Chapter 10 Old Friends

Oki groaned as he was rudely jostled. Cracking his eyes open, he frowned at Omaki, who was pushing his legs off his chest. Rather put out with the man despite his lovely naked body, Oki stuck out his tongue and moved his legs, unpinning his friend.

“I’m never falling asleep with you in a bed again, your worse than Aki,” Omaki grumbled as he moved off the bed to retrieve his clothing.

“What is that supposed to mean?” Oki pouted.

“You were all over the place. I actually think at one point you managed to kick me in the stomach, and I wake up to being nearly suffocated by those dead limbs of yours,” Omaki snorted.

“It wasn’t that bad,” Oki teased as he admired the curve of Omaki’s wriggling ass while he dressed.

“No, you’re right, it wasn’t that bad….it was worse!,” Omaki retorted.

“Don’t you love me anymore?” Oki asked pathetically, blinking at Omaki.

Omaki laughed crawling on the bed to Oki. He watched with pleasure as the man tipped his face back and kissed him deeply. Oki moved his hands down the Blondie’s chest and suddenly grabbed the man’s shirt and him onto his lap.

“Maybe a little punishment is in order?” Omaki said archly breaking the kiss.

“Oh, no you’re not! Don’t even think about it,” Oki protested when he caught Omaki’s grin, wriggling, as Omaki caught his wrists in his hands.

“Let go,” Oki grunted, pulling at his trapped wrists.

“I thought you enjoyed the last time?” Omaki whispered seductively as he licked the ridge of Oki’s ear.

“Well, in the end but… hey!! Omaki, what are you doing?” Oki gasped breathlessly as Omaki blew softly against his ear before nipping his neck.

“Too bad we aren’t in Riva’s room. He has so many fun things there. Didn’t you want to see it?” Omaki purred.

“No, thank you, although I wouldn’t mind if you continued that” Oki moaned, as Omaki’s mouth moved to his throat, kissing and licking sensually. A throaty chuckled emerged from Omaki as he explored Oki’s sensitive skin, still holding his prize captive. Lifting his head, Omaki gazed down at Oki.

“We could go get your new pet?” Omaki suggested.

“You’ll do anything to get me in that room won’t you?” Oki asked exasperated.

“Well, you did kick me a lot last night,” Omaki grinned.

“I usually don’t pair with pets, unlike someone I know,” Oki said.

“Then why did you offer last night?” Omaki asked curiously, letting go of Oki’s wrists to lean down and circle his tongue around Oki’s nipple.

“Are we having sex or a conversation,” Oki gasped when he felt a hand tweak his very sensitive chest.


“So you are going to torture me one way or another?”

“Yes, especially if you don’t start answering,” Omaki replied impishly as his hand slid down to tug on Oki’s erection.

“Ok, ok! He’s cute and looks a little bit like Riva,” Oki capitulated quickly.

“I thought you were after Toya?” Omaki asked while he nibbled on Oki’s chest, even as his hand expertly fondled the rapidly expanding erection of his friend.

“At first, but it’s both of them now. They’re… I don’t know how to describe it,” Oki groaned thrusting his hips into the firm grip of Oki’s hand.

“They are intriguing. I don’t think I have ever seen any Blondie as besotted with a pet as Toya. Nor have I ever seen an A-class pet turn out like Riva, or that brother of his for that matter,” Omaki said.

“Exactly! Toya is so adorable, but Riva has only increased his appeal,” Oki hissed as Omaki moved down to teasing lick his fully engorged organ.

“You envy him?”

“I envy them both,” Oki moaned with pleasure as Omaki began to caress him earnestly.

Fingers gently stroked the tender flesh between his balls and ass even as Omaki’s mouth moved slowly down his pulsing organ, engulfing him in a cavern of hot wet suction. Oki tangled his fingers through the pale blonde hair and spread his legs wider as Omaki worked. He could feel his friend teasing him with exceptional skill, bringing him close to orgasm just to pull back. Groaning with frustration, he finally pushed the man away from him and turned over onto his belly, spreading his legs wide for Omaki’s viewing pleasure. He knew the man couldn’t resist such an obvious invitation.

blue eyes raked over the naked body on display for him. Omaki spread Oki’s cheeks apart as he leaned own and circled his tongue around the sensitive twitching portal. Oki gasped as Omaki forced his tongue inside of him. He felt a sharp sting as a teasing spank connected against his ass, causing him to tighten around Omaki’s invading tongue.

“Stop teasing me Omaki!” Oki groaned.

Feeling yet another light blow, he felt Omaki rise and slowly begin to sink himself into his body. Having been so expertly prepared by his friend, he felt himself stretching slowly to accommodate Omaki’s slowly invading organ. He couldn’t help but give in to the demands of Omaki’s body as he wiggled under him, savoring the deep penetration.

“Ride me hard!” Oki hissed bucking up against his friend as Omaki’s nails dig into his hips.

“Are you sure, Oki?” Omaki asked as he leaned over pinning Oki firmly on the bed with his body and kissing his broad shoulders.

“Get on with it you deviant, you’ve teased me into submission!” Oki growled even as Omaki’s light laughter filled the room.

He felt Omaki pull out and flip him over easily. Before he knew it Oki found himself with his legs draped over Omaki’s shoulders as he drove himself deeply into him. Gasping at the rough deep penetration Omaki smiled down at him as he watched Oki lose complete control in a series of panting moans, painting himself with the evidence his pent up desire. Omaki’s hips thrust into him twice more before he watched in amazement at the exquisite expression flooding Omaki’s face. He slammed deep inside of Oki, moaning in a sexy low voice as he flooded his friend’s body with his pleasure. Oki watched his friend, enormously pleased with himself as Omaki collapsed on the bed next to him.

“I take it you still love me,” Oki grinned looking over at his panting friend.

“As long as I don’t have to sleep in the same bed as you,” Omaki smiled back.

“So what do you think of your new pet?” Omaki asked after he had regained his breath.

“Don’t know. Although I’m intrigued, he is nothing like his brother it seems. It still amazes me a little to think about that. I’m really hoping this will let me win that little bet of mine,” Oki mused.

“I can’t believe you made that bet. You are out of your mind if you think that Riva is voluntarily going to give you his body when he doesn’t have to. Not to mention if he doesn’t, you’re going to have to reject Toya totally. You’re playing a dangerous game. Both of you are, and Toya is the one that is going to get hurt,” Omaki said in a serious tone, frowning at Oki.

“I know, but the alternatives is just is bad. If I can’t get that pet to accept me, poor little Toya will be right in the middle of us. You saw his face that day we were over here after he got back from his vacation at the villa. As long as Riva is discontent with Toya spending time with us, Toya is never going to be happy. I don’t want to come between the two of them,” Oki replied stretching.

“Then just stop flirting with Toya. Riva is just jealous,” Omaki suggested laying on his side gazing up at Oki.

“I’m just being me. I flirt with everyone. Besides, I have a feeling that Riva would feel that way regardless. He’s a pet and I’m a Blondie. He can’t be unaware of the facts. That one day, Toya will have to let him go. Where as I will always be here,” Oki said with a pensive expression on his face.

“So what are you really trying to do with this little bet? Make it so Riva is forced to ask Toya to get rid of you?” Omaki asked surprise to see such a serious face that he rarely saw on his light hearted friend.

“No. I’m forcing Riva to really look at me and ask himself if I’m really a threat to Toya and him. I figured if he was able to spend time around us, then he would realize that I wasn’t after anything long term with Toya other than friendship. I’m counting on his feelings for Toya, and the pain it would cause Toya to reject meto help him see that.” Oki shrugged getting up from the bed. “Besides I truly doubt Riva hates me. After all, I am a likable person. If I can get that pet to admit that, then I doubt he will continue to give Toya anymore grief over playing with us.”

“Except that if he loses, he’s going to have to pair with you,” Omaki sighed shaking his head at his friend’s round about reasoning.

“Well, I couldn’t very well say I wanted Toya now could I? I’d never win. Besides, I’m hoping to work it around to get both of them in my bed, especially after last night,” Oki grinned.

“I would love to see that,” Omaki said digging for his clothes that had disappeared in the bed.

“You’ll have to settle on spying on your patrons of the Taming Tower, or make your own bet with Riva because this time I’m not sharing,” Oki grinned.

“Selfish, and I thought we were friends,” Omaki teased. “Back to the original question\ what about your new pet? Are you going to put him in that apartment in Apatia like all your other pets?” Omaki asked.

“I don’t think so. Did you notice it, too?” Oki said rummaging around in the dressers topull out a large silver brush.

“Yes, there is something strange about him. He doesn’t have Riva’s confidence, although that shyness could be an act. Yet something about the way Riva talked to him makes me think differently,” Omaki mused plucking the brush out of Oki’s hand.

“Hey, I found that!”

“Be nice, and after I finish I’ll work on yours for you, like I did at the academy,” Omaki said sitting on the edge of the bed as Oki went to sit on the floor between his legs.

“I miss the academy,” Oki sighed, leaning against Omaki’s leg.

“I certainly don’t, not with Headmaster Konami breathing down our necks. You were always being called in to his office, more so than anyone. I truly believe that Iason and Raoul got away with their little tryst for so long simply because Konami was too busy catching you with your pants down so often,” Omaki scolded, brushing Oki’s long golden hair.

“But I couldn’t resist. It’s funny though, during those days, we never once fooled around like this,” Oki smiled.

“That’s because you would never let me,” Omaki replied tartly.

“I knew your enjoyment for being kinky. Besides, I didn’t want Konami to split us up. I valued your friendship more than your ass,” Oki said feeling the man’s fingers skillfully braid his hair.

“Lucky for both of us he isn’t here now,” Omaki grinned as Oki stood up.

“I bet he would still paddle us, even now,” Oki snorted.

“That’s a fool’s bet, come on and lets see if anyone else is up,” Omaki suggested.

Oki followed behind his friend with a smile. Overall the pet auction had exceeded his expectations. He had hoped to draw Riva out more by choosing a friend of the pet but he had never guessed he would be able to get his brother. Not only that, but he had been able to watch the mind-blowing performance between Toya and Riva that even just thinking about it now could stir him, despite his recent romp with Omaki. Enjoying the pleasure of his closest friend’s body had capped the exceptional evening off just right. He had to admit, there was something very comforting about being with his Omaki and enjoying his body.

Elwyn was not the typical type of pet that he bought, but that really didn’t matter too much to him. Oki really only kept a pet for appearance and it really didn’t matter to him what one he bought. It took him forever to pick out a new pet usually because he really didn’t have much enthusiasm for the mindless pets that were sold. Although he loved sex, he had always confined himself to Blondies and other elites, knowing the dangers of living with a lover and growing attached to them, especially if that lover was a pet.

He truly felt sorry for Toya, for it was obvious that he loved his pet and one day that was going to truly hurt him one way or another. He wanted to help him in someway and knew that the shy Blondie needed to have some friends that would be able to help and support him when it was time to give up his pet. He was determined to win over Riva because he knew if he didn’t, the shy Blondie would continue to build a world alone with his pet and have nobody there to help him later when his pet was taken from him.

“It looks like breakfast is ready,” Omaki remarked as the followed the delicious aromas to the dinning room where a table was set with an array of breakfast foods.

“Master Toya asked me convey his apologies, but he had to go to work,” Shin said with a small bow as he finished setting down a large platter of pancakes on the table.

“Don’t you have to go to work?” Omaki asked idly as he sat down.

“Not until this afternoon,” Oki replied. “Where are the pets?”

“Riva has not awaken, Master Toya said he wasn’t feeling well last night. Elwyn is awaiting you in the living room, he has been awake for a few hours,” Shin answered politely.

“That is one bad habit. No one should be awake before the sunrises,” Oki commented.

Omaki laughed shaking his head. They lingered over their breakfast remising about their academy days until Oki decided he better get moving if he was going to get his new pet settled and not be too late for work. They both rose from the table and went out to the living room to find Elwyn sitting on a one of the chairs. As soon as he saw Oki he rose from his chair and went to his knees in front of him his head bowed.

“You’ll ruin the knees of your clothes doing that. Get up, we need to leave now,” Oki said mildly.


He watched as his pet look over his shoulder to the corridor leading to the bedrooms briefly before rising and looking hesitantly up at him. It was obvious that his new pet wanted to see his brother before they left.

“Toya’ furniture said that Riva wasn’t feeling well so I think it would be better just to let him sleep. You’ll see him soon enough I imagine,” Oki said.

“Is he alright?” Elwyn asked his eyes widening.

“Of course. Toya wouldn’t have left if he wasn’t. What was wrong with him?” Oki asked Shin who was a polite distance away from them.

“He had a terrible headache,” Shin replied.

“See, now come on,” Oki said moving towards the door.

He watched his pet follow behind hesitantly. It was very obvious that his new pet did not want to leave. He had never seen an A-class pet show such reluctance in obeying a master’s order before. It was nothing like open rebellion or disrespect of his brother, yet it was rather intriguing. It appeared his new little pet was going to be more interesting than he thought and he couldn’t wait to get his new little pet home.

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