Chapter 11 Pets and Their Furniture

It wasn’t long before Oki had dropped Omaki off at his ludicrous creation he called theTaming Tower and headed for home. Glancing back in the rearview mirror he looked at his quiet pet, thinking he would have to make a few changes to his home and open one of the guest chambers for him.

Unlike Toya, he had chosen an apartment away from Eros Tower, opting for size over the prestige of living in the elite tower. He would never have been able to afford an apartment as large and luxurious as Toya’s with the amount of money he made and would have had to chose a smaller apartment if he lived in Eros Tower. Instead he had picked out a spacious apartment close to the grandiose tower that was bigger than even Toya’s for, he was sure, less money. Yet despite having such a large apartment, he often times kept his pets in a separate apartment in Apatia.

He rarely used his pets except for when he need them for social functions and preferred his privacy. He often had many of his Blondie and Elite friends over and he wanted to make sure that what went on in his home stayed in his home. His furniture and live in cook both were permanent parts of his household and were well taken care of if he ever chose to replace them. They were absolutely loyal to him, whereas the long string of pets that came and went through his house were less than trustworthy.

Elwyn was different though. After the performance the pet had witnessed last night, Oki had decided not to worry about hiding much from Riva’s brother. It was the first time in a very long while that he was interested in one of his pets. He found that he was curious and a little attracted to the pet. Oki couldn’t help but wonder if the mysterious shy demeanor was an act or something more real. To satisfy his curiosity he was more than willing to let his pet stay in his apartment for the time being so he could find out more about him, and maybe find some information to help him win over Riva.

“Here we are, follow me,” Oki said parking his car and getting out.

It didn’t take long for them to enter his apartment and to be greeted by his furniture, Garret, who looked at his new pet in surprise. He watched Garret examine Elwyn with his sharp brown eyes as he waited for instructions. Undoubtedly his furniture was bursting with questions, but he had learned over the course of the six years working for Oki he would learn more by not asking.

“Garret, this is my new pet. He will be staying here for the time being,” Oki said moving into the house.

“Staying?” Garret asked the surprise in his light voice making Oki smile.

“Yes, staying. I’m curious,” Oki elaborated looking over at Elwyn who was fidgeting next to the door.

“Curious?” Garret asked arching an eyebrow.

“You lose your hearing when I was gone? Perhaps Ai dropped one to many pans next to you or something?” Oki said almost laughing at the scowl on the delicate features of his furniture.

“You know very well why I’m repeating what you say,” Garret shot back.

“Yes, well I think you will eventually figure it out on your own, now shoo. I have things to do before I go to work. Oh, and open up the guest room next to mine for him” Oki said waving his furniture away.

“You. Come with me,” Oki said motioning Elwyn to follow him into his room.

Once inside he turned to see his new pet hesitating in the doorway. He took the time to really focus on his pet for the first time since he had bought him. He had to admit he was impressed with what he saw. He actually preferred Elwyn’s lighter coloring to his brother’s more vibrant shades. It suited the boy, and there was something very appealing to his shy hesitant behavior that drew Oki. His new pet lacked the arrogance that was so often found within A-class pets that could never be totally hidden. Overall, he was rather pleased.

“Come in and strip. I want to view you,” Oki said softly.

He watched Elwyn’s soft green eyes widen as he slowly entered the room. It was obvious that the young man was nervous. Curious, Oki watched, letting him take things at his own pace deciding that what was going on in his bedroom was far more important that being on time for work.

He watched Elwyn’s shaking hands undo the sheer white material that made up his shirt. Strangely, Oki noted that there was very little grace in the jerky slow movements and he couldn’t believe he was watching an A-class pet. Elwyn stripped off his skin tight black pants with little fanfare and stood before Oki with his right hand clutching the upper part of his left arm as he stared at the floor. A bright red blush on his face betrayed his embarrassment.

“Turn around,” Oki said gently.

After the young pet had turned, Oki approached him slowly noticing the pet was trembling slightly. He reached out, tracing the gentle slope of the white back, feeling the tension in his pet. He let his hand linger on the soft white skin, just above the curve of the pet’s small ass feeling the tremors run through his little pet. This wasn’t an act, the boy was scared. Whatever Elwyn was, he wasn’t an A-class pet.

“Are you afraid?” Oki asked.

“No, Master,” Elwyn lied.

“Then why do you tremble?”

Silence echoed through out the room as Oki withdrew his hand, a little amazed at the reaction he was having to a pet. He wanted to calm Elwyn and to sooth his fears, but he also felt a desire to take his pet. It was impossible of course. He knew the dangers of following down that path, and he wasn’t about to try. With a sigh he walked away.

“Get dressed,” Oki commanded sharply.

“I’m sorry Master, I will do better. Please do not sell me,” Elwyn said softly.

“I’ve no intention of selling you. I have a bet with your brother that I intend to win,” Oki replied in a gentler tone, with his back to the pet, his mind whirling.

“Riva? What kind of bet?”

“Nothing too serious. I just want him to like me,” Oki said casually.

“Like you? You are a Master,” Elwyn said in confusion.

“Do you like me?” Oki asked.

“Of course!”

“Yet you are scared of me,” Oki stated as he looked over his shoulder at the panic flooding his pet’s face.

“Never mind, I have to go to work. Garret will see to your needs until I get back. But when I do, we are going to have a little discussion my little pet. You’re going to help me get that brother of yours into my bed one way or the other,” Oki said with a grin.

Elwyn looked at the grinning Blondie, horrified at his words, his embarrassment all but forgotten. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing and confused thoughts began to crash into each other as he stood in a daze as his new master brushed past him and out the door.

All of the events that had happened since he had been sold seemed so unreal and he could help but wonder if he was dreaming. It certainty seemed like a dream for his brother to be at the auction and arrange for him to be bought by a Blondie. He had never imagined that he would be bought by one of the highest members of Amoi society, or that he would see his brother so soon.

Yet the rest of it seemed like a nightmare.

His brother’s horribly scared body still haunted Elwyn’s thoughts. He couldn’t believe anyone would do that to his brother. Riva had been the pride of the academy. Beautiful, intelligent, with an incredible charisma that made any performance he was apart of exceptional. Riva was the perfect pet in every way and the fact that a Master could do such a thing to someone like Riva had shaken Elwyn to his very core. He ached for his brother knowing full well that Riva was shielding him from the full truth of what was done to him. The pain he must have endured to have such scars must have been terrible.

Elwyn just couldn’t understand what was going on. Not only how it was possible for Riva to be so scarred, but how in the world he was able to pair with a Master, and a Blondie one at that. It was unthinkable for a Blondie to do such things as Riva’s Master had done the previous night. He knew that he was under an obligation to report what he saw to Jupiter, but he also knew that if he did, Riva would die. Now his own Master was talking of doing such a thing to his brother as well and wanted him to help. Elwyn shivered in fear and a little bit of possessive anger at the thoughts of helping his Master to do anything to his brother.

“Well, are you going to stand their all day naked?” came a dry voice from behind him.

Elwyn whirled around, wide eyed to see the short wiry furniture leaning in the doorway. He dived for his clothes, struggling to get into them as quickly as he could, ready to die of embarrassment. He knew that what he was doing was absolutely wrong and that if his trainers could see him he would undoubtedly be punished. But the thoughts of some strange man seeing him naked still embarrassed him to no end.

He could feel the light brown eyes on him as he finally finished getting back into his clothing. He knew that he was being studied intently by the furniture and wondered if everything he did would be reported back to his Master. Looking down at the floor he waited for instructions, hoping desperately that he would be given a room and left alone.

“Well, aren’t you a mysterious one? Come along, I will show you where your room is and then we can talk a little bit. I’m Garret by the way, what is your name?” the furniture asked.


“You came with that name? I can’t see the Master coming up with it,” Garret asked as Elwyn followed him to the room next to his Master’s.

“No, my brother suggested it to him,” Elwyn said softly.

“Your brother?”

“Riva. I don’t remember his Master’s name,” Elwyn replied wishing the man would

cease his questions.

“Riva?!”Garret said raising his eyebrows in surprise. “Well. That explains it, I guess.”

“Explains what?” Elwyn asked in confusion as they entered the room.

“Why you are staying here. Master Oki never allows his pets to stay here. He usually ships them off to an apartment in Apatia. He really only has one for appearances and using them at social functions, but now I know why you are different,” Garret said with satisfaction.

“Why?” Elwyn asked desperately hoping to find some answers to his questions.

“How much do you know little pet? Oki wouldn’t let you stay here if you didn’t know about your brother and his Master,” Garret said his sharp brown eyes focusing directly on Elwyn.

Elwyn squirmed under such scrutiny, not liking some one to look at him so closely. His confusion was only increasing, and he didn’t know what was going on anymore. It was too much for him to handle and he found himself sinking to the ground, overcome with confusion and fear. Tears leaked out of his eyes. He wanted his brother. He wanted to go back in time to when they were children, before training had started. But most of all, he wanted Riva to save him from this nightmare he found himself in.

“It’s ok. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you,” Garret said dropping down to his knees and putting a hand on Elwyn’s shoulder.

Elwyn trembled at the touch, even as he felt his tears increase. He barely heard the man’s soothing words as he lost track of time, crying. When finally he couldn’t cry anymore he felt a soft handkerchief given to him. He blew nose and wiped the remaining tears away from his face. He looked up dejectedly at the furniture looking down at him with pity.

“Are you ok? You don’t need to worry, no one will hurt you here,” Garret said gently.

“I just don’t understand. Why is everything so different? Why is my brother all scarred up and why is he pairing with his Master? Why does Master Oki want my brother? What is going to happen to me?” Elwyn blurted out his fears and questions tumbling over one another.

“I don’t now everything that is going on between your brother and his Master, or what happened to him in the past. All I know is that Master Oki and Toya are friends from work and Master Oki really cares about Toya. From what I understand, your brother and Master Toya love each other, very much,” Garret said with a sigh. “As for Master wanting your brother, I think it is only Master Oki playing. He likes sex and teasing people.”

“But Riva is a pet,” Elwyn sputtered .

“Yes, but that doesn’t seem to matter to Master Toya.”

“Will…will Master Oki, pair with me?” Elwyn asked suddenly a little afraid for his own future.

Garret tilted his head looking at Elwyn. It was obvious he was weighing something in hismind. Elwyn looked at the man, desperate to hear some sort of answer denying the possibility. Master Oki was incredibly beautiful and he seemed so very kind. There was even a small part of Elwyn that couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to have his Master take him, but the bigger part of him was absolutely terrified. He hadn’t missed how big his Master had looked the night before as his Blondie friend played with him through their clothes, nor had he missed the desire drenched eyes that spoke of pure lust.

“Won’t you like that?” Garret asked finally his curiosity evident.

Elwyn shook his head quickly denying the accusation.

“Strange little pet, where did Master ever find you?” Garret asked almost to himself.

“No, Elwyn Master Oki will not pair with you. He never pairs with his pets. You have to understand, the time you stay in this house will be limited. No Master can keep a pet indefinitely, and so one day you must be sold. Master Oki feels that when you live with someone that you are intimate with it is easy to fall in love with them. How could you sell the man you love? Master Oki will never allow that to happen,” Garret said firmly shaking his head.

“But that means my brother.… ”

“Yes, and Master Oki worries for them both. There are few options for them,” Garret said.

Elwyn remained quiet, trying to think about what the furniture had told him. It still didn’t explain so many of the questions that he had, but it had calmed him a little to know that he was safe at least from his Master. He felt the furniture pull him up off the floor gently and push him towards the door of his room.

“Come on, a bath will help you to relax,” Garret suggested.

Elwyn blushed at the mention of a bath, realized that soon this furniture would see him naked. He was a pet, and he need to start pulling himself together. He had already screwed up badly and the day had hardly even begun. The Master had already notice how shy he was, and now he had broken down in front of his Master’s furniture. It was too much to hope that it wouldn’t be reported back to his Master. His only chance to see his brother again lay in the hands of his Master alone.

When they reached the bath hall, Elwyn waited as Garret readied the bath, fidgeting a little in nervousness. He took the time to truly study the man that was now in charge of him. He actually was quite handsome, almost pretty looking, although much older than Elwyn. He had to be at least in his late twenties with light brown short hair with long bangs that surrounded his lean face. Even though he was thin his frame supported wiry muscles that spoke of strength in his slim body. Elwyn knew without a doubt that this furniture was tough and definitely was not one to mess around with.

“It is ready now,” Garret said turning his attention to Elwyn who blushed at being caught openly staring at the man.

Quickly stripping out of his clothes to hide his embarrassment Elwyn slipped into the hot water. He could feel the tension in his body as he waited for Garret to start bathing him and was surprised when he felt no touch on his body. He turned to see the man staring at him intently.

“You don’t like to be touched do you?” Garret asked bluntly.

“I … I…It’s just,” Elwyn stammered, not wanting to admit it even though it was true.

“I don’t know where Master found you, but I don’t think you are any kind of normal pet,” Garret said with a sigh as he knelt down by the sunk-in pool. “Relax for now little pet. I will come get you in a little while.”

Elwyn watched the furniture leave, amazed at the little reprieve. Hesat back in the warm water, feeling the tension slowly drain out of him. He was unhappy and confused and didn’t know what was going to happen to him, but at least for the moment he had a small moments peace.



Riva awoke to find that once again, his Master had snuck out of bed without him. The painkiller that Toya had given him the previous night had probably helped Toya slip away. Sighing, he rolled over and buried his head in his arms, thankful that at least his headache was gone, if not the reason for it. He had no idea what he was going to do now. Elwyn wasn’t a problem he was ready to deal with, and Toya was a problem that needed to be dealt with swiftly. Elwyn had unexpectedly upset the delicate balance between him and Toya, and once again, the fragile bonds between them were threatened.

Riva got out of bed cursing at his luck. They had just gotten their lives settled down and he had been looking forward to enjoying his time with Toya. Now things were once again unsettled between them. Despite his headache, he hadn’t missed how distressed Toya was even after his declaration of love. It was still hard for him to say those words, but they were true none the less. He had naively thought they would solve everything, but unfortunately they hadn’t.

Throwing on his robe he went to the bath hall to get cleaned up. It wasn’t long before Shin appeared with some clothes for him, looking at Riva disapprovingly. It was obvious that he was going to hear the furniture’s opinion on his actions last night. Even if Shin hadn’t been in the room he knew he had been watching.

“What in the world where you thinking!? I thought you loved Master Toya!?,” Shin exclaimed, glaring down at Riva.

“I do! And before you jump down my throat, Toya once admitted to me it turned him on to think of pairing in front of others,” Riva said holding up his hand.

“You’re an idiot!!” Shin said icily and threw the clothes on the ground as he stormed out of the room.

Riva looked after the furniture in surprise. He had expected a timid lecture but not such open fury. It was obvious there was more than just Shin’s disapproval of Toya and Riva’s relationship or the more kinky aspects of it. Riva sighed and quickly finished his bath to go in search of the angry furniture.

He found Shin forcefully wiping down the windows, his sapphire hair bouncing as he angrily cleaned the wide window. Riva wondered if he shouldn’t just sneak away, but the grumbling of his stomach made him warily approach the man.

“I don’t suppose I could get breakfast,” Riva asked politely.

“It is past breakfast time. It is almost time for lunch. You can wait until the Master returns,” Shin snapped.

“Look Shin, I already told you…. ”

Shin whirled around and glared at Riva his jaw clenching.

“He…ISN’T…A…PET!” Shin said loudly emphasizing each word.

“That doesn’t…”

“Shut up and listen you stupid bastard!” Shin shouted shocking Riva into silence never having heard the timid furniture raise his voice or swear before.

“Just because something turns a person on doesn’t mean they actually want to do it! Fantasy is a turn on because it is fantasy! What you did last night hurt Master Toya more

than you will ever know. You should have seen him this morning. It looked as though he had been crying all night. He’s a Blondie and they don’t cry! Ever, Riva! Yet he did! Because of you! I don’t like it, I don’t approve of it, and only Jupiter knows why, but he loves you. He isn’t your pet, he is your lover. He doesn’t view causal sex in front of others, especially his friends, as OK no matter what he said. Now if you want breakfast you can get it your own damn self!” Shin growled throwing the rag he was cleaning with at Riva and stormed off.

Riva stood completely still in shock. He had never ever heard Shin speak that way before. He didn’t even know that is was possible for the timid man to get so very angry. Riva walked numbly over to a chair and sat down heavily, turning the man’s words over in his mind. The possibility that Toya hadn’t wanted to really do what they had done last night had never crossed his mind. The way Toya had responded to him wasn’t that of someone that wasn’t enjoying themselves, but Toya had been reluctant as well. Riva turned over the previous night in his mind with growing horror.

Groaning, he grasped his head in his hands, feeling the pounding coming back again. It was possible Shin was right he slowly realized. Riva sat in the chair as his mind frantically tried to think of another possibility for Toya’s unhappiness. Maybe it was just Elwyn, Riva thought, trying desperately to convince himself of it. But the more he thought about it the more Shin’s words began to make too much sense. On top of that, the fact that he had done it to repay Oki for saving Elwyn just made it worse.

Riva was so engrossed in his own thoughts he didn’t notice Toya approaching until hefelt a gentle touch on his shoulders. He looked up to see Toya looking down at him with a sad smile on his face. Without saying a word Riva wrapped his arms around Toya’s narrow waist, pulling the Blondie close to him.

“What’s wrong? Do you still have a headache,” Toya asked gently his hands entwining in his loose hair.

Riva nodded burying his head into Toya’s chest breathing in the unique smell of his Master, unsure of what to say to the man. How could he fix what he had done? How did he make it up to the man? He felt caught between all of his emotions and was surprised at how vulnerable he felt at that moment. He had never made someone he cared about cry before, at least not like this.

He winced away from the harsh visions of Toya crying next to him as he slept, oblivious to his lover’s pain. He had made so many mistakes in such a short amount of time because his mind had been so focused on Elwyn. He had never considered what Shin had said to him. As a pet, it seemed so common place to perform. When Toya had admitted the thoughts of doing such things aroused him, Riva had just assumed that Toya wanted to try it. Not to mention his unthinking words to the man.

He felt Toya tip his face away from his chest and look down at him. Toya leaned down until their faces almost touched his gentle eyes looking deep within him. Riva felt himself tremble as Toya gazed at him.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you,” Riva whispered.

“I know.”

“I thought you would enjoy what we did last night. That is why I agreed to Oki’s price. I

thought that. . .”

Toya put his hand on Riva’s mouth to silence him. He slowly lowered his mouth and Riva found himself totally lost within Toya’s gentle kiss. The soft gentle kiss that was so achingly familiar soothed Riva as he felt Toya’s forgiveness wash over him.

“Later Riva, when it doesn’t hurt so much. Right now I just want to stay like this, for a little bit longer,” Toya whispered as he settled himself on Riva’s lap.

Riva remained quiet as he held his fragile Master, wishing for the first time in his life that he could undo the past.

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