Chapter 1 The King and Baron

Tir lay on the brightly colored purple cushion wishing that it was time to go out to the gardens. The whispering and giggling of his fellow harem boys could be heard all around him, an annoying buzz in his mind. Tir closed his eyes, trying to block out their mindless chatter as he pictured his greatest desire. It was a beautiful vision of black and silver, powerful and graceful; a creature of unmatched beauty and grace.

It had only been two days since he had seen the gorgeous dream gracefully gliding through the sky above the garden. The other harem boys seemed to ignore the creature, but for Tir, newly arrived to the palace and even to the country of Terma, the creature had been a breathtaking vision to behold. Cautiously, he asked what the creature was and why it was circling, to be informed that it was a dragon. It was hard to hold the attention of any one of thirty mindless boys in the harem long enough to find out that dragons were used to fight and were ridden only by the nobility of Terma. It was a high honor to be chosen by a newly hatched dragonett, to be paired as a fighting team. The only information that he had been able to readily get from them was the name of the various nobility that had received the honor and the gossip surrounding them, much to Tir’s disappointment.

He desperately wanted to know more about the great creatures and to see one up close. Both seemed unlikely since he was never let outside of the harem, except into the garden, and his patron, the King and the few types of nobility that shared the King’s harem were not into conversation from their bed slaves. Tir had already been punished ten times in the slim two weeks that he had been in residence of the palace harem. His boldness and curiosity had got him into trouble, and his dislike for many of his partners had led to multiple paddlings and even a whipping for his transgressions by the chief eunuch, Esper.

Tir had been born free, but sold by his father to pay their debts and quickly sold again to a jewel merchant traveling across the wide ocean to the country of Terma. Tir had been a virgin when he had first walked aboard the ship, but four months later when the ship docked in the port city of Matcha, Tir was no longer.

Tir’s young, slim, virgin body had paid the way for the jewel merchant’s passage. On reflection Tir realized that although his pride hated the thought of being a bed slave, it wasn’t a bad life. He had been lucky that his first time had been with the Captain of the ship who, although lusty, was also very skilled at bed sports. His was a gorgeous man as well, tanned and well muscled from his labors at sea. His calloused hands knew exactly how to play the boy’s body and he had instructed Tir well. Tir had been almost sad to leave the ship when they docked, but unfortunately the Captain had tired of him and with a playful smack on Tir’s round bottom had sent him on his way.

As he traveled with the jewel merchant to the Capital of Terma, Tir quickly realized the downside of his new life as he was forced to service the slightly overweight merchant with bad breath and a tendency to ram himself hard into Tir’s small ass. Tir was grateful when his long, wavy brown hair, large violet eyes, and delicate features quickly won him a place within the Palace harem, away from the awful merchant.

Now, two weeks later, Tir was beginning to wonder if he should have been so grateful. Try as he might he couldn’t grasp the importance of jewelry, the clothing or the harem politics that made up the mindless conversations of the harem. He could care less who was sleeping with whom or what noble was likely to take a wife, or what shade of wispy cloth he should cover himself with. Any questions about anything other than the afore-mentioned topic were met with puzzlement and sometimes anger from his fellows.

Just curiously questioning the King about a work of art that hung in his room had earned Tir a hard paddling by the chief eunuch. Vomiting when a grossly overweight balding man had tried to slam his entire eight inch organ into Tir’s mouth had earned the boy a whipping that still ached slightly. Tir had come to the conclusion that he might never truly fit into the harem and had begun to have thoughts of trying to run away no matter how hopeless it seemed. Then he had seen the dragon and all thoughts of leaving the palace scattered. Now all that occupied Tir’s active mind were thoughts of the glorious vision of the winged creature known as a dragon.

Tir opened his violet eyes and stared of into space, thinking, deeply engrossed in his vision when he felt an iron grip on his upper arm, pulling him up.

“Silly boy, pay attention, the King has summoned you. Now hurry your little ass and behave. I want no more trouble with you or all the punishment you have had so far will seem like a walk in the garden,” Esper, the chief eunuch, hissed as he pushed the boy toward the door, his small, portly body waddling behind Tir, shooing him along.

Tir heard the whispers of the other boys, their envy evident. Tir wished that one of them could take his place, knowing that because he had been chosen he would not arrive back in time to be taken out to the gardens with the other boys. Although he didn’t mind servicing the old King, he would rather have been in the gardens on the chance that he might see a dragon soaring overhead.

With a soft sigh he walked through the wide, red-gray marble hallways with Esper in close attendance, sweating profusely at the walking. When Tir arrived at the King’s bedchamber, the sentries nodded to Esper as the portly man knocked tentatively on the large wooden doors.

“Enter,” came a loud baritone voice that Tir recognized as the King’s.

Esper quickly pushed opened the door and entered, bowing to the King, who lounged casually on a divan, his robe half open, his black eyes looking at Tir instead of the overweight eunuch. Tir stared again at the King was despite his age still very muscular. If it weren’t for his steel gray hair it would be impossible to tell the man was over forty.

“I have brought Tir, your Majesty,”

“You may leave. I will send him back to you later.”

“Of course,” Esper simpered, bowing his way out of the room.

As Esper moved out of his way, Tir noticed the King was not alone as he saw a very tall, lean man leaning against the wall and wearing only a pair of pants, half undone. Tir admired the man with his short cropped blonde hair and dazzling green eyes, reminding Tir very much of the dangerous mountain cats’ eyes from his home country.

Tir’s eyes traveled down the man’s well-defined muscles to the open trousers that held, from its size, a well-proportioned manhood that made Tir shiver as he felt very much caught within the man’s claws, unsure of how to escape.

“I think my little harem boy sees something he likes, Baron,” chuckled the King as he rose and walked over to the blonde man.

“Your Majesty,” came a cool voice as the man reached down, untying the older man’s robe pulling him into a loose embrace as he lowered his lips to his monarch’s mouth. He quickly tangled his fingers into the king’s gray, shoulder length hair, his other hand tracing down the narrow back of the king to the surprisingly firm ass. Eventually the two parted and the King walked over to the table, picking up a wine glass.

“Well, what do you think of him? Is he a worthy reward for winning the tournament?”

“You yourself are rewarding enough, my liege.”

“Flattery will get you no where with me. I am well aware of what makes sucking my cock appealing to you. Was I right about his eyes? I am usually more partial to the women of my harem, but this boy has changed my mind this past couple of weeks, despite his small lapses.”

“They are extraordinary. I find I am very eager to proceed with our plans, Your Majesty.”

“By all means, enjoy Baron,” chuckled the King wickedly.

The baron approached Tir slowly, locking eyes with the boy. Tir shivered, his own manhood hard and rigid at the thought of what was to come with this attractive man; all thoughts of his beloved dragon driven from his mind by the gleaming green eyes.

“Let’s see how good you are, little harem boy,” the cool, even voice said as the Baron grabbed Tir, bringing the boy’s head down to his waist.

Tir quickly retrieved the man’s already hard sex and began to slowly, teasingly lick the head, tracing the contours with his tongue. Slowly sucking as he began to fondle the man’s large balls, gently using all that he had learned in the four months at sea on this gorgeous man in front of him. The Baron looked over at the King with a pleased smile.

“He is talented. Let’s see how far that talent goes. Loosen up boy,” the blonde said as he grabbed Tir’s head, thrusting into his mouth. Tir tried to relax, but found that once again this was too much and tried to get away from the thrusting blonde.

“Still needs some work, I suppose,” the Baron said, withdrawing.

“Yes, he vomited on Garek,”

“As would I,” the Baron said laughing. “Lean over that desk.”

Tir quickly stripped, leaning over offering himself, a little put off by the abrupt manner of the man but still very pleased with the attractive body about to use him. He felt the man behind him but suddenly felt the man lean over, whispering in his ear.

“I am going to take you, but I don’t want to hear one sound from you. If I hear anything, I will punish you when I am through. I will redden this cute little ass,” came a seductive lower voice with more emotion in it than Tir had heard yet.

Tir relaxed his muscles and tried to focus on keeping quiet, expecting the man to thrust into him hard, trying to hurt him to make him speak. Sensing the man wanted Tir to break, Tir was determined to remain silent. Much to his surprise the man gently thrust into him with a well-oiled organ, and gradually, with small thrusts, fully entered Tir. He worked Tir slowly, finding with long slow strokes the special spot within Tir. So engrossed in trying to keep from moaning Tir was surprised when he felt a warm, wet mouth engulf his aching organ. Looking down in surprise he saw the King’s head bobbing enthusiastically on his rigid sex, sucking and licking the boy as the baron continued to thrust into him. When he felt the baron once again lean over his back to reach around and rub his erect nipples, Tir had to bite his lip for fear of voicing his pleasure.

“Come on little one, you know what I want. Give it to me,” whispered the lean man in Tir’s ear, nibbling on his neck. He felt the man throbbing inside of him as the King continued to encourage his growing lust with his mouth. The command spoken so seductively was too much for the boy to bear and he let out a loud moan, bucking back against the blonde Baron as he emptied himself into the King’s willing mouth.

The Baron grinned with delight as he began to thrust hard and brutal into the boy, enjoying the loud cries the little harem boy made. It only took a few strokes before the rising pleasure overtook the man, and he found himself spilling his warm liquid into the boy’s willing body. The King had come out from beneath the boy’s body and once again positioned himself on the divan, his robe completely open as he looked at the pair, anticipating what was to come.

The Baron withdrew from Tir and casually grabbed up the rectangular paddle from the desk.

“You naughty boy, I told you to be quiet, you must learn to obey your patrons,” the Baron said, in his once again cool voice.

Tir trembled a little, afraid of the size of the paddle. With the first blow Tir let out a loud yelp, the pain excruciating. The Baron reigned blow after blow down on Tir’s ass until Tir could not see through the tears that were flowing from his eyes. He begged and pleaded for the punishment to stop, only to hear a laugh from the Baron. Turning his head he looked over at the King to see the man leaning back against the divan, his long legs spread as he worked his dripping manhood with quick strokes while he watched Tir being punished. Desperate for the paddling to stop, Tir changed tactics, pleading instead to the obviously aroused King.

“Please, Your Majesty please. I want you inside me, please fuck me. Gods I want you to please stick it inside of me.” Tir pleaded, gazing at the man, hoping to stop the paddle.

The King stood up and brushed the Baron aside, much to the man’s disappointment. With one very hard thrust the man buried himself completely into Tir’s tight opening. Tir whimpered in pain, but was grateful that his punishment was cut short. The Baron moved around to the front of the desk to look at Tir’s tear-stained face with pleasure. The wide, violet eyes still leaked tears that made the boy even more gorgeous to the towering blonde, and he reached across the desk to wipe the tears away from the boy’s face with a grin. Looking into those purple eyes he hoped that one day he would gain enough status to be able to visit the harem and take this boy without the King coming between them.

The King meanwhile being already very aroused by the site of Tir being punished and the incredulity tight passage that now gripped him reached his accent quickly in a series of little grunts as he pumped himself into the well-used harem boy.

When the King withdrew, he slapped the boy on the ass, eliciting a yelp from Tir. Turning the boy around, he leaned down and kissed him on the forehead. Reaching around and pulling open a desk drawer he removed a silver and gold choker and set it about the boy’s neck.

“You pleased me today, Tir. Now go back to the harem,” the King said, turning away from Tir.

Tir, confused by the situation, quickly picked up his clothing and dressed, not looking at either man. He made a low bow and hurriedly left the room, heading back to the harem, tears still leaking from his eyes.


Tir sat in a secluded part of the garden gazing up at the sky. It had been a month since his encounter with the blonde Baron and the King. His life for the first couple of weeks after had taken a nose dive for the worst. Most of the other harem boys had been openly jealous of Tir. It was rare for the King to choose a boy from his harem, usually preferring the girls instead; not only that, but Tir had returned wearing a finely wrought piece of jewelry, a gift from the King. It was rare for a boy to please the King well enough to receive such a fine gift, and Tir had seemed to be becoming a favorite of the King. It didn’t help that Tir had not made any friends within the harem, and for the most part remained apart from the other boys, utterly bored with their conversations and silly games.

Tir had found himself the butt of many jokes, and was often tripped and pushed as he walked. One boy had gone so far as to put a gooey substance in Tir’s hair as he slept. The harem attendant had been forced to cut Tir’s long hair up to the boy’s shoulder, although much to the culprit’s chagrin Tir’s soft hair now curled charmingly around his face and framing his soft, violet eyes, emphasizing his most startling asset. The King had been most enamored with it and declared that Tir would keep the new haircut. To make matters worse, Esper, the chief eunuch, had turned a blind eye to what was going on. He had taken a disliking to Tir ever since he himself had been punished because of Tir vomiting on Garek. Not only that, Esper felt that the bright, curious boy didn’t belong within the King’s harem, feeling the boy was very much out of place. He had punished Tir on several occasions for small infractions, although he was always careful not to leave lasting marks on Tir’s fair skin.

Gradually the teasing had stopped, much to Tir’s relief. He had done his best to ignore his tormenters and not give them any incentive to continue with their abuse. It also helped that the King had began to call on him less frequently, returning to the busty women of his girls’ harem. As time passed the others began to once again leave him alone, and Esper pretended that he didn’t exist, leaving Tir alone but very much bored.

He had spent much time thinking about his encounter with the Baron. At first, he was torn between hoping he would see the man again and hoping he never would. The man was very attractive, a rare trait in his usual patrons of council members. He also had a very captivating power which frightened Tir, but did not lessen the attractive pull the man had on him. Tir had reluctantly concluded after the first week that he was glad that whenever the King called the Baron was not present.

Now that the jealousy had died down he had finally been able to find out more about the man, and when he did Tir’s opinion of not wanting to see him had changed. He had found out the Baron Marek Valas was actually a dragon rider. The Baron was really nothing more than a country lord with very little power, but he had a title which allowed him to be chosen by the small, scarlet dragon that had bumbled towards him soon after hatching. In the scant two years since he had come to court and bonded with his dragon, he had made a name for himself with his dragon, Feras, showing great skill and grace in many competitions that were held in peacetime for the dragons. Normally such a low status man would never have had contact with a palace harem boy, but he had won one of the last tournaments held in honor of the King’s birthday and the King had taken notice of the gorgeous Baron. It was rumored that the Baron could often be found within the King’s bed along with his harem girls when the Baron had been in residence. Unfortunately, he had been called on to patrol the boards with Feras, and wouldn’t be back for another week. Tir now waited impatiently, hoping to be called when the Baron returned and hoping until then that he could see the black dragon flying once again in the sky.

Every day in the last week he had seen the black and silver dragon circle the palace and land. Much to Tir’s excitement, he realized that the dragon was landing very close to the gardens in which he was now in. Unfortunately, he had not figured out a way out of the gardens yet, despite his exploration. The eunuchs who had their hands full watching the hundred some boys and girls that frolicked in the garden paid very little attention to Tir, who often sat alone in a secluded part of the garden. Tir was confident that as long as he was there when it was time to go back, they would not notice his absence, if he could just find a way out of the gardens.

Idly, he watched a rabbit move across the garden. With a sigh he looked up for a moment, hoping to see his beloved dragon. When he looked back at the rabbit it was gone. Puzzled, Tir got up from his bench, wondering where it could have gone, seeing no hiding places for it. Walking around the large marble statue of a dragon, he stopped when he saw what looked like a hole in the walled bushes. On closer inspection he found that the small opening out of the garden is what the rabbit must have used to escape from, yet it was too small for Tir. Determined to escape the garden and find the real life dragons, he used his hands, scrapping them as he tried to enlarge the small opening. By the time it was large enough for him to slip through it was almost time to head back to the harem. Realizing that if he left now he would more than likely be caught he ground his teeth in frustration, knowing it would be yet another day before he would be able to look for the black dragon

With a sigh he headed over to the bench he had previously occupied. Looking down at his red, scraped hands, he wondered how he would explain them as a loud bell sounded. Soon they were being herded under the watchful eyes of their guardians to the baths.

The harem bath hall that was attached to the harem for the boys to use was a large spacious room with cool white and green marble and many plants . The King was strict on cleanliness and the boys were bathed at least twice a day, sometimes more, in the large heated pools. Tir had come to enjoy the warm heated waters of the bath and looked forward to soaking in them as he was attended by one of the many palace eunuchs. Tir waited his turn, sitting quietly on one of the benches when Esper passed by him. The little man’s eyes narrowed as he looked down at Tir’s hands.

“What have you been doing?” demanded the man.

“I fell down,” whispered Tir, hoping that Esper would believe him

A slight, malicious smile appeared on his lips as he misinterpreted Tir’s words, pleased that Tir was still being tormented.

“I swear I don’t know how someone as clumsy as you ever got to be a harem boy. You are forever falling. You should take more care, after all, that body doesn’t belong to you, but to the King, and you are treating it roughly.” Esper smirked before moving on.

Tir clenched his fists, desperately wanting to say something, but afraid to draw any more attention to his wounds. Gradually, Tir’s anger subsided as he was lead into the pool to be bathed. By the time he had been oiled, dressed, and cosmetics applied to his eyes to outline the violet orbs, his anger had disappeared. All he had to do was stay calm until the next day and he would escape and find his dragon.

The following day Tir had trouble acting normal as it drew closer to the time when the boys would be let out into the gardens. He almost jumped up when the bell rang, summoning the boys to be led to the garden, but he caught himself in time and forced himself to slowly walk to the door as he always did. It seemed like it took forever for him to reach the bench he had sat on the day before. He sat there waiting for things to calm down in the garden, but soon he couldn’t wait any longer and went behind the dragon statue to find his hole was still there.

It took some wiggling, but he got through without any noticeable scrapes to find himself behind yet another dragon statue. Listening, he heard no voices, so he peeked around the statue to see an empty walkway lined with dragon statues on both sides. Keeping behind the statutes he headed in the direction that he had seen the dragon land. The walkway branched off in different directions, but Tir continued to take the path that lead off to the east, hoping he would find what he was looking for. Eventually, Tir heard a low growl and he followed the sound to a large, fifteen foot high walled area. Walking around it he found a large wooden door with the word EBONY written on it. Looking at the door, trembling, Tir wondered if the black dragon could be behind it. Tir opened the door a crack and went inside.

He found himself in an open room filled with white sand, and in the middle of that sand sat a very large black dragon with a silver belly. Tir, without even thinking, walked over to the dragon, staring in awe at its beauty. The creature had its wings tucked behind its large, broad back, and as Tir approached the dragon lowered its triangular head to his level as two pairs of violet eyes stared back at one another. Tir reached out his hand to touch the small silver circle on the dragon’s head, just above its eye ridges, and he was surprised to find the scales soft and warm to the touch. The dragon unfurled its long tongue and licked Tir on his face with its rough, dry tongue and Tir laughed for the first time since coming to the palace. The dragon began to hum in a loud, deep tone, its violet eyes staring at the laughing boy. Tir, so caught up within the dragon’s aura, did not notice when the door opened.

“What are you doing here with Ebony?” demanded a calm, masculine voice from behind Tir.


Chapter 2

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