjoyed have the warm little pet snuggled in his lap, his head resting against his chest. He noticed that Elwyn remained rather stiff and seemed ill at ease, and yet despite that Oki still enjoyed having him right where he was.

“So, have you thought of any ways for me to get on your brothers good side?” Oki asked idly playing with a strand of the pet’s light auburn hair.

“I’m sorry Master, but I don’t know what you want from me,” Elwyn said quietly.

“I want a way to win your brother,” Oki said.

“But he is a pet, he must do whatever his Master wants, there is no winning,”


Elwyn replied his face looking more than a little confused.

“Oh, yes there is. If he doesn’t like me, then I don’t win our bet, and I don’t get to pair with him,” Oki said even as he noticed his pet go rigid in his arms. “I don’t know how to help you. I’m sorry, Master,” Elwyn said with a hint of anger.

“Hmm, well then why don’t you tell me about yourself,” Oki said, changing the subject, his curiosity spiked by Elwyn’s response.

“Me?” Elwyn stuttered.

“Yes. You’re no A-class pet, and yet you were sold as one,” Oki said softly.

“Of course I’m an A-class pet. I was raised in the academy and went through all the training,” Elwyn said in a rush looking terrified.

“Ah, but that isn’t what makes an A-class pet. Kiss me,” Oki said looking down at the very flustered pet in his arms.

“But a Blondie isn’t supposed to …” Elwyn said.

Oki continued to look down at his wide eyed pet until finally Oki reached up and trace the lower lip of his pet with a finger.

“No little pet, you aren’t an A-class pet. How did you get yourself sold off and why?”

He felt his pet tremble in his arms yet he let his eyes remain locked on the soft green eyes that looked close to tears. He gazed down at the pet, demanding answers, knowing that he was being mean, but unable to help himself.

“I wanted to be with my brother. I had to be a pet. It was the only way I might possibly be able to see him,” Elwyn cried as tears slipped down his checks. “Please don’t sell me. Please.”

“I told you before I have no intention of selling you, but how did you do it? I know they won’t sell someone like you that easily,” Oki asked wiping away a tear.

“I hacked the system,” Elwyn said softly so Oki barely hear him.

Oki laughed, looking at his terrified pet. This little pet that shouldn’t have had anything in his mind except sex was able to hack the academy systems and get himself sold. Apparently the genetic modifications done on Elwyn and Riva weren’t as complete as they should have been. It took more than a little intelligence to be able to do such a thing, especially considering the pet would have had no formal training.


“So little pet, what am I going to do with you?” Oki asked softly looking down at his confused and frightened pet.

“What do you want? Be honest,” Oki asked as he looked down at his quiet pet.

“To be with my brother, like things use to be before training started,” Elwyn blurted out then put his hand over his mouth looking shocked.

“Well, that isn’t possible. I doubt that Riva would go with you now, even if you could go back to the past least not without a lot of regrets. He is in love with Toya, and I doubt he would leave him,” Oki said with a smile.

“But he is a Master. A pet can’t love a Master,” Elwyn protested.

“That, you will have to argue with your brother. Still, one day they will have to part,” Oki replied.

They both remained quiet as Oki thought about his new pet. Somehow the pet’s revelations didn’t come as much of a shock to Oki, at least the fact that he loved his brother so much. Still, he had no idea what he was going to do with his pet now. There was a strange appeal to the small little red head that made Oki want to shelter and protect him. Even more so, now that he knew the truth. Elwyn was exactly the type of man that Oki adored small, fragile, and cute. He had always bought pets the exact opposite of that so he never became too attached to them. A-class pets were often perfect since they often had a superior attitude that could never really be hidden. Yet Elwyn defied the stereotype, and even now, having the pet on his lap was beginning to stir his lower regions.

“May I ask a question?” Elwyn asked hesitantly waking Oki from his thoughts.

“Of course.”

“Why aren’t you mad at me and why are you letting me stay here? Garret says you never let your pets stay in your apartment,” Elwyn asked not looking at Oki.

“I don’t let other pets stay because I like my privacy and besides I told you I like sex, but having sex with a pet isn’t a good idea,” Oki answered.

“But you want to pair with Riva”

“But I don’t live with him, so I’m not going to fall in love with him, at least not long term Besides, it isn’t just Riva that I’m after, I want both pet and Master. I want to share if only briefly in what the two of them have together,” Oki explained.

“So you don’t want me, is that why it is safe for me here?” Elwyn said his voice tinted with relief and a little bit of sadness.

Oki looked down at the pet smiling as his hand came up to hold the pet’s face. He was just too adorable, Oki thought. It was if the young pet knew exactly what to say to bring out his baser instincts. He wanted to ravish the little pet and make the cute pet desire him. But he also instinctively knew that any overt act would bring out Elwyn’s fear.

“Tell me, have you paired with your brother?” Oki asked already knowing the answer.


“Then what did it feel like to kiss him?” Oki asked lowering his voice a little.

“I don’t know,” Elwyn stuttered blushing.

“Close your eyes,” Oki commanded.

He watched as his pet reluctantly closed his eyes, noting he looked even more cute and innocent. He once again put a finger gently on his pet’s lips trace the soft red skin.

“I want you to think of your brother, Elwyn, not about anything else. Tell me, did he kiss these lips? Did you let his tongue into your mouth?” Oki whispered seductively.

“Yes,” Elwyn said softly.

“Even as he kissed you did his hands caress you? Run along your smooth white skin?” Oki asked as he let his hands trail down his pet’s neck and exposed collarbone.


“Don’t think of me. Think about your brother. His perfect golden skin and deep passionate eyes. Think about the last time he made love to you, Elwyn, about his gentle hands on your body, on your sex, pleasing you, making you cry out,” Oki whispered as he leaned down next to his pet’s ear.

Oki could see that his words were having the desired effect on his pet as his gentle soothing tone of voice wrapped Elwyn up, making him forgot, for at least the moment, his surroundings. He could see the pet losing himself in his memories of the man he so wanted to be with. He watched as Elwyn’s breath came a little quicker and his body began to relax bit by bit.

“That’s it Elwyn,” Oki said as he unbuttoned the pet’s shirt his free hand gentle rubbing the pet’s chest, circling around one of the light pink nipples.

“Did your brother caress you like this?” Oki asked softly as he rolled one of the erect buds between his fingers.

“Harder,” Elwyn whimpered.

Oki mentally chuckled as his hand began a little rougher play with Elwyn’s body. He was enthralled with the expressions on his pet’s face as he lost himself in his personal memories. He wished that he himself could view them and see what images caused such a sexy look to cross the innocent pet’s face.

“Did you brother’s lips taste you here?” Oki asked as he tweaked the boy’s chest before moving lower. “Did his tongue travel down your smooth skin to some place more forbidden?”

Elwyn moaned as Oki’s hand caressed the taut white skin of the pet’s belly his hand moving gradually lower on the pet. He could feel his own body responding to what he was doing with his pet’s. He wanted nothing more than to throw the pet to the ground and ravish him, but he knew that in doing that he would break the trance his pet was in. He wanted to see Elwyn climax, he wanted to hear his little pet shout out in pleasure, and to do that he had to restrain himself.

Oki moved his hand gently, tracing the head of the member peeking out from Elwyn’s his loose pants. Elywn whimpered as Oki felt the warm wetness of the leaking member. His hand snaked into the pet’s pants as his hand stroked the boy’s length.

“Did you let him lick here? Did you let him take this into his mouth?” Oki whispered in Elwyn’s ear even as his hand worked the very hard length, enjoying the now twitching boy on his lap.

Elwyn didn’t answer him as pushed against Oki’s hand panting heavily. Oki watched fascinated as his pet gasped and squirmed on his lap with his eyes closed.

“You loved it when he sank himself into you, claiming you in front of everyone. Didn’t you, little pet?” Oki said licked the edge of boy’s ear as Elwyn cried out his whole body shaking with his release.

Oki felt his whole hand quickly covered in the pet’s juices as he smiled at the expression on Elwyn’s face. He leaned down and kissed the pet, probing the panting lips with his tongue. He felt Elwyn stiffen a little and he pulled back to see the pet’s eyes open wide, staring at him, his face flush.

Oki smiled, looking down at his pet. He removed his hand and licked the wetness from his fingers as his pet watched in embarrassed fascination.

“Master, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have..”

“Shouldn’t have done what a pet is supposed to do?” Oki asked arching a brow looking at the embarrassed pet.

“But you’re a Master and I shouldn’t have…well…” Elwyn said finally giving up covering his face with his hands.

“You are supposed to do whatever I tell you. You shouldn’t be so hung up our roles. After all, your brother is the Master in Toya’s household when it comes to such things,” Oki remarked, smiling down at his pet as a wicked idea formed in his mind unable to resist the pet despite the dangers.

“That isn’t possible,” Elwyn said in surprise.

“Of course it is. You saw it with your own eyes. Just because we are Blondies doesn’t mean we aren’t human,” Oki said with a sigh. “Now off my lap little pet.”

Elwyn moved off of his strange Master’s lap still feeling highly embarrassed and more than a little confused. His conversation with his new Master had only made his confusion about his whole situation more extreme. Things were totally different from everything he had been taught all of his life, and he was having a very hard time trying to adjust to it.

The one thing he was certain of was that his new master was extremely dangerous. He had very easily been able to slip into Elwyn’s thought and produce images that made him forgot his surroundings. Not only that, but there was something about his Master that was hard to resist. His provocative eyes and low deep voice were able to drag answers and responses out of him that no one other than his brother had been able to do. This man was different from the other people he knew, different from his trainers and other pets. He had a gentle dominance that Elwyn found himself responding to, and the pet couldn’t help but wonder what his Master would demand of him next.

Elwyn was so lost within his introspection that he had failed to notice that his strange Master was becoming even stranger. It wasn’t until he heard a small gasp of pleasure that his attention was once again draw to the Blondie who was in a very undressed state. His eyes opened wide when he saw that his Master was looking straight at him, doing something that he would have never expected.

He watched the man caress his own body in a pattern that was strikingly familiar to Elwyn having been forced to do the same thing over and over again for his trainers. Yet this man was doing it in a way that far exceeded his best, and rivaled that of his brothers. Elwyn sat slack jawed as his crazy Master performed for him. He watched as more and more of his Master’s skin was reveled, until his beautifully sculpted body was entirely naked, hidden only by the man’s long golden hair that streamed down his chest and back, pooling on the floor in which his Master now sat.

Long legs spread wider and wider revealing the most forbidden places on his Master’s body as his hands explored the golden skin leading down to the jutting organ. Elwyn watched, feeling himself begin to stir despite his recent release, as his Master played with his own body, He watched the large hand that had just recently been wrapped around his own manhood now glide down the Blondie’s huge length.

Elwyn sat, almost mesmerized by his Master’s impressive organ, far larger than any Elwyn had ever seen before. He listened to his Master’s little grunts and gasps of pleasure as his hands worked over his own body as a thin sheen of sweat began to appear on the tight golden skin. He watched as the man slowly brought two fingers to his lips, licking them as the blue eyes captured Elwyn’s own. The seductive sparkle in those eyes made Elwyn tremble in anticipation, wondering what his Master would do next.

Elwyn resisted the urge to touch himself despite his growing need. He could feel a wet spot increasing within his silken pants as his body twitched. He wasn’t sure if he could continue to ignore the situation if things continued.

He watched the man spread his legs even father as the wet fingers trailed slowly down his body to the now fully exposed opening of the man. He watched the fingers sink deep into his Master’s body, twisting as Elwyn gasped in surprise, looking up at the Blondie.

“Well, Elwyn. What do you want to do now?” Oki asked mischievously looking at Elwyn with a grin.


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