Chapter 10 Understanding

Tir ran down the corridor, unsure of where to go but certain he needed to get away from both dragon riders. When he saw Ebony’s pen he quickly entered, looking for the beautiful black dragon who quickly washed his mind with soothing blue and green colors. He ran to the gentle dragon curled up in the sand and threw himself at her long neck wrapping his arms around her hard scales. Sobbing, he felt a soft black wing cover him as the pastel colors continued to flow in his mind. He felt a soft, comforting emotions of love and acceptance seep into him as he continued to cry.

After a while he felt the storm of tears subside as he wearily curled up next to Ebony. He felt embarrassed and more than a little confused at the scene that had played out in Feras’s pen. He was at loss of what to do now, or even what he wanted. The anger and confusion in Drake’s black eyes haunted him with their intensity. Tir cringed at what Drake thought about him now and wondered if the happy, easygoing man would even want to talk to Tir again.

Tir wanted desperately to blame Marek, yet the Baron wasn’t responsible for Tir’s own desires. It was obvious that he had liked what Marek had been doing as confusing as it was to him. Tir didn’t know what was wrong with him to be so aroused by Marek’s punishing hand, especially since it was so soon after Esper had almost killed him. The young man couldn’t help but admit he had almost liked Marek’s little games, although they did hurt more than a little.

“Tir,” Drake called out from the door as it swung open.

Tir remained silent, pressing against Ebony’s side as her wing shielded him from view, hiding him from her rider. Still embarrassed and unsure of what to say, Tir wasn’t ready to deal with either rider as he trembled a little against Ebony’s warm scales.

“Tir, you don’t have to come out or say anything, Ebony has told me you are very upset. I don’t know what is going on or why you ran away, but you didn’t do anything wrong. I’m not mad at you at all, just Marek for putting in you that kind of position. You’re not a harem boy any longer and he had no right to force you into anything. I will listen to you if you want to talk,” Drake said quietly.

After a few moments Tir heard the door open and close again. Staying curled against Ebony’s side he wondered what he was going to do. Drake thought that Marek had forced him against his will, yet that wasn’t true. He wanted Drake’s approval and didn’t want the kind, upbeat man to be disgusted with him. He couldn’t let Marek take all the blame, especially when he thought of what Feras had asked of him. If he pretended that Marek was forcing him into something he disliked Drake would be furious with the Baron.

Tir suddenly felt the colors change to a deeper blue and green; as he concentrated on the colors he knew that the Ebony was trying to tell him something. He soon began to understand that even without words if he concentrated hard he could understand her thoughts a little. He realized that she wanted him to talk to Drake, something he didn’t want to do. The colors persisted in his mind as he balked at the idea of facing Drake.

Tir sat up next to Ebony, wrapping his arms around his knees as Ebony’s colored thoughts backed away from his mind. Trying to calm down he tried to think things through. Even though he didn’t want to, Tir knew that Ebony was right that he did need to talk to not only Drake but Marek as well. He really didn’t understand what was going to happen with his life, but he knew that if he wanted both men in it then he needed to deal with his complex emotions. With a sigh he tried to let Ebony know that he wanted to speak with Drake. He instantly felt the colors lighten, a sign he hoped that she would tell her rider. Then he reached out to Feras, hoping the dragon would respond.

“Well, you done crying?” asked Feras in a blunt voice. “Marek’s pacing and growling over here.”

“I’m sorry,” Tir said remorsefully.

“It’s ok. I don’t understand what all the fuss is about but obviously everyone is upset,” Feras said with a mental sigh. “I knew things were going to be difficult.”

“Can you ask Marek to come here please?”

“Yes, I think it would be best.” Feras replied before slipping out of his mind.

Tir had barely finished his conversation with Feras when Drake entered the pen, making Tir wonder where he had gone to be so close. Leaning against Ebony he looked up at Drake’s serious face as he slowly approached. Drake knelt down next to Tir as the boy felt a large hand brush through his chestnut locks.

“I’m glad you decided to talk to me,” Drake said with a smile.

“Marek didn’t force me,” Tir blurted out hurriedly then looked away.

“That’s what he said, but you don’t have to protect him or anything,” Drake said softly.

“Drake, I’m not protecting him or doing what he says because he is a Master. I don’t know why, but I like what he does sometimes,” Tir said miserably, not looking at Drake.

“Then why do you sound so unhappy?” Drake asked, his voice filled with kindness.

Tir remained silent until Drake turned his face towards him to see tears leaking out of the soft violet eyes. “This isn’t the face of someone who is happy with the way things are.,”

“I don’t want you to be disgusted with me or hate me,” Tir said softly.

Both of them looked up to see Marek enter the pen, his eyes landing on Drake coolly. Looking at the two men next to the dragon he shrugged his shoulders and turned.

“Feras said to come here but I don’t want to intrude,” Marek said coldly.

“Wait,” Tir said standing up. “I need to talk to both of you.”

“What’s there to talk about? Drake has already issued a royal command that I’m not to touch you, without your approval, although I doubt that will be good enough for him,” Marek said, looking at Drake with disgust.

“Why do you two have to make this more difficult for me?” Tir asked, looking between the two men.

“I’m not doing anything,” Marek said stiffly.

“Then why did he run away?” Drake said, glaring at Marek.

“Both of you stop it!” Tir said, feeling the situation spiraling out of control too quickly, giving him the resolve to speak up. ” Marek you might not have of done anything I don’t dislike but you also know how Drake feels about that sort of thing and you threw it in his face, knowing that I like him too. I ran away because I’m not even ready to face that part of myself, let alone share it with someone that disapproves of it. I don’t want Drake to be disgusted with me or hate me, nor do I want Drake to blame you,” Tir said looking at the two men.

“Tir, I just don’t want you to do something because you think you have too,” Drake said, looking at the boy.

“I’m not, Drake, but at the same time I don’t understand these feelings either,” Tir said, looking at Drake.

“I told you Drake. There are certain people that enjoy this kind of thing, giving and receiving,” Marek said, leaning against the wall of the pen looking at the two of them, his face expressionless.

“Marek you need to stop pushing Drake’s face in it. Yes I like some of the things you have done to me, but I don’t like you flaunting the fact that we do such things,” Tir said, looking at Marek. “I care about both of you and want to find a way to work this out.”

“So you want me to stop?” Marek asked, his voice empty of all emotions as well as his face.

“No, but I don’t want you to bring up the subject around Drake. Agree to disagree and leave it at that.” Tir said firmly.

“Then he needs to stop accusing me,” Marek said looking at Drake.

“I only did it because I thought you were forcing him,” Drake said in protest.

“Now you know different, so now what?” Marek asked.

Drake looked away from the tall Baron, remaining silent for a moment as his hands clenched.

“It isn’t right,” Drake said finally, looking at Ebony.

“Drake?” Tir asked looking up at the man’s tight face. “I don’t know how to explain it to you. I can’t understand it myself, but I’m drawn to the punishment Marek gives. Please just accept that and let it go.”

“How can you like it?” Drake asked.

“I don’t know!” Tir said, shaking his head in frustration.

“Drake, maybe you should watch and see for yourself,” Marek suggested.

“No!” Tir and Drake said together.

“Tir I know from experience you will never find the words to explain your feelings no matter how long you live. Drake, the only way that you might understand is to watch, or maybe. . . ” Marek stopped as he was thinking.

“I couldn’t stand by and watch you hurt Tir,” Drake said firmly.

“Well there is another way I guess,” Marek said with a sigh as he looked at Tir’s face, looking decidedly unhappy and uncomfortable. It was easy to tell the boy wanted very much for Drake’s approval, something that irritated Marek, but that he understood as well.

“What are you plotting Marek?” Drake asked suspiciously.

“Drake, when you think about what you saw me doing to Tir it makes you mad right?”

“Of course, not matter what he says, I can’t help but think it is terrible.”

“Good enough, how about doing the same thing to me?” Marek said, pushing himself off the wall.

“Are you out of your mind?” Drake asked, incredulous as he watched the lanky man advance on him.

“Marek?” Tir asked, looking at the man in surprise.

“Only for you Tir would I do this. I admit I like administering punishment rather than receiving it, but I have been known to flip sides occasionally. Come on Drake you can show me how terrible I’m being to Tir,” Marek taunted Drake as he closed the distance between them.

“This is ridiculous. I can’t put a grown man over my lap and spank him,” Drake said shaking his head.

“Even if it means getting even with me and finding out a little more about Tir? Helping you to understand him better?” Marek asked archly, his hands going to the laces on his shirt. “I’m doing my part, which is the rougher position I would think. Unless you would like to trade positions,” Marek asked wickedly as he dropped his shirt to the sandy ground.

Drake watched the man’s slim hands move to his pants before looking over at the set of wide, shocked violet eyes starting at Marek. He couldn’t imagine what the lanky blonde was really up to, but the mental picture of him naked over Drake’s knee was absolutely shocking.

When Marek started to undo his pants Drake sighed with exasperation, looking at the man. “You can’t be serious?”

“Of course I am. I have been very bad haven’t I? I need a little discipline, unless you want Tir to do it?” Marek said, pulling off his pants to release a very erect organ.

At the mention of Tir participating Drake caved in, not wanting to put the boy in that positions despite his words.

“Fine,” Drake growled, grabbing Marek’s wrist and pulling him over to an empty chair on the wooden platform. As he pulled the lanky Baron over his knee Feras winged in and landed next to Ebony, kicking up the white sand and forcing Tir to follow them on to the platform, amazed at the turn of events.

Drake ignored Feras’s entrance as he pulled Marek over his knee, feeling the man’s erection press against his leg. Irritated at being almost forced into what Drake considered a ridiculous position and the man’s obvious enjoyment of it made the muscular rider decide to make Marek regret his offer. Drake brought his large, calloused hand down on Marek’s lean backside with a firm blow that stung his hand.

Marek grunted a little at the force of the blow, somewhat surprised at how seriously Drake was hitting him as another landed and then another. It was obvious that Drake had no intention of holding back as his heavy hand continued to land stinging blows down on the Baron. After a couple of minutes Marek couldn’t help but squirm al little on the large lap, his erection deflated by the increasing pain of Drake’s punishing hand, even as he felt Drake’s own member stir underneath him. Marek would have smiled, except that a particular hard strike hit his sensitive bottom, causing him to yelp. Five more blows fell in quick succession, causing Marek to cry out before they stopped completely.

Tir watched Drake’s hand fly down in a fierce rain of blows that made him wince. As the young man watched Drake’s serious expression as he continued his fierce onslaught and the usually domineering Baron wriggle, he couldn’t help but feel more than a little aroused by the scene unfolding before him. Marek’s lean ass began to glow red as each new hand print landed. Tir watched the now squirming man as he felt his own member pulse with excitement at the normally arrogant, domineering Baron in such a provocative position.

“Now can you say that is pleasurable?” Drake asked letting the man rest over his knee now that he had heard the Baron cry out in pain.

“Yes, I would say so,” Marek said with a small smile as he slide off of Drake’s lap to fondle the man’s erection through his pants. “Very pleasurable.”

“I wasn’t talking about me,” Drake said as he pushed Marek’s questing hand away, embarrassed.

“Considering you don’t like this kind of thing,” Marek said, standing up to reveal his own now half erect organ to Drake. “There are many forms of pleasure, Drake. You have just experienced one, now how about another?”

“You’re crazy,” Drake said hesitantly, shaking his head.

“Maybe, but so are you then,” Marek said looking down the significant bulge in the man’s pants sitting before him.

Drake looked away, unable to refute the very obvious evidence of his excitement of what had transpired. At first his irritation at Marek’s arrogant assumption that Drake would enjoy such things fueled his anger as he spanked the man. Yet as he punished the naked man laying over his lap, his body had responded to the warm wriggling man pressed against him and the knowledge of his power over the naked, proud man submitting to him so readily.

“You’re the only one that seems to understand this,” Drake said after a few moments, looking over to see Tir looking at him with intense eyes.

“No,” Marek said leaning down to kiss Drake on the mouth. “I just accept it as something I like and don’t try to understand it,” Marek said after releasing Drake’s lips with a smile.

Tir watched as Marek pushed Drake off the chair and onto his knees in front of the lean waist. Marek’s eyes sparkled as he caressed Drake’s face with a finger.

“I think it is time for a little payback, don’t you think?” Marek asked with a deep voice, sending a tremble through Tir as he watched the two.

Without a word Drake’s mouth encircled the bobbing member in front of him, amazed that Marek could be so aroused after the punishment Drake had just dealt him. He felt the Baron’s slim fingers undo his braided hair only to tangle themselves into the thick, dark, soft mass. Pulling off to delicately lick the delicate skin surrounding the hard organ, Drake enjoyed feeling the clutching hands and soft cries the man was making at his teasing. As he once again surrounded the now leaking organ his hands explored the section between the scrotum and ass, causing Marek to almost violently clutch at his head as he growled in pleasure.

Tir watched the two men, entranced by their incredibly sexy bodies and the hot scene unfolding in front of him. His own body ached with lust as he watched Drake, who had only moments before had Marek over his knee, now servicing the Baron with skill that even Tir envied. Unable to resist any longer Tir approached the two men, only to feel Marek quickly lean down and kiss him deeply as soon as he was close enough.

Tir felt the Baron invade his mouth with a fierceness that surprised Tir as he felt a strong yet slim hand explore his chest. The fingers expertly twisted and flicked across his sensitive nipples, causing him to gasp against the warm lips pressed against him. When Marek pulled away slightly to look down at Tir he knew the Baron had something unexpected planned from the look in his wicked emerald eyes.

Marek suddenly pulled away from Drake with a gasp, his body tense as he tried to control his rising lust at Drake’s skilled tongue and Tir’s sweet mouth. Looking down at the dark, hazy eyes of his dragon partner he was determined to conquer the man kneeling before him.

“I knew you were good, but your skill amazes me,” Marek said as he pulled Drake up to his feet and slowly kissed him, letting his hands wander down the man’s broad, muscular chest.

“That’s because I spend my time learning to pleasure my partner, not sending him to the healer,” Drake retorted pulling away from Marek slightly.

“Hmm, if you think a healer is what I need you’re wrong,” Marek said seductively, pushing his body against Drake, pushing him back to the bed . He once again kissed Drake, silencing any further discussion as he continued to explore the tan skin under him with a warm hand.

Drake sank down onto the bed followed by Marek, who seemed to be intent on finding every sensitive area on his body. His reply to Marek’s taunting was quickly swept from his mind as Marek proved his own skill at pleasuring his partner. He closed his eyes as Marek slowly moved down his body, leaving hot trails of kisses and surprising nail marks. Drake hissed in the pain, opening his eyes to see Tir next to him, turning his attention from Baron to the lust filled violet eyes that held him.

Tir watched the two in the bed, and when he saw Marek’s slim body slowly move down Drake’s he climbed on the bed, observing Drake’s taunt face. When the man hissed painfully Tir looked briefly down to see Marek’s nails trail down Drake’s now sensitive body has he engulfed the man’s dripping sex at the same time. Looking back at Drake he stared into the confused black eyes for a moment before leaning down to gently kiss the man’s full lips.

As Tir slowly deepened their kiss he felt Drake’s hand begin to clutch at the sheets beneath him and his hips thrust into Marek’s eager mouth. Tir buried his hand in Drake’s long silken hair as he felt the man gasp in surprise. When the young boy felt Marek rise on the bed he reluctantly let go of the soft lips of the beautiful man to see Marek withdrawing slick fingers from Drake as the man tried to close his spread legs . Marek grinned as his member pushed against Drake’s exposed opening.

Drake felt his face redden as Marek began to push his way into Drake’s tight opening, despite his attempts to squeeze the man away from between his legs. Before he could voice his protests of Marek’s agenda he found his mouth trapped once again by Tir as he felt the painful entry of the generously endowed Baron.

“Come on Drake relax. You should know that,” Marek said as he slowly worked Drake’s member, not moving.

Drake moaned against Tir’s soft kiss as he slowly adjusted to Marek’s entry. The muscular man who had never allowed anyone to penetrate him before was unable to believe he had allowed Marek to enter him, and even more surprised at his rapidly increasing enjoyment of it. He felt Tir’s small hands work on his chest as the Baron’s hot hands worked on his increasingly aroused member that pulsed with the beating of his heart. As the pleasure increased he cried out against Tir as he pressed down on Marek’s member as it gained speed.

Marek watched in enjoyment at Drake’s shock at the turn of events, and Tir’s willingness to help him. Drake’s tight, firm body inflamed him and made Marek want nothing more than to be buried deep within it. He was amazed and surprised at the virginally tight man’s ass that now embraced him. When Drake’s moans turned deeper Marek knew that the man had finally found pleasure in his invading member buried deep within him and began to slowly move. Enjoying the moment, Marek gradually increased his pace, determined to make the stubborn man come before him.

Tir let go of Drake as the man’s deep cries of pleasure increased. Leaning back and spreading his own legs he began to pleasure his own aching erection, in need of some attention as he watched the two lock eyes as they moved together. Tir watched as Drake’s body continued to push down on Marek, seeking a closer connection, his earlier reluctance gone. Smiling at the two gorgeous men he felt his own lust get the better of him at the erotic scene that had played out in front of him.

Tir cried out his pleasure as his seed splashed onto Drake’s broad chest, the overwrought dragon rider felt his own organ erupt into Marek’s firmly stroking hand, mixing his cream with Tir’s on his chest. Marek watched the two reach completion with a smile before finally giving into his own pleasure that had been building to an almost unbearable peak.

Tir curled up next to Drake as Marek lay next the man on the other side, breathing heavily. All of them remained quiet for a while as Tir held his breath, hoping that both men wouldn’t start arguing again. Tir had a deep feeling that this was probably something that he was always going to be hoping for in the future, and wondered what exactly he had gotten himself into.

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