Welcome to Yaoi Designs featuring the writings of Amber Yetter, known as Ambers79 on most sites. All the stories that are found here are male/male or  yaoi and many contain S/M.  So if you are not into that sort of thing please don’t venture any further and waste your time. 
I’ve blown off the dust on both my writing and this site.  
As you can see I’ve taken the easy way out with a shiny new WordPress site.  It makes leaving feedback easier on you and it makes updating the site easier on me even if it isn’t as pretty as it use to be.  
Right now I’m focusing on completing Dragon Boy and then will look into completing The Hawks and Seduction of a Pet.  Black Heaven will at this time stay on hiatus until I figure out what I really want to do with the story.  I’m also looking into compiling all the finished stories in to ebooks so you can download them to your e-readers or computers to read when you’re not online.